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5 New Videos – Masked Fag asked if he could try and wrestle with MasterUltimateGod. Big mistake. In 11 minutes of pure alpha muscle, Masked Fag learns quickly the mistake it made in asking to wrestle with this superior dom. Unable to compete, the fag is helpless as MasterUltimateGod puts it in one painful submission hold after the next. The fag cries in pain as his master laughs at its predicament, humiliating it for being so weak. This is pure alpha domination at its finest. In the next set of video uploads, it wouldn’t be a real time session with MasterUltimateGod if he didn’t find some way to humiliate and beat you queers up. This time, he makes this queer do handstands on the wall, chanting that it is Rihanna, twerking on the wall, until it falls off the wall. Then, this dom makes the slave sing “I’m a little teapot.” The slave can’t seem to remember the words, even as it is “encouraged” to do better. MasterUltimateGod prompts the fag a couple of times, but it can’t ever seem to get it. This fag gets beaten every time it fails, and he fails a lot.

Ever fantasize about the jocks who used to bully you in high school? Wish you could go back and worship them like the alphas they are? Well now is your chance to see MasterUltimateGod treat Fag Butler the way you want to be treated. This master bullies the faggot like he was back in high school. MasterUltimateGod gives Fag Butler noogies and wedgies, until his underwear rips. Worship your alpha bully faggots!

2 New Videos – Alpha dom Nebenny slips off his trashed size 13 loafers and shows off his giant sweaty feet. This superior foot dom rubs his feet together, shows off his wrinkled soles and orders you to sniff those sweaty loafers and feet. Obedient foot fags will drool over these huge alpha feet throughout this nearly 13 minute video clip. The foot worship continues as Nebenny takes off his stinky and worn out brown mocs. Placing his feet up on his desk, he shows off his alpha male feet. These size 13 feet can’t fit into the entire camera frame because they’re so big. Imagine sniffing the aroma’s from his superior straight alpha male feet.

1 New Video – Worship your fucking God, your Alpha, and your Master. Master Michael demands that you kneel and worship his leather gear. This superior dom will make you crave every inch of his masculine body throughout this short compilation video. Clad in leather masks, pants, and boots, MasterMichael shows off his alpha body and huge fucking cock for you to serve.

5 New Video – Witness some extreme foot stomping as Master Ikagura stomps on this faggot’s face with his alpha feet. The obedient foot fag loves every second of it as he begs for more of his older cousin’s feet. Later, Ikagura locks his younger cousin in a tight headscissors until his younger cousin blacks out. The foot fag cousin’s eyes roll in the back of his head and he begins drooling from the brutal choking. He doesn’t tap out because he loves the abuse too much. In part 2, the chokeholds tighten on this beta boy. Ikagura locks in a strong headscissors and foot choke around his weak, younger cousin’s throat. The younger cousin endures the choking and abuse because he fully understands his role is that of a submission bitch to his older dominant cousin. As a reward for the abuse, Ikagura makes his foot fag cousin worship his feet. The younger cousin sucks on his older, dominant couisn’s feet. This slave gags and begs for more feet throughout this 8 minute video clip. Ikagura happily obliges and makes this sub lick, suck, and serve his alpha feet. Eventually, he smothers the fag’s face with feet. The younger foot fag cousin loves inhaling the scent of his master / older cousin’s sweaty feet. He can’t get enough of a dom’s feet whether it is his own cousin or not.

1 New Audio Clip – You are drawn to Master Lucian and cannot escape his power. Like a black hole, forever drawing closer, you cannot resist or escape. You must fully obey everything Master Lucian tells you throughout this audio clip. There is no more fighting. Just submission to the power drawing you into his voice.

