Black Friday Sale

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Instant Messaging and Tributing has arrived!

What’s new?
Members of In-Charge can now chat with each other directly on the website. Our new always-on chat interface is very similar to Facebook messenger. It’s located in the bottom right corner of every page. Once you click ‘Chat’, it allows you to chat with anyone on the list. The list shows who is currently online and who you are following. You can follow members by visiting their profile page. To message them using the always-on window, just click their name and start chatting.

How can I message people I don’t follow and who aren’t online?
You can message members by going to either their profile page or portfolio page and clicking Compose. It’ll open a new chat window to begin chatting.

What if they person isn’t online? Will they get my message?
Yes! Another feature is a fully functioning inbox. Users who aren’t online when you send them a message, will have it sent to their inbox.

Where can I access my inbox?
The inbox can be accessed either by clicking the mail icon next to your username or navigating to the messaging page located here:

What messages will I find in my inbox?
In the inbox you will find all messages sent to you by members when you weren’t online. You also will receive site notifications that are important such as if you had a sale and other site related items.

Do messages expire? Can I delete them?
All messages expire after 10 days and will no longer be available. You can delete messages, mark as read, mark as unread, and flag messages from your inbox by using the icons at the top of the message window.

Do I have limits on how many messages I can send?
Currently, you can send up to 100 messages per day. If you are a seller on In-Charge, you can send unlimited messages. If you need to send more than 100 messages per day, you can buy a chat membership from the Re-Charge page.

Why can I send so many messages for free?
Since this is a new feature, we want everyone to use it and enjoy it without restrictions. In the coming months, the number of daily free chat messages will no longer be at 100. Sellers will always get unlimited chat privileges.

How can I tribute someone?
Another feature of the instant messenger, is that members can send tributes directly while chatting by clicking the green money icon. Once clicked, you can send a user any number of tokens in your account. You can also send tributes via the inbox function if that user isn’t online and has sent you an inbox message.

I’m a seller on In-Charge, how much do I earn from tributes?
You will receive your existing rate on the site from all tributes you get from other members.

What if the chat isn’t working properly?
This is a new system and has been tested but sometimes bugs slip through the cracks. If you encounter an error or something acts weird, Contact Us to let us know so we can fix it

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Newest Downloads


1 New Audio File – New to In-Charge is RoqGod, the mindfuck guru who teaches you to submit. In his first item posted to In-Charge, RoqGod uploaded the first file from his most purchased and most sought after audio series. This is Session One from RoqGod. It’s a simple, direct evil induction that will relax you, exhilarate you, plant triggers in your mind, erase memories, and leave you mindless and read to tribute and cum. RoqGod starts off by putting you in a hypnotic trance while instructing you on how to sniff your poppers. You’ll inhale, exhale, