Featured Model- Dillon Anderson

In this 6 minute video clip, Dillon Anderson just landed in an airport in Texas and met up with this hung, uncut cutie that was working there. Taking Dillon to a nearby stairwell, this airport employee fucks Dillon Anderson in the airport. His cock was massive and he shoots a massive load deep inside Dillon Anderson. You can see the cum drip out when Dillon turns around to blow him until Dillon shoots a load.

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3 New Videos – World famous cam guy and master Stefano has 3 brand new videos for mindless cash faggots to drool over. In one of the three updates, Stefano delivers some gas mask domination for his weak, submissive cash drones. While wearing a gas mask and red rubber gloves, Stefano shows off his chiseled muscles and perfect physique. While looking up at this dom, you’ll become even weaker than you are and beg him to take your money for the simple fact that he’s so superior. Continuing with the faggot domination, Stefano shows off his one of a kind body as he makes you bow down to his feet and serve him like a king. This lean and muscular alpha will quickly remind you of how pathetic and inferior you are compared to him. Just comparing yourself to him will give you enough reason to understand why you must download his videos and serve him. Lastly for the sick faggots who have a fetish for it, Stefano has a burping fetish video which will explain why he’s the burping king. As he flexes and shows off his lean muscles, Stefano burps to make the slaves who love it even weaker. Imagine if you had to tribute him each time he burped? You actually can do that with the In-Charge chat feature. Try it and send Stefano a tribute via our chat everytime he burps.

1 New Video – In this 1 hour long video clip, Master Dnero enlists in the help of Master Darius and his brother Roy to use some fag slave. To be part of Str8CrushFeet, dominant alphas have to prove themselves by using cash fags and Master Dnero then decides if they make the cut. In this initiaion, Master Dnero remembers that he has a pathetic fag who lives in his attic. This fag gives him money to clean his house, cook, and wash his clothes. This presents the perfect opportunity for Master Dnero because he has the two brothers use his fag slave. These two brothers have constantly fought to prove who was better and this real time session with a sub is no different. Even though Roy did well, he was too drunk to achieve full potential. This allowed his brother, Darius to show a little more than before by using this fag slave to the extreme.

1 New Video – Go outdoors with your master, Transylvanian Wolf. While outside relaxing, this alpha male will make you worship his feet outdoors while he strokes his big cock. You’ll quickly learn your place as you look up at this alpha’s massive feet and big dick. Transylvanian Wolf verbally abuses you like the faggot you are while you lick, worship, and serve his godlike feet.

1 New Video – Dillon Anderson can’t get enough of fucking Oliver Saxon. This is the second clip of Dillon using this stud’s ass for his pleasure. Dillon Anderson bends Oliver Saxon over a couch and pounds away at his tight hole until he busts a huge load.

1 New Video – Brit was brutally abducted by a group of women on a hen night and bundled into the back of a car. These wild ladies stripped him naked, tied up him, gagged him, and forced him to cum. Watch as Brit wriggles around helplessly until he cums while tied up..

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3 New Videos – TransylvanianWolf is ready to humiliate you in public. Clad in his jeans, leather jacket, and leather gloves, this alpha is at the Football field as he catches you jacking off in the bleaches. He knows how fucking pathetic fags like you are, always craving jocks and wanting them to use you. TransylvanianWolf forces you to jerk off and gives you some jerk off instructions while you sit there before the jock Football players arrive. While you’re following this alpha’s commands, you might as well spit shine his shoes while you’re down there. This bearded master wears black leather shoes for you to clean as you are reminded of what a disgusting animal you are. TransylvanianWolf spits down on his leather shoes and it’s your job to lick them clean and shine them up for him. Taste his thick gobs of spit on his dirty, leather shoes and serve this alpha.

In his final update for the week, TransylvanianWolf gets more extreme than ever. To start this video clip, he takes you outdoors, bound, helpless and beaten as he prepares to finish you off. This is the time that TransylvanianWolf decides to end you. Just as the sun sets, this alpha takes you out to humiliate you, spit on you, and kick you before he ends your existence. You deserve to go the same way you live, like a lowly, pathetic fagot. This video is not for everyone but only for the sickest faggots on the planet.

1 New Video – Dillon Anderson always films the hottest hook ups online. In his most recent hookup, Dillon Anderson had over this cute bottom boy from a while back. His ass was fat and felt amazing to Dillon as he plowed it with his big cock. The cute bottom boy’s name is Theo and Dillon fucks him in multiple positions from on his back to on his stomach. Dillon Anderson makes sure to fuck his ass good and hard before he breeds him.

