Featured Model- MasterBraz95

In this 8 minute video clip, MasterBraz95 puts you through rough popper training as you worship his feet. Getting very specific and detailed, MasterBraz95 tells you how you should sniff poppers while staring at his socks. This dominant alpha will command you to start sniffing, instruct you on how to breathe, and order you to stop when he feels is necessary. All of that while he also verbally abuses you and shows off his masculine white socks. One slave even describes MasterBraz95 as a pure work of art because he oozes alpha superiority, all of which shows throughout this video.

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You wake up to find yourself bound, gagged, and cuffed. Unable to move, unable to get away, you see MasterAllen standing in front of you. You’re his hostage, and at his mercy. MasterAllen begins by laying out your circumstances for you, telling you how helpless and vulnerable you are right now. Before all is said and done, Master Allen will have beaten you bloody, choked you out and dropped a thick 8 day load of cum on your face. Afterwards, MasterAllen will beat you senseless and choke you until you blackout, but this isn’t the end – he’ll leave you somewhere for someone to find you, bruised, bloodied, beaten, and unconscious with his crusty alpha cum on your face – and then it’s only a matter of time before he finds you, abducts you, and abuses you again.

Featured Model- MastaJR

MastaJR will have your head spinning as he instructs you on how he wants you to sniff your poppers. As he blows smoke into the camera and commands you to suck down his smoke while flipping you off, MastaJR will intoxicate your mind, leaving your fag brain fried. Make sure to get a fresh bottle of poppers and obey your master’s commands. This tattooed findom will verbally bash you as he makes you go lower for him as he gains more control and power over your mind and your life. Give in to everything he says and obey him as your superior.

Featured Model- BigAlphaDaddy

You’ve seen him flex and he’s put you in your place before but now BigAlphaDaddy is going to put you beneath his huge feet. Starting off with some bicep flexing and kissing his biceps, BigAlphaDaddy quickly puts you where you belong, down at his feet. Showing his black socks to the camera, this alpha stud makes you crave for him to remove the socks. Luckily he takes off his black socks to reveal his huge superior barefeet. Showing off his bare soles and toes, it would make any foot fag’s mouth water, hoping to serve and worship those feet. Quickly you’ll want to hand over your wallet to this superior alpha male.

Featured Model- Master Bigg

In this 10 minute video clip, Master Bigg makes you worship at his socked feet. Wearing knee high, white athletic socks, MasterBigg puts the camera in the ideal point of view for a fag, looking up at his greatness. This alpha male has huge feet, fitting of a superior god. As he flexes, flips you off, and jams his socked feet in your fag face, you’ll quickly realize why he’s truly dominant and a fag like yourself is pathetic. Open your wallet for this foot master and download this and the rest of his videos on In-Charge.net.

Featured Model- PhoenixSvg

Follow MasterPhoenix‘s leather gloves and commands as he holds a bottle of poppers up to your nose and fucks you up. This intelligent alpha male will fuck with your mind as he instructs you on how to inhale, sniff, and huff your poppers to fry your brain and become a mindless drone for his orders. Clad in leather while smoking a fat cigar, MasterPhoenixSvg will get deep in your head through his words and instructions for intoxication. Submit to your superior, grab your poppers, and download this video clip to become a more obedient fag slave for your master.

Featured Model- YoungNCharge

In the first part of this 2 part video series, YoungNcharge shows off his tight red speedo for all of his fag slaves. While flexing his muscles, you can see his massive bulge through the speedo as he teases you and grabs it. Sitting back and telling you about how much of a faggot you are, YoungNcharge makes sure to put the focus on his massive manhood. You’ll crave to submit to this straight alpha superior and will need to download part 2 after you download this first part. Toward the end, YoungNcharge pulls out his big dick and shows it to the camera, leaving you needing more.

Featured Model- Master Kwinton

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As he sits back and relaxes at his desk, Master Kwinton decides to smoke a fresh cigar while he shows his feet to the camera. Lighting up and puffing the thick smoke, Master Kwinton reminds his loyal cash faggots of how subhuman they are and what he really thinks of them. After he flips off the camera with his middle finger, Master Kwinton grabs his ash tray and flicks his cigar ashes into it almost as a gesture as to how he’ll burn away your fag cash. Download this video clip from Master Kwinton and serve at his alpha feet while he puts you in your place.

Featured Model- MasterDamiel


In the first part of this 5 star rated video, Master Damiel brutalizes and uses his slave. Initially he starts off easy by putting his fag slave on a collar and leash while making him worship at his superior feet while he has a smoke. Master Damiel then flicks his cigarette ashes into the fag slave’s mouth which he gladly accepts. To help wash down those ashes, Master Damiel pisses into a dog bowl for his slave and makes his slave lap it up while he beats him. To then make his slave experience more abuse, Master Damiel gets a candle and pours hot candle wax on his submissive cash fag and spits in his face. After the slave endures all of this abuse, Master Damiel allows the slave to worship at his feet again.