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1 New Video – This masked faggot submits to Master Chris in a hotel room while he sits back, drinks a beer, and watches TV. The pathetic foot fag goes on and on sniffing socked feet and worshiping them like an obedient faggot. He then sniffs Master Chris’ sweaty, smelly sneakers while getting laughed at and verbally abused. Later the faggot lays on his back wearing pink panties as he gets smothered by Master Chris’ alpha male feet.

1 New Video – In this new video clip, Master Marco uses his big, perfect size 46EU feet to make his footlicker slave weaker and weaker. The faggot becomes so weak that he can’t help but handing Master Marco his entire wallet to be drained dry. Using fag slaves cracks Master Marco up and he still can’t believe the kinds of degeneration that is out there, which is better for him obviously. Stare at Master Marco’s feet and become weaker as you crave to let this God empty your wallet.

3 New Videos – In the newest round of video uploads from Chokemasters, he features a sub who gets choked not by headlocks but by getting a rough throatfucking. The sub submits to his master, a skinny but extremely hung dom, who wrecks and destroys this sub’s throat. The facefucking continues when the skinny dom makes the sub deepthroat him in a leglock. The skinny master uses his huge cock to pound this faggot sub’s throat harder and harder leaving him a spit covered mess.

But for those who still love Chokemasters headlock and wrestling style videos, he has a new upload for you. This 5 minute video clip features an army dude standing while locking another guy in a standing headscissors. The chokehold goes on slowly and is prolonged until the guy getting choked can’t take it anymore. The pressure gets increased until he cannot take it anymore.

1 New Video – Check out JumboIncredible‘s latest video featuring him scrubbing his alpha feet. This black alpha dips his 12.5 sized feet into a foot bath and scrapes the crust off the bottoms of his soles. Then he brushes his toe nails. Videos like this make foot faggots extremely weak.

1 New Video – You deserve to be used and abused for being a weak faggot. Bvlgari13 teaches you another worship lesson in this new video to his portfolio. All through the video, you will worship this dom’s leather, his piss, and his dominance. Your purpose is to serve a real ALPHA. Bvlgari13 will make you his own personal bitch and you will do everything he says to do.

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2 New Videos – Antonio continues to use his little faggot slave in this clip, where you can get to admire his muscles, feet and armpits. He demands his armpits to be sniffed and cleaned with the slave’s tongue, and orders his slave to crawl at his feet to worship them. The slave is also used as a human footstool as Antonio relaxes and verbally humiliates the pathetic slave. The masked slave cannot help but obey at the order of this straight muscle alpha man.

In another new clip, Master Marco is more sadistic than usual. This alpha male first starts to make his slave lick the soles of his sneakers and uses the slave’s face as a footrest. Then he removes his shoes, and gags the slave with his socked feet (dirty gym socks) by putting his foot into the slave’s mouth. Marco then takes off one of his socks and throws it into the slave’s mouth, then taping the slave’s mouth to make it shut up. The slave is helpless, he can’t do anything while Marco slaps him with his hand and feet. The masked cash fag is degraded to a mere object and he’s not even able to lick Marco’s feet as long as he has his mouth taped shut. Marco teases and humiliates the slave verbally as well. When the tape is removed, Marco gags the slave with his foot again.

3 New Videos – In his latest clip, Chokemasters uploaded footage of a bodybuilder with a big dick dominating a twink by locking him in a sleeperhold and headscissors. The dominant muscle stud chokes out this twink with his biceps, his barehands, and his muscular, thick legs until the weak twink boy submits. In another new clip, Chokemasters pairs an army dude against another stud. This one features a long and slow sleeper choke with the army stud locking in his friend in a tight grip. His hunky friend struggles to breathe and nearly passes out.

In another clip, a tattooed, muscle alpha destroys a teddy bear. The verbal, muscle alpha dishes out hardcore verbal abuse and demonstrates the many chokeholds he’d use on you by pretending the teddy bear is your. At the end, this rough alpha shoots his load all of you as you look up at him.

Top Selling Video for 2018- Beating, Burning, and Abusing a slave

This pathetic twink fag comes over for a beat down from SlavesSeeker and he proceeds to kick him repeatedly until he takes off his hoodie. Once he is shirtless, SlavesSeeker whips the fuck out of him until he breaks down and starts crying like a sissy. SlavesSeeker even then heats up a spoon and burns the slave’s back with it. To amuse himself, SlavesSeeker makes this fag slave dance for him so that he can get a laugh. Afterwards, SlavesSeeker forces the slave to drink a cup of piss to finish off this 25 minute video clip.

