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4 New Video – Masters Hunter, Joe, Nevil, and Ritchell go looking for their slave to torture him. The masters give this slave some face sitting torture, squeezing his head between their muscular legs, and making the slave lick their feet all while laughing at him. The doms then make the slave sniff their nasty smelling sneakers before making the slave lick the sweaty insoles of the shoes. In their next real time meet up, Masters Nevil and Hunter use the slave as a human footrest. Mocking their slave while resting their feet on him, the masters kick, slap, and spit on this pathetic slave. They even crush up chips with their sneakers and make the slave eat them for further degradation.

This slave then is subjected to more group punishment as he worships the feet of Mastes Nevil, Hunter, Joe, Robert, and Basford. The slave lays his body under a bed so his head sticks out enough to service all of the dangling feet from atop the bed. Master Basford flicks the slave’s ear as he’s licking feet to torment him some more. This slave is then instructed to not move as everyone smother’s the slave’s face with alpha male feet. Master Basford, Robert, Hunt, and Nevil get this slave to sniff and lick their sweaty, smelly feet. The masters laugh at the immobilized slave as the slave is trapped between the master’s legs and feet while worshipping.

4 New Video – The Punisher locks this boy in multiple chokeholds in this 15 minute clip while wearing a jockstrap. Squeezing this boy tighter and tighter, the boy struggles to escape. The Punisher uses his gigantic biceps, that appear bigger than the boy’s head, to lock in these tight chokeholds. Then in another clip, it’s Big Alpha’s turn to dominate a weak boy. Big Alpha once again dominates this boy in several different bearhugs. Later he locks in a headscissors before finishing with another bearhug.

Big Alpha’s dominance continues as he challenges Gio to a wrestling match. Wearing a singlet with his ass exposed, Big Alpha beats down and punishes weak Gio. However, Big Alph may have met his match when he squares up against muscular King Romeo. The two muscle studs go at it, especially when King Romeo locks on a tight full nelson on Big Alpha. But Romeo ultimately ends up submitting this time against Big Alpha.

4 New Videos – TripleXTransMan takes every inch of Rocco Steele’s huge cock. This is Rocco Steele’s first time fucking a FTM performer, let alone his first ever time fucking a pussy. TripleXTransMan experiences pleasure and pain from the massive length and girth of Rocco Steele’s huge cock. At the end, Rocco Steele erupts a big load of cum deep in TripleXTransMan’s gaped open pussy. For some solo fantasy, TripleXTransMan has a cuckhold roleplay clip for you. TripleXTransMan is tired of the relationship with you and invites over a new BF (a dildo). Your job is to just sit there and watch him squirt all over his new lover’s cock while you jerk off in the corner.

TripleXTransMan then wants to humiliate you some more with some small penis humiliation. Your cock is so small it can’t even be located and when it is found, it’s laughable. TripleXTransMan mocks your tiny cock as being even smaller than a trans cock. After you’ve been thoroughly humiliated, you can then get some jerk off instructions. Stroke your hard cock on command as you listen to TripleXTransMan’s voice. Focus on all of the sensitive regions of your cock with varying stroking speeds. At the end, TripleXTransMan will order you to explode a load of cum on your face.

5 New Videos – Master CH turns his slave into a human punching bag. Master CH gets his boxing gloves on and lands a variety of body blows to this slave. Punching him all over, the slave takes a tough beatdown. Days later, Slave Matt then worships Master J’s feet. Master J smacks Slave Matt around with his foot and orders the slave to service his feet. This slave feels at home under a dominant alpha’s feet. Once Master J is done smacking the slave with his foot, he then chokes the slave between his legs. Slave Matt gets on the ground and is locked between Master J’s legs as he’s choked out. When he’s done choking the slave, he orders Slave Matt to lick and gag on his alpha male feet.

The choke domination continues as Master J chokes out his slave hard in another real time meet up. Master J wrestles Slave Matt and asserts dominance over him as he locks him in a variety of chokeholds. Master J then uses his legs to choke out his slave. Master J wraps his legs around Slave Matt’s throat and makes him struggle. Slave Matt writhes around and begs for mercy but Master J just ignores his cries for freedom.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel shows how much he can take from gut punching as he has Slave Matt put on some boxing gloves and punch his abs. Afterwards, he then proceeds to choke out Slave Matt on the ground for his own amusement. Slave Matt struggles on the ground under the raw power and dominance of Master Daniel. If you want to worship Master Daniel some more then watch him perform 140 calf raises. Master Daniel loves challenging himself and working his body to become even better. Drool over this dom’s calves while also intently watching his white socks.