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5 New Videos – Masked Fag asked for a bit of the same pain that MasterUltimateGod gives to Fag Butler, and this alpha was more than happy to oblige. Handcuffed and tied up, the fag has clothes pins and binder clips clipped all over his body and face. Watch as the slave moans in pain as MasterUltimateGod puts them on him. Next, this no limits findom takes one of his alpha socks, and shoves it straight into the faggot’s mouth. Can’t have the neighbors hearing the fag scream in pain. MasterUltimateGod starts by whipping the slave with a jump rope. Then switches to whipping him with a rope, before MasterUltimateGod decides to just kick and punch the fag boy. The gagged and collared fag sounds pathetic as he moans in pain from each of his master’s hits and kicks. After beating him with alpha boots, spitting in his eye, and kicking him repeatedly in the back, I make him thank me for the pain, kiss my fist and my feet.

Masked Fag is in for a treat. MasterUltimateGod decides to be merciful and let the slave worship his big alpha, size 12 feet. But as with all things with you fags, with pleasure comes pain. MasterUltimateGod makes the faggot get on the ground so he can stomp all over his queer ass first. This cash master crushes the fag’s neck, and makes him lick the bottom of his Jordans while he stands on his face. Next, MasterUltimateGod orders the fag to take off his Jordans, kissing them the entire time, and lay back on the ground. The he makes the fag worship and inhale my Jordans as he continues to stomp on him in his socks. Getting back on its knees, Masked Fag removes his master’s socks, enjoying his alpha bare feet for some worship time. Masked Fag is then back on the ground, as this dom crushes the fag, its face, and its balls under his master’s alpha soles. This is where all of you fags belong…under MasterUltimateGod’s godly feet.

1 New Video – Alpha Derek lights up and blows smoke in your face as he orders you to worship his huge alpha feet. Get down and obey this straight alpha masters and worship every inch of his soles. AlphaDerek will verbally abuse you and turn you into a weak, mindless, obedient foot fag for him to own.

2 New Videos – King Luca is ready to give this fat faggot his real time punishment. King Luca gets this masked faggot to tribute him and worship him during this intense real time session. The masked fat faggot fuck sniffs and lick’s his master’s alpha feet and socks. Later, King Luca sits on the faggot’s face for him to worship his superior ass. In another real time session, King Luca gets his feet worshiped at a tanning salon. The 18 year old masked faggot cannot get enough of his master’s alpha feet. He massages his master’s huge feet before sniffing his socks and sneakers to inhale his master’s scent. See the entire worship session when you download it.

5 New Video – Ikagura gets his loyal foot fag to show his complete obedience and to take his alpha male piss. The submissive slave lays down in the shower and let’s his master shoot a warm stream of piss all over his face and mouth. This is the best reward a faggot slave could ask for from his master. Later the same fag gets to serve his master’s feet as he licks the soles of Ikagura’s superior feet to show how thankful he is to serve his master. THe faggot cannot get enough of his master’s feet. Ikagura doesn’t stop making the fag worship his feet either. All throughout these foot videos, Ikagura dominates the faggot with his barefeet.

Later Ikagura stomps all over the faggot’s face and shows the faggot where he truly belongs. The fag belongs beneath his master’s feet. This foot fag loves every second of this hard stomping on his face. After the stomping comes foot choking. Ikagura chokes out the weak fag slave with his feet and makes the fag nearly pass out from being choked. This obedient foot slave allows his master to do absolutely anything he wants just for the chance to be near his feet and to be used by his master.

1 New Video – Drop into the spiral. A hypnotic spiral video combined with Master Lucian’s irresistible voice will send you deeper into Master Lucian’s power and further under his control. This hypno dom wants you to play this video on a loop to become more and more submissive. This is the perfect tool for him to establish control over your mind.

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3 New Video – As a final birthday present for this fag, MasterUltimateGod makes Fag Butler some of his favorite drink…Sock Tea. After chugging the tea made from MasterUltimateGod’s sweaty socks, this dom takes his socks and whips the queer for his birthday. There is no pleasure without pain for this queer bag. Later, MasterUltimateGod relaxes as he degrades and humiliates his fag under his alpha male feet. Fag Butler is obsessed with his master’s feet and is always willing to show what lengths he’d go to, to serve his master’s feet. The slave licks his master’s Jordans clean, removes his alpha socks, and clips his master’s toenails. MasterUltimateGod allows the fag to kiss his feet for each toenail he clips. This fag loves every second of the verbal humiliation and degradation given to him.

