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2 New Videos – Alpha master Stefano gets tons of requests from fag slaves. In particular, the fag who requested this video likes it hard. Stefano obliges and delivers some hard and mean domination while he degrades and humiliates you throughout this 15 minute video clip. Stefan flips you off with his middle finger, makes you sniff his sweaty gym socks, and lick his dirty blue sneakers. Show this superior alpha how obedient you can be in his presence.

In another new clip, Stefano takes a break outside to have a cigarette. Even though this muscular dom is taking a break, he doesn’t take a break from verbally abusing you. Stefano reminds you why it is your duty and your purpose in life to serve him. He sits back and blows smoke right in your face while you sit obediently with your tongue out waiting for more abuse from this alpha.

2 New Videos – ChokeMasters has another new video of a BDSM couple uploaded to his portfolio. This particular BDSM couple show off chokeholds for the camera. The arrogant and cocky dom boyfriend locks his girlfriend in a tight chokehold while she gasps for air. Before locking in this tight fighting holds, the dom teaches her some breathing techniques which may be the only reason she made it through to the end of this 17 minute video.

Similarly added to his portfolio is another chokehold video featuring two brothers applying chokeholds. In this video clip, the little brother has always been on the receiving end of the chokeholds and choke maneuvers. This time it’s his turn to be the punisher chokemaster and has become a beast in this video. No more little bro this time as he dominates the other guy in a bad way.

4 New Videos – YoungNCharge doesn’t hold back in this 10 minute video clip while he shows off naked as he verbally abuses fags like you. Showing his rock hard abs, YoungNCharge dishes out intense verbal attacks to make you feel like nothing as he shows off what you’ll never have. YoungNCharge makes it clear why he’s a master and you’re a sub all throughout.

Later, YoungNCharge lets you tag along to see the life in the typical day of an alpha. YoungNCharge lives up the playboy lifestyle when he gives his alpha muscle dick to some slut he fucks in a bathtub. Fags reading now probably wish they could be the lucky slut who gets to take every inch of YoungNCharge’s dick in her wet tight pussy. Just sit and watch like a sub cuck as YoungNCharge shows you how a real man fucks. While you’re at it, you can worship his jock muscle ass and big barefeet as you crave him more and more.

3 New Audio Clips -It’s back to school time and this is the perfect video for that time of year because for you, it’s back to fag school time. In this 8-minute humiliation and indoctrination file, you will learn how to be a perfect little, worthless faggot. This audio file will make you even more certain of who you are, who you truly wish to be, and how to get there. After that clip, you can advance your indoctrination and drive home that you are a bottom cocksucker fag slut. You are a fag and a cocksucker. You’re a bottom and a slut. This four minute file will take you deeper into your true self, a fag, obsessed with cock. You don’t want to resist this anymore.

After you’re finished it is time to melt into your poppers. You’re going to melt everything: your body, your brain, your willpower. The irresistible combination of poppers and Master Lucian will melt you like clay. Clay that Master Lucian will mold and shape into whatever he desires by the end of this 12 minute audio clip. You’ll be transformed 100% into his ideal slave.

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1 New Video – Master Mark just released a new real time video where his slave worships his feet. Set in a hotel room, Master Mark makes his slave lay on its back while he takes off his sneakers and smothers the slave’s face with his black socks and sweaty feet. His obedient cash fag inhales the stench and scent of his master’s alpha feet as he worships like an obedient slave. Master Mark verbally abuses the fag and forces him to be a mindless foot fag all throughout this 15 minute clip.


1 New Video – Alpha muscle dom Stefano makes obedient faggots like you weak when he flexes in a jockstrap. Wearing a bright green and blue jockstrap, Stefano will make a faggot like you weak. But to make you even weaker, Stefano makes you sniff some poppers to fry your brain. Listen to Stefano as he counts for you and makes you inhale harder and deeper as you stare mindlessly at his perfect muscles. Submit and worship this muscle God as your new king.

