Featured Model- Master Marko

In his hit trampling video, Master Mirko tramples a weak, thin slave guy’s body with no mercy. Master Mirko is a powerlifter and experienced in judoka, meaning he can easily destroy anyone who crosses his path. Weighing in at 183 lbs, Mirko delivers sadistic blows to this weak boy’s body. The weak slave boy yells out in pain as Mirko stomps on his chest and abdomen. Mirko is so sadistic that he even starts lifting weights while standing on the slave by doing bicep curls and even does squats with a barbell while standing with both feet on top of the slave. Mirko enjoys watching the weak body under him suffer from his strong judo trained feet in this nearly 17 minute video.

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3 New Videos – Follow Master Ultimate God outside as he relaxes in sandals. Lots of time is spent throughout this over 10 minute video with Master Ultimate God ignoring his worshipers. Sit by his feet like a tiny bug as he enjoys some time outside in his sandals and barefoot. Later, Master Ultimate God goes inside to take off his old, beat up sneakers. No verbal domination this time around. Just pure, casual alpha power being exemplified throughout. Stare mindlessly at an Alpha Go’d shoes, socks, and barefeet as you await for him to acknowledge you, once he feels you earned it.

Now comes the time for the verbal abuse and intense popper training. Master Ultimate God sits shirtless as he orders you, his faggot, to popper yourself up more and more. Watch as he flexes and dominates you with his pure, masculine alpha power. You will quickly succumb to your primal queer urges and fry your faggot brain on poppers until your brain is soup. Get flipped off, verbally abused, and mentally wiped out by Master Ultimate God.

2 New Videos – Stefano and his brother team up to laugh at a small dicked faggot like you. Stefano and his brother can’t believe what an ugly, pathetic little dicked faggot you are. They sit back and humiliate you like you deserve while sticking their feet right up to the camera. Stefano then goes solo for this cocky flexing video. Shirtless and extremely ripped, Stefano shows off his mean and lean muscle. You’ll be in awe and want to become his top muscle worshiper as he flexes his huge biceps and shows off his chiseled abs. Open your wallet and serve.

2 New Videos – Ever want to worship a superior alpha like FlexGod in person? This time FlexGod does a real time session with a slave. This weak slave gets the chance to oil up FlexGod’s muscles and feel his masculine chest. Imagine finally tributing enough to be given this opportunity and to have the chance to touch a real man. If you cannot get enough of FlexGod, then it’s time you worship his feet. Right after an intense gym session, FlexGod comes home and puts his sneakers up to your face for you to lick the bottoms of them clean. Afterward, he removes his sneakers and presents you with his extra sweaty gym socks. Inhale his alpha aroma from his gym socks and worship them before ultimately he lets you worship his barefeet as he flexes.

1 New Video – ChokeMasters has another new couple engaging in some intense wrestling / choking. This time, ChokeMasters has a hung Latino guy facefucking his girlfriend while while placing her in a leglock. His Latina girlfriend struggles, chokes, and gags on his big dick as he doesn’t let up no matter how much she struggles. He is relentless throughout this nearly 10 minute video. His main goal is to get extreme pleasure for his cock no matter what he has to do.

1 New Video – New to In-Charge.net is DavidWar. In his first video upload, DavidWar and his straight buddy take on a weak beta male in a naked fight. These two straight guys assert their dominance in this real time meet over this weak beta male. In this 20 minute clip, they don’t give up at showing him who is the boss as they pin him down and make him submit over and over.

Featured Model- KingGinger

Get on your fucking knees, grab your poppers and sniff KingGinger’s dirty socks. Throughout this very verbally offensive video clip, KingGinger will order you to sniff his dirty white socks and to sniff your poppers when he commands to do so and for as long as he commands to do it. During this forced intox session, you’ll beg to serve this straight alpha dom’s filthy, raunchy white socks as you fry away as many fag brain cells as possible.

