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2 New Videos – SlavesSeeker went to visit Italy to use and humiliate a slave in a recent realtime encounter. This pathetic sub slave drinks SlavesSeeker’s piss and gets totally bullied by his alpha. SlavesSeeker sticks the slave’s head ina toilet for swirlies and then makes the slave drink his piss from a cup. All throughout this session there is more humiliation with plenty of spitting, belt whipping, and kicking. Even though you may not be as lucky as that slave, you can still worship SlavesSeeker’s sneakers. In his other recent clip, SlavesSeeker takes off his sweaty shoes after a soccer match. Sniff, worship, and serve at his soccer cleats like an obedient foot slave. Once you are done, then you might be lucky enough to sniff this superior findom’s smelly socks and his barefeet. Foot slaves will love every minute of this.

2 New Videos – You want to sniff this alpha’s farts because you are a depraved pig slave. Vicious54 puts on a pair of tight briefs and jiggles his ass for the camera before ripping intense farts right in your face. This cocky alpha will tease you with his ass to remind you that you don’t ever have a chance of touching it because the denial is so much hotter to him than letting you worship it. Switching things up in the next video, Vicious54 shrinks a slave down to the size of a toy. This tiny mini slave gets stuff right in his tight running shorts right up against this alpha’s asshole. Imagine being this mini slave and begging for mercy all while being trapped in the paradise of being between your alpha’s ass cheeks. If the slave is lucky, maybe Vicious54 will suffocate him with alpha farts as well.

4 New Videos – Ikagura plays a game of gag the slave with his foot dom. This arrogant alpha gags Ikagura with his superior barefeet. Watch Ikagura suck on this alpha’s toes and try to deepthroat his master’s feet to show obedience. After the foot worship session is done, this dom wants to choke his slave between his legs. Ikagura lays on his back between this alpha’s legs while getting choked out from his master’s tight squeeze. Ikagura completely submits and begs for mercy from this alpha master but this dom just gets amused more by Ikagura’s cries.

In another session of gag the slave, Ikagura submits to another dom to gag on his feet. Ikagura lays back while this alpha jams his foot deep in Ikagura’s slave mouth. Being a loyal foot slave, Ikagura swallows as much of his alpha’s foot as he can. Afterwards, it is time for some trample domination from this alpha. Ikagura takes his natural position underneath the sole of his master’s feet to get trampled and crushed. This alpha male stomps all over Ikagura’s chest, stomach, and face to let the slave know who is in charge.

3 New Videos – Davidwar flexes his biceps and strokes his big dick in this private webcam session. After a hard workout, Davidwar is flowing with testosterone and wants to flex his big muscled biceps while also stroking his big dick. This findom shoots a massive load of cum at the end. Fans of Davidwar’s can’t get enough of his masculine good looks so he plays that up in the next clip while showing off his hair and beard to the camera. Flirting with and teasing his fans, Davidwar strips down and gives them everything that want to see to drive them wild. Departing from the solo action, in this next clip Davidwar gets a foot massage from his buddy. Davidwar’s friend massages his foot and rubs every inch of it to help his friend relax and to get all of the foot slaves watching worked up.

2 New Videos – Master Shaun seeks revenge in this rough humiliation session. Initially the slave ties up MasterShaun thinking he will take advantage of his masters but the tables quickly turn. MasterShaun gets annoyed and pissed off that this slave would even consider trying to dom his master and proceeds to sit on the slave’s chest with his full body weight while spitting in the slave’s mouth. This slave quickly learns his lesson from all of the trampling, beating, and humiliation he is about to endure. In another session together, MasterShaun makes his slave smell his alpha scent. Master Shaun wakes up and feels pretty smelly and dirty before showering. Before washing up, this alpha sits right on his slave’s face with his smelly ass and makes the slave worship his stinky armpits and sweaty cock.

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2 New Videos – Master Dennis shows off his domination power by crushing a slave’s head between his muscular legs. This weak submissive is trapped between the massively strong legs of Master Dennis. This muscle dom locks in a tight headscissors on his slave and laughs as the slave begs for mercy. The holds get more intense when Master Dennis applies a triangle chokehold on his submissive. Right after his workout, Master Dennis is pumped and has adrenaline running all through him. That’s when he loves to release that build up aggression on weak slaves that he can punish. Master Dennis makes this weak sub submit once he clenches the hold on tight as the slave’s face is pressed against Master Dennis’ bulge.

