Featured Model- MasterDnero

At his gym, MasterDnero always knew the gym trainer was a faggot because he would always look at his alpha male feet and his sweaty armpits during MasterDnero’s workouts. Finally it was when MasterDnero caught this fag trainer sniffing his stinky gym socks in the locker room and it was from that moment that fag lost his freedom. In this video clip, MasterDnero takes his stepbrother and a friend to teach this submissive, sock sniffing bitch how his new life will be from now – his new life at the feet of MasterDnero. Watch how MasterDnero and his buddies control this weak fag trash in part 1 of this video series.

Featured Model- Henderdong

Your dream king Henderdong is here for you to worship. Get ready to receive some verbal domination from your superior. In this nearly 10 minute video clip, Henderdong shows you his jock-like attitude and you will soon realize that he is the God you need to serve and bown down to. This video should give you a sample of what it’s like to have a real time session with Henderdong.

Featured Model- Duude23

Most people take their dogs to the park for a walk. However, Duude23 takes his cash faggot to the park instead. In this nearly 8 minute video clip, Duude23 has no problem humiliating and abusing his fag slave in a public park in the middle of the day. This cash slave comes crawling on his belly to Master Mark’s large feet so that he can worship this alpha’s feet for the whole world to see. Download this clip to watch a slave get used in real time outside.

Featured Model- MasterBraz95

In this nearly 11 minute video clip, MasterBraz95 makes you sniff his alpha feet at his command when he says to do so. With his socked feet up to the camera as he sits back smoking a cigarette, this alpha master will make you fry your brain with poppers while he hypnotizes you and brainwashes you to be a mindless foot fag. His hypnotic feet are known to be money makers. As one fag wrote in the comments on the video, “MasterBraz95 is one of the best popper trainers”. Submit yourself and bring a bottle of poppers when you download this video.

Featured Model- MrOctavius

Bow to MrOctavius‘ feet when you download this 10 minute video clip. This muscle master’s feet are extremely sweaty and stinky when he filmed this clip and he wants you to sniff his ripe, dirty socks. Inhale his man scent like it’s a bottle of poppers. After you’re done worshipping his socked feet, you can lick clean his barefeet. A foot fag like you should always worship and serve a superior man’s feet, it’s the only thing you’re good for in life. After MrOctavius takes his socks off, he takes a trip to the laundry room to throw them in the wash. Afterward, MrOctavius gives you more glimpses of his alpha feet and muscular biceps. Worship him now, fags.

Featured Model- MasterDamiel


In the first part of this 5 star rated video, Master Damiel brutalizes and uses his slave. Initially he starts off easy by putting his fag slave on a collar and leash while making him worship at his superior feet while he has a smoke. Master Damiel then flicks his cigarette ashes into the fag slave’s mouth which he gladly accepts. To help wash down those ashes, Master Damiel pisses into a dog bowl for his slave and makes his slave lap it up while he beats him. To then make his slave experience more abuse, Master Damiel gets a candle and pours hot candle wax on his submissive cash fag and spits in his face. After the slave endures all of this abuse, Master Damiel allows the slave to worship at his feet again.

Featured Model- Brad Rioux

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Wearing his leather gear, Brad Rioux invites over his slave boy Fox Rey. As he sits back on his sofa and relaxes, Brad Rioux makes slave Fox Rey worship his big alpha male feet as he smothers him with his feet. Slave Fox Rey licks the soles of Brad Rioux’s feet and sucks on his toes. As a reward for doing a good job, Brad Rioux lets slave Fox Rey suck his dick while he still keeps his feet on both sides of slave Fox Rey’s face. Later, Brad Rioux leads his slave into a dungeon with a sling and begins to use massive dildos on his slave’s ass before using him even more in this 32 minute video.

Featured Model- Joshua Armstrong


Get ready for some intense alpha feet domination. In this very verbal feet domination video, Joshua Armstrong makes you wish you could worship his superior alpha feet. This video is an In-Charge.net exclusive. This muscle master starts off with some flexing and showing off his muscles before he reveals his sock covered feet. Get on your knees and open your mouth for his stinky, sweaty socks as he takes them off and sticks his barefeet up at the camera for you to lick and worship. Lick this muscle stud’s soles and in between his toes to show your devotion.

Featured Model- LaurentCrawford


A foot fag’s place is at his master’s feet and this foot slave is just like the rest of them. LaurentCrawford and his buddy lay back and relax comfortably on the bed with their feet up while watching some football. Like an obedient slave, their foot fag comes crawling over to worship these alpha male feet. Both muscle master laugh as the foot slave licks, sucks, and sniffs their big barefeet. These two alpha studs flex and verbally abuse this gay foot slave while watching some football and flexing for the camera. Be obedient like their personal foot slave and download this foot worship video.

Featured Model- Master Damiel

163In this nearly 16 minute video, MasterDamiel puts his cash slave through pure abuse (or ectasy depending on your perspective). Straight alpha Master Damiel abuses his fag slave by starting off slow with his fag worshipping at his feet. Then it progressing into MasterDamiel whipping his fag and forcing smoke intox as his fag slave wears a gas mask and MasterDamiel blows smoke right through the nozzle for the fag to inhale. For degradation, MasterDamiel gets a hose and a funnel to make the fag slave drink his piss right from his cock. The fag puts the hose end in his mouth while MasterDamiel stands over the slave and pisses in the funnel making the fag swallow every last drop. To test the slave’s pain limits, MasterDamiel gets his cigarette from before and puts it out on the slave’s body right above his dick. You can tell it hurts because the slave grimaces in pain. Furthering the abuse, MasterDamiel pours hot candle wax all over the fag slave’s body as he cries in pain. This is the true test of a slave’s endurance.