Featured Model- MorticiaFerrant

MasterDominator uses a fat faggot in this 16 minute video clip as he forces the fat fag to worship his sweaty feet after the gym. This masked faggot licks this dominant Russian master’s sweaty feet as well as his sweaty armpits. Master Dominator punishes his slave by kicking him around, verbally abusing him, spitting and pissing on him. The disgusting fat fag feels like he’s in Heaven as he’s being dominated and used in this real time session by this alpha Russian master.

Featured Model- MasterAllen

After an intense real time session, MasterAllen isn’t done with this faggot slave beat down. That means it’s time for another reward for the masked faggot as MasterAllen delivers a faggot slave beat down on this useless cash fag. Beating him with fists, kicking him, spitting on him, and circling around him like a predator, MasterAllen shows no mercy for this slave as he lays into him full force.

Featured Model- MasterJax


RJSlave has been beat and forced to eat MasterJax‘s beard trimming, had his mouth washed out in the toilet, and now it’s time to focus on Master Jax’s amazing feet for a worship session. This clip begins with the still duct-taped slave being laid down under the feet of the mighty Master Jax. Showing his dominance over the faggot, Master Jax stomps on the inferior fuck’s face over and over with his giant shoes on. Then Master Jax removes his shoes and allows the slave to relax under the amazing scent of sweaty alpha socks. At random times, Master Jax slaps the slave’s pathetic face making the faggot scream out in pain. At one point you hear the faggot exclaiming that he has lost his sense of hearing after one particularly hard smack. Master Jax doesn’t give a shit and eventually let’s the fucker sniff his barefeet but not without being foot-smacked across the face several times during the process. As the session comes to an end, Master Jax releases the slave from the duct tape. This scene is one that the slave will not forget.

Featured Model- Mirko

In-Charge.net - MirkoThis week’s featured male model is Mirko with “Invisible Mirko Part 2”

In this second part of the “Invincible Mirko” videos, Mirko humiliates his slave by stomping on and spitting on his slave. Master Mirko also uses his strength and power to push his jock feet into the slave’s face and hits him hard in the groin. Watch Master Mirko use various Judo style moves with his hands and feet while suffocating his slave with his massive, muscular legs.


Featured Video- Invincible Mirko

In-Charge.net - Master Mirko

This week’s featured video is ‘Invincible Mirko Part 1″ by Master Mirko.

In the video, Master Mirko slowly and methodically destroys his slave victim, using different grips of his Judo-trained feet, leg suffocation, and practices a variety of wrestling techniques. Mirko humiliates the slave by stomping, spitting, pushing feet to the face, and hits to the groin. His slave suffers but enjoys the process too.