5 New Videos – Ikagura submits to a new foot dom in his latest foot worship video. Fighting to get closer to his dom, this cocky alpha keeps Ikagura at his feet by kicking him back and making him worship his feet more. Ikagura cherishes every second that he gets to have his face planted in the soles of his master’s feet. Later the dom gags the slave with his feet. This arrogant foot dom gets Ikagura on his back and then stuffs his feet deep in Ikagura’s mouth until he gags on his master’s feet. Like an obedient foot slave, Ikagura takes as much of his master’s foot in his mouth as he can to show his obedience.

Ikagura then gets beat up by his master in a jiu jitsu fight. Ikagura doesn’t stand a fighting chance against an experienced jiu jitsu fighting dom but that doesn’t matter to him. All that matters is getting to submit to his powerful master. The jiu jitsu beatdown rages on as another master pins Ikagura to the mat for dominance. The arrogant alpha in this video smothers Ikagura’s face with his stinky, sweaty feet demanding that Ikagura sniff and lick his feet. Ikagura cries in pain while being beat up in between serving at his master’s feet. In the final round of this beat up series, Ikagura becomes a human punching bag for his master. This dom is experienced in boxing and wants to spar with his slave. Ikagura does his best to protect himself but still gets pummeled by his master yet again.

1 New Video – New to IN-CHARGE is Alpha777 and in his debut video he doms his faggot ashtray as he smokes cigar after cigar in his full leather. The fag slave lays on the ground as the hot ashes rain down on him acting as a foot rest for his master. Alpha777 is cool and dominant throughout the whole video as you look up at him from the slave’s perspective – making you feel like the piece of furniture you are. In the second scene of the video, you gets to see what Alpha777 odes to his faggot directly. Watch the fag slave kiss his master’s boots and be burned by hot ashes in this intense humiliation session.

3 New Videos – Vicious54 smothers a slave under his huge ass in his newest clip. Watch as this poor dude struggles to breathe under the huge ass of Vicious54. This alpha wiggles and bounces his ass on this sub’s face so that the slave worships his hole and fat jock ass. Then to step into a roleplay session, you can see what it is like for a tiny shrunken slave to be trapped up against Vicious54’s ass in this next clip. This is the life of every tiny slave that gets near this dom’s ass. They get strapped right up against Vicious54’s powerful jock ass and must inhale his farts and ass scent as punishment for being so small. Slaves who can’t get enough of this alpha’s farts will enjoy getting hypnotized by them as the blow out of this alpha’s ass. Vicioust54 will control your mind with his farts as he makes you stare at him ass in tight, see-through compression pants. Get hypnotized and realize that your life is now subject to sniffing your master’s farts.

4 New Videos – MasterRyder gets his slave in a hotel for an intense realtime session. Getting his slave all to himself, MasterRyder puts on a pair of sneakers and tramples all over his slave like he’s a human doormat. MasterRyder shows the slave that it is totally beneath him when his sits on the slave’s face and chest as he spits on its face. Later, MasterRyder sits his full weight on the slave and makes the slave become his human pony. Dehumanizing this slave, MasterRyder makes the slave walk around like a pony while carrying him on top. Later he jumps up-and-down with all of his weight on top of the slave before making the slave worship his ass and feet.

In another session with Master Shaun, the weak slave gets bullied by his master. Master Shaun sits on the slave’s face clothed and with his bareass for some intense facesitting. To get even kinkier with his slave, Master Shaun rubs his underwear all over his sweaty cock and balls before rubbing it all over the slave’s face. Keeping up with the domination and humiliation of the slave, Master Shaun pins the slave to the bed and sits right on his face some more to smother him under his ass. To degrade the slave even further, they go to the hotel bathroom where Master Shaun pisses all over his slave and makes the slave drink his warm piss.

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3 New Videos – Listen to what will happen you to when MasterGary talks about how he and his dom buddies will abuse you. MasterGary and his friends will completely humiliate you for being such a pathetic beta loser. These dom alphas will piss on you, verbally abuse you, and laugh at you for being so inferior and weak. Ultimately, you’ll do nothing but thank them for everything they do to you. After you’ve been dominated by MasterGary and his buddies, this alpha will pimp you out to make more money for him. Get your poppers ready as you listen to how MasterGary would pimp you out and all the sick things he would make you do for money. Inhale those poppers and ram your pathetic faggot hole with a dildo as you get pleasure from learning that you’ll become nothing but a cheap whore one day. You’re probably at the point now where you can’t stop gooning over alpha doms. Keep edging your little penis while MasterGary hypnotizes you into becoming a mindless cash fag for him. You live to get poppered up, fucked, and to serve the best.

