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1 New Video – Master Flexgod presents his feet for you to lick, sniff, and kiss. Devote yourself to this muscular alpha’s barefeet and cherish the opportunity to serve at his feet. It is your job as a foot fag to serve and worship every inch of your alpha’s feet. That means licking and sniffing the heel, sole, and toes.

4 New Videos – Master Ultimate God crushes you like his human pillow. This alpha sits on you, crushes you between his dominant hands, and destroys a loaf of bread, all to make you feet like the pathetic sub you are under this superior alpha male. The crushing continues then as you get crushed under Master Ultimate God’s alpha muscles. Watch this superior findom destroy the pillow as you feel his raw power.

Later, Master Ultimate God takes on the role of a supreme giant to crush you even further. Giant Master Ultimate God crushes you like the human pillow you are. Feel inferior and dominated by this alpha god. For slaves seeking more degradation, then listen to Master Ultimate God talk about the findom scene with one of his faggots as he takes a dump, completely ignoring your pathetic ass.

1 New Video – Master Bigg is here to turn you into an even more pathetic sissy. Bow down and serve this superior straight alpha male as he flips you off, verbally abuses you, and shoves his socked feet right in your face. This type of sissy humiliation is what a weak faggot like you deserves and is how you should be treated. Worship Master Bigg’s socks and thank him for giving you this much attention.

2 New Videos – Enjoy DavidWar’s plump and round muscular ass as he twerks it right in your face. Throughout this 20 minute video clip, DavidWar will tease you with his ass right in your face to worship. Take in all of this amazing view of his hypnotically moving ass. Afterward, you can worship stare at DavidWar’s big cock as he gets a blowjob from a feisty Latina. This girl shows off her skills on DavidWar’s big cock as she sucks every inch. Your job is to just perv around in the background and watch as DavidWar moans in pleasure from getting his dick sucked.

3 New Audio Clips -There is no simpler way to say it other than to relax and give in. You’re going to relax for Master Lucian Carter. It’s so hard not to relax. You’ve had a long, hard day. So just relax and let it happen. Give in to Master Lucian Carter’s words and you’ll be rewarded. Once you do then it is time to fully accept that you are a popperbator. You can fight sniffing, fight jerking, fight cumming but the reality is, is that you can’t. Master Lucian will own you forever and make you realize that you must sniff poppers, must jerk off, and you must cum for him. Finally, Master Lucian gives you another irresistible reminder: sucking cock is wonderful. After hearing this audio clip, you’ll realize that sucking cock is your passion, your joy, and your life.

Newest Downloads

1 New Video – MasterBigg is ready to put you through some intense popper training as you worship his white socks. Placing the camera on the floor to give you the perspective of being beneath him, MasterBigg makes you look up at his alpha muscles as he flexes and plants his huge white socks in your face. Worship this superior alpha and listen to his commands as he makes you intoxicate your faggot brain.

3 New Videos – Master Ultimate God’s dumb faggot is back with some Max Impact poppers. This weak faggot fries his brain as Master Ultimate God drains him for all he is worth throughout this 15 minute video clip of their real time meet. See Master Ultimate God choke out and dominate this weak faggot as the fag continues to sniff his poppers harder. This is slave training at its best.

Now it’s time for you to get crushed by Master Ultimate God. Watch as Master Ultimate God destroys a loaf of bread between his dominant hands, and under his alpha feet. Feel the power of his pure perfection as you are crushed under his superiority. Master Ultimate God has even more to crush because he desires to crush you like the pathetic bug you are. In this clip, Master Ultimate God crushes cans under his dominant shoes, then destroys some more bread. The video ends with him sitting on a pillow, so you can imagine what it would be like to be crushed under his pure alpha perfection.

1 New Video – Master Axl’s regular slave has come to lick his master’s soles clean. This masked foot faggot can’t get enough of his alpha master. He devotes himself completely to cleaning Master Axl’s shoes and to sucking on his dirty, sweaty socks. At the end of the clip, the masked foot faggot is lucky to smell and kiss his master’s barefeet as a reward.