Featured Model- Master Alex

For those of you still in the holiday Christmas spirit, Master Alex has a holiday inspired video for you. Wrapped up like a gift, except for part of his face, cock, balls, and feet, Master Alex plays with his slave like he’s a gift by sitting on the slave’s face and using his riding crop on him. Escape and resistance are impossible as the slave is totally controlled and dominated in this real time session. Master Alex grinds those big ass cheeks up and down on the slave’s face while he’s tied up. As he beats the slaves balls and nipples, the slave struggles to get air, but all he gets is either that ass or huge hanging cum-filled balls slapping on his face. Then, Master Alex stands up, trampling the slave’s cock while playing with his own monster meat. This is a holiday gift this slave will remember forever.

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2 New Videos – ChokeMasters delivers another choking out video, this time putting two polar opposites against each other. In this nearly 14 minute video clip, a muscular Colombian alpha uses his strength to overpower a twink. Throughout the video, he throws this tiny twink in various chokeholds, headscissors, and an extremely tight full nelson chokehold until the twink passes out.

In another video update, ChokeMasters pairs two tattooed muscle hunks in a battle of bodybuilders. These two muscle studs exchange several chokeholds. The bearded alpha guy was the pro as he actually taught the bigger dude how to apply the choke in an earlier video that will soon appear on In-Charge. You can be the judge as to who applies the tightest chokehold in this encounter. Show ChokeMasters that you want more of his choking / wrestling scenes by downloading his videos.

1 New Video – Antonio is a straight muscle master and in this clip, he sits on the sofa and demands that his Nike sneakers be cleaned by the faggot serving him. The slave licks his shoes clean, both top and soles, offering his tongue as a doormat. After removing the shoes, the slave inhales the smell of Antonio’s sweaty socks. Finally, Antonio puts his barefeet in the faggot’s mouth, ordering him to lick them clean and makes fun of the slave throughout. Master Antonio’s whole foot is sucked and licked as he relaxes and ignores the footlicker as he uses his smartphone. The slave is too busy licking between his master’s toes while being ignored. In the end, Antonio keeps relaxing using the slave’s head as his footstool.

2 New Videos – Master Rush Corleone is back with a gorgeous 20 year old sorority chick to suck his thick fratboy cock. The blonde beauty deepthroats Master Rush’s huge 8″ uncut cock, covering it in slobber. Her tits are massive double D’s and her lips are plump, perfect for the fat dick she sucks. She spits, licks, and deepthroats every inch, sucks Master Rush’s giant balls all while talking dirty and being spoken to like the dirty little slut that she is to him. She then proceeds to swallow the whole cum load from the 20 year old Cash Master. In another video clip from Master Rush, he pounds a sorority chick with his massive 8″ cock. She screams and moans as he penetrates her tight teen pussy from the back and claims what is his in this short clip.

2 New Videos – Just released, a new solo video from Str8ThugMaster showing off his big alpha cock. Str8ThugMaster shows off his big alpha rod for horny faggots like you who crave his cum down your throat. He stops in the middle of the work day just to feed cum to nasty horny faggots. In another new clip, Str8ThugMaster makes his personal faggot suck his toes. The obedient foot licker does everything his master says and slobbers all over his big, superior, alpha feet.

Featured Model- UnderMaleFeet

The slave in this video clip noticed two 22yo straight college guys on social media. From their photos, they appeared to be wealthy from the expensive clothing and shoes they were wearing, exclusive parties they attended, and so on. The total definition of spoiled rich guys. The slave contacted one of the two guys and, after a brief explanation, proposed the idea of being their personal footstool and ashtray for cash. The rich college stud laughed at the idea but never took it seriously. After the slave insisted for a couple of weeks without success, the slave eventually suggested to buy him any pair of shoes he wanted in exchange for absolutely nothing. Luckily, the hunk accepted and chose Adidas Superstar sneakers as his sneaker of choice. The slave met this guy to deliver the sneakers and without warning him, the alpha brought 2 other friends of his to this meeting. Now there are 3 straight guys in front of this faggot who begged them to become their slave and just acted as an obedient human ATM. After this meeting, they were convinced that this fag wasn’t a dangerous psycho and finally accepted the slave’s offer to serve them for money. These alphas didn’t use this slave for money, they merely used him because they could.

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2 New Videos – Master Marco goes on a cash master shopping spree with a slave’s credit card in his latest video. This alpha dom totally drained this poor faggot, hitting his credit card to its limits. Master Marco just sits with the slave’s face under his feet, and after ordering him to hand over his wallet, this master picked a card and then started shopping on Amazon. The fucking slave was totally weak and helpless under his master’s huge feet as his credit card was drained. Master Marco didn’t give a fuck, no matter how much the slave begged not to max out his card.