2 New Videos – Here at LOCKSTOCK, they take great pride in supplying alphas with only the highest quality supply of breeding stock. RickyCage is one of those subjects and is collared and chastened in this spacious and inescapable compound. Unlike other suppliers of sex crazed subs, Lockstock Farms has been breeding slaves for decades. See first hand how well trained their breeding stock are when you download RickyCage’s latest clip. Adding to the locked up / chastity category, RickyCage shows what a locked up faggot is really like. This faggot got less than an hour left on his chastity lockup time. Watch him get rammed up the ass as he watches the clock tick down to freedom. This fag slave gets more and more horned up by the possibility that he might actually get to touch his dick for once this year.

3 New Videos – Vicious54 has had enough of your nonsense and as punishment he is going to tie you to his ass. This big butt alpha ties his tiny slave right up against his ass and forces you to smell his stinky alpha farts. Inhale this dom’s gas until you pass out as punishment. The micro slave abuse continues when Vicious54 traps you on the seat of a chair with his massive jock ass. Being a tiny little slave resting on the seat of a chair, Vicious54 didn’t see you down there before he plopped his big ass down on the chair. This alpha isn’t getting up no matter how much you scream until he fully crushes you with his ass. After all of that tiny slave abuse, this time Vicious54 and a buddy are about to do the real thing with some vengeance farts. This stud in pink briefs couldn’t punish his buddy enough so he had to trap him right under his ass for some nonstop farting punishment. Farting right into his buddy’s face this jock finally gets his revenge on his buddy.

3 New Videos – Dominant alpha DanielSlin gets his slave, Ikagura, in a tight chokehold to assert his dominance over his slave. This weak slave struggles to break free but it is no use against this jock dom. DanielSlin loves showing off his power and putting weak subs in their place. In another real time session, DanielSlin nearly makes his slave black out from the rough abuse and chokehold he administers. This time DanielSlin pins his slave down to a wrestling mat and locks in a tight side sleeper choke on this submissive. The weak slave taps and begs for mercy but it is up to DanielSlin if he wants to give any mercy to his slave. Afterwards, DanielSlin traps the slave between his legs for a tight headscissors. DanielSlin laughs in the slave’s face as he struggles to break free and struggles to breathe. Nothing amuses DanielSlin more than watching slaves struggle under his dominant power and strength.

3 New Videos – MasterRyder treats his fans to a full wank show before stripping down to show off his fit body and nice big cock. After stripping naked, MasterRyder pounds his big cock until he erupts a massive load of cum for the camera. For those wanting to see some real time sessions, check out MasterShaun dominating his slave with lots of feet on face action, facesitting, spitting, pony riding, and more. This findom makes his slave sniff his feet while he sits on top of him to humiliate the slave even more. In another real time session, MasterShaun returns from a long day at work to find his slave waiting for him on the bed ready to be sat on by his master. The two of them play a little game where the slave has to decide what smells worse: MasterShaun’s feet, armpits, or bare ass. See how much the slave can endure in this smelly humiliation session.

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2 New Videos – It’s once again time for more fucking popper training. Sniffing poppers is your lifestyle, abuse is your philosophy under the teachings of CashMasterTrey. You’re an all-around piece of garbage to this time. It is time to submit to the Brutal God as he makes you sniff poppers while he abuses you. Once you are wasted from the poppers it is time to experience some harsh verbal abuse reality from CashMasterTrey. You’re just a fucking creep to this dom. He sees you as nothing more than an object that deserves to be used as you lurk online for superior straight men to serve. You deserve all the scorn, verbal abuse, and mind fucking that this alpha can dish out to you. Best part of all is that you’ll just keep coming back for more.

4 New Videos – Master Kay takes his masked foot slave outside for an intense trampling session. This alpha wears some worn out white Nike sneakers as he stomps all over the weak slave’s bare chest and stomach. The masked slave can’t get enough of being under this dom’s superior sneakers. Master Kay even wipes his dirty sneakers all over the foot slave’s tongue. In another sneaker worship real time, MasterRusty tramples this slave like he’s just a doormat. MasterRusty has no compassion and shows no mercy for the slave as he walks all over him in his new Puma sneakers. The masked slave’s face is crushed under the weight of this alpha’s soles.