2 New Videos – Follow YoungNCharge in the shower in this new video clip. YoungNCharge strips down and shows off his muscles for you to worship him before he takes a hot shower. Watch this alpha tease you until you come crawling to him for more and more. In another new video clip, YoungNCharge gets verbally abusive and degrades you for being such a depraved faggot. Stripping out of his dress shirt and wearing only a beater, YoungNCharge shows off his cocky side while flexing and verbally trashing you in this new video clip from his portfolio.

3 New Audio Clips -You already know how much you love to sniff poppers. To let the aromas overwhelm you. To let Master Lucian’s voice take you deep under his control. But now, be prepared for a new sensation. Master Lucian is going to let you sniff his crotch like an obedient faggot slave.

After you’re done sniffing your master’s crotch and have his scent all over you. It is time to transform into a sex doll. Prepare to be transformed into nothing more than a sex object. You will be used and abused for the pleasure of others. You will love every minute of it after listening to this audio file. Strengthen your mental training and then learn to be a better bimbo. Deep inside being a bimbo slut is what you crave and want. You need it more than anything in the world. Secretly you desire to be a better bimbo. To be dumber, sluttier, and to give into your urges. Give into those urges and follow the commands of Master Lucian with this audio file.

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1 New Video – Master Alex is wearing his hot black catsuit and leather boots as he prepares to inflict an insane amount of spanking punishment. Master Alex tied his slave’s hands with heavy metal chains to some weights, spreader bar on his legs, and put sharp spiked plates under his feet. Movement to escape the spanking blows will only make slave suffer even more. First, Master Alex starts off with his unique hard and long punishment implement that he brings down on the slave’s ass and balls. Once those cheeks are nice and tender, Master moves on to the long fiber cane. He unleashes a never-ending volley of merciless strokes until the slave is left screaming in agony. And of course, he must thank Master Alex for the punishment with a sore, bruised ass that will stay with him for weeks.

1 New Video – One of TripleXTransMan’s clients comes over for some serious impact play and domination. This slave lays down on a massage table and is strapped in so that he cannot go anywhere. TripleXTransMan delivers some hardcore and intense spanking on this slave because the slave had not completed his tasks for the week. Using straps, belts, and paddles, TripleXTransMan beats this slave until his skin cannot take it anymore.

2 New Videos – ChokeMasters brings another clip of a couple going through some chokeholds. This time an MMA dude shows off while putting his girlfriend in a chokehold. This tatted hunk unleashes his male superiority on this girl and wraps his muscled arms around her neck making her submit. Would you be able to withstand these intense MMA chokeholds if this was you?

2 New Audio Clips -For all of Master Lucian’s leather lovers out there, this audio clip is for you. Feel Master Lucian’s power, and the power of leather. Transform yourself completely for Master Lucian. Soon you will be completely in Master Lucian’s control and will be begging for more as he turns you into a leather bound doll for his amusement. Then, Master Lucian wants to test your will power to see if you are not an addict. Are you really addicted to poppers? Test it for yourself when you download this audio clip from Master Lucian. You are the one in control, right??

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1 New Video – Prepare to be double teamed by this brother duo for double muscle domination. Stefano and his older brother team up to dominate faggots like you on webcam and to laugh at your little cock. Both extremely muscular brothers flex and flip you off while showing you why they are so superior to a weak submissive cash fag like yourself. Submit yourself completely to this muscle duo.

1 New Video – All you piss-pots and fart sniffers, you’ve waited long enough. Master Alex is back with a new fart, piss verbal domination vid. Look up at his masculine hairy body and juicy uncut cock as he puts you in your place. You’re starting from the bottom and if you want a chance to drink that heavenly piss and breathe in those smelly farts, you’ll have to do as you’re told. Get ready to kneel and worship, human toilet! Put that slave tongue to work!!

