Featured Video- Foot Worshiping / Licking / Sucking With Cum Show

In-Charge.net - Bryan Silva

This week’s featured video is “Foot Worshiping / Licking / Sucking With Cum Show” by MaxPayne. This hot video has everything in it for those interested in hung guys with sexy feet. View MaxPayne jerk off his thick monster cock while flexing his lean/defined body and worships, licks, and sucks his toes until he shoots a warm thick load of cum all over his tone body.


Featured Video- Blond Twink Blows 2 Huge Loads

In-Charge.net - Blond Twink

This week’s featured video is “Blond Twink Blows 2 Huge Loads” from Steve Myer. See 18 y/o Christoph jerk to porn and shoot 2 huge loads on a piece of glass. In the 2nd shot, you can see the cumshot from directly below looking through the glass in this hot video.

Featured Video- MasterKwinton with a slave worshipping his feet

In-Charge.net - Master Kwinton

This week’s featured video is “MasterKwinton with a slave worshipping his feet”.

Watch As This Foot Faggot Worships Master Kwinton Godly Feet And Follows all My commands Like A little Bitch. Slave Licks Toes. Sucks Them And Pays Up Like A Good Little Bitch. Perfect Feet of A God Makes it so Slave Cant do anything But Obey His Master”


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Featured Video- Wrestling a hot muscle boy

This week’s featured video is “Wrestling a hot muscle boy” by SteelMuscleGod. SteelMuscleGod has 3 great videos for sale, all of which are worth the price. In each video, he establishes his dominance over a muscle boy by either flexing / posing down, arm wrestling, or mat wrestling.


In-Charge.net - Steelmusclegod

Featured Video- Pop Up Bitch

This week’s featured video is “Pop Up Bitch” by MrMasterH. MrMasterH quotes himself as being “all equal when it comes to giving an opportunity for another speck on the wall like you to pay up, join up, shut up and don’t forget to give up all free-will to the king of the hill and serve on all fours, gagged by my foot and bloody from my fist; MASTER H COMMUNITY!”


In-Charge.net - Mr Master H