MasterRusty stuffs a sock in the slave’s mouth this time to mask his screams as he uses him as a human doormat. Wearing soccer cleats, this dom shows no mercy by stomping on the bare skin of this inferior foot slave. The screams get louder as MasterRusty shows no mercy with each stomp. You can even see the bulge growing in the slave’s pants to show he enjoys every second of this torture. Later, the slave is tortured under the sneakers of another alpha dom. This dom shows total disregard for the inferior slave as his only intent is to amuse himself from the slave’s suffering. The masked slave gasps for air as this dom comes down with all of his weight to trample the weak slave.

5 New Videos – Ikagura gags on his master’s feet in this new foot worship session. The obedient foot slave cleans Master Davi’s feet with complete devotion and loyalty. Sitting back and relaxing, Master Davi gags Ikagura with his huge barefeet and ensures the slave licks every inch of them. Later Master Davi stands over Ikagura and jams his foot in the slave’s mouth to assert dominance. Even though Ikagura gags from these massive feet going deeper down his throat, he secretly wants more. Master Davi tramples and beats up the slave to see how devoted Ikagura can be to his master. In the final clip from this session, Master Davi traps his slave in a tight headscissors until Ikagura taps out. Ikagura is pinned between his dom’s legs with his face planted deep in Master Davi’s ass. Ikagura realizes this is his natural position, underneath his master.

In the next foot worship session, Ikagura is dominated and kicked by his master’s feet. Ikagura lays on his back as his dom stands over him and repeatedly kicks him around and rubs his feet all over the slave’s face. Ikagura stops the kicking to lick and suck on his master’s toes but the domination quickly continues. Afterwards, Ikagura is tasked with cleaning his master’s dirty feet. Ikagura gladly shows his devotion and obedience to superior alpha male feet as he sucks on and licks every inch of his master’s feet. This foot slave gets his master’s feet totally clean even if he has to gag on his dom’s feet.

5 New Videos – Vicious54 takes a break to relax and rest his feet. Laying on his bed with athletic ankle socks on, Vicious54 ignores you as he plants his feet right into the camera. You have no where to go but to smell this alpha’s rank socks like an obedient servant. The ignoring session continues as Vicious takes a break from draining slave bank accounts to let his sweaty socked feet air out. This dom even lets loose some loud farts while he ignores you. Serve as a peeping Tom as you get ignored by this superior alpha and inhale all of his scents. If you need more of Vicious54’s socks, then you can get trapped between his socks in this next clip. Trapping a tiny shrunken down slave between his socks, Vicious54 puts his bare ass in the slave’s face and farts his alpha gas right in the front of the tiny slave. Imagine trading places with this micro slave and inhaling this dom’s gas fart after fart.

When he becomes a macro giant dom, Vicious54 likes to crush tiny slaves. This time Vicious54 has a shrunken down John Cena and crushes him under his superior jock ass. Wearing tight boxer briefs, Vicious54 smothers the little sub slave and farts right into his face. If you’re still craving more ignore session like earlier, then you can get ignored by this dom as he plays video games. Vicious54 relaxes with you behind him as he games and lets loose. He relaxes to much that he rips farts right into your direction. Be ignored and sniff your dom’s farts.

3 New Videos – DanielSlin dominates his weak slave with some tight side headlock chokes to assert his dominance. This cocky alpha takes his submissive slave down to the ground and clenches in tight chokeholds to teach the slave who is in charge. The weak slave tries to wiggle free but there is no use escaping this dom’s power. Once he is done choking this slave with his biceps, DanielSlin locks the slave in a headscissors. Showing off his strong legs, DanielSlin wraps his athletic legs around the slave’s neck and makes him squirm for mercy. Laughing and ignoring the slave’s cries, DanielSlin chokes the slave more for his amusement. Lastly, DanielSlin has even more slave domination to dish out. This arrogant dom loves choking his slave into submission and this is again no different. DanielSlin locks Ikagura in a headlock and looks right in his face as he begs for mercy. However, DanielSlin has no mercy to give this weak slave.3 New Videos – DanielSlin dominates his weak slave with some tight side headlock chokes to assert his dominance. This cocky alpha takes his submissive slave down to the ground and clenches in tight chokeholds to teach the slave who is in charge. The weak slave tries to wiggle free but there is no use escaping this dom’s power. Once he is done choking this slave with his biceps, DanielSlin locks the slave in a headscissors. Showing off his strong legs, DanielSlin wraps his athletic legs around the slave’s neck and makes him squirm for mercy. Laughing and ignoring the slave’s cries, DanielSlin chokes the slave more for his amusement. Lastly, DanielSlin has even more slave domination to dish out. This arrogant dom loves choking his slave into submission and this is again no different. DanielSlin locks Ikagura in a headlock and looks right in his face as he begs for mercy. However, DanielSlin has no mercy to give this weak slave.