1 New Video – Described as a great video from a cigar smoking alpha in one of the comments, Cohibamen1988 lights up a fat cigar in his most recent video update. In this 12 minute cigar smoking clip, Cohibaman1988 starts off by having a relaxing smoke before getting down to business. This dominant alpha then proceeds to show you all of the tools he has at his disposal to make you into a poor little bitch slave. Watch all of the instruments that this dominant master has available to use on you as he lights up that big fat cigar and puts his boots in your face.

Featured Model- Dillion Anderson

In one of many hookup sessions, Dillon Anderson invites over his buddy Alex from Connecticut. The two of them decide to make a video clip of their hookup session for all of Dillon Anderon’s fans. Dillon can’t get enough of this stud’s bubble butt and rims it deep in the start of the video. It’s not long before Dillon Anderson starts pounding out his fat ass with his massive cock. Dillon positions the camera at the bottom of the bed to film every thrust and even does some POV shots. In the end, Dillon Anderson cums in Alex’s ass and you can see him pushing out Dillon’s seed from his hole.F

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10 New Videos – YoungNCharge has returned and has begun to upload some of his best videos. In his massive video update, YoungNCharge has posted 10 videos to his portfolio. Starting with his most recent film, Muscle Destruction. In this video clip, YoungNCharge shows his sheer alpha strength and rips the seat off of a metal chair, breaks the metal legs on the chair, and then proceeds to rip apart a wicker basket. Just imagine what YoungNCharge could do to you if he unleashed his pure, raw power on you. Back to his portfolio page are his past videos where he forces you to worship his asshole and balls up close.

Another highlight of this alpha male’s video collection is when he allows you to watch him shoot an explosive load of cum after he gets done watching some hot porn films. Then throughout YoungNcharge’s video collection are a serious of intense verbal abuse videos. You will bow down to your king like an obedient fag slave and worship everything about his straight alpha male existence as he delivers intense verbal abuse. You’ll get on your knees and beg to worship an alpha god like YoungNcharge after you download any of his videos.


1 New Video – MasterJordi trains hard in the gym to keep himself in perfect condition. After the gym, MasterJordi feels like sitting back and relaxing with his feet up. In this short video clip, MasterJordi wants you to worship his Godly feet. Showing off his flexed biceps and hairy armpits, MasterJordi puts his sweaty and smelly feet up to the camera making you want to stick out your tongue and lick this alpha’s big superior feet. Sniff his stinky alpha feet and worship them now by buying his latest video clip.


1 New Video – Known for using and abusing fag slaves, MasterNick delivers hardcore abuse to his slave in this realtime video clip. Sticking his feet in his faggot’s face, MasterNick humiliates his personal eurotrash foot fag. As he barks out orders, MasterNick makes this foot fag lick and worship his alpha dom feet throughout this short real time clip. Get a taste of what it’s like to worship at MasterNick’s feet.


2 New Videos – Not too long ago, Dillon Anderson had over another guy he met for a good fuck session. When Dillon’s friend Mike comes over, Dillon starts by sucking his cock a bit before getting into fucking him. Dillon can’t resist and has to fuck him bare because his hole is so smooth and tasty. Dillon Anderson pounds his hole doggy style and cums a ton deep in Mike’s hole. In another hookup session, Dillon Anderson invites over his friend Jace. Dillon and Jace had done some films together in the past and Dillon needed his huge dick to fuck him. Dillon starts by sucking his long cock before riding him. Jace fucks Dillon Anderson missionary style before cumming in his ass.

Newest Downloads- Real Time, Feet, and Fucking


1 New Video – Master Damiel uses his foot faggot and makes him lick, worship, and sniff his sweaty barefeet in this 20 minute foot worship video. This loyal cash fag gets beat with a riding crop and kicked while worshiping Master Damiel’s feet. First the slave starts off by cleaning his master’s sneakers, then it gets permission to take them off of Master Damiel’s god like feet and sniff his socks. Finally, the foot slave gets to worship his superior’s barefeet. The camera switches to Master Damie’s POV showing the foot fag right at his master’s feet as he gets smothered with sweaty alpha male feet. This submissive foot fag gets what he truly desires by serving at his master’s feet and even gets his mouth stretched by Master Damiel’s toes. As a reward, Master Damiel puts his cigarette ashes out in the slave’s mouth.

unnamed (1)4 New Videos – Back with even more videos, MasterBraz95 and his friend Master OG sit back on the couch with their feet on the table ignoring you and making you worship their feet. Both of these alpha males sit back and show off their barefeet while smoking, playing on their phones, and chatting. You haven’t done anything to deserve their attention but instead should only focus on their bare soles. For the leather fags and boot worshipers, they can serve at MasterBraz95’s leather boots. In this video clip, MasterBraz95 stands over you while verbally abusing you like the pathetic cash fag that you are to him. Clad in a leather jacket, leather gloves, and leather boots, MasterBraz95 will make you fear the possibility of him stomping on you and smashing you into the ground as he looks down on you for being beneath him.

