Featured Model- Duude23


This week’s featured male model is Duude23 with his video “Faggot Worshipping My Feet”

Duude23’s regular real time cash fag slave is back to worship his feet and get used. This findom cuts right to the chase and makes the cash fag start off by worshipping his sneakers while he uses his slave as an ottoman. Then after being a human footrest for Master Mark (Duude23), the slave finally gets the chance to worship his bare feet. To download this 10 minute video clip to watch Master Mark’s feet get serviced by his devoted cash slave click here!

Featured Model- MasterHellCrusherr


This week’s featured male model is MasterHellCrusherr with his video “Forced Dogslave To Eat Dogfood”

In this video, MasterHellCrusherr verbally abuses and degrades his fag slave. He dehumanizes his slave and turns the cash fag into a dog slave by making him stick a dog tail butt plug up his ass. Then the fag dog slave serves his dominant cash master by following all of his demands which include eating dog food. Watch this slave get degraded and humiliated by his superior cash master.

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