1 New Video – Master Flexgod is back again to make you endure some poppers training as you stare at his muscular body. Flexing and showing off his muscles and feet to the camera, Flexgod will count down how much you should be sniffing as you press that bottle of poppers up against your nostril. Go totally mindless for this alpha muscle god as you fry your brain. Improve your abilities to as a popper pig and follow FlexGod’s orders.

3 New Audio Clips – A quick induction drops your mind. A simple command drops you to your knees. Your simple mind focuses solely on kneeling and sucking. Kneeling and sucking. Kneeling and sucking! This audio file goes on for 8 minutes of reminding you of your place. This file is designed only for those with hypnosis experience. After that, prepare to take yourself down a path resulting in poppers reinforcement. Admit it, you love poppers, and you will always love them. You love dominant men telling you to use poppers. Poppers rule you and own you. It’s time to burn that into your brain with this intense 5 minute reinforcement file for men who love to sniff.

After going mindless and frying your brain, it’s time to go into a trance. Whether you’re just curious, or an old hat, this audio file will take you into a pleasant , relaxed trance. Designed to make you want to go into a trance again, and again, and with Master Lucian in particular. This file is suggestive, but non sexual. Give your mind a 15 minute break. What are you waiting for?

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2 New Videos – Bow and kneel before your leather god. Once you view this leather worship compilation video from King Michael, you will belong to him. You will quickly see how much you crave his abuse and domination. Like an obedient faggot, you will obey this superior in every single way as you drool at his leather gear. If you still can’t get enough of this superior leather dom, then check out his other newest video upload and worship his monster cock. King Michael whips out his massive, monster cock for you to worship. Your queer clit probably shivers and drips just at the sight of this alpha male meat as you stare at it. Open up your fag wallet because this alpha is going to rape it with his monster sized cock.

1 New Video – Become a tiny slave as you gaze up at this muscle giant’s feet. Stefano takes on the role of a huge muscle giant in this nearly 10 minute video clip as he towers over you. Grunting and flexing hard, Stefano will easily make you feel small like the weak, tiny insect you are compared to him. Worship and suck the sweat off of his sweat soaked black socks as you avoid being crushed from this mammoth man.

1 New Video – In this 20 minute video clip, ChokeMasters has an MMA fighter choke out his girl. This tattooed punk girl knows that she must serve her man and will obey him no matter what he says. After locking her in various chokeholds and submissions for the camera, he makes this punk goth chick suck his hard cock. The choking doesn’t stop as he wraps his athletic legs around her head and neck so she has to take every inch of his hard dick down her throat.

2 New Audio Clips – You’re dirty and you have a dirty mind. Inside your mind and dirty and depraved thoughts that you’d never tell most people. Thoughts about dirty people doing dirty things. This audio file from Lucian Carter will drill that deeper into your head until you never forget it and realize that your mind is a dirty, filthy place. After you’ve come to realize that, you must then realize what you need and that is to serve cock. You want to service cock because you love cock. You need cum and are addicted. This will never change. Give in to your urges and serve cock from this 3 minute audio file.

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2 New Videos – These two aggressive brothers are back again to put their chokeholds to the test. The more dominant brother puts his younger brother in some headscissors domination on a wrestling mat all while both are naked. The younger brother struggles to escape and does whatever he can to break out. This just prompts his older bro to apply even more pressure until his muscular legs squeeze so hard, his little bro passes out. Chokemasters then uploaded another clips of a huge muscular dom flexing his ripped and veiny muscles for the camera. For such a beefy, muscular dude, he has the most incredible veins bulging from everywhere. Show chokemasters which of these videos you want more of by downloading them and he’ll upload more.

1 New Video – Hugely muscular FlexGod is ready to make you clean his feet and drink his spit. Sitting in front of the camera while shirtless and holding up a cup to spit in, Flexgod will make you drink all of his spit like it’s a holy nectar. After you’re done obeying him, move onto cleaning his feet with your tongue and giving him your complete service. You are meant to service and serve alpha gods like Flexgod for the rest of your life. Show him your complete devotion when you download this 10 minute video clip.