Cash fags who need instruction can be taught how to be a good cash fag in this short video clip. MasterBraz95 instructs you on how to be a good cash fag to him and how to always obey all while he puts you in your place. Having a smoke throughout this video, MasterBraz95 will humiliate you and verbally abuse you to give you the proper treatment and training which you deserve. Following with the instructions, MasterBraz95 also has a popper training video which he just uploaded. In this 7 minute video clip, MasterBraz95 will instruct you on how to serve him all while making you sniff your poppers. Prepared to be humiliated and degraded as he sticks his white socks and massive alpha male feet in your face throughout your popper training.

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1 New Video – A friend decided to stop by to visit Dillon Anderson for a hot raw fuck session. These two studs don’t waste any time getting to it and it starts off with Dillon Anderson’s friend, Michael, sucking his big cock while Dillon lays back on the bed. Right after that, Dillon Anderson eats out Michael’s tight hole and smacks his ass like he owns it. Michael’s tight ass is now ready to take Dillon Anderson’s thick raw cock in his ass. Dillon fucks Michael’s ass in several positions and even makes Michael ride him facing the camera. Finally at the end of this 15 minute video, Dillon Anderson busts a load deep inside of Michael.

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1 New Video – After several requests, SlavesSeeker has rewarded his loyal foot fags with a barefeet video. SlavesSeeker’s foot slaves downloaded so much of his barefoot content last month that he felt it was necessary to give them even more. Sitting back and browsing the internet on his tablet, SlavesSeeker puts his big barefeet up at the camera for you to admire, drool over, and worship. You’ll pray to these smooth superior feet when you look at them and crave the chance to worship and lick them.

Newest Downloads- Foot Masters and Airport Fucking


2 New Videos – MasterKwinton has some new videos for his loyal cash faggots. In one of his latest films, MasterKwinton lights up a fat cigar and blows smoke right in your face as he commands you to worship his feet like the subhuman foot fag you are to him. Foot fags will enjoy laying at MasterKwinton’s feet as they look up and receive his degrading verbal abuse. For the foot slaves who can’t get enough of MasterKwinton’s feet, he has another foot worship video for all of you. MasterKwinton has a pair of stinky old skateboarding shoes for you to worship. Placing the camera on the floor, looking up at him, MasterKwinton shows off his worn out skateboarding shoes that are begging for a cash fag to lick clean. After showing the rank and nasty shoes to the camera, MasterKwinton slides them off showing his barefeet that were resting in those stinky shoes. Serve MasterKwinton by downloading both of these foot fetish videos.

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3 New Videos – MasterJax is back with more real time sessions with RJSlave. In this third part of the series, RJSlave sucks and massages MasterJax’s feet and toes followed by MasterJax smacking RJSlave hard with his giant feet. The camera pans back and shows MasterJax enjoying himself with the slave underfoot throughout this nearly 9 minute video clip. RJSlave’s service to MasterJax continues in the next part. Part 4 is a spontaneous clip taken during a midnight drive one night in Tennessee. Watch as MasterJax chills with his feet on the dashboard as the car drives through a small town. After relaxing with his feet up, MasterJax shows his feet in RJSlave’s face for some sniffing and massaging during their joy ride. Lastly in Part 5, while relaxing on a sofa, MasterJax steps on RJSlave’s face. This video is particularly good at showing MasterJax’s facial expressions while he enjoys dominating. Towards the end of the video, the camera angle shifts to show a close up of RJSlave worshiping MasterJax’s giant feet.

unnamed (2)

1 New Video – In this 6 minute video clip, Dillon Anderson just landed in an airport in Texas and met up with this hung, uncut cutie that was working there. Taking Dillon to a nearby stairwell, this airport employee fucks Dillon Anderson in the airport. His cock was massive and he shoots a massive load deep inside Dillon Anderson. You can see the cum drip out when Dillon turns around to blow him until Dillon shoots a load.

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1 New Video – In this 15 minute video, SlavesSeeker relaxes in his filthy socks. Imagine having the opportunity to sit there and sniff this alpha’s smelly socks while he sits back and ignores you. SlavesSeeker wore these socks during a hard gym session and sweat in them even more to get them even smellier for the foot fag who will have to sit there and sniff them.

