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1 New Video – SlavesSeeker can’t get enough of abusing and delivering hardcore punishment to his pathetic slave. This latest clip is another video of SlavesSeeker abusing a slave with his belt and bitch slapping the faggot’s face until he cries like a bitch. Even though the faggot is crying and begging for mercy, he’ll keep coming back for more and more hardcore punishment in the future. This is what the faggot craves and it’s what you crave. Download it now

2 New Videos – You need to be locked and denied. Master Alex will tease you until the breaking point until you’re dripping constantly and can’t take it anymore. Your cock belongs in a cage. It’s time to show your Master and Keyholder what a good little chastity slave you are. Hand Master Alex the key! Let him lock up your manhood. Only Master’s cock matters. The only way you are allowed to spurt that little load is when Master Alex’s monster dick is breeding your ass. This dom will bend your mind to his will. Make you so desperate to obey that you will crawl on your hands and knees to present the keys to your cage. Master Alex is getting inside your brain. You won’t even want to touch yourself after this. Your chastity training is going to be absolute. No release until Master Alex allows it. Take five deep breaths and strap yourself in. Master is going to fuck your mind and lock your cock in chastity.

Another hot day outside and Master Alex loves to go barefoot. Especially since a good foot fag is always near to clean the sweat, dirt and mud from his soles. This day Master Alex is feeling particularly nasty and humiliates you, spits on you and presents you the middle finger while you grovel beneath him. You are so pathetic and drooling for even his dirty feet that he decides to ignore you while you stare and lose your mind over his awesome giant, smelly feet. Are you going to be the hungry foot fag crawling towards him today?

1 New Video – Did you enjoy Taylor‘s “Pound My Pussy” video? Because here comes part two! This part contains another hour of submissive booty play from Taylor. This muscle stud dresses up and shows off his sexy body in skimpy lingerie and panties. The dirty talk to Daddy is turned all the way up the entire time. An array of booty play with different toys and positions that shows off Taylor’s athletic bubble butt throughout the hour long video that will leave you speechless. Expect plenty of dildo sucking. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel like your dick is out and in the middle of the action. Taylor makes you feel like you are right there with him. If the idea of a hot, straight stud begging to get fucked is up your alley, then jump on this one NOW!

1 New Video – As requested by many fag slaves, MasterF shows off his armpits for an armpit sniffing and verbal abuse session. Throught this video clip, MasterF orders you as his loyal faggot to sniff his hairy and sweaty alpha armpits. Do as you are told and get your face and tongue in his sweaty, musty armpits to lick his alpha essence. MasterF will continue to order you to lick and clean every drop of sweaty from his alpha body.

Featured Model- DocTayTay

Taylor knows how pathetic you really are considering the fact that you’ll pay him to see his feet. Taylor likes money and like degrading you so it’s a win-win for him. In this 20 minute video, Taylor delivers lots of trash talk and teasing while he tries on 3 pairs of shoes for his fag slaves. Taylor has the attitude of a bully or that of a mean / abusive boss while he lets you know just how desperate you are when seeing his shoes and feet. You are his slave now though, and you can’t seem to look away as he forces your face and nose down a pair of his boots, dress shoes, and high-top basketball sneakers. Finally, he lets you see him sockless and makes you wonder what it would be like to feet his feet all over your pathetic body.

Newest Downloads

2 New Videos – Hairy dom Master Alex wears a leather harness and boots as he mummifies his slave to a bed and proceeds to use electro torment to make him suffer. First, Master Alex teases the slave’s nipples and cock with a vibrator and then bring out the shocker, electro clamps and electro sound. Extreme bondage, teasing, dirty verbal talk, and electro play all together in one hardcore BDSM rollercoaster ride in this nearly 10 minute video clip. In another new clip, Master Alex goes solo for a casual Monday swim which then quickly turns into a neverending ecstasy of edging and results in one of the biggest cum shots ever. There is lots of cock slapping and nasty talk as this alpha dom edges his massive superior cock. Master Alex even says this is the biggest load he’s ever shot outdoors in his life.

1 New Video – In this video, you will experience how MasterF trains fags to worship and lick his sneakers. Instead of using a pathetic fag, MasterF uses a melon with a typical faggot face drawn on it. Imagine going for a hike in the woods to only cross paths with MasterF. You’re fate might just be the same as the fate of this faggot faced melon. The result yields lots of verbal abuse, crushing, and stomping from this superior alpha.