1 New Video – Dominant alpha YoungNCharge is ready to verbally abuse you as you worship his perfection. Throughout this nearly 12 minute video clip, YoungNCharge works out, verbally attacks you, and shows off his straight alpha body to the camera. Drool over his ripped abs and bulging biceps as you beg him to drain you of everything.

1 New Video – Give in to Master Carlos as he makes you worship his size 12 feet. This alpha boss watches an NFL football game as he ignores you. Your job is to drool over his big sweaty golden feet that are planted right in your face. 7 minutes of alpha foot perfection. Master Carlos takes his socks off and smothers your face with these big size 12s all throughout the video clip.

Featured Model- MasterBigg

Be prepared to suffer through this intense popper training session. In this video clip, MasterBigg makes you worship his huge alpha feet and sniff your fresh bottle of poppers at the same time. All throughout, MasterBigg encourages you to sniff, sniff, and sniff more from that potent bottle of fresh poppers that you have. While looking up at this straight alpha male’s socked feet, you’ll not only want to fry your brain on poppers but also hand over your wallet to him. Submit to a true straight alpha and lose some brain cells along the way as he trains you to be a mindless popper fag.

Featured Model- Master Bigg

In this 10 minute video clip, Master Bigg makes you worship at his socked feet. Wearing knee high, white athletic socks, MasterBigg puts the camera in the ideal point of view for a fag, looking up at his greatness. This alpha male has huge feet, fitting of a superior god. As he flexes, flips you off, and jams his socked feet in your fag face, you’ll quickly realize why he’s truly dominant and a fag like yourself is pathetic. Open your wallet for this foot master and download this and the rest of his videos on

Newest Downloads

3 New Videos – Master Bigg is already becoming more and more popular on In-Charge and he’s decided to post even more videos to his portfolio. In one of three new videos, Master Bigg shows off huge huge alpha feet. Wearing white knee high Nike athletic socks, Master Bigg sits back and relaxes while flipping off the camera and reminding you of what a weak fag slave you are in this life. Submit to this alpha stud in this 10 minute video clip.

Furthering the foot worship, Master Bigg makes you worship his feet again in this popper training video clip. This time Master Bigg encourages you to sniff, sniff, and sniff more on that potent bottle of fresh poppers that you have. While looking up at this straight alpha male’s socked feet, you’ll not only want to fry your brain on poppers but also hand over your wallet. While your at it, also make sure to download a short clip of a real time session with Master Bigg.

2 New Videos – Michael Hoffman has two new videos for his fans. Everyone has requested ass play videos from him so he decided to stick something in his ass besides fingers. In this shower video, Michael Hoffman strips down and gets in the shower to show off his hole and ass, he even takes a piss in the shower. After he gets soaped up, he starts sticking a toothbrush in his tight hole, forcing it in and out. The sensation gets him rock hard as he jerks his massive cock while it’s soaped up. Then he jams the toothbrush in more and more until he finally ends with a cum shot in the shower before rinsing off and drying himself.

In his other video clip, Michael Hoffman starts off by bouncing his pecs and flexing his biceps while naked in his room. After that, he lays on the floor on his back showing his hole and ass. For the fans who can’t get enough of Michael Hoffman’s ass, he gets on all fours and fingers his hole to get hard. Once rock hard, he shows his massive cock and jacks it very hard. He keeps edging himself throughout, just stopping right before he’s about to cum. He finally can’t take it anymore and erupts a massive load of thick, white cum.

1 New Video – In this 11 minute video clips from Master Dnero, he shows you what it’s like to teach up-and-coming dominant alphas about his experience in using fag slaves. After completing admission tests, Master Dnero’s disciples they move onto practical training sessions with using pathetic subs. This time Master D-Hunter and Master Dante pair up to dominate a foot fag. Both strong, young alphas have proven themselves by completing their admission tests and now get to practice their domination on a fag slave named Lucky. He sure is lucky to be under the feet of these cocky, arrogant men.

1 New Video – New to In-Charge is dominant muscle master HerculesReborn2017. This straight, muscular, blonde hunk is always draining faggots online that he sometimes needs a break. HerculesReborn2017 relaxes shirtless while having a hot smoke break from using his loyal faggots. Watch this muscle stud flex and effortlessly look hot just by lounging and smoking a cigarette. Imagine if a cash fag was there in front of him to act as his ashtray.