But what happened to the toenails? Fag Butler is obsessed with his master’s feet. For another birthday treat, he gets to eat his master’s foot calluses and toe nails in a salad. MasterUltimateGod makes Fag Butler dump the foot shavings into a bowl of lettuce. For some salad dressing, MasterUltimateGod spits all over the salad and then it’s time for the fag to enjoy it. He loves every bit and begs for more. This was a special treat just for his birthday.

3 New Videos – Prepare to be shrunken down to the size of a tiny toy as you worship YoungNCharge’s ass. If you need to feel an alpha laugh and degrade you as he becomes a giant and you shrink down in size then this video is for you. YoungNCharge shrinks you down and places you in a jar where you will remain forever. Look up and worship his massive ass while trapped in your tiny glass prison. Later, YoungNCharge will have you worship his muscles as he verbally abuses you. Covered in sweat and with bulging muscles, YoungNCharge will have you worship his alpha ass and big biceps as you plead for mercy at the hands of this dominant man. Finally, watch a Skype screen share as YoungNCharge shows you how he drains a slave on webcam. The fag slave gets poppered up as YoungNCharge takes tributes via Teamviewer in this virtual session.

3 New Videos – Prepare to worship two alphas at the same time. Flexgod and his muscular friend flex and show off their huge muscles as they make you feel like a weak, inferior fag slave. Drool as both of these alpha men flex in front of the webcam. Then for some solo action, worship your king as Flexgod shows off his ripped and huge physique. Flexing his biceps, showing off his massive chest, and posing his chiseled abs, Flexgod will make you bow before him and beg to hand over your wallet. Afterward, Flexgod will describe what a real time session with him is like. Putting the camera down on the ground to look up at his massive muscles, Flexgod will make you beg to serve his muscles and worship his socked feet.

4 New Videos – Wearing high heels strapped up to her knee, JuicyJulie will order you to cum on her high heels. JuicyJulie gets her man to stroke his cock more and more as she rubs her heels along the head and shaft of his dick. Finally he busts a load like all men do on her heels. Later, JuicyJulie gives another guy a foot job. Her cute little toes curl around his fat cock as she strokes it up and down with her feet. She slides her smooth soles up and down until he has a massive orgasm for her beautiful feet. In another foot job session, JuicyJulie wears black stockings and heels as he man beats off to her gorgeous feet. Rubbing her heels across his manhood he can’t hold back the urges to blow his load to her dominance. For a quick tease, JuicyJulie shows her tight pink pussy to the camera. Rubbing it and playing with it, she’ll make you beg her to touch it.

4 New Audio Clips – Prepare to be totally hypnotized by Master Lucian. This dominant alpha will control you with this hypnotic file. This is a simple, short session. Non-sexual, but a powerful deepener combined with irresistible addiction training. Once in your mind, Master Lucian will program you to suck cock. Master Lucian will make you crave one thing: to suck cock. Whether you’ve never sucked cock before or you’re a seasoned pro, this audio clip will kindle your desire. Don’t be surprised if you go looking for cock after the file ends.

Afterward you need to accept that you are worthless and weak. It’s time to demonstrate it. Prepare to embrace your utter worthlessness as Master Lucian drills your weaknesses into your brain forever. You will bow and scrape and pray like the loser you are to this dom. You must never forget that obedience is the keyword in all of this. A word you will come to understand utterly and completely as you listen to the next JOI audio clip about obedience. Obedience is pleasure. Without obedience there is nothing. This is the lesson you will learn today. You want to, need to, and will obey

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5 New Videos – Slaves can’t get enough of seeing MasterUltimateGod stomp his Fag Butler into the ground. In this clip, MasterUltimateGod stands on the queer’s head full weight. He’s in the shoes he wears every day, rubbing the dirt and grime from them on the slave’s face. This faggot can barely stand the full force of his alpha’s weight pressing down on it’s head. The faggot later gets crushed and experiences face sitting in another clip. This time, MasterUltimateGod is in jeans, dominating his fag like the bitch he is. Watch as he walks all over this faggot and turns its face into his seat. This powerful dom lifts weights and flexes all while sitting on Fag Butler’s face. Finally he gets on the ground and become a fag carpet under his master’s alpha straight feet. Shifting gears, MasterUltimateGod tramples another faggot in a real time session. This new faggot gets to live the dream and gets trampled under this master’s alpha feet in Jordans. The queer bag squirms under his master’s perfect size 12’s. The fag then gets the ultimate pleasure of serving as his master’s fag chair as he gets sat on. The fag slave squirms and tries to act like he doesn’t love it but the pain and pleasure go hand-in-hand.