1 New Video – This here will show your true worth to AidenPrettii‘s attention span. Drop to your knees and swoon over how perfect this edgy alpha is as he does a light workout while ignoring you. AidenPrettii will focus on his needs as you’re being ignored like a helpless idiot. However, this alpha does show you a big of attention when he flips you off randomly to remind you of how big of an idiot you are, because to him that’s all you are.

1 New Video – Turkish Master Azad show us his sweaty body right after his workout. This hairy and sweaty alpha master shows his sexy chest full of sweat. He even lets you enjoy the view of his sweaty and musty armpits full of testosterone and pheromones. Finally he reveals his big sweaty dick after the gym. Submit fully to this sweaty and hairy hunk.

2 New Videos – WebcamSocks is back with another collection of two hunks showing off their feet on webcam. The first shows a straight guys showing off his sweaty white socks. This sexy college hunk shows off his big socked feet for the camera for a weak slave to bow to and worship his superior feet. In another clip a scruffy hunk also shows off his sweaty white socks. This straight guy loves getting attention to his big feet, especially from weak faggots with big wallets.

Featured Model- MasterBraz95

In this nearly 11 minute video clip, MasterBraz95 makes you sniff his alpha feet at his command when he says to do so. With his socked feet up to the camera as he sits back smoking a cigarette, this alpha master will make you fry your brain with poppers while he hypnotizes you and brainwashes you to be a mindless foot fag. His hypnotic feet are known to be money makers. As one fag wrote in the comments on the video, “MasterBraz95 is one of the best popper trainers”. Submit yourself and bring a bottle of poppers when you download this video.

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2 New Videos – Giant Dad Taylor has just shrunk his son, Jack, and two friends, Max and Jeff. The three find a hideout underneath a dresser…but they can’t hide for long. Dad is MAD and is determined to stomp them all like BUGS! One Taylor finds them, he drags the three tiny boys out in the open and proceeds to taunt and threaten them with his giant feet. Now Dad wants to feel your bodies smoosh against his barefeet when he slowly squashes you. Don’t even bother trying to get away…this giant dad is pissed off beyond belief after you boys drank all of his beer again. Hope it was all worth it!

In another new video, DocTayTay continues his “Tied and Tickled” series with Nikki returning to her old ways. Taylor is exhausted after a long football practice and collapses on the bed. Nikki has been waiting and as soon as the coast is clear, she sneaks out and starts peeling off his sweaty socks like the sock thief she is in this video. Next, she starts doing what she does best, she ties up Taylor’s wrists, ankles, and finally gags him with a bandana. Now she can do whatever she wants. What is it you want Nikki? Are you just a control freak that loves jock feet?

2 New Videos – Skinhead trans is in his latex bodysuit and gas mask with huge spikes and torments his slave, who had to pull huge weights by his cock and balls. He has to kiss and worship the Master’s boots but each step makes his cock and balls ache. The merciless skinhead Dom takes pleasure in the slave’s suffering, making sure that hte slave is put through the paces. In another new clip, slaves will enjoy getting an overdose of Master Alex in this fart and piss compilation. A seemingly never-ending compilation of all of Master Alex’s loud, smelly farts paired with clips of him shooting huge loads of cum and pissing. This is what every nasty slave desires all in one video clip.

3 New Videos – New to In-Charge is lean, hunk Cbrig7 who just upload 3 short and hot clips of him jerking off his big white cock. In one clip, cbrig7 shows off his 8″ big white cock as he jacks off. With a side angle of his 8″ monster, you’ll crave to worship his big dick until he blows a thick load on his stomach. Harnessing more of his big dick energy, cbrig7 shows off more of his cock as he jerks off to completion. Lastly, cbrig7 shows how his soft cock becomes hard in another short clip.

Featured Model- KingGinger

Prepare for a verbal beatdown as KingGinger verbally abuses you and treats you as you should be treated. This alpha dom is ready to choke you out and rob you blind of everything you have. Submit yourself to the ultimate fag bashing from this straight superior male. You’ll immediately learn your role as you give up everything to this straight alpha while he verbally bashes you.