1 New Video – Dominant and cocky muscle dom Stefano, shows off his leather jacket while smoking a cigar. Sitting back and relaxing on the couch, Stefano lights up a long fat cigar while puffing it and blowing the smoke in your face. Clad in a leather jacket, leather gloves, and leather pants, this superior muscular alpha will make you craving to hand over your wallet. Like a fag, you will worship and obey him because he exudes dominance just by sitting there.


2 New Audio Clips – Face it. You’re a pretender. An imposter. You know it. We all know it. You walk around all day pretending to be normal. But the truth is, you aren’t normal. You are a submissive and crave control. You desire to be humiliated. In this 7 minute audio file, Master Lucian will explain exactly what you are, and what it means for the rest of your life. You cannot resist Master Lucian. But, not only do you want to be humiliated, you must also realize that you are a sissy whore. You want to be a sissy and a whore. Master Lucian knows you better than you know yourself. So let this simple loop file teach you what you already know, and what you already are.

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1 New Videos – Master Dominator is ready to use another fag. This fat obedient fag slave worships his master’s ass and then gets his own balls tortured. The video starts with dominant Russian Master Dominator pulling down his pants for his fag slave to worship his round muscle ass. After the slave fully worships his superior’s ass, the slave has his balls tied up and bends over a desk. Russian Master Dominator then gets a toy BB gun and fires it at the slave’s exposed ass and balls. After the extreme CBT, the slave lays on the ground on his back with his balls exposed for more CBT from his alpha’s gun fired right at his balls.


1 New Video – Muscular alpha Stefano plants his feet in your face while you beg to worship him in his latest video. Showing off his absolutely perfect feet, you will quickly realize why this alpha deserves to be worshiped. Get a taste of his feet and his superiority when you download this video clip.


1 New Audio Clip – It’s far too late now. Who you once thought was your woman has surrendered herself to Master Lucian, utterly and completely. Now after fucking her for months, she has proven fertile to Master Lucian’s powerful seed. Now, your loser fate is sealed. You’ll be a cuckhold forever. You’ll spend the rest of your life raising Master Lucian’s son. Paying for his every whim. Working to the bone to give him the best in life. All the while being dominated and humiliated, first by Master, then by his son one day. Never touching Master’s woman again. Only Master can grant pleasure now. And you’ll take pleasure in the way Master Lucian commands it.


8 New Photo Sets – New to is Ultimate God. This muscular alpha just uploaded a massive batch of photos showing off bicep flexing and his big superior bare alpha feet for you to worship. There are well over 50 photos in total between all of the photo sets. Download and drool over these photos of Ultimate God.

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2 New Videos – Grab that bottle of poppers and be ready to fry your brain on poppers. Dominant alpha Stefano is ready to make you go totally mindless for him. Starting off the video in a green tank top, this alpha dom flexes his muscles to get you weaker and to show you what the body of a God looks like. He then proceeds to count how long he wants you to inhale those poppers for. After that, he strips out of his tanktop to show his ripped abs and huge chest for even more popper counting instructions.After your mind is totally wasted from those poppers, you can then worship Stefano’s muscles. This jacked and ripped muscle master will have you drooling and begging to hand over your wallet and all of your credit cards. Flexing his perfect biceps and showing off his chiseled body, Stefano will make it very clear why you must worship him.


2 New Videos – Dominant alpha FlexGod is here to humiliate you like the sissy slut you are. As a little slut, you want to serve and be obedient for a true dom like FlexGod. Stare at this superior male like he’s a Greek statue as you beg for him to take control of you. FlexGod delivers full humiliation and stomping as he makes you think you’re a little bimbo Barbie doll ready to be crushed by his power.