Back to using Fag Butler, MasterUltimateGod makes the faggot dunk his head in the toilet. This faggot gets his head forced into the toilet and then gets lifted up by his underwear to have his head dunked deeper in the toilet. This pathetic bitch can’t seem to get enough and begs for his master’s piss. Maybe his alpha piss will help heal all those whip marks on the faggot’s back from punishment. After all the Fag Butler has been put through, MasterUltimateGod rewards him with some sneaker worship. There is no better way to reward a foot fag then with some alpha jock feet. The foot fag licks his master’s shoes clean, then worships his alpha socks. MasterUltimateGod makes him breathe in his Jordans so he can remember the scent that runs his life.

2 New Videos – AlphaDerek has a special treat for this masked faggot, a warm stream of his alpha piss. The fag is on his hands and knees in front of the toilet and takes all of his master’s piss. Witness 6 minutes of intense human toilet, popper, feet, abuse, and muscles as this fag worships his superior alpha God. In another clip, AlphaDerek goes on an ATM run with a fag slave. The masked faggot withdraws cash from the drive-thru ATM and hands it over to his superior master. This is what faggots live for doing, serving their masters.

2 New Videos – Denis flexes his superior muscles and shows off for the camera. Muscle worshipers will drool watching this big muscled stud flex and show off for the camera. With his sneakers planted in front of the camera and wearing black briefs, you’ll get to see every inch of his muscled body. Afterwards, Denis wrestles and dominates a young weak boy in his backyard. Both wearing red boxer briefs, Denis quickly shows who is the alpha and who is more superior. Denis picks up and slams the weak boy to the ground and assers his dominance throughout with various bearhugs and wrestling moves.

3 New Videos – MasterFlexgod talks about his sweaty, stinky feet as he shows them off and makes you want to worship them. Foot fags will crave having this muscle dom’s feet in their mouth. Admire and serve his feet throughout this 5 minute clip. Afterwards, grab that bottle of poppers for some hardcore poppers abuse. You’re getting used by Master Flexgod the way he wants to use you in this video clip. He’ll make your head spin from sniffing poppers as he counts down on how long to keep inhaling and huffing. This muscle dom will make you into a mindless cash drone by the end of the clip. Then it’s time to go back to foot worship. Master Flexgod shows off his feet again while wearing jeans and demanding that you serve his feet as an obedient foot faggot. This muscle master will make you want to crawl to his feet and lick the soles like an obedient slave.

1 New Audio Clip – You’re going to eat your own cum. It’s so good. It’s addictive and you’re ready to fall into that addiction. So get ready for this short powerful instruction file as you listen to Master Lucian’s hypnotic voice. Then get ready to eat your cum.

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1 New Video – SlavesSeeker’s slave completely submits to his master and shows his true devotion. For this alpha’s amusement he cuts his slave’s hair. The sub is willing to degrade himself all for his beloved master and is willing to put full control in his master’s hands. At one point, SlavesSeeker buzzes his name in the slave’s hair before shaving it all completely off devoiding the slave of any personality and leaving him empty and bald.