Featured Model- Master Morpheus and Alpha Corey

Master Morpheus and Alpha Corey use a fag slave in this real time meet video clip. These two alphas make the fag clean their sneakers and lick the soles of their sneakers. After some verbal abuse, they grab a belt and a whip and begin whipping the slave until he pledges allegiance to both of these alphas. Then for some laughs, Master Morpheus and Alpha Corey make the fag slave take an orange in his mouth and spit it out as Alpha Corey pinches his nose shut. The fag slave is then ordered to take off both of their shoes and sniff their stinky socked feet. Both of these cash doms then proceed to spit in the faggot’s mouth as they continue to whip him and verbally ab use him. Since they treat the cash fag like trash, Alpha Corey dumps a trash can on the fag’s face and covers him in garbage. The humiliation only continues in this 10 minute video clip for this fat fag slave.

Featured Model- Master Brad

Master Brad loves having clean basketball shoes and uses his own personal foot fag to clean his shoes. This fag slave crawls to Master Brad’s sneakers and sticks out his tongue to please his master. Once instructed, he begins licking his master’s freshly, used basketball sneakers clean. Master Brad verbally abuses his fag slave and yells out orders to make sure the fag is doing a good job. Later, Master Brad makes his fag slave lay on his back and he smothers it’s face with his dirty sneakers and puts his fag slave in it’s place.

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2 New Videos – These are not love taps but serious hard spanks by Master Alex to his roommate slave. Since the slave needs some training in cocksucking and cum eating, Master decides to play a game. He saved up 2 used condoms in the freezer and for every 100 spanks the bottom takes, he gets one condom emptied in his mouth. The spanks come fast and hard while he is in doggy, over the knee, or on his back with legs pulled up. He struggles to take the spanking torment, but it is nothing compared to how he resists eating all that cum. The training continues.

After slave Jax worshipped Master Alex’s boots, socks, and licks cum off of his barefeet, Master Alex decided to make a cocktail in the slave’s mouth by letting him drink his master’s warm piss, straight from the source. The slave is on the ground facing his master as he towers over him, unzipping his pants and taking out his beautiful uncut superior cock. The long stream of piss goes straight into the slave’s mouth and he struggles to swallow it all as the heavenly golden nectar keeps on flowing and showering him.

1 New Video – Holy smokes! Over an HOUR long video of Taylor. This video might be too hot to handle for some people. Taylors takes on a submissive role in this feature. Taylor treats you like the king you are and backs it up with non-stop dirty talk about how he wants you to fuck his jock pussy. Taylor tempts and teases you in some lingerie and skimpy panties first. Then he warms up that pussy for Daddy as he rubs and shows off his hole, spreads his cheeks apart, and does some fingering. Last but not least, it’s time for that pussy to get pounded out. Taylor moans loudly and only intensifies the dirty talk as this straight stud BEGS to get fucked in all sorts of positions and by several toys. Don’t forget to switch off on jerk off hands while watching this one. Can you handle over an HOUR of this?

1 New Video – New to In-Charge is dominant straight alpha TheGodofMen. This young dominant jock is ready to put you through a forced popper intox session. Relaxing on his couch in jeans and dirty white socks, this straight jock gives you the urge to sniff your poppers and enjoy his perfection at the same time. Enjoy and sniff, fag slaves. You should bow down before this superior God of men and let his perfection grab your wallet and take everything from inside it.

2 New Videos – In this video clip, MasterBraz makes you sniff and worship his dirty white socks. MasterBraz occassionally makes you sniff your poppers while he allows you to drool at his dirty white socks. All through this video, MasterBraz will verbally abuse you as he delivers his sniffing instructions for you. Watching MasterBraz display natural dominance as you fry your brain on poppers will make you even more compliant to do anything he tells you to do. In another new video this week from MasterBraz, he humiliates and brainwashes you while he’s driving. Riding around the city, this findom humiliates you as he smokes his cigarette. MasterBraz will give you instructions on how to be a useful sub and it is your responsibility to obey him and do everything he tells you to do.

Featured Model- Michael Hoffman

This steamy shower video is a definite download to any Michael Hoffman fan’s collection. The video starts off with Michael Hoffman naked in his room, rubbing his big cock and showing off his tatted muscles. He gets down on his back on the floor and shows his tight asshole right to the camera close up. Afterward, Michael Hoffman heads to the shower to get himself hard again while he jacks off his fat, massively long cock as the hot water hits his body. He shows off his tight muscular ass all though out this hot shower session.