Featured Model- TripleXTransMan

Ever since TripleXTransman met Prince Dommy and Joshie, they’ve been making plans to tag team Joshie. Joshie (JJ) has never bottomed on film for anyone other than his partner, Prince Dommy, until now. Plus, he’s never taken a strapon dick before. TripleXTransman pounds JJ’s pretty pink hole with Dom and even fucks Dom’s cum into JJ.

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2 New Videos – Master Alex laughs at what a tiny little cock you have. It’s so pathetic to him that he doesn’t even know if you can get hard. Your tiny cock will never do anything of use. Little dicked losers like you need to be humiliated by big dicked real alpha men. After you’ve endured all of the verbal abuse, it is time to worship Master Alex’s feet. This foot dom knows how to make foot slaves drool in anticipation. He will tease you with his big alpha feet and make you into an obedient foot licking slut. Start edging and prepare to take his big feet inside of you.

3 New Videos – This weakling gets squeezed by a muscle man. Muscle dom Dennis tightly grips this beta boy’s head between his muscular tree trunk legs and begins squeezing. The muscle God simply flexes while the scrawny boy begs for mercy. Later Big alpha Dennis verbally dominates you for being a weak little faggot. This muscular alpha flexes and shows why he is truly superior. All of his hard work in the gym shows you why he should dominate someone as weak as you. Worship his huge bulge and muscles as you obey. Afterwards in another real time session, Big Alpha locks another inferior in a tight headlock. Wearing a tight black workout shirt and green compression pants, Big Alpha wraps his massive biceps around this inferior’s neck and begins squeezing. Once this powerful alpha locks you in a submission, there is no escape.

2 New Videos – Ever since TripleXTransman met Prince Dommy and Joshie, they’ve been making plans to tag team Joshie. Joshie (JJ) has never bottomed on film for anyone other than his partner, Prince Dommy, until now. Plus, he’s never taken a strapon dick before. TripleXTransman pounds JJ’s pretty pink hole with Dom and even fucks Dom’s cum into JJ. For even more kinks, TripleXTransman has a daddy / step-son roleplay video for you. You’ve been curious about a grown man’s body and a grown man’s cock for a long time now. It’s time to have that chat with your daddy and learn how to please men. Once you take daddy’s seed then you can become a real man.

5 New Videos – Master K is ready to trample his slave. This foot slave lays on his back like a human doormat as his foot dom walks all over him. The slave is stomped on and trampled by his master. The trampling domination continues in part 2. Master K kicks and tramples this slave without showing him any humanity or respect. The slave is then commanded to lick and worship his master’s feet at the end. This slave just can’t get enough of his master’s feet. Licking and sucking on his master’s toes, this foot slave shows total obedience. This foot slave licks every inch of Master K’s feet to show his devotion.

In another real time with Master K, the foot slave gets choked out. Laying on the ground, the slave finds his head trapped between Master Ks legs. Master K chokes out and squeezes this slave’s head until he taps out. Days later, slave Matt gets a visit from another one of his doms, Master CH, for a beatdown session. Master CH beats up and bullies his slave to take out his frustrations. This slave serves as a human punching bag for any and all dominant men who visit him.

3 New Videos – One of Davidwar’s biggest turn ons is his leather fetish. Wearing a leather jacket and leather gloves, Davidwar gets extremely turned on and rock hard. He is left with no other choice than to start jerking his cock until he cums from the feel and scent of his leather gear. If you need more of Davidwar then you can worship his muscles in this next video. Davidwar flexes for the camera and shows off his jock ass. Worship every inch of his body as he flexes and oils up his physique. In his 3rd video update this week, Davidwar has a fight with another alpha. The fight gets crazy in their apartment as they all fight over a girl. Things go awry when the girl then ends up fighting one of the alpha boys turning everything into a massive brawl.

Featured Model- TripleXTransman

One of TripleXTransMan’s clients comes over for some serious impact play and domination. This slave lays down on a massage table and is strapped in so that he cannot go anywhere. TripleXTransMan delivers some hardcore and intense spanking on this slave because the slave had not completed his tasks for the week. Using straps, belts, and paddles, TripleXTransMan beats this slave until his skin cannot take it anymore.

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3 New Video – Listen to Master Ultimate God as he trains a faggot with poppers. The faggot fries his brain over Skype while live webcamming with his alpha god. Follow along with this slave as if you were camming with MasterUltimateGod and fry your brain on poppers. For slaves who want to feel tiny and shrunken in the presence of this superior muscle dom, check out the next video as MasterUltimateGod because a macro giant. Your role as a tiny slave trapped in his carpet is to trek towards him and worship his alpha feet and body. The tiny adventure continues as this giant findom then hops on a treadmill for some treadmill macro. MasterUltimateGod works out on the treadmill and all his pathetic tiny worshipers have to run to not be crushed under his alpha feet.

