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3 New Video – MasterBig wants you to stare at his massive bulge while he makes you fry your brain on poppers. As this hung and masculine dom counts down from 10, you are to sniff those poppers long and deep until you can’t control yourself anymore. Go deeper and deeper into his instructions and those sniffs. The popper abuse continues when you worship Master Big’s feet as he flips you off. Look at this alpha stud’s big soles while he verbally degrades you in this short video clip. But the intense popper training continues as MasterBig places his bulge right in your face while you’re getting high on poppers. Get on your knees and breathe deep while you get hypnotized by his massive cock and balls poking through his boxer briefs. Soon you’ll be so mindless that you’ll do anything for MasterBig.

3 New Video – Become a tiny shrunken slave for giant Master Gary in this macro giant fetish video. In this video clip, Master Gary becomes a towering giant that can stomp on you at any moment. Standing above you, flipping you off, and hovering his huge foot over your head, you’ll run in fear of being crushed by this alpha dom. After that, shift gears and go for some relaxing intox as Master Gary sits back and tells you how to sniff poppers for your master. Stare at this alpha’s soles as he tells you to eat your own cum at the end of the video. Master Gary doesn’t hold back at all with the verbal abuse.

As a reward for being so obedient for him, Master Gary will let you worship his body while he flexes for you. But don’t put those poppers away just yet. You need to keep huffing and puffing those fumes for Master Gary. Worship this alpha muscled body and get inside his sweaty pits.

1 New Video – As 2019 closed not too long ago, MilesStriker feels it is time to reflect. This alpha male wants to get all his little faggots, slaves, and cucks up to par and ready to serve in 2020. Miles Striker helps reaffirm your purpose in life by reminding you of what you were born to be and how you can do better at serving in this coming year.

1 New Video – This masked slave has his dinner straight from his master’s feet. Master Axl stomps on food for his slave to enjoy. This slave wouldn’t want it any other way as it licks the food right from Master Axl’s feet.

2 New Audio Clips – As 2019 faded out fast, so did your will. A New Year is upon us and with it is a new you. It’s time to submit, to give in, to obey. It’s time to be a better submissive subject for Lucian Carter. However, even though times change, one thing stays the same: you’re still a poppers addict. You thought you could escape that? You thought you could break the habit? You’ll never escape poppers. It’s not just a habit, it’s an addiction. Give in to it. Give in to poppers. Give in to Master Lucian in this 10 minute popper intox / JOI audio clip.

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2 New Videos – Dinner is served up or down on the floor where is should be for Henderdong’s slaves. Master Henderdong enjoys a hot pizza then crushes the leftovers with his feet. Mashing the pizza into his socked feet, Henderdong will order you to lick and eat up what is on the ground like a worthless slave. Enjoy some of pizza crushed by Henderdong’s feet. The food crushing doesn’t stop there as Henderdong crushes a hamburger with his feet in another upload. Enjoy another dinner course at Henderdong’s feet. Get on all fours and beg to eat some Hamburger and fries at Henderdong’s feet. It even has the perfect Henderdong seasoning from him stomping it with his white socks.

2 New Videos – Down underneath Miles Striker’s desk is where you belong. Down there to clean up anything Miles Striker tells you to while he works and watches hardcore porn. Get your face right in this master’s crotch while he rubs his hard cock to porn. Your mouth is his waste receptacle. After you clean up his superior cum from the floor, you sit right there to lap up every bit of his alpha piss. Get right up underneath Mile Striker’s bulge and take a big whiff of his alpha scent while you’re down there.

Now from some intense roleplay. You’ve been caught! All this time, Miles thought you were another masculine man like himself but he has come to find you in his bed wearing panties and jerking off. Things at the house are going to be way different from now on. It’s time to go over your new rules as his personal fucking sissy. Forget your old fake masculine life and embrace what you truly are, faggot. Now is time to seal the deal with a nice blowjob and a facial for your sissy faggot face in this nearly 18 minute video.

3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod enjoys a relaxing day outside, showing off his dominant feet in sandals throughout this nearly 13 minute video. Sit at eye level to his alpha feet and worship them as he just enjoys the nice weather outside. Beg for the opportunity to sniff and pray to these superior alpha feet. Even if you aren’t into feet, as a cash faggot, it is your duty to worship every part of your alpha.

For all the tinies out there, it is time to be eaten by MasterUltimateGod. Watch as this superior master devours you and your friends like you were on this plate of food. Shrunken down to the size of a speck of food, you’ll be running around this giant’s plate avoiding his fork, afraid that you’ll be the next bite. The feeding frenzy continues as MasterUltimateGod devours a mountain of food. This giant alpha describes how he is going to eat you like this stack of food. He’ll chew you up slowly before swallowing you whole. Accept your fate, munchkin fag.

1 New Video – Master Axl makes his slave lick his shoes in this real time meeting. Wearing the same shoes and socks for 5 days leading up to this meeting, Master Axl makes sure his feet and shoes have the maximum amount of alpha scent possible on them. The masked foot fag loves every minute of it as he sniffs and worships this alpha’s stinky superior feet. Download this clip to see what it is like to worship Master Axl’s feet.

