Featured Model- MasterAllen

After an intense real time session, MasterAllen isn’t done with this faggot slave beat down. That means it’s time for another reward for the masked faggot as MasterAllen delivers a faggot slave beat down on this useless cash fag. Beating him with fists, kicking him, spitting on him, and circling around him like a predator, MasterAllen shows no mercy for this slave as he lays into him full force.

Featured Model- MrOctavius

During this hotel meet up with a real time slave, MrOctavius sits back and relaxes in bed while this pathetic foot fag crawls on his stomach to worship his master’s feet. The cash fag makes sure to suck MrOctavius’ toes and licks the bottoms of his master’s soles. Like an obedient foot fag, this slave worships every inch of his master’s barefeet. MrOctavius had lots of fun draining this cash fag of everything in his wallet. Bow to these alpha feet.

Featured Model- Master Morpheus

Another real time session with Master Morpheus and one of his loyal cash fags. This particular cash fag loves to worship Master Morpheus‘ feet but wants to hide his face for the camera by wearing a mask. Even though the slave is masked, Master Morpheus still makes him sniff and lick his feet as he smothers the slave’s face with his huge male feet. This dominant cash master verbally abuses and spits on his slave. Later in the video, Master Morpheus makes the cash fag clip his toenails for him and forces him to eat them as a way to show how pathetic and submissive he is to Master Morpheus. Download this 13 minute video now to server Master Morpheus just like this masked slave.

Newest Downloads

4 New Videos – KingGinger has just joined In-Charge and his loyal slaves are already buying his video like crazy. In one of his first videos to the site, KingGinger dishes out some extreme humiliation as he commands you to worship his sweaty armpits and feet. Planting his dirty feet up to the camera, KingGinger orders you to lick them clean and to serve his straight alpha male feet. Quickly you’ll learn your place is under the foot of this alpha male as you watch him degrade you and flip you off for being a lowly cash faggot. The verbal abuse continues as you’re ordered to sniff poppers by KingGinger. This alpha male continues to verbally humiliate you for being a worthless faggot while he makes you crack open that bottle of poppers to destroy your mind. While you’re sniffing those poppers, don’t forget to sniff KingGinger’s armpits as you worship him as your king.

Prepare for a verbal beatdown as KingGinger verbally abuses you and treats you as you should be treated. This alpha dom is ready to choke you out and rob you blind of everything you have. Submit yourself to the ultimate fag bashing from this straight superior male. You’ll immediately learn your role as you give up everything to this straight alpha while he verbally bashes you. KingGinger even upload a short video clip for the really sick faggots who are into fart sniffing. Put down those poppers but don’t stop inhaling as you inhale this alpha’s farts right from his sweatpants.

1 New Video – In this video, MasterBraz95 makes you work hard for the privilege to sniff his white socks. Relaxing after draining some cash faggots, MasterBraz has a smoke as he puts his socked feet up to the camera for you to worship. Whenever this cash master commands you, you must sniff his socked feet as long and as hard as he tells you to do so. Only if MasterBraz is satisfied with your service to him and if you followed his command then he’ll let you touch his superior boss feet and socks. Download this nearly 7 minute video to worship this foot master’s feet.

1 New Video – MasterDnero and MasterRoy have a challenge for you. Are you able to watch this video, follow all of MasterRoy’s instructions, and control your ejaculation? Many of MasterRoy’s slaves just have to ejaculate when he orders them to do so but he won’t make it that easy for you. In this real time session, MasterRoy instructs his faggot to sniff poppers and to worship his feet. While keeping this masked faggot on a leash during the real time session, you’ll quickly see how dominant and powerful Master Roy is to inferiors. Master Roy is able to enter the depths of a faggot’s mind and control them from the inside. This alpha is the voice in your head, pushing you to do what you are afraid of doing. See how long you can last throughout this video as you play Master Roy’s game.

1 New Video – SirKraze wants you to sniff your poppers as he gets you weak to serve his greatness. It’s all about draining and training with popper control and hypnosis. Come and worship one of the best elite American cash masters. SirKraze will quickly bring you right to where you belong as you submit to his natural alpha abilities. Throughout this nearly 5 minute video clip, SirKraze allows you to worship every part of him as you fry your brain harder and harder in his name.

Newest Downloads


15 New Videos – New to In-Charge is dominant alpha male, UncutJockCub. Even though he has just joined, he has already made a huge impact with his hardcore videos. In one of his newest videos he uses a pig slave to worship his leather boots while he verbally abuses the fag throughout the entire real time session. The fat foot fag uses his tongue to clean every nook and cranny of his Boss’ boots, and when the fag’s mouth gets dry, he is rewarded with a thick wad of spit from his master to help him keep going. The fag makes sure to shine his master’s boots until he can see himself in the shiny reflection while being choked on a leash. Rewarding his pig fag even more, UncutJockCub allows the slave to serve his sweaty jock armpits and ass during another real time session. This masked pig fag dives face first into his master’s ripe and sweaty armpits and jock ass right after he returns from the gym for his slave to worship and serve. If something more verbally abusive and extreme is what you seek then UncutJockCub has that as well with his racial domination video. Watch this straight white alpha put you inyour place like the subhuman nigger fag that you are to him. You’re a servant to superior white alphas and you know it but you’ll further realize it after downloading this clip. Then you can reaffirm that you’re a pathetic monkey to this alpha white male with some of UncutJockCub’s racial roleplay as he takes on the role of a strict southern plantation owner while you take on the role of your ancestor – a no good cotton picker for your white master.