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3 New Videos – Get your gas mask ready for some hardcore popper and dildo training from MasterGary. This scally alpha dom gives you instructions on how he wants you to sniff your poppers and use a dildo on yourself. Become a dirty pig for this alpha and obey all of his commands while you drool from staring at his sneakers. After your mind is wasted get ready to be bullied and spat on as MasterGary takes on the role of your bully. This dominant alpha wears boxing gloves and black Nike sneakers to verbally abuse you and tell you how he will physically abuse you as well. Sniff your popper and get beat down verbally and physically throughout this session with your bully. The beatings don’t stop there. MasterGary wants to beat you down some more. Wearing high ankle socks and boxing trunks, MasterGary puts the camera on the floor so you can look up at his superiority. Beg to serve this alpha findom as he tells you what a tiny dicked loser you are and shows you how he would punch and kick you for being such a loser to him.

3 New Videos – KingMaster gets his female sissy slave to serve him and then punishes his female slave. The master sits on the sofa and is served a drink by his female slave before using her as a footstool to rest his feet on. He then takes a paddle and begins spanking her ass to assert dominance. KingMaster then puts her on her hands and knees before whipping her ass some more. Finally he spits some prosecco in her mouth and leaves her waiting for more. KingMaster then heads off to the gym for you to smell his sweaty feet. Training for hours, this muscle dom gets sweaty feet in his sneakers and needs a sub to clean the sweat from his huge feet. KingMaster takes his socks off in front of the mirror and shows off his sweaty, smelly feet for you to worship. Later when he gets home, KingMaster has a treat for you. This alpha wants you to eat food from his feet. During lunch, KingMaster decides to put a plate of food on the ground and then humiliates his slave by ordering them to eat the leftovers from between his feet. KingMaster even covers his feet in BBQ sauce and mixes it with the plate of rice for slave to eat.

3 New Videos – Are you ready for some wrestling practice with your alpha? Vicious54 puts on a singlet before wrestling you. The only problem is, is that he’s very gassy and is ready to fart all over you during the match. This big booty dom’s ass stretches out the singlet showing off his massive ass. Can you survive the entire match being pinned under his powerful ass and inhaling his stinky farts? In the next clip, Vicious54 strips down to show more of his bare hairy ass before locking you in a dutch oven of his farts. Vicious54 traps you under the blankets and lets the farts rip out of his powerful ass. Within seconds you’ll feel like you’re trapped in a gas chamber of alpha farts. For the tiny slaves, Vicious54 has a fart entrapment video for you too. Trapping his tiny slave in a cauldron, Vicious54 puts on a singlet that exposes his huge alpha ass. Planting his ass over the cauldron, this alpha fills it with protein farts for the tiny slave to inhale. How much can you take of this alpha’s protein farts?

4 New Videos – Master Rusty gets his masked slave on the ground to trample him with his barefeet. Master Rusty’s barefeet are weapons when he uses them to stomp all over this human doormat. This slave has no choice but to submit under the crushing power of this alpha’s feet. Later, while still barefoot, MasterRusty stomps on his slave some more. Knocking the wind out of this slave, MasterRusty puts all of his body weight behind these stomps. This arrogant alpha stomps on the masked slaves chest and stomach without mercy.

In another stomp session, MasterAxel walks all over his slave in some white Nike Airmax sneakers. After walking on the slave’s chest and stomach, MasterAxel wipes his shoes on the slave’s face to remind the slave of how worthless he is to him. Once done, MasterAxel jumps on top of the slave with all of his might MasterAxel wants to test how much this slave can endure when he then puts on some soccer cleats to stomp on his property. The masked slave is now shirtless so that he can experience more brutal pain from this dom. MasterAxel walks all over the slave’s bare skin with his sharp soccer cleats to make this slave truly suffer under his shoes.

4 New Videos – Ikagura is dominated and used by his master in this chokeout domination session. The lean, ripped alpha toys with his slave by sitting on his face and slapping him around. Once this alpha wants to increase the abuse, he pins Ikagura on his back, wraps his legs around Ikagura’s head and begins squeezing. Ikagura is locked into submission with no where to go and nothing to do but to tap out and beg for mercy. In the next clip, DanielSlin takes part in dominating the slave. DanielSlin pins Ikagura to the ground and tramples all over him with his sweaty feet following a soccer game. Ikagura serves and worships his alpha’s feet like an obedient foot slave. There is no other place Ikagura would want to be than under a dom’s feet.