3 New Video – One thing you must never do is show up late to a real time meet. This faggot was late to the meet and was punished severely by Master Gary. Wearing a mask and a diaper, this cash faggot gets punished to the extreme. The fag is choked, smacked, and beaten to be taught a lesson he’ll never forget. If you want to see what this faggot looked like before he was stripped down to his diaper check out the next video. Master Gary strips this faggot to humiliate him further. The faggot starts off in a suit and tie and is quickly humiliated as Master Gary dominates him like a bully. Master Gary further establishes his dominance as he makes the foot faggot worship his feet. The pathetic foot faggot enjoys serving at his master’s feet and endures harsh verbal abuse during the entire session. Be like this faggot and clean Master Gary’s feet.

1 New Video – TripleXTransman flexes and shows off his bearded hairy muscles. Throughout this 7 minute video clip, this dom makes you admire his alpha muscles and musky hairy armpits. Submit yourself and sniff his sweaty armpits.

3 New Videos – DavidWar’s friend comes to visit the house and flexes for his fans. Watch these two muscle studs strip down and flex for the camera. They even fight for superiority at the same time in this 20 minute clip. Later, DavidWar’s uncle in-law stops over and licks DavidWar all over. He likes to suck DavidWar’s nipples and go much further. If that family bonding wasn’t wild enough, DavidWar gets nastier and cums on food. For those with this unique fetish DavidWar has something for you.

2 New Videos – MasterBenny sits back and relaxes while ordering you to worship his feet. This findom demands that you lick his feet as he sets the camera right up against his big barefeet. Later, MasterBenny shows off the tops of his feet. Get to view every angle of Master Benny’s feet with these two videos.

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1 New Video – Master Alex is wearing his hot black catsuit and leather boots as he prepares to inflict an insane amount of spanking punishment. Master Alex tied his slave’s hands with heavy metal chains to some weights, spreader bar on his legs, and put sharp spiked plates under his feet. Movement to escape the spanking blows will only make slave suffer even more. First, Master Alex starts off with his unique hard and long punishment implement that he brings down on the slave’s ass and balls. Once those cheeks are nice and tender, Master moves on to the long fiber cane. He unleashes a never-ending volley of merciless strokes until the slave is left screaming in agony. And of course, he must thank Master Alex for the punishment with a sore, bruised ass that will stay with him for weeks.

1 New Video – One of TripleXTransMan’s clients comes over for some serious impact play and domination. This slave lays down on a massage table and is strapped in so that he cannot go anywhere. TripleXTransMan delivers some hardcore and intense spanking on this slave because the slave had not completed his tasks for the week. Using straps, belts, and paddles, TripleXTransMan beats this slave until his skin cannot take it anymore.

2 New Videos – ChokeMasters brings another clip of a couple going through some chokeholds. This time an MMA dude shows off while putting his girlfriend in a chokehold. This tatted hunk unleashes his male superiority on this girl and wraps his muscled arms around her neck making her submit. Would you be able to withstand these intense MMA chokeholds if this was you?

2 New Audio Clips -For all of Master Lucian’s leather lovers out there, this audio clip is for you. Feel Master Lucian’s power, and the power of leather. Transform yourself completely for Master Lucian. Soon you will be completely in Master Lucian’s control and will be begging for more as he turns you into a leather bound doll for his amusement. Then, Master Lucian wants to test your will power to see if you are not an addict. Are you really addicted to poppers? Test it for yourself when you download this audio clip from Master Lucian. You are the one in control, right??

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3 New Videos – New to In-Charge is dominant alpha MasterAndy. This superior findom is ready to smash you into the ground with his latest Air Max stomping video. Placing the camera on the ground below, MasterAndy shows how he would stomp you out like a pathetic insect. After some hardcore stomping, MasterAndy jumps with both feet for a giant stomp to shake the ground below. He later stomps on an apple that you could pretend would be your balls once he decides to smash you. For fags craving to see this alpha’s big barefeet then he has a video for that as well. Showing off his superior bare soles to the camera, MasterAndy makes you wish you could lick and worship his jock feet after a hardcore gym workout. Imagine salivating over these sweaty feet. But if you can’t get enough of this superior alpha, then get even more of him as he flexes his strong muscles. Standing in front of a mirror and smoking a cigarette, MasterAndy flexing his biceps, triceps, and chest. This findom even makes sure to put his feet in the video by propping them up in front of the mirror.

1 New Video – Brothers with MasterAndy, MasterChris invites his brother over for a double intox session. Both MasterChris and MasterAndy sit back and relax while placing their white socked feet in front of the camera. Getting more and more verbal, these two brothers instruct you on how you need to serve them and how you should sniff your poppers like a pathetic popper fag. MasterAndy flips you off while MasterChris gets even more verbal. Serve these dominant alpha brothers.