After the stomping, it’s time to fully come to terms with the fact that you were born to serve. As an inferior cash fag, you were born to serve. FlexGod will show you how to serve properly and how to satisfy your master. Satisfying your master should be your main objective in live. You are here to serve without limits. Nothing should prevent you from serving your superior dom.


3 New Audio Clips – You’re a pathetic, worthless sissy. You know it’s true. No one care about you. Only by submitting to a powerful, dominant male can you hope to achieve anything. You again know it’s true. This 9-minute audio file will further reinforce your weakness. Make you realize just how big a loser you really are. Demand your servitude. Another thing you know is true is that losers suck. More importantly, losers want to suck and they want to suck Master Lucian. Will Master Lucian allow you to suck him? Find out when you download his Losers Suck audio clip.

After all of that repeated mind fuckery and admitting to the truth, it’s time that bad boys like you get punished. You’ve been naughty all this time and naughty boys get spanked, they get controlled, and they also get owned. Present yourself for ownership to Master Lucian Carter.


1 New Audio Clip – In this fantasy, you’ll first relax to an easier place of visualization and then imagine you are on safari when you start to explore the jungle on your own. You find yourself bound by vines and starting to transform – more muscled, more simple, more primal. A jungleman that has undergone this process before helps you along the way – and also helps you with your lust as the fantasy taxes a sexual turn, all leading to a nice big orgasm.

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1 New Video – Watch the latest clip from Master Rush Corleone as this young, alpha college dom is decked out in full leather (leather jacket, leather gloves, leather pants, and leather logger boots). This dominant leather clad master will verbally destroy you while his premium leather squeaks with every move. As he humiliates, Leather Master Rush also stomps down on you, making you clean his boots and leather as you worship every ounce of his being. This young teen alpha male knows exactly how to get into a slave’s head and make him fall in love, you will be no exception.

1 New Video – Master Alex milks every drop of his slave’s cum in this cumtastic compilation. The slaves moan and groan as this alpha pushes an orgasm out of them over and over again. Not only does Master Alex make them cum, he also feeds them his own, opening used condoms in their mouths or make them lick it off as it drips down his big juicy feet. Includes most milking and cum feeding videos in this compilation

2 New Videos – This group of bodybuilders decided to do a little partying and some horsing around on camera. All three muscular hunks are in their underwear and happily oblige the webcam audience in flexing their big muscles and do some wrestling and chokeholds. These tattooed hunks don’t hold back with the chokeholds either and make one of their buddies pass out. This nearly 17 minute clip is definitely for muscle fetish lovers. In another choking clip, this ripped and lean stud chokes out his girlfriend. Grabbing her from behind on cam, this BDSM couple engages in some rough play. The naked girlfriend struggles to escape as she gasps for air from her boyfriend’s tight, muscular and strong grip.

2 New Videos – Watch Master Benny walk all over this slave as he stomps on him with his fresh Jordan sneakers. The fat, submissive slave lays back on the ground and takes it as Master Benny stands on his face, chest, and stomach. Later Master Benny switches shoes and puts on some cleats to mark his property better. The stomping continues as Master Benny walks on his slave’s face. The weak foot faggot enjoys every minute of having Master Benny walk on his face with his Jordan sneakers. Ultimately, the slave’s place is at the bottom of Master Benny’s shoes.

2 New Audio Clips – Master Lucian Carter knows that you want to be a girly slut and he will ensure that you get there. This is a brainwashing audio clip file with no echo effects. The brainwashing file is designed to make you realize who you are and what you want. That being a sex object for men everywhere. Being that you’re such a weak man, it’s time for Master Lucian Carter to take your woman. Become a total cuck. Watch as your wife or girlfriend willingly surrenders to Master Lucian’s control. She’ll never be yours again once she tastes Master Lucian’s cum right in front of you.