UncutJockCub has no limits with what he’ll say or do to you for being a weak faggot. This jock loves to verbal abuse any weak faggots he comes in contact with. Your role is to live as his personal spittoon and ashtray in this video clip and he verbally dominates you while degrading you. All of this is a reminder as to why you’re underneath a superior master like UncutJockCub. Nothing about you compares to a superior master like UncutJockCub, especially your tiny pathetic penis which deserves to be mocked. You’ve had a tiny dick since the day you were born. UncutJockCub reminds you in this video that your balls never dropped, your dick never fattened, and you always found yourself wishing that you knew what it was like to have a REAL man’s dick swinging between your legs. UncutJockCub even reminds his pathetic real time fag what it’s like to be in the presence of a real man’s dick in this piss shower clip. UncutJockCub drains his full bladder onto and into the pathetic fag slave’s mouth in while he keeps it on a collar and leash. The thirsty piss fag just can’t get enough of his alpha’s superior piss while kneeling in the shower in front of his uncut cock.

UncutJockCub has way more piss for all of the piss lovers who worship him. In one of his many piss compilation videos, UncutJockCub pisses in the toilet bowl in multiple clips showing him draining about a pint of piss from his fat uncut dick with extra long foreskin. He continues with this 4 clip compilation of him in public, in his home, and car releasing his alpha piss. Continuing with his clip compilations, UncutJockCub even has a quart of piss compilation and a half gallon of piss compilation which features 7 unique clips of him pissing in various locations with lots of closeups and angles to capture his yellow streams erupting from his extra long foreskin. In this next clip, he even uses his long foreskin to let the piss balloon in his foreskin before releasing the torrent of piss and repeating. In another clip, UncutJockCub compiles 13 minutes worth of pissing footage of him unleashing a gallon of piss from his superior alpha cock in various locations. You won’t ever find a guy with a foreskin as long as UncutJockCub’s foreskin as he unleashes yet another gallon of piss and you’ll drink the whole gallon which he’s about to dump in your mouth.

Master Phoenix1 New Video – 15 intense minutes of MasterPhoenixSvg inflicting pain on a freak who becomes stripped of hundreds of dollars at the expense of his master. Throughout this clip, Master Phoenix effortlessly denies this loser sub of its deepest fantasies and replaces those desires with one thing: to offer up tribute to Master Phoenix. Join these sluts in this leather alpha male’s stable and offer up your cash by downloading this video clip and suffering for your master.


1 New Video – For you faggots waiting to kneel at Sir Kraze’s alpha cash cock, Sir Kraze has another new video clip. Pathetic submissive cash fags crave to serve and worship Sir Kraze’s alpha cock that they’re willing to go into debt for the chance. Sir Kraze has a surprise for those fag slaves, they get to worship his alpha cash cock in it’s full glory. Worship this jock and show him how you serve as a pathetic cock hungry homo slave.

MastaJR1 New Video – Inhale the smoke and open your mouth for the ash from MastaJR. Throughout this video clip, MastaJR will make you put your tongue out and serve as his ash tray like the obedient fag you are to him. MastaJR enjoys tormenting weak cash fags and dehumanizing them whenever possible. Toward the end of the clip, he counts all of his fag cash to remind you that he is superior to someone as pathetic as you.

College Muscle1 New Video – Master CollegeMuscle puts a faggot in its place with his alpha biceps in this flexing video clip. Showing off his chiseled and superior muscles, any faggot slave will quickly realize that they should be serving Master CM and follow every one of his demands. Serve as his massive muscles and worship him by downloading this video clip.

Featured Model- CashGod13


It’s been so long since CashGod13 made a new video on In-Charge that he decided it was about time to add a new video clip. Not too long ago, PayPal closed his account which forced him to figure out an alternative methods to accept tributes. Of the many options available, CashGod decided to accept some cash tributes directly in the mail. One of his lucky cash fags has been allowed to utilize this option to tribute him cash directly. This cash fag pays a percentage of his paycheck as fag tax and mails it directly to CashGod13. In the first part of this video, CashGod13 counts out a significant portion of the fag cash this slave has sent over time. In the final part of the video, CashGod13 counts more fag cash which comprises a small portion of his savings account. That pile of cash at the end of the video consists of all $100 bills totaling $5000. Slaves can’t stop just handing over their hard earned cash to CashGod13. Now it’s your turn to hand over some cash and download this video.