1 New Video and 3 New Photos – Back with another hot flexing video, 4King delivers 10 minutes of flexing and true verbal domination. With this video, it’s time for you to be dominated by a true master and muscle god. Kneel in front of 4King like the weak beta faggot you are and admire his godlike physique. 4King’s huge muscles will make any muscle worshipper crave to worship these muscles. Your little faggot dick will get hard as 4King degrades you harder and harder with extreme verbal domination, reminding you of your place and where you belong. Browse his portfolio for the new set of photos he added as well.

1 New Videos – This is TriplexTransMan’s most verbal and dominating video yet. Watch and tremble as this dom firmly reminds you of your humiliating place as a chaste sub faggot. Get on your knees and sexually serve as TriplexTransMan wants you to. Stripping down to show hairy asshole and pussy, TriplexTransMan wants you to do whatever you are told to do. There is no resisting, there is only submission during this session.

2 New Video – bulgeXXL lives up to his name with his latest video. Filmed in HD, bulgeXXL invites over his slut twink neighbor boy for a bareback seeding session. The twink slut sucks his massively big cock then prepares to take his cock up his ass. Kneeling and bending over, this submissive boy pulls down his Andrew Christian briefs and takes his enormous cock in his tight twink boy hole for a hard fucking. Check out his wrecked asshole after bulgeXXL seeds his cleanly shaven twink ass. In another new video, bulgeXXL need to cum very bad and there was no boicunt around to fuck. So bulgeXXL decided to cum on his own face. Laying on his back with his legs behind his head, he jerks his massive cock. Wearing white Adidas socks, he strokes his massive cock getting closer and closer to cumming before finally flooding his own face with a massive load of cum.

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2 New Videos – MasterBraz95 loves making you weak with his ‘moneymakers’ aka his big alpha feet. Along with his superior feet, MasterBraz95 makes you worship his leather boots which are just waiting for your tongue to give them a nice polish. By the time he actually shows his feet in this video, you probably will have already came twice since you’re a pathetic foot faggot fuck. All throughout this 10 minute video clip, you’ll be weakened by MasterBraz95’s verbal abuse, blowing smoke in your face, cleaning his leather boots, and by serving his feet and white socks. Now comes time to fry your brain with some popper intox. When MasterBraz95 says “sniff”, you’ll do it like your fucking life depends on it. MasterBraz95 plants his big feet right in your face as you do nothing but inhale the fumes from your poppers. You’ll become a mindless drone for this superior alpha, losing all inhibitions and willing to do anything and everything he demands. Worship his socks and keep sniffing until he says to stop.

1 New Video – Set your sights on some globes as Taylor stands over you with his massive ass and talks dirty while ripping farts in your face. Heavy verbal abuse about how you want to sniff Taylor’s farts and want to bury your face in his mighty, fat, alpha cheeks are just some of the dirty things Taylor comes up with as he taunts and teases you. It’s time for you to become dominated by Taylor’s farts and thick, juicy booty. Submit to this jock god now.

2 New Videos – In this brutal gay BDSM video, TriplexTransMan gives you the sternest dressing-down of your pathetic life. He doesn’t need to hold back from the insults or name calling because you are a sub faggot slut kneeling in front of your Master and this is everything that you deserve. After this dom gets tired of talking to you, he permits you to remain in the room while he makes phone calls and ignores you. He even takes a break to watch porn while ignoring your completely because you don’t deserve his attention. Get ready to feel very small and emasculated while this dom ignores you. Lastly, you should feel privileged that he even permits you to look at him in this 21 minute long video.

2 New Videos – Laurent Crawford and his twin are having a great time inviting a pathetic fag like you to get on your knees and worship their alpha feet. Following a hard gym session, these two muscle studs are sweaty, pumped, and exhausted. It’s your job to lick their sweaty feet clean while they let out some of that built-up gym aggression out on you. All throughout this 10 minute video clip, these cocky, muscle adonises treat you like a pathetic pisswhore as they degrade and humiliate you. Speaking of piss, Laurent Crawford’s next latest upload focuses on just that. While partying at the club, drinking, and hitting on women, Laurent feels the urge to go to the bathroom to take a piss. He finds it funny to piss all over the floor so that some piss fetish faggot will have to clean it up. Any sick faggot with a piss fetish would give anything to get on all fours and lick this alpha’s piss up off that floor.

1 New Video – During a real time meet, Master Benny owns a foot fag. Sticking his dirty sneakers in the fag’s face, Master Benny makes this foot slave worship his sneakers. The bearded foot fag devotes himself to worshiping Master Benny’s sneakers as he sniffs and licks every part of the sole.