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 New Videos – In the first of two new video uploads this week, ChokeMasters presents a ripped, lean muscle stud who dominates his girlfriend. This naked, lean muscle dude plays around with his girl by locking her in tight headlocks with his strong biceps. He then makes her suck his dick and puts her head in a tight vice between his vascular quads to make her struggle even more. In another new video upload, ChokeMasters shows another BDSM couple. This bald headed tattooed alpha chokes out his girl as she struggles to get air. Male domination totally overpowers this girl with alpha muscle. He locks her in various chokeholds and headscissors in this nearly 10 minute video.

2 New Audio Clips – You are now LucianCarter’s cuckold. This alpha manipulator takes your woman and makes her his willing slave. Making you a cuckold over and over and over. And, the final degradation, impregnating her with a son that you must care for, raise, and spoil. It’s all a loser like you deserves. After completing giving in, there’s nothing else to do but to shut down your brain. Let it all go. Master Lucian’s mental dimmer switch will take your mind away piece by piece. The best thing is that you’ll love every second of it.