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1 New Video – Master Alex doesn’t think his slave is even worthy of licking scum from the bottoms of his boots. And yet the slave wants to prove his worth by licking Master Alex’s filthy boots clean. Master Alex believes that human slave tongue is the only thing soft enough to clean his leather boots so he puts the boot shiner to work, motivating it with the leash and crop all throughout this 21 minute video.

2 New Videos – Alpha muscle god Stefano loves to intox his slaves good and make them worship him like obedient mindless drones. In this particular video, Stefano puts you through an intox fantasywhile dressed in a suit. Putting his designer dress shoes up to the camera, Stefano flips you off and demands that you hit your poppers longer and harder. Lick his dress shoes while you obey. Later, Stefano strips out of his suit to show his muscular upper body and removes his dress shoes so you can serve at his barefeet.

In another new video upload, Stefano focuses your humiliation on giving you the middle finger. Stefano is a pro at degrading and humiliating faggots like you. He gives you everything you deserve. By the end of this flipping off hand focused video, you’ll be hungry to kiss his middle fingers and become even more submissive to him.

1 New Videos – You are a tiny worm in the presence of this muscle giant. During this 10 minute video clip, FlexGod becomes a superior alpha giant that towers over you. Bow down and bow down some more for this muscular giant beast. Master FlexGod is here to dominate and to force you to worship him. Crawl to this supreme being and pray that he won’t stomp and squash you.

4 New Videos – Wearing a compression fit UnderArmour gym shirt with a Superman emblem, YoungNCharge shows you why you’re a fag boy. Flexing and degrading you intensely, YoungNCharge will turn you into a complete bitch boy. At one point in the video, he pretend like he’s fucking his computer screen as if he was fucking your face. In another new video clip, YoungNCharge does some roleplay and pretends to be a home invader that just broke into your home. Imagine a shirtless, masked YoungNCharge breaks into a faggot’s home and takes everything he wants. All throughout the clip, YoungNCharge verbally abuses you and makes you admit that you’re a bitch faggot and much more. Hand over all of your valuables to YoungNCharge before he does some serious damage.

After that scenario, it is now time to just worship YoungNCharge’s body. Follow this alpha after he showers and is dripping wet. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to dry him off as the water drips from his nuts. Like any YoungNCharge video, there is plenty of verbal abuse. Finally, take the time to worship YoungNCharge’s ass. This tattooed dom’s ass is perfect for a faggot’s nose to sniff all of his alpha scents. Put your mutt nose in his muscle ass as he squeezes this ass cheeks tight to smother you so you can’t breathe.

Featured Model- Master Damiel

In one of MasterDamiel‘s best videos he shows what its like to torture a faggot in this 35 minute video clip. MasterDamiel starts by making his cash fag wear clothespins all over his balls (the fag slave would probably wear them on his cock too but it’s locked in a metal chastity device). After that, the fag slave lays on his back while looking up at MasterDamiel to inhale all of his cigarette smoke and to accept his master’s spit all over his face. To make sure his fag slave gets more intox, MasterDamiel puts a gas mask on the cash fag and makes him inhale unfiltered clouds of smoke from his mouth right into the gas mask.

To torture the fag more, MasterDamiel pours hot candle wax all over the fag’s body as he cries in pain. Muffling his cries, MasterDamiel puts his huge foot over the slave’s mouth. Continuing the real time abuse, MasterDamiel ties his submissive faggot to a chair with tons of rope. Once the fag is bound, MasterDamiel puts his cigarette out on the faggot’s body. The intoxing continues while the slave is bound as MasterDamiel blows more smoke in the faggots gas mask hose. To finish off this torture session, MasterDamiel dumps his entire ash tray which is loaded with cigarettes into the faggot’s mouth and switches camera angles to show the fag’s mouth loaded with ash.

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2 New Videos – Alpha master Stefano gets tons of requests from fag slaves. In particular, the fag who requested this video likes it hard. Stefano obliges and delivers some hard and mean domination while he degrades and humiliates you throughout this 15 minute video clip. Stefan flips you off with his middle finger, makes you sniff his sweaty gym socks, and lick his dirty blue sneakers. Show this superior alpha how obedient you can be in his presence.