Ikagura gets abused even more by an athletic alpha during this scissors domination session. The lean alpha pins Ikagura under him and makes Ikagura sniff his ass. Afterwards, the dom locks Ikagura in a tight headscissors until he begs for mercy and has not choice but to tap out. This domination continues when the alpha traps his slave’s head between his legs. Ikagura has no where to escape to as this cocky alpha wraps his legs around Ikagura’s neck making it hard for him to breathe. The submissive slave doesn’t want to tap out because he realizes this is where slave’s truly belong.

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2 New Videos – King Luca wants you to beg for his superior alpha dick. Watch with your tongue out as this dominant alpha strokes every inch of his massive meat in front of you. King Luca wants you to watch in awe at what a real man’s big dick looks like compared to your tiny sub penis. After serving this alpha and worshipping his dick you can then get smothered under his ass and inhale his farts. Submit and sniff King Luca’s alpha farts as they rip from his jock ass. This dom knows that sick faggots like you are into nasty stuff so here is your chance to become the ultimate fart inhaling slave for King Luca.

5 New Videos – There isn’t much room in the bathroom stall for you and Vicious54 so you’ll need to get behind this alpha and get on your knees for space. Vicious54 pulls out his alpha dick and pisses in the toilet bowl imagining that he’s pissing in your slave mouth. This alpha rips loud farts as he pisses too. Get your face by his ass and inhale his ripe farts as he pisses a warm stream of superiority. After you’re done sniffing his ass, you can serve his ass as a trapped slave. Vicious54 decides to take a nap after he shrinks you down to the size of an action figure. Right before going to sleep, this alpha places you in his underwear right in his ass crack. You are trapped to sniff and worship his ass all night until he awakes. The tiny slave entrapment continues when Vicious54 locks a tiny, shrunken-down-in-size John Cena in a glass jar. John Cena struggles to escape from this mason jar but he’s too tiny to get out. Vicious54 then fills the tiny glass jar with his farts for John Cena to inhale. Ultimately this tiny muscle slave is trapped in a gas chamber filled with his master’s farts.

After the tiny John Cena breathes in all of his master’s gas, he then is trapped in his master’s briefs. Vicious54 puts the shrunken down John Cena in his tight black briefs right up against his ass. This dom then bends over to the camera so you can watch the tiny slave struggle in his ass. Imagine what it would be like to be a tiny slave in the same predicament. Getting even more up close to Vicious54’s ass, he shows off his alpha asshole in this macro domination clip. Shrunken down slave John Cena is right near his giant master’s bare asshole and has no way out. Vicious54 rips tons of gassy farts right in shrunken down John Cena’s face and makes him inhale all of his gas as punishment.

5 New Videos – Ikagura gets dominated by alpha master DanielSlin in this headscissors domination video clip. Ikagura is pinned underneath his dom and gets his head squeezed between DanielSlin’s superior, muscular legs. The weak slave writhes around and struggles to break free but his efforts are useless under DanielSlin’s power. Later, DanielSlin locks Ikagura in a series of chokeholds to asser his dominance. Pinning his slave to the ground, DanielSlin locks the slave’s head in a side headlock and squeezes tight enough to make the slave tap out. Ikagura begs for mercy but his fate is in the hands of DanielSlin. Ikagura then gets dominated even more by a jiu jitsu dom. Weakling Ikagura is no match for this dom’s ground game as he gets locked in various jiu jitsu holds and has to tap out for mercy. This dom shows no mercy on Ikagura and laughs in amusement as the slave taps out each and every time.

Ikagura gets back to what he knows best and that’s worshipping alpha feet. The foot slave lays on his bed as he serves, licks, and worships his master’s alpha feet. Gagging and choking on his master’s feet, Ikagura can’t get enough of being an obedient foot slave. Ikagura is then pinned and trampled under the feet of another alpha. This superior master rubs his feet all over Ikagura’s face and smothers him with his soles. Ikagura takes his rightful place under his master’s feet as he sucks on his master’s toes.