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1 New Video – Get your mind played with by RoqGod. From a real time session earlier this month, RoqGod owns a pig slave’s mind as the slave intoxicates himself. This cash fag wears a gas mask and inhales poppers so intensely that his mind is putty for RoqGod to control, shape, and mold. Submit your own mind and consciousness to RoqGod

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1 New Audio File – New to In-Charge is RoqGod, the mindfuck guru who teaches you to submit. In his first item posted to In-Charge, RoqGod uploaded the first file from his most purchased and most sought after audio series. This is Session One from RoqGod. It’s a simple, direct evil induction that will relax you, exhilarate you, plant triggers in your mind, erase memories, and leave you mindless and read to tribute and cum. RoqGod starts off by putting you in a hypnotic trance while instructing you on how to sniff your poppers. You’ll inhale, exhale, and go mindless at his voice and follow all of RoqGod’s commands.


1 New Video – SlavesSeeker just used some fag cash and went out to buy a new pair of Tommy Hilfiger boots. SlavesSeekers shows off his boots to the camera for all of his loyal foot fags. Imagine being on the ground and being trampled by those boots while SlavesSeeker leaves his boot marks all over you. Follow this alpha male’s orders and worship his brand new boots by downloading this video and drooling over watching them.


1 New Video – In this 9 minute video clip, Dillon Anderson fucks a blindfolded stud. One night, Dillon Anderson decided to invite over a gorgeous stud for a hot hookup session. This hunk blindfolded himself before Dillon Anderson fucked him. Dillon eats this hunk’s ass and rails him until he cums in his hole and captures a nice view of Dillon’s load leaking out of this freshly fucked hole.

1 New Photoset – MastaJR has 19 pictures waiting for you to download in this photoset titled Cash Domination Pic Pak 1. This Photoset contains 19 images from MastaJR holding your fag cash for him to count and spend on his master lifestyle. All of the cash this alpha dom holds in these photos was tributed to him by you. Download this and you’ll probably see your own cash in the stack of money.

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3 New Videos – In this 18 minute video, Frank the Tank films muscle stud Alain Lamas in all his muscle glory. Alain Lamas is a muscular pretty boy who might just leave your head a bit woozy as if from an ice cream rush. Many of you may be familiar with Alain Lamas from other venues but this video clip shows all of Alain Lamas including his muscular biceps, jock ass, barefeet, and hard throbbing cock. Another video upload from Frank the Tank features Alain Lamas doing a strip tease. Things always get heated up when hard-bodied Alain Lamas steps in to perform a strip show. Watch as he gradually undresses completely in a seductive way showing off his rock hard physique. The way he moves and moans will get anyone hot and weak. This cocky muscle stud loves to show off his rock hard body, feeling his muscles, and stroking his fully boned cock for your viewing pleasure. Get these hot videos of Alain Lamas now.

Lastly, Frank the Tank has uploaded a sexy video of big tits Skylar Rayne getting used by an intruder. This muscular masked muscle intruder doesn’t want to steal anything, he just wants sex and decides to break into Skylar Rayne’s home to use her for his sexual pleasure. Stripped down and helpless, Skylar is bound, punished and forceably groped while tied to a chair. This masked muscle intruder commands her to pleasure his sexual desires by forcing her to give him a blow job before fucking her with his big thick cock while she’s tied to a chair and bound.


1 New Video – Alpha male MasterJordi just finished a real time with a tattooed foot fag. While sitting back having a smoke, MasterJordi relaxes with his barefeet up on an ottoman for this tattooed foot fag to worship at his feet. The weak, pathetic foot fag sucks each of MasterJordi’s toes while massaging and rubbing his feet. During the foot worship session, MasterJordi flips off the cash fag then pulls out a wad of money to place between each of his toes. The submissive gay slave sucks on MasterJordi’s foot while the other foot is covered in his fag cash. Submit to MasterJordi’s feet and download this real time foot worship clip.


1 New Video – Dillon Anderson sucks a massive cock in his latest video clip. Dillon had this hung blonde hunk come over one afternoon after he worked out at the gym with him. This blonde stud’s dick is massive and according to Dillon Anderson his load tasted so good that he swallowed every bit before he blasted his own load all over the bed. At one point in the video, Dillon’s sexy house guest even plays with Dillon’s ass and teases his hole with his big dick. Dillon Anderson hopes to invite this hunk over again sometime to fuck him.