1 New Video – Love smooth alpha feet? In this nearly 15 minute video clip, DavidWar shows off his beautiful bare soles smeared with lots of oil. Stare in awe at these feet as DavidWar completely hypnotizes you with them and them proceeds to rub this oiled up feet up and down a dildo. The movements will make any foot lover cream instantly.

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2 New Videos – Want to be fried while Master Axl trains you to sniff your poppers? Master Axl will make you sniff poppers as you gaze at his sneakers and dirty socks like an obedient foot fag. Afterward, he exposes his barefeet for you to sniff just like that fresh bottle of poppers. The popper training continues in his other uploaded video clip. In this popper training video, Master Axl will make sure you definitely fry your brain until you are a mindless husk. Be trained completely by Master Axl to popper up as he verbally abuses you and you gaze at his feet.

1 New Video – In this roleplay video, Miles Striker takes on the role of your giant big brother. You’re hiding behind a counter when your REALLY BIG brother Miles comes home and laughs about all the people that are out everywhere looking for you. Mom and Dad are searching everywhere for you but they won’t even be able to see you if they come over. Welcome to your new life, you best learn to accept living like an ant. Your big brother Miles starts to stomp his size 13 work boots and compares you to the giant crevices in the soles of his boots. Miles makes you get deep into the dirty leather work boots as you lick and clean every tiny spot. Your big brother has holes worn into his socks, that’s how much he had to walk around pretending to look for your pathetic tiny self. He slowly removes his sock and makes you clean all the cheese out from his toes while ringing his sweaty sock out over you. You can see him slightly smiling while he’s smothering you with his socks. The scary excitement in your big brother’s eyes as he explains all the plans he has for you. Get ready to thank your big brother for your new life.

2 New Videos – Flexgod has plenty of fag cash to count in front of you. While Flexgod is counting out these bills, you should be advancing your popper training and sniffing them as he counts out his cash. Sticking his sneakers up to the camera and counting out each bill, Flexgod will have your head spinning as he instructs you to keep sniffing while he keeps counting. More cash for him means more popper sniffing for you. In another new video clip, Flexgod forces you to drink his spit while he degrades you. Enjoy drinking this offering from your god. 4 minutes of full HD abuse and instructions on how to drink his spit. Flexgod then makes you sniff his socks as he flips you off while you’re enjoying his spit.

3 New Videos – Davidwar is an arrogant nephew to his uncle. Watch as he dominates his uncle in bed. Choking him out and wrestling him into submission, Davidwar shows his uncle how he always gets what he wants in this nearly 30 minute video clip. Then in a solo scene, Davidwar makes you worship his muscles. Observe in detail how much more alpha Davidwar is compared to you. This muscle dom makes sure to verbally abuse you as you admire him too.

Then for those with extreme fetishes, Davidwar makes you watch as he jerks off with puke. Davidwar pukes on his hard cock and masturbates with the vomit all over his dick until he cums.

1 New Video – It was afternoon and MasterJason gave his order to a trash whore faggot slut on how to serve him. Follow MasterJason as he destroys this fag. The masked faggot ties his balls to a chair so he has no way to move. Every time he moves, it tugs on his balls harder and harder. As the fag whimpers and moves around, MasterJason gives him an intense beating and makes the fag worship him as he should. This pathetic fag craves to lick his master’s feet, muscle ass, and legs.

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1 New Video – MasterBigg is ready to put you through some intense popper training as you worship his white socks. Placing the camera on the floor to give you the perspective of being beneath him, MasterBigg makes you look up at his alpha muscles as he flexes and plants his huge white socks in your face. Worship this superior alpha and listen to his commands as he makes you intoxicate your faggot brain.

3 New Videos – Master Ultimate God’s dumb faggot is back with some Max Impact poppers. This weak faggot fries his brain as Master Ultimate God drains him for all he is worth throughout this 15 minute video clip of their real time meet. See Master Ultimate God choke out and dominate this weak faggot as the fag continues to sniff his poppers harder. This is slave training at its best.

Now it’s time for you to get crushed by Master Ultimate God. Watch as Master Ultimate God destroys a loaf of bread between his dominant hands, and under his alpha feet. Feel the power of his pure perfection as you are crushed under his superiority. Master Ultimate God has even more to crush because he desires to crush you like the pathetic bug you are. In this clip, Master Ultimate God crushes cans under his dominant shoes, then destroys some more bread. The video ends with him sitting on a pillow, so you can imagine what it would be like to be crushed under his pure alpha perfection.

1 New Video – Master Axl’s regular slave has come to lick his master’s soles clean. This masked foot faggot can’t get enough of his alpha master. He devotes himself completely to cleaning Master Axl’s shoes and to sucking on his dirty, sweaty socks. At the end of the clip, the masked foot faggot is lucky to smell and kiss his master’s barefeet as a reward.

1 New Video – Dominant alpha YoungNCharge is ready to verbally abuse you as you worship his perfection. Throughout this nearly 12 minute video clip, YoungNCharge works out, verbally attacks you, and shows off his straight alpha body to the camera. Drool over his ripped abs and bulging biceps as you beg him to drain you of everything.

1 New Video – Give in to Master Carlos as he makes you worship his size 12 feet. This alpha boss watches an NFL football game as he ignores you. Your job is to drool over his big sweaty golden feet that are planted right in your face. 7 minutes of alpha foot perfection. Master Carlos takes his socks off and smothers your face with these big size 12s all throughout the video clip.