5 New Videos – This pain session with Fag Butler and MasterUltimateGod is very brutal. The bitch slave is tied to the torture chair for some extreme brutal abuse from his master. While bound, the slave is blindfolded and gagged by his master’s long compression socks. The fag panics not knowing when he’ll be whipped and beaten as he’s sensory deprived. MasterUltimateGod gives the slave a bloody nose after he beats him with one of his alpha shoes and laughs at the slave’s pain. Pain pigs will love this one. For foot lovers, MasterUltimateGod puts on his jock gear and has his fag butler worship his alpha feet in long compression socks. This findom wore them to the gym, sweating up a storm before giving his slave the honor of sniffing them. The fag continues with more sock worship in another real time session. After some brutal fag abuse, the foot faggot is allowed to worship his master’s socks and feet. Sock action in this video only but with lots of abusing the fag butler’s face and bullying by his alpha.

MasterUltimateGod then displays his strength and power as he stomps on the fag slave. Fag Butler begged his master to go shirtless in this video with him. Being the benevolent master he is, he obliges, but the faggot couldn’t of expected to be stomped on this much. The fag gets crushed even more in the next alpha male face sitting video. This muscular and straight alpha male stomps on and sits on the faggot’s face. Lying down on the hard floor, MasterUltimateGod puts all of his weight on top of the weak faggot slave.

1 New Video – AlphaDerek is ready to give you some intense popper intox in this session. Grab that fresh bottle of poppers and prepare to go completed mindless as you huff for this muscular superior. Follow his instructions and give into anything he says like the weak popper fag you are to him.

2 New Videos – Stare at these superior German feet while you submit to this muscular alpha. Master Flexgod plants his huge barefeet in your face as you stare up at him begging to lick, worship, and serve his huge jock feet. Afterward, get prepared for 10 minutes of hardcore faggot verbal abuse. Throughout this 10 minute clip, Flexgod flexes and shows off while humiliating and verbally bullying you. Bow to his superiority.

3 New Audio Clips – Stay home and listen to Master Lucian as he makes you stay home and goon. Follow every command this verbal superior gives to you. You have your orders, now follow them while you’re stuck at home. While you’re stuck at home, times are hard. It’s so hard to let go. A mind can be a terrible burden these days. Why not let Master Lucian take your cares, fears, and worries away as you go mindless. While you’re at it, let’s just take your mind away completely. Sometimes outside forces can help you go mindless like poppers or some mary jane. Embrace mary jane as it’s time to let a certain plant along with Master Lucian’s voice make you weak, empty, and moldable for Master Lucian.

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3 New Video – MasterBig wants you to stare at his massive bulge while he makes you fry your brain on poppers. As this hung and masculine dom counts down from 10, you are to sniff those poppers long and deep until you can’t control yourself anymore. Go deeper and deeper into his instructions and those sniffs. The popper abuse continues when you worship Master Big’s feet as he flips you off. Look at this alpha stud’s big soles while he verbally degrades you in this short video clip. But the intense popper training continues as MasterBig places his bulge right in your face while you’re getting high on poppers. Get on your knees and breathe deep while you get hypnotized by his massive cock and balls poking through his boxer briefs. Soon you’ll be so mindless that you’ll do anything for MasterBig.

3 New Video – Become a tiny shrunken slave for giant Master Gary in this macro giant fetish video. In this video clip, Master Gary becomes a towering giant that can stomp on you at any moment. Standing above you, flipping you off, and hovering his huge foot over your head, you’ll run in fear of being crushed by this alpha dom. After that, shift gears and go for some relaxing intox as Master Gary sits back and tells you how to sniff poppers for your master. Stare at this alpha’s soles as he tells you to eat your own cum at the end of the video. Master Gary doesn’t hold back at all with the verbal abuse.

As a reward for being so obedient for him, Master Gary will let you worship his body while he flexes for you. But don’t put those poppers away just yet. You need to keep huffing and puffing those fumes for Master Gary. Worship this alpha muscled body and get inside his sweaty pits.

1 New Video – As 2019 closed not too long ago, MilesStriker feels it is time to reflect. This alpha male wants to get all his little faggots, slaves, and cucks up to par and ready to serve in 2020. Miles Striker helps reaffirm your purpose in life by reminding you of what you were born to be and how you can do better at serving in this coming year.

1 New Video – This masked slave has his dinner straight from his master’s feet. Master Axl stomps on food for his slave to enjoy. This slave wouldn’t want it any other way as it licks the food right from Master Axl’s feet.