3 New Videos – Master Rusty treats his slave like a human doormat as he tramples him with Nike Afos sneakers. This brutal dom master walks all over his slave as he stomps on the slave’s chest and stomach. The masked slave cries out in pain and gasps for air as this dom brutally tramples him all over. Master Rusty continues to get rougher with the trampling abuse when he humiliates the slave further. Wearing Nike Airforce sneakers, Master Rusty kicks, tramples, and stomps on his slave as if he’s not even human. The dominant tattooed alpha puts all of his weight down on the slave’s stomach and chest causing him to gasp for air at points. This masked slave endures even more stomping domination as the next featured alpha jumps with all of his weight onto the slave’s stomach and bare chest. Wearing just a mask and going shirtless, the slave endures extreme stomping and crushing domination under his master’s sneakers. See how much trample and stomping abuse this slave can take from his master.

1 New Video – Davidwar has another hot clip he just released of him sitting his jock ass on a slave’s face. The hot Colombian dom sits his muscle ass on this sexy twink boy’s face and makes the boy worship his muscle ass. After the boy rims his dom’s hole, Davidwar gets a hot blowjob from the twink. This submissive twink can’t get enough of Davidwar’s ass and dick.

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1 New Video – Listen up and submit to CashMasterTrey like the inferior pig slave you are to him. This alpha dom says it is time to worship his white socks as he verbally degrades. CashMasterTrey will instruct you to strip down to your bare ass, place your hand on your little dick, and take his verbal abuse like a pussy fag slave. Wearing a leather jacket and dirty white socks, CashMasterTrey will make you beg to sniff his superior socks.

4 New Videos – Vicious54 is your gym trainer and he’s ready to give you a degrading session. This jock dom places you on the ground and puts his muscle ass right in your face. It is your task to suck in his gym trainer protein farts as you struggle to keep up with him and breathe. Sniff this alpha’s superior scent. The farting degradation continues when Vicious54 ties you to a stool, shrinks you down to the size of a tiny slave and smothers you with his ass. Vicious54 wants you to sniff and inhale his nasty farts to show your obedience. If this alpha doesn’t hear you sniffing, you’ll never escape being suffocated by his ass.

Now that you’re shrunken down to the size of a tiny action figure, Vicious54 can trap you in his singlet. Imagine you are the size of a tiny action figure and you’re trapped in Vicious54’s singlet, right up against his jock ass. There is no where to run and no escape for you. You now must submit to his farts and worship his ass as part of your abuse. Once out of the singlet and in some compression fit shorts, Vicious54 has the tiny slave trapped underneath his ass again. As a shrunken slave, you have no where to run from this macro alpha giant. Vicious54 completely smothers you with his big, round ass cheeks as you squirm and beg for freedom.

4 New Videos – The masked slave is back to endure some painful trampling from his wicked alpha dom. This jock alpha stomps all over his pathetic slave with his soccer cleats just for his own amusement. When the dom isn’t trampling on his slave, he commands him to lick his dirty soccer cleats. After the slave is done serving his master’s cleats, it’s time to worship his sneakers. The masked for slave licks this dom’s dirty Nike Airforce sneakers outside before he gets stomped all over. This dom is brutal and doesn’t hold back when he stomps all of his slave’s face, chest, and stomach.

Master Rusty stomps and tramples on his slave with no mercy in this foot domination clip. Getting the masked slave on his back, Master Rusty walks all over the submissive foot slave like he’s a human doormat. Stomping, crushing, and kicking this slave, Master Rusty establishes his dominance by using this slave for his total amusement. In this last upload for the week, the masked sub serves as a human doormat for his master. The masked slave submits under his master’s Nike soccer cleats as he is trampled and stomped on by his dom. The alpha then increases the pain level and begins jogging on top of this slave for maximum abuse.

3 New Videos – Ikagura is dominated and choked out by this cocky alpha. Trained as a Jiu Jitsu fighter, this alpha pins his slave to the ground and sits on his face to make the slave realize its place. The alpha dom then locks the slave in a headscissors and chokes him into submission. The headscissors domination continues when the alpha locks his slave’s head between his legs for a strong scissors chokehold. The slave begs for mercy but it is up to this cocky dom to give it, if he chooses to do so. This alpha then pins the slave on its stomach to choke him from behind. The slave is trapped in a tight headscissors chokehold from this trained fighter. The slave gasps and struggles to beg for mercy from his alpha. Only when this alpha thinks the slave has fully accepted its place, does he allow the slave to breathe.

