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Introducing HypnoSuperior

Check out the latest model on In-Charge, HypnoSuperior.


Not only does In-Charge offer pictures and video clips, we allow users to also download audio clips. HypnoSuperior has just uploaded a plethora of hypnosis and slave instruction audio clips to his portfolio.

On his profile he describes himself as, Sometimes I’m a nice guy, using my hypnosis to help people get in shape. I am the Muscle Mesmerizer, the Jock Mesmerizer, the Coach of FitDimWits, specializing in motivating men for muscle, jocking up, and/or dumbing down.

Sometimes, I enjoy helping inferiors accept and embrace those desires they’ve had but need a push with. Just because I have a file for something, doesn’t mean it’s something I’m into myself (though a few are things I do get into, just ask) – but tell me what you’d like to experience, and I don’t mind using my skills to help just about anybody with anything to the best of my ability (within reason – brainwashing is more of a fantasy; I’m talking hypnotic molding). I’ve even worked with other doms on their goals be it muscle or other. Most of my files for things like slave & chastity mindsets can also be used towards any master, mistress, or other dom(me) but there are some exceptions such as the financial files being tailored to me. If you have questions, feel free to ask. 

And of course as the FinDomStud, I always enjoy it when I mold inferior minds to tribute me, be it as a programmed triggered ATM, a loyal servant worshipping his God, a payslave that needs to help a Superior with his expenses, a loser that longs for financial ruin, or anything else. There’s just something about the power of getting in someone’s head…. but of course, that’s only something I’d do if it was to benefit me. That’s not always money, but that’s usually the only thing I’d want from the type of subs that’d visit a site like this. Still, feel free to contact me if you have more to offer… skills, muscle, etc. 

Go ahead … relax. It’s time to take you deep down to where true change can happen.”

Don’t hesitate and let HypnoSuperior put you under his mind control now!

Featured Video: Muscular Flexing

Featured on the In-Charge homepage this week is Roy Morris’ “Muscular Flexing” video

Muscular Flexing

Watch over 10 minutes of intense muscle flexing from young bodybuilder Roy Morris. He pumps his massive biceps and flexes his swole and muscular chest in this video which is sure to be a fan favorite for any muscle worshipper or admirer of muscle. You definitely have to get a glimpse of his ripped physique and how his muscles shine from his sweat all over his massive build.

Visit In-Charge.net today to download this muscle video!

Top Sellers from 5/25 – 5/31

Check out who were the top sellers on In-Charge last week

In-Charge Top Sellers

Leading the pack, week after week, were MasterKwinton, Cashgod13, and Duude23 (MasterMark). In-Charge users are constantly drawn to MasterKwinton’s real time videos of him using his slaves and displaying his own form of pure domination on them. Similarly, users love Duude23‘s foot fetish videos and his collection of videos where his slaves get to worship his sweaty and dirty feet. In contrast, Cashgod13 has his own following of users who enjoy seeing him show off in his underwear whether it be in pictures or videos for sale on In-Charge.

Making it to the top seller list two weeks in a row was YoungNCharge with his extensive collection of videos of him verbally abusing the viewer and showing off every inch of his body. Another dominant man who likes to show off and who was a top seller was Jameson_Dyle thanks to his muscle flexing video where his shows off his colossal size. Finally, rounding out the pack of top sellers was MasterTFK with his variety of pictures showing off his dominant and masculine personality.

Visit In-Charge.net for more dominant men and see what they have to offer!

Featured Video: More Faggot Humiliation

Featured on In-Charge’s home page this week is ImMasterJake’s “More Faggot Humiliation” video

In-Charge.net - ImMasterJake

Watch ImMasterJake command and verbally abuse his slave to clean his room in this real time meeting video. ImMasterJake makes his slave pick up each piece of trash from the floor and carry it in his mouth to the trash can while he barks out orders to him to do it faster.

Visit In-Charge to download this video today!

Featured Video: Insane Foot Destruction

Featured this week on the home page is Mr. Master H’s first ever video posted on In-Charge, “Insane Foot Destruction

In-Charge.net - Mr Master H

Mr. Master H describes the video as, “THIS IS HOW I ROLL ON THIS ONE RIGHT HERE!  Watch my divine foot go through the ritualistic debacle session in FIRST PERSON!  This is just like playing Doom 2 back in the days but no aliens, no space marine…just my MUTHER FUCKING FOOT.”  – MRMASTERH

Download this POV foot video and worship Mr. Master H’s big feet today!

Our Newest Model: Pollux Armenadon

Popular cam guy, PolluxArmendaon has now joined In-Charge and has a collection of content for sale in his portfolio.

In-Charge.net - Pollux Armenadon

In his profile, Pollux describes himself as an exhibitionist, bodybuilder, physicist and champion. I love expressing my hard work from the gym and good health practices, all the while helping people achieve their goals. Beauty is a work of art! I seek to spread the love of this beauty and all it’s hypermasucline, metaphysical faculties to all through modeling, under the strict instruction of the Seraphim Jophiel.

Click here to view his items for sale!

Featured Video- Muscle Worship Dirty Talk Plus Flexing and Jerking

In-Charge.net - Monster4aCock

This week’s featured video is “Muscle Worship Dirty Talk Plus Flexing and Jerking” by Max Payne.

Max Payne aka Monster4aCock describes this as a “video of myself talking down to you as if you were my slave and I was giving you a muscle DOMshow in person. While I’m doing this I FLEX my ripped lean muscular twink master god body and stroke my 10 inch monster cock til I cum shoot my warm thick load of cum all over my tone body”.


Top Sellers from 4/27 – 5/3

From the week of 4/27 – 5/3, In-Charge a fresh face and some regulars as the top sellers for that week.


MasterKwinton with his real-time domination videos was a top seller for that week mainly due to the fact that his slaves / fans just can’t get enough of watching how he uses his slaves in real time. Next up in the list of top sellers were Cashgod13, with his stylized and arrogant pictures as well as his popular ass videos, and Duude23, a favorite among foot fetish enthusiasts for all of his slave foot worship videos.

Rounding out the list were amateur fighter, Mirko, for his rough and intense grappling videos which feature him showing no mercy while dominating his opponents, and MuscleGodBrendan, the huge muscle god who will leave you amazed at his massive size and dominance as he towers over the camera in his most popular video.

Featured Video- Dirty Feet Worship

In-Charge.net - Duude23

This week’s featured video is “Dirty Feet Worshipped” by EmperorMark (Duude23).

See Duude23 make his foot slave worship his feet again in this 12 minute long video filmed on his HD camera. EmperorMark’s slave can’t get enough of his dirty feet in this exclusive video. Watch his slave clean his dirty sneakers, sniff his socked feet, then lick clean his dirty barefeet.