2 New Audio Clips – As 2019 faded out fast, so did your will. A New Year is upon us and with it is a new you. It’s time to submit, to give in, to obey. It’s time to be a better submissive subject for Lucian Carter. However, even though times change, one thing stays the same: you’re still a poppers addict. You thought you could escape that? You thought you could break the habit? You’ll never escape poppers. It’s not just a habit, it’s an addiction. Give in to it. Give in to poppers. Give in to Master Lucian in this 10 minute popper intox / JOI audio clip.

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3 New Video – MasterUltimateGod gets his Fag Butler to return for some more brutal physical abuse. The Fag Butler begged to be beated and abused, so MasterUltimateGod obliged his bitch ass. Watch as this powerful dome locks this queer up in an inversion table and beats him while making the fag worship his feet. The faggot begged for more which he gets in part 2. The second part shows the slave getting out of the inversion table asking to be beat up some more. MasterUltimateGod shows the fag who’s in charge and ends up giving the slave a black eye. This bitch fag screams out in pain and bursts into tears before being made to kiss his alpha’s fist as a thank you.

Shifting gears, for tiny slaves wanting to worship a macro giant master, MasterUltimateGod shrinks you down to the size of a bug. Relaxing on a chill evening, MasterUltimateGod then takes off his shoes, socks, and shows his perfect barefeet. This alpha knows he is driving you crazy but continues to ignore you the entire time.

3 New Videos – Have you ever wanted to clean Flexgod’s soles? Now is your chance as Flexgod allows you to worship his superior alpha feet. This is the dream of any foot faggot to lick his alpha’s barefeet. Continue with your foot worship as Master Flexgod shoves his huge male feet right in your face. Showing off his dirty, sweaty barefeet, this muscular alpha instructs you to serve his feet in his commanding German accent. Foot fags will then go wild in the next video as Flexgod commands you to clean his barefeet. Sniff this muscle dom’s sweaty, stinky socks and feet as your reward for being a loyal foot fag. Now it’s up to you and only you to be an obedient foot fag and take care of this alpha master’s feet.

3 New Videos – It’s time to lick daddy’s sneakers and feet. YoungNCharge orders you to worship his superior alpha sneakers, socks, and barefeet. Get your tongue ready, foot fag, because you have a lot of worship to do. YoungNCharge sits back and relaxes while he makes you devote yourself completely to just his feet. Then in a very short clip, YoungNCharge makes you continue to sniff his feet. Slaves that need even more of YoungNCharge can worship his farts. In this 3rd video upload, YoungNCharge grows to the size of a giant and lets out thunderous farts to shake your very core. Obey and worship this superior cash dom.

2 New Videos – What is happening to you? Why won’t you stand up for yourself in your own home? MilesStriker gets his best friend Toby on the phone and tells him all about you and the plans he has for you. This alpha redneck just invaded your home and claims it as his own now. As a weak faggot, you don’t even fight back and instead massage and worship the feet of your home intruder. MilesStriker verbally berates you and talks about the things he’s going to do to you while on the phone with his redneck buddy. Miles then takes humiliating photos of you to blackmail you into doing everything he wants.

Later, MilesStriker stands over you and begins to remove his camo shorts as you look right into his bulge. He begins to tell you to stick your tongue out and clean his dirty socks with him in total control. Miles sits down and puts your face into his alpha bulge explaining things about your new life. He slaps you over and over then punches you so hard you see stars. You should be thankful to even be in the presence of such a real man.

2 New Audio Clips – The next step in Master Lucian’s mindfuckery involves something you love: jerking off. But this is no ordinary JOI audio file, this file will control your brain and your cock, as they become one and the same. Later, Master Lucian will reinforce your addictions. Your gooning addiction is about to grow even stronger. You can’t wait for this to happen. Be prepared to stroke your little cock forever.

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1 New Video – Master Flexgod presents his feet for you to lick, sniff, and kiss. Devote yourself to this muscular alpha’s barefeet and cherish the opportunity to serve at his feet. It is your job as a foot fag to serve and worship every inch of your alpha’s feet. That means licking and sniffing the heel, sole, and toes.