In another new clip, straight Master Antonio humiliates a fag slave with his friend. In the middle of Master Antonio’s real time with a cash fag from Instagram, his phone rang: it’s one of his best friends. This straight buddy of Master Antonio’s was surprised to hear that the foot licker was actually there. While chatting on the phone with his friend, Antonio totally humiliates the weak faggot, making him feel like a worthless subhuman piece of garbage. Antonio uses tons of verbal abuse and humiliation, mocking the faggot and laughing at him with his straight friend. During the whole encounter, the slave just continues to keep sniffing and licking his master’s feet. Finally after the call, Antonio orders the slave to massage his feet so that he can relax properly at the end of this 20 minute video clip.

1 New Video – Marcus has really got a thing for Taylor’s feet- especially his toes. Just the sight of Taylor flicking and wiggling his toes (especially his BIG toe) is enough for Marcus to cum over and over and over again. So what does Marcus do? Why he reserves 35+ mins of Taylor’s perfect feet and toes all to himself to mesmerize himself with. Enjoy the dominant dirty talk as Taylor commands you to cum and puts you in a trance.

2 New Videos – New to is 21 year old college fratboy, MasterRushCorleone. This dom is 100% straight and 100% alpha. In his first video on the site, MasterRushCorleone forces you to sniff poppers for 5 minutes while staring at his long white socks and killer looks for the perfect view. You will be absolutely blasted off of poppers and completely in awe of Master Rush by the time the video ends. In his second latest video, Master Rush smothers a slave with his alpha barefeet. The masked slave is lucky enough to be covered by his college fratboy master’s feet. Master Rush verbally abuses this masked faggot and degrades him. The entire time, the foot faggot licks his master’s size 11 feet.

1 New Video – Master Alex is in his leather jacket and vest drenching you in his super long, creamy spit. POV style. You will see from below as those sharp teeth drool and unleash gobs and gobs of juicy spit. It’s time to open up and take it because there is more spit coming.

2 New Videos – Once again, these two ripped and lean brothers wrestle each other for dominance. Just like the last time, the older bro dominates his little bro by putting him in some sick and tight chokeholds and headscissors making him gasp for air and quickly submit to his older brother. The two brothers square off again in a 10 minute videos of brother on brother chokeholds. The older bro’s biceps squeeze tightly around his little brother’s neck forcing the younger brother to pass out. Freddie is the younger brother’s name by the way. It seems like Freddie is always getting dominated by his older brother.

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2 New Videos – The slave is prepared to be useful for Master Matteo, with his face up at the disposal of his master. Matteo sits on the sofa, lights a cigarette and turns the poor slave into a human ashtray. Matteo ashes directly into the faggot’s mouth and uses the slave’s teeth to make the ashes drop. Little verbal humiliation is included too throughout this video. In the end, the cigarette is put off on the slave’s tongue and dropped into his mouth. In another new video clip from UnderMaleFeet, Master Marco is featured as he crushes his slave’s head, standing on it with his full weight. The poor little slave is just a helpless doormat for this master’s huge feet. The slave just can’t escape. You can hear the poor doormat really struggling to breathe with Marco standing on his chest and his stomach. March also stands on the faggot’s throat, making him gasp for air and suffocate just for his own amusement.

1 New Video – Take this jerk-off to a new, HOTTER level with a few clips of Taylor bound in different bondage get-ups slipped in periodically throughout this hot spank session. All of that teasing leads up to an EXPLOSIVE shooting cumshot. All the hot edging must have really done the trick for Taylor.

3 New Videos – New to is ChokeMasters. In the first video upload from ChokeMasters, he pairs together a younger and older brother who take each other on in some submission holds. The older bro puts his younger brother in a tight headscissors making his younger brother gasp for air and struggle to breathe. The younger bro endures a variety of headscissor and chokeholds as he struggles frantically to escape the dominatoin of his older brother. In the 2nd clip from these two brothers, the older bro gets his younger bro in another tight chokehold but this time the older brother is completely naked while domming his little bro. The aggressive older brother chokes his younger sibling to the point that he’s drooling and begging to escape. Eventually he passes out completely and is awaken again by his older brother. In their last battle, the two brothers go for a reverse headscissors. The older brother is naked again and wraps his hamstrings around his little bro’s neck, squeezing him like a python. The little brother needs to tap out from the strength of his dominant older bro’s legs and submits a third time in this video series.

2 New Videos – Also new to is leather dom Bvlgari13. This muscular leather dom teaches you how to worship his dominance in a worship lesson you’ll never forget. You need to submit and worship this leather master. Get on your faggot knees and listen to his commands as you lick his leather boots. For his second lesson, this leather dom master makes you worship his piss and then clean his leather boots. Later in the video, he flexes his guns and shows his literal gun as he makes you cower in fear to submit to him.