In another new clip, Stefano takes a break outside to have a cigarette. Even though this muscular dom is taking a break, he doesn’t take a break from verbally abusing you. Stefano reminds you why it is your duty and your purpose in life to serve him. He sits back and blows smoke right in your face while you sit obediently with your tongue out waiting for more abuse from this alpha.

2 New Videos – ChokeMasters has another new video of a BDSM couple uploaded to his In-Charge.net portfolio. This particular BDSM couple show off chokeholds for the camera. The arrogant and cocky dom boyfriend locks his girlfriend in a tight chokehold while she gasps for air. Before locking in this tight fighting holds, the dom teaches her some breathing techniques which may be the only reason she made it through to the end of this 17 minute video.

Similarly added to his portfolio is another chokehold video featuring two brothers applying chokeholds. In this video clip, the little brother has always been on the receiving end of the chokeholds and choke maneuvers. This time it’s his turn to be the punisher chokemaster and has become a beast in this video. No more little bro this time as he dominates the other guy in a bad way.

4 New Videos – YoungNCharge doesn’t hold back in this 10 minute video clip while he shows off naked as he verbally abuses fags like you. Showing his rock hard abs, YoungNCharge dishes out intense verbal attacks to make you feel like nothing as he shows off what you’ll never have. YoungNCharge makes it clear why he’s a master and you’re a sub all throughout.

Later, YoungNCharge lets you tag along to see the life in the typical day of an alpha. YoungNCharge lives up the playboy lifestyle when he gives his alpha muscle dick to some slut he fucks in a bathtub. Fags reading now probably wish they could be the lucky slut who gets to take every inch of YoungNCharge’s dick in her wet tight pussy. Just sit and watch like a sub cuck as YoungNCharge shows you how a real man fucks. While you’re at it, you can worship his jock muscle ass and big barefeet as you crave him more and more.

3 New Audio Clips -It’s back to school time and this is the perfect video for that time of year because for you, it’s back to fag school time. In this 8-minute humiliation and indoctrination file, you will learn how to be a perfect little, worthless faggot. This audio file will make you even more certain of who you are, who you truly wish to be, and how to get there. After that clip, you can advance your indoctrination and drive home that you are a bottom cocksucker fag slut. You are a fag and a cocksucker. You’re a bottom and a slut. This four minute file will take you deeper into your true self, a fag, obsessed with cock. You don’t want to resist this anymore.

After you’re finished it is time to melt into your poppers. You’re going to melt everything: your body, your brain, your willpower. The irresistible combination of poppers and Master Lucian will melt you like clay. Clay that Master Lucian will mold and shape into whatever he desires by the end of this 12 minute audio clip. You’ll be transformed 100% into his ideal slave.

Featured Model- KenFitness

Here is what every foot fag deserves, the chance to be stomped by KenFitness. Clad in leather boots, KenFitness smashes some food into the floor to show you what it would be like if he smashed you with the force of his boots. Placing the camera underneath him, you’ll look up at this dominant alpha male wishing his boot with come down with all of his might onto your body. Be prepared to be verbally abused and put in your place by KenFitness throughout this video clip as he reminds you of your role in life. Your true role is under his boot, serving and worship him at all costs.

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1 New Video – Master Mark just released a new real time video where his slave worships his feet. Set in a hotel room, Master Mark makes his slave lay on its back while he takes off his sneakers and smothers the slave’s face with his black socks and sweaty feet. His obedient cash fag inhales the stench and scent of his master’s alpha feet as he worships like an obedient slave. Master Mark verbally abuses the fag and forces him to be a mindless foot fag all throughout this 15 minute clip.


