Top Sellers from 4/20 – 4/26

Continuing the trend from last week, here are this week’s top selling cash masters / hunks from In-Charge:

Cash Masters / Hunks

Leading out the pack were the same two top selling masters from last week: MasterKwinton and Cashgod13. Slaves and admirers of these two dominant alpha males continue to purchase all of their master / slave and jock foot worship videos. MasterKwinton’s real-time master and slave videos are the most viewed on In-Charge. Whereas, Cashgod13 has tons of followers who admire his lean physique and huge bubble ass.

New additions to the top seller list for last week were MrMasterH, MuscleBeach, and Tramplin. MrMasterH’s cerebral verbal humiliation content is a favorite among the users on In-Charge. The sale of his verbally abusive audio clip is what put him in this list of top sellers. In contrast, MuscleBeach’s audience loves his muscle worship oriented videos as he shows off his huge chiseled bodybuilder body. Rounding out the list of top sellers is one of the newer models, Tramplin. Tramplin’s foot domination video put him in the group as one of the top sellers.

Make sure to check out all of these videos and more as you browse through the hot pictures and videos for sale on In-Charge.

Featured Video- Militant Muscle - Dope159

This week’s featured video is “Militant Muscle” by Dope159.

This 19 year old bodybuilder shows off his muscles all throughout this exclusive video. Watch him display his strong, thick muscles as he flexes and covers them in oil. This cocky teenage bodybuilder displays his strength by flexing his huge biceps.

Our Newest Partner: Hunk Candy

As In-Charge continues to grow and evolve, we will make partnerships along the way to help out new and upcoming sites like our own. Therefore, we’re proud to announce our partnership with, newly created, Hunk Candy.


Hunk Candy is a pinterest / tumblr style website where users can “pin” images, videos, or links related to their favorite “hunks” from around the internet. Hunk Candy is entirely free to use and provides a fun, new way for users to interact with each other and to share the things they couldn’t normally share on regular social media sites.


Feel free to join our partner and to begin posting content you enjoy.

hunk candy

Top Sellers from Last Week

Have a look at last week’s top sellers on In-Charge. These men have been hot with sales over the past few days.

In-Charge Last Week's Sellers

Cashgod13, MasterKwinton, and Emperor Cris led the top sellers by being the top three sellers for last week in total items. They were followed by, our newest model, Mirko, MoneyMaker, Duude23, and finally Farris_Farris.

The key to selling the most content on In-Charge is to post both videos and pictures. As well as advertise the link to your portfolio to your fans, admirers, and slaves via your own personal blog or social media pages.. By doing both of these things, you’ll reach a broader audience and have a greater chance of selling items.

Feature Video- MasterKwinton and Master C Foot Show - Master KwintonThis week’s featured video is “MasterKwinton and Master C Foot Show” by Master Kwinton and Master C.

One customer has describes the video as “a MASSIVE TSUNAMI OF POWERFUL & INTENSE MAGNIFICIENT ALPHA MALENESS!!! Make no mistake, these two Young Jock Gods are fueled by PURE TESTOSTERONE!”

Featured Video- Dominant Flexing - Big Thorsteinn

This week’s featured video is “Dominant Flexing” by Big Thorsteinn.

Watch as he dominantly flexes his powerful Nordic muscles and makes the viewer bewildered by sheer mass and strength. Buckle up and be prepared for some surprises on the way of this muscle worship session exclusively available on In-Charge.

Master Mirko has Videos for Sale

Our newest model, Master Mirko, has new content for sale on In-Charge

Master Mirko

Master Mirko is selling the following videos:

Arm Wrestler Offended by Mirko – This clip featuring new fighter – armwrestler Tim. Master Mirko warming his arms and wrestling with Tim, but after some unsuccessful tries, Mirko getting angry and he discontinue armwrestling and starting foot wreslting and Judo fighting with  various grips and elements of trampling.  Run time 05:08

Mirko Vs Yurko – Brother’s battle.During training Mirko and Yurko find out who is better in brutal fighting, especially the foot action.  They are kicking, stomping each other, either practice  wrestling techniques.   Run time 19:33

Invincible Mirko Pt. 2 – This is the second part of “Invincible Mirko”, and sequel of humiliate the slave by stomping,  spitting, pushing feet to the face, hitting hard the groin. Cool Master Mirko slowly and methodically destroys victim, using different grips of his Judo-trained feet,  leg suffocation, practice variety of wrestling techniques. Final episode of the clip is real fight! Run time 8:59

Invincible Mirko Pt. 1 – Cool Master Mirko slowly and methodically destroys victim, using different grips of his Judo-trained feet, leg suffocation, practice variety of wrestling techniques. Mirko humiliate the slave by stomping, spitting, pushing feet to the face, hitting hard the groin etc. Mirko like it. Slave suffering but enjoy the process too. This is the 1-st part of “Invincible Mirko”. Check the second part to get more and more action and excitement. Run time 18:07

Black Socks Torture – Mirko is humiliating the slave by his powerful feet in smelly black socks. Various grips, kicks, pushes into the face. Total humiliation to the victim. Run time 4:51 min.

Featured Video- Giant King Jameson - Jameson Dyle

This week’s featured video is “Giant King Jameson” by Jameson Dyle.Watch as he towers over the camera in a white jockstrap in this featured clip. Throughout the video, while flexing and being verbal, he shows off his huge feet and muscle ass to the viewer. Pretend you’re under his control as you look up at this giant and see his thick build and massive frame standing above you.

Featured Video- Invincible Mirko - Master Mirko

This week’s featured video is ‘Invincible Mirko Part 1″ by Master Mirko.

In the video, Master Mirko slowly and methodically destroys his slave victim, using different grips of his Judo-trained feet, leg suffocation, and practices a variety of wrestling techniques. Mirko humiliates the slave by stomping, spitting, pushing feet to the face, and hits to the groin. His slave suffers but enjoys the process too.

Feature Video- Webcam Flexing Session

his week’s featured video is “Webcam Flexing Session” by TatumCut.

Sexy and lean TatumCut flexes his defined muscles in this video which previews what a webcam show with him would involve. This is definitely a video for all of the muscleworshippers to download for their collection. TatumCut starts off fully dressed then as he poses and flexes more, he strips down into his tight fitting red boxer briefs.

If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to worship his muscles on webcam at