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6 New Videos – Get dressed up like a fucking slut for Master. Alpha dom Master Gary has a belt to use as your collar with a gold leash for your slutty neck. Be prepared to go under some Barbie bimbo sissification at the hand of Master Gary. This dom will tell you how to dress and what to wear as you worship him as your Master. But before you get started there, take a look and download part 1 of this 2 part sissification series. In part 1, Master Gary turns you into a slutty whore who must obey all of his orders. You know deep down inside that you’re a sissy girl. From now on, in the presence of Master Gary, your name is Abby. Get introduced to your new life as a slutty whore for this alpha dom and be prepared to be fully degraded as a pathetic slutty whore. If that wasn’t enough of abuse, in another video upload, Master Gary puts you through a forced workout. Master Gary will make you suffer as he tells you what to do and how to train. You’ll become obedient and subservient as Master Gary tells you what a stupid fucking faggot you are the entire time. Be ready for endless amounts of pushups, situps, and burpees, as Master Gary becomes your new personal trainer.

As a reward for all of that sissification and training, Master Gary will let you hit those poppers for some sniffs. Get high as fuck for your new Master by sniffing those fresh poppers. Master Gary will guide you through as he tells you to sniff and inhale those poppers while threatening to expose what a popper sniffing faggot you are to the world. Endure more popper fuckery while you stare at Master Gary’s white socks. You’re going to be so fucked up on poppers as you stare blindly as this master’s feet while you wear chastity. He’ll take great pleasure in torturing you by teasing you with his alpha body and his dirty white socks being stuck in your faggot face. This final popper instructional clip is the most hardcore for a ruthless intox session. For this video, MasterGary says you need 3 mixed strong spirit drinks, a lit joint, and 1 or 2 bottles of poppers. This is not for rookie faggot slaves as Master Gary does whatever it takes to ruin your brain. No mercy in this ruthless, no limits intox session. Say goodbye to your brain cells and your cash.

1 New Video – In this over 10 minute long compilation of video clips, you’ll learn that your place is at Master Alex’s feet. All of his hottest foot worship sessions are included. Sessions of Master Alex in army boots, leather stomping boots, knee high socks and more but in every session the slaves know true obedience and submit to his feet, boots, and socks. These obedient fag slaves know their place is at an alpha’s feet. If you just want to cut to the chase and see all of Master Alex‘s foot worship clips, this is the compilation clip for you.

1 New Video – Henderdong grabs a drink, sits back, and dominates while you stare at his soles. Feel this dominant alpha use his power to overtake your senses and leave you paralyzed by his voice. Once you see his big alpha male feet, hear his voice, and submit to his raw, dominant power, you will be frozen into submission. Simply give in and worship this alpha male like a king should be worshiped.

1 New Video – The ultimate muscle giant is standing in front of you and over you while a small, tiny slave like yourself kneels in front of him. FlexGod‘s strength is so incredible and masculine that you will easily follow all of his orders and do anything he wants. You follow his orders because you’re scared of his strength and size and don’t want to get hurt. Experience 10 minutes of pure domination from this muscular superior when you download this verbal muscle worship video.

4 New Audio Clips – Do you know what the subliminals can do? Do you even care or will you follow them willingly? This audio clip is a multi-layered reinforcing file filled with subliminals to make you submit to a new level. But it gets more intense when you download the audio clip that will be the kickstarter to getting you addicted to Lucian Carter. There is no going back from here. Once you download this, be willing to give up your mind, body, spirit, soul and wallet. After becoming addicted, some slaves say that vices help them submit more easily and not think twice about their cash slave addictions. In the next clip, LucianCarter uses some 420 reinforcement. Weed, ganja, mary jane, the devil’s lettuce, it doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is you need it to relax and submit more. Master Lucian is going to meld smoking weed with his powerful words and entwine them forever inside you.

Not only does your mind need conditioned but so does your body. Do you currently take a pre-workout before the gym such as C4 or LionBlast? It’s time you add an audio conditioning file to your pre-workout routine. Build your desire to workout and improve your body with this audio file to make you a bigger gym fag. As you get stronger in the gym, you’ll get weaker and more submissive too.