1 New Video – Alpha muscle dom Stefano makes obedient faggots like you weak when he flexes in a jockstrap. Wearing a bright green and blue jockstrap, Stefano will make a faggot like you weak. But to make you even weaker, Stefano makes you sniff some poppers to fry your brain. Listen to Stefano as he counts for you and makes you inhale harder and deeper as you stare mindlessly at his perfect muscles. Submit and worship this muscle God as your new king.

2 New Videos – Follow YoungNCharge in the shower in this new video clip. YoungNCharge strips down and shows off his muscles for you to worship him before he takes a hot shower. Watch this alpha tease you until you come crawling to him for more and more. In another new video clip, YoungNCharge gets verbally abusive and degrades you for being such a depraved faggot. Stripping out of his dress shirt and wearing only a beater, YoungNCharge shows off his cocky side while flexing and verbally trashing you in this new video clip from his portfolio.

3 New Audio Clips -You already know how much you love to sniff poppers. To let the aromas overwhelm you. To let Master Lucian’s voice take you deep under his control. But now, be prepared for a new sensation. Master Lucian is going to let you sniff his crotch like an obedient faggot slave.

After you’re done sniffing your master’s crotch and have his scent all over you. It is time to transform into a sex doll. Prepare to be transformed into nothing more than a sex object. You will be used and abused for the pleasure of others. You will love every minute of it after listening to this audio file. Strengthen your mental training and then learn to be a better bimbo. Deep inside being a bimbo slut is what you crave and want. You need it more than anything in the world. Secretly you desire to be a better bimbo. To be dumber, sluttier, and to give into your urges. Give into those urges and follow the commands of Master Lucian with this audio file.

Featured Model- Master Braz

MasterBraz delivers an intense ignore session in this nearly 22 minute fag slave ignore video. MasterBraz is wearing his beat-up and worn out white sneakers that he plants up to the camera for you to admire and worship. While sitting comfortably in his room, watching his favorite shows, smoking, and talking on the phone, MasterBraz acts as if you aren’t even there. Maybe you don’t mean enough for him to even acknowledge you and maybe you should be glad that MasterBraz is giving you this chance to sit there quietly to observe and worship him freely. Kneel before this powerful dom and admire his superiority.

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1 New Video – Master Alex is wearing his hot black catsuit and leather boots as he prepares to inflict an insane amount of spanking punishment. Master Alex tied his slave’s hands with heavy metal chains to some weights, spreader bar on his legs, and put sharp spiked plates under his feet. Movement to escape the spanking blows will only make slave suffer even more. First, Master Alex starts off with his unique hard and long punishment implement that he brings down on the slave’s ass and balls. Once those cheeks are nice and tender, Master moves on to the long fiber cane. He unleashes a never-ending volley of merciless strokes until the slave is left screaming in agony. And of course, he must thank Master Alex for the punishment with a sore, bruised ass that will stay with him for weeks.

1 New Video – One of TripleXTransMan’s clients comes over for some serious impact play and domination. This slave lays down on a massage table and is strapped in so that he cannot go anywhere. TripleXTransMan delivers some hardcore and intense spanking on this slave because the slave had not completed his tasks for the week. Using straps, belts, and paddles, TripleXTransMan beats this slave until his skin cannot take it anymore.

2 New Videos – ChokeMasters brings another clip of a couple going through some chokeholds. This time an MMA dude shows off while putting his girlfriend in a chokehold. This tatted hunk unleashes his male superiority on this girl and wraps his muscled arms around her neck making her submit. Would you be able to withstand these intense MMA chokeholds if this was you?

2 New Audio Clips -For all of Master Lucian’s leather lovers out there, this audio clip is for you. Feel Master Lucian’s power, and the power of leather. Transform yourself completely for Master Lucian. Soon you will be completely in Master Lucian’s control and will be begging for more as he turns you into a leather bound doll for his amusement. Then, Master Lucian wants to test your will power to see if you are not an addict. Are you really addicted to poppers? Test it for yourself when you download this audio clip from Master Lucian. You are the one in control, right??