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  •    CashGod13   –   47 Sales
  •    Lt. Jon   –   27 Sales
  •    MasterKwinton   –    24 Sales

If you’re interested in selling on In-Charge, then use our simple Apply form. An admin will be in touch with you via email within 24 hours of your submission and you can begin selling the same day. We’re always looking for new men and women who are sexy and confident to sell their pictures and videos on our website. If you have any questions then about the site, then contact us.

Tips for Making Money


How Can I Make the Most Money on In-Charge?

Good question. After looking through the website, I’ve noticed several people aren’t doing their best to increase their sales. Below are some tips to help increase anyone’s sales and to make more money on In-Charge.

1.    Complete Your Profile

To complete your profile, use the Settings option under your username in the top right of the website. Make sure to upload an avatar and a banner image. The admin will add photo effects to your banner image if you email him (this can make your profile look more professional). Also when editing your profile, select an item to be your featured item from the menu options.

Fill out your profile in detail. Tell the members about yourself by explaining why you’re on In-Charge, what you are looking for on there, what you specialize in, or what makes you unique. Don’t try to fit in with everyone. Stand out from the pack.

2.    Post a Variety of Content to Your Portfolio

Some people only post a handful of pictures of themselves and expect that to sell. The members of In-Charge who browse content would prefer to see a variety of pictures AND videos. Post items that would appeal to various interests. For example, some people are into muscles, feet, domination, athletic gear, lingerie, and many other categories. So try to post an item focusing on various interests and whatever you’re comfortable with posting.

Videos tend to be the biggest sellers. Make a variety of videos for the users. Once a member buys your video and likes it, that member is more likely to buy your pictures and become a loyal follower.

You can even post audio clips on In-Charge. If you’re up for doing that, try it out and be creative with it.

3.    Promote Yourself

In-Charge offers a promotional image which you can place on your personal blogs, profiles, and websites to bring your visitors to your portfolio.


Simply save the above image and put any link you want on it, then post it online. You could link members to your portfolio or to a specific item. If you don’t like our button, make your own. The admins of In-Charge do their best to promote the website but cannot promote everyone all at once. So take it upon yourself to promote what your selling. If no one knows you’re selling anything, they won’t know to buy your stuff.

4.    Use the Collections Feature

If you go to your portfolio and click on one of your items, on the right there is a box that says “Bookmark This” or “Create a new collection”. Click create a new collection and you can create a Collection to store your items in which will appear on your profile and in the Collections tab. Make sure to make to check the Public View box so your Collection is made public.


Collections are groups of items compiled by different users on a theme. You could make the themes anything you want. If you have some flexing videos in your profile, you could make a Collection called “Flexing Videos” and group those videos into this Collection. This will help users find your content faster rather than sorting through your portfolio to find it.

5.    Post Regularly

The most recently posted items always appear on the home page. So to stay in the front, you would want post new content regularly. This would help with members who have bought your previous items and would like to see newer pictures or videos of you.

6.    Refer a Model to Us

If you refer a model to us and we approve him / her, you will receive 10% of all sales which that model makes during his / her first 4 weeks selling on In-Charge. Imagine if you referred 10 models, who each sold items totaling $1000 in their first month. That would be $1,000 for you for simply getting someone to sign up. No work required beyond that step. To learn more about the referral program visit our website.


With more models and content on In-Charge, that means more money for you as a model. This is because it will increase member traffic resulting in you having a greater chance of having your content purchased.

All of the above were 6 easy suggestions on making the most out of your portfolio and on making the most money on In-Charge. The models who have been most successful so far on In-Charge have done almost all of these suggestions.

Referral Program


It’s that simple. You refer a friend to be a model on the site and once that person is approved, you will get 10% commission from all sales he / she makes during that person’s first 4 weeks on the site.


1. Get your friend to mention your In-Charge.net username in the referral box during the application process. The application for models can be found here on our blog (so send them to that link). Below is where the referred model would have to enter in your In-Charge.net username.

2. If you are a CURRENT MODEL on In-Charge, the 10% from your friend’s earnings will be added to your earnings. If you are not a model but a CURRENT MEMBER on In-Charge, the 10% will be added to your credit balance to be spent on the site. This 10% will only be for the referred person’s first 4 weeks on In-ChargeWe count the first 4 weeks from the day the referred model posts an item for sale.


3. There is NO LIMIT on how many models you can refer to us or how much money you can make. The more people you refer to us, the more money you will make. The admin will add your 10% referral fee within 24 hours after every sale. Since sales are displayed publically on the site, you can monitor your earnings as well.

New $10 Credit Option

We always listen to feedback given to us by members on the site and have added a new credit package. The new credit package is in the amount of $10. So now, users can add $10 and $20 worth of credits to buy a $30 video instead of having to add $20 twice and being left with extra credits.

slider7AIf you have a suggestion you’d like to share with us, we’re open to hear it. Simply use the Contact and Support form on the footer of our website.


Improved Application Process


Applying to be a seller on In-Charge is now easier than ever!

We’ve streamlined the application process to create less paperwork for applicants and make registering faster than ever. Simply fill out the form on our blog and, once approved, you can begin selling that same day.