2 New Videos – DanielSlin is back to make his weak slave submit to his abuse. Pinning his slave to the ground, DanielSlin locks on a chokehold as he smiles at the camera with a cocky grin. The slave gasps for air and begs DanielSlin for mercy but this arrogant dom just laughs at the camera. Tightening his grip around the slave’s neck, the slave has no choice but to tap out and submit to his dom. MasterDaniel then toys with his victim for some more intense choking. This cocky dom locks his sub slave in a side headlock and puts the slave in its place as he continues to tighten his grip around the slave’s neck. DanielSlin is in total control of this slave’s air supply and the slave has no where to go but to submit to his master and beg for mercy.

Newest Downloads

3 New Videos – Alpha dom Vicious54 has shrunken you down to the size of an action figure before he suffocates you with his as. While pinned under his muscle jock ass, this dom farts right in your tiny little face. Inhale deeply this alpha’s superior gas while he drains your wallet and shrinks your token balance. Later, Vicious54 verbally degrades you as he surfs the internet. Put your nose close to his ass because he has some more farts for you to inhale. Suffer through his rank farts as he verbally abuses you and browses the web. This dom has plenty of time to waste if you have the cash and willpower to endure his rancid smelling farts. After that session it is time to be shrunken down some more to inhale his farts. This superior alpha gets you back to your tiny action figure size and places you in his compression fit shorts. Smell his rancid farts as they just keep ripping in your face.

1 New Video – Kinky jock Ricky Cage gets his hole fucking wrecked and creamed up by massive dildos. This slutty bottom is so hungry for dicks that he turns his fuck machine up to the max and still wants more. Lots of intense verbal aggression and dirty talk throughout this 16 minute clip. Watch how much dick Ricky Cage’s sloppy hole can endure.

4 New Videos – This masked slave gets trampled by 2 dom masters in Plattmacher’s latest video. Both alpha doms laugh in amusement as they trample and crush this pathetic masked slave outdoors. The masked foot slave endures a brutal trampling from both alphas and is lucky for the opportunity. The slave crushing continues in part two. When two alpha masters get together, they are naturally more aggressive because they want to show off to each other as to who can degrade and punish the slave more. Check out how both of these alphas walk all over this slave like a doormat.

Later, the masked slave goes one-on-one with MasterAxel to be stepped on by this dom. The superior Master Axel doesn’t hold back as he tramples all over this slave’s face with this Nike sneakers. This weak masked foot slave loves every second of being under his master’s powerful feet. To inflict more painful trampling, Master Axel now puts on a pair of Nike soccer cleats to stomp on this slave. Watch the slave’s skin get bright red from each stomp of the cleats. Master Axel loves showing this slave that his rightful place is underneath the soles of his shoes.

3 New Videos – KingMaster decides to make you a snack with his feet. The dominant alpha gets some tomatoes and puts them on the floor to smash into mush with his feet. His huge alpha male feet crush the tomatoes until they are just liquid all over the floor. To add to your meal, he spits his saliva all over his feet and smears it into the tomatoes. Get over and lick up his mess and lick his feet clean. After preparing that meal for you, it is time for slave to cook for KingMaster. After returning home from the gym, KingMaster’s masked slave gets dinner prepared and ready for his dom. As KingMaster eats, the masked slave takes his rightful place under the table to eat his master’s dinner scraps. Before being fed, the slave massages his master’s feet and as a reward he is thrown dinner scraps from KingMaster’s plate to feast upon. If you were jealous of the rewards KingMaster gave to his personal slave, he has another meal for you. Prepare to eat this dom’s toenails. KingMaster cuts his toenails to make you enjoy a delicious meal right from his feet. This master collects his alpha toenails on a towel for a slave like you to drool over. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you can buy KingMaster’s toenails to eat them yourself.

3 New Videos – When Master Shaun wakes up super horny, there is only one thing he wants to do and that is to get off with his slave. However, it won’t be that easy for the slave. After making out with his slave, Master Shaun puts the slave to work with lots of trampling, foot worship, facesitting, and domination. In another real time session with Master Shaun, he dominates his slave by making him worship his sweaty socks after a long intense game of soccer. Master Shaun goes back to trampling on his slave, beating up the slave, and sitting on the slave’s face. This submissive slave loves smelling and worshipping every inch of Master Shaun’s body. In their final real time video uploaded this week, Master Shaun treats his slave like an object. Riding the slave like a pony and full weight facesitting is what Master Shaun has in store for this sub during their session. Master Shaun gets more extreme in this session by spitting on, blowing snot on, and farting on the slave to degrade it further. At the end, Master Shaun wrestles the slave as a finisher and to rough up the slave some more.