4 New Videos – Master Ultimate God crushes you like his human pillow. This alpha sits on you, crushes you between his dominant hands, and destroys a loaf of bread, all to make you feet like the pathetic sub you are under this superior alpha male. The crushing continues then as you get crushed under Master Ultimate God’s alpha muscles. Watch this superior findom destroy the pillow as you feel his raw power.

Later, Master Ultimate God takes on the role of a supreme giant to crush you even further. Giant Master Ultimate God crushes you like the human pillow you are. Feel inferior and dominated by this alpha god. For slaves seeking more degradation, then listen to Master Ultimate God talk about the findom scene with one of his faggots as he takes a dump, completely ignoring your pathetic ass.

1 New Video – Master Bigg is here to turn you into an even more pathetic sissy. Bow down and serve this superior straight alpha male as he flips you off, verbally abuses you, and shoves his socked feet right in your face. This type of sissy humiliation is what a weak faggot like you deserves and is how you should be treated. Worship Master Bigg’s socks and thank him for giving you this much attention.

2 New Videos – Enjoy DavidWar’s plump and round muscular ass as he twerks it right in your face. Throughout this 20 minute video clip, DavidWar will tease you with his ass right in your face to worship. Take in all of this amazing view of his hypnotically moving ass. Afterward, you can worship stare at DavidWar’s big cock as he gets a blowjob from a feisty Latina. This girl shows off her skills on DavidWar’s big cock as she sucks every inch. Your job is to just perv around in the background and watch as DavidWar moans in pleasure from getting his dick sucked.

3 New Audio Clips -There is no simpler way to say it other than to relax and give in. You’re going to relax for Master Lucian Carter. It’s so hard not to relax. You’ve had a long, hard day. So just relax and let it happen. Give in to Master Lucian Carter’s words and you’ll be rewarded. Once you do then it is time to fully accept that you are a popperbator. You can fight sniffing, fight jerking, fight cumming but the reality is, is that you can’t. Master Lucian will own you forever and make you realize that you must sniff poppers, must jerk off, and you must cum for him. Finally, Master Lucian gives you another irresistible reminder: sucking cock is wonderful. After hearing this audio clip, you’ll realize that sucking cock is your passion, your joy, and your life.

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2 New Videos – Alpha master Stefano gets tons of requests from fag slaves. In particular, the fag who requested this video likes it hard. Stefano obliges and delivers some hard and mean domination while he degrades and humiliates you throughout this 15 minute video clip. Stefan flips you off with his middle finger, makes you sniff his sweaty gym socks, and lick his dirty blue sneakers. Show this superior alpha how obedient you can be in his presence.

In another new clip, Stefano takes a break outside to have a cigarette. Even though this muscular dom is taking a break, he doesn’t take a break from verbally abusing you. Stefano reminds you why it is your duty and your purpose in life to serve him. He sits back and blows smoke right in your face while you sit obediently with your tongue out waiting for more abuse from this alpha.

2 New Videos – ChokeMasters has another new video of a BDSM couple uploaded to his portfolio. This particular BDSM couple show off chokeholds for the camera. The arrogant and cocky dom boyfriend locks his girlfriend in a tight chokehold while she gasps for air. Before locking in this tight fighting holds, the dom teaches her some breathing techniques which may be the only reason she made it through to the end of this 17 minute video.

Similarly added to his portfolio is another chokehold video featuring two brothers applying chokeholds. In this video clip, the little brother has always been on the receiving end of the chokeholds and choke maneuvers. This time it’s his turn to be the punisher chokemaster and has become a beast in this video. No more little bro this time as he dominates the other guy in a bad way.

4 New Videos – YoungNCharge doesn’t hold back in this 10 minute video clip while he shows off naked as he verbally abuses fags like you. Showing his rock hard abs, YoungNCharge dishes out intense verbal attacks to make you feel like nothing as he shows off what you’ll never have. YoungNCharge makes it clear why he’s a master and you’re a sub all throughout.

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