What are Collections?


Collections are groups of items compiled by different users on a theme.

They can be set to Private for personal use, or Public so that they appear on the collections page and on a user’s homepage.

This can be done by selecting an item and then clicking Bookmark in Favorites.

You can also click Create a Collection to make another collection of items.

Test this feature out with the over 200 items available on In-Charge!

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In an attempt to keep our members more informed of the latest updates, promotions, and events on In-Charge, we’ve changed around the design of our site.

Currently, all of our social media icons are now on the top of the website and we’ve added a new section in the footer called “Monthly Newsletter”. If you haven’t subscribed to our Newsletter when you registered, you now have the option to subscribe to it. Simply provide a name and email address then click submit and you’ll be enrolled to receive email updates from us.



Post On Our Blog


We want to hear your stories and know about your experiences!

If you currently have a blog and want to share one of your blog posts, we will gladly re-post your blog entries to the In-Charge blog. You can either send the whole blog post word-for-word or send us a link to the blog post you want to share. We will use all of the pictures you include in your blog post on the re-post to our website. So if you send a word-for-word posting, make sure to attach pictures.

Even if you don’t have a blog, we will still gladly post anything you send to us.

To take part in this, email all blog postings to admin@in-charge.net

We reserve the right to moderate / edit all blog entries sent to us.


$100 Contest Rankings



Here are the current rankings for July’s contest. Help your favorite model win by browsing his porfolio and buying his content. The model who sells the most will win!

First Place:


Second Place:


Third Place:



July’s Challenge

For the month of July, In-Charge.net will be running a competition in which the top seller for the month will win an additional $100 and be featured as the top seller for the following month.