New Items- Slave Humiliation and Abuse


2 New Videos – New to In-Charge is dominant UK cash dom AaronKing. AaronKing posted 2 brand new videos to his In-Charge.net portfolio of a recent real time meet where he uses a cash fag. In part 1, AaronKing controls a faggot at his feet. This pathetic little fag slave sniffs, licks, kisses and cleans AaronKing’s shoes and sweaty feet. The foot fag takes in the aromas of its God and submits to its cashmaster’s demands. Throughout this 12 minute video, AaronKing makes the masked slave perform exercise tasks and follow all commands given to him as he gets stepped on by his dominant master. In part 2, AaronKing further destroys his faggot slave. Furthering the destruction, AaronKing beats the cash fag with a shoe to the point that it leaves welts and bright red marks all over the slave’s body. The cash fag experiences pain, foot stomping, and humiliation all inflicted upon by AaronKing. Finally, the slave pays his fag tax at master’s feet.

unnamed (1)

1 New Video – MasterSherman and his mates love degrading pathetic cash fags who crave humiliation. In their latest real time session, MasterSherman orders his loyal cashslave to become a maid by wearing black and white lace lingerie and serving as their toilet cleaning bitch. This disgusting slave licks the toilet seat and then craves more humiliation. MasterSherman orders the toilet bitch to drink the toilet brush water inside the toilet brush container. Like the disgusting freak this slave is, he follows his master’s orders and drink the dirty colored water to further prove he’s not human.

unnamed (2)

1 New Video – Cash dom MasterBrad wants to let out some pent up rage and anger. In this video clip, MasterBrad takes his anger out on a video game controller by stomping it into nothing. His powerful, crushing feet destroy the controller into tiny pieces. After you download this clip, imagine it being your face. Picture yourself on the receiving end of MasterBrad’s aggression and power as he destroys you in an instant.

unnamed (3)

1 New Video – Ready to turn out another bottom into a pig slave, ConnorKent brings another slave to his dungeon. ConnorKent uses this submissive bitch slave any way he likes by caging up the slave’s cock in chastity and even chaining him to his bed at one point. Pulling out the paddles, ConnorKent spanks the slave’s ass until it’s bright red. Luckily the slave is wearing a jockstrap, so he can feel the paddle on his bare ass. ConnorKent later makes the slave suck him until he can deepthroat his big cock then fucks the slave’s ass after he gets his master’s cock nice and wet. After this session, the slave will definitely come back for more abuse and hard fucking.

unnamed (4)

3 New Videos – MrMasterH can easily get deep within a slave’s mind, making that slave do things even the slave couldn’t imagine doing. MrMasterH begins his complete mind control and domination of a slave with his first of many webcam sessions. He starts by asking who the slave is and then turns his mind into mush as he brings out this slave’s boot fetish. This old cash fag’s boot fetish is exposed more as he describes why he loves MrMasterH’s stinky army boots. The cash fag is on webcam again as he shows his love for MrMasterH’s army boots, rubbing them all over his face and cleaning them. There’s even a part 2 where the boot slave gets degraded more.


Featured Model- Connor Kent


CashMaster ConnorKent uses his personal fag slave in a real time abuse session with his alpha friend. Both cash doms use, degrade, and abuse this cashfag for their own entertainment. Not only do they verbally abuse the gay slave, they beat him as well in their homemade dungeon. Using various paddles and belts along with handcuffs and shackles, they put this fag slave in his place. This cash fag quickly learns his place as compared to these two superior alpha males.

Newest Downloads- Fetish

unnamed (1)

1 New Video – Taylor becomes an alpha giant in his latest giant fetish video. Giant Taylor takes over Hollywood, California. He was hoping he could just have a regular vacation without turning into a giant, but it wasn’t the case this time. Giant Taylor stomps heavily through the streets of LA, grabbing up movie stars and swatting away helicopters. His muscles were already huge but since he grew into a giant, they’ve became even more massive in size.

unnamed (2)

1 New Video – Muscle master Laurent Crawford is ready to degrade and humiliate another fag slave for a real time session. In this video clip, Laurent Crawford and his alpha buddy degrade a fag slave while watching football. Both of these muscle gods relax in bed watching a football game on their flat screen TV while their loyal foot fag crawls to their feet to worship their superior alpha feet. The foot fag licks their toes and the bottoms of their soles while they laugh and him and flex. They smother his face with their barefeet and even push his head around with their feet too. Worship these muscle masters by downloading this video clip.

unnamed (3)

1 New Video – In this 6 minute video clip, cash dom MasterSherman and his flat mates invite over a fat fag to worship its Master’s feet. This fat cash faggot worships all of these cashmaster’s feet while being verbally abused and laughed at. Master Sherman and his mates degrade and humiliate the cashfag for being a worthless fat fuck then laugh their asses off when they see he’s wearing a black lace thong under his clothes as he bends down to worship their barefeet. After verbally abusing the fat fag slave more, these alphas force the slave to strip as he proves to be even more disgusting than before.


Featured Model- Master Benny


This week’s featured male model is Master Benny with his video “Real Time with Master Benny”

Ever wonder what a real time session with Master Benny is like? Now is your chance to watch Master Benny dominate and use one of his cash fags in real time. His fat pay piggy gives ups his cash for the chance to worship Master Benny’s large feet and sneakers. To dominate and use his fat cash slave further, Master Benny rubs his sneakers all of this slave’s tongue and even stands on his big belly. Download this real time video clip from Master Benny now to see how he does real time from here.