Featured Model- LaurentCrawford


A foot fag’s place is at his master’s feet and this foot slave is just like the rest of them. LaurentCrawford and his buddy lay back and relax comfortably on the bed with their feet up while watching some football. Like an obedient slave, their foot fag comes crawling over to worship these alpha male feet. Both muscle master laugh as the foot slave licks, sucks, and sniffs their big barefeet. These two alpha studs flex and verbally abuse this gay foot slave while watching some football and flexing for the camera. Be obedient like their personal foot slave and download this foot worship video.

Featured Model- Duude23


In this real time video session, a foot fag worships Duude23‘s feet while he sits back and chills in tight compression fit UnderArmour and leather gloves. His foot faggot wears a leather mask to hide his face while Master Mark steps all over his obedient fag slave. After stomping the foot fag slave, Master Mark plants his barefeet right in the fag slave’s face forcing him to lick them clean.

Featured Model- SkaterKrisHawk


Get ready to get verbally abused by a straight white supremacist, SkaterKrisHawk. Throughout this 8 minute verbal abuse video, straight cashmaster SkaterKrisHawk smokes a cigarette in front of a confederate flag while sticking his big socked male feet up at the webcam. SkaterKrisHawk later takes his socks off to expose his barefeet and commands his foot fags to clean them. Bow at this straight skater’s dirty feet. Tons of weak cash slaves would love to humiliate themselves by serving a white trash skater punk and handing over their hard earned cash all while he verbally abuses them.

Featured Model- Morpheus


Making his fag slave bring him presents that he bought him earlier that day while shopping, MasterMorpheus puts his cash slave in his place. MasterMorpheus makes his cashslave honor what a superior cash master he is by making him pay his fag tax. After the slave lays the gifts at his master’s alpha feet, MasterMorpheus spits right in the slave’s mouth. Then to make him serve like a true faggot bitch, he has to lick MasterMorpheus’ sneakers, worship his socked feet, and clean his barefeet while being whipped with a belt.

Newest Downloads- Fetish

unnamed (1)

1 New Video – Taylor becomes an alpha giant in his latest giant fetish video. Giant Taylor takes over Hollywood, California. He was hoping he could just have a regular vacation without turning into a giant, but it wasn’t the case this time. Giant Taylor stomps heavily through the streets of LA, grabbing up movie stars and swatting away helicopters. His muscles were already huge but since he grew into a giant, they’ve became even more massive in size.

unnamed (2)

1 New Video – Muscle master Laurent Crawford is ready to degrade and humiliate another fag slave for a real time session. In this video clip, Laurent Crawford and his alpha buddy degrade a fag slave while watching football. Both of these muscle gods relax in bed watching a football game on their flat screen TV while their loyal foot fag crawls to their feet to worship their superior alpha feet. The foot fag licks their toes and the bottoms of their soles while they laugh and him and flex. They smother his face with their barefeet and even push his head around with their feet too. Worship these muscle masters by downloading this video clip.

unnamed (3)

1 New Video – In this 6 minute video clip, cash dom MasterSherman and his flat mates invite over a fat fag to worship its Master’s feet. This fat cash faggot worships all of these cashmaster’s feet while being verbally abused and laughed at. Master Sherman and his mates degrade and humiliate the cashfag for being a worthless fat fuck then laugh their asses off when they see he’s wearing a black lace thong under his clothes as he bends down to worship their barefeet. After verbally abusing the fat fag slave more, these alphas force the slave to strip as he proves to be even more disgusting than before.


Featured Model- MastaJR


Bow and submit to MastaJR‘s alpha feet like the cash slut you are to him. MastaJR starts off the video showing off his sweaty alpha black socks. These black socks cover his big alpha feet and are for you to suck the sweat out of while you sniff and inhale the smells of a real man. Adding in some verbal abuse as he shows off his rank socks and dirty barefeet, MasterJR flashes and counts some cash. Become weakened as you lay at MastaJR’s feet, ready to sniff and lick his dirty feet clean as you hand over your fag cash.

Featured Model- Henderdong


This week’s featured male model is Henderdong with his video “Ultimate Worship

Henderdong himself calls this the ultimate worship of Henderdong. In this nearly 30 minute clip, you will submit and pray to Henderdong‘s large alpha feet as he shows them off with multiple cam angles. This cash dom shows off the soles of his jock feet along with the tops and sides of his bare feet. He even shows the standard slave view from the floor up where all submissive slaves belong. After watching this 30 minute video, you are sure to worship Henderdong‘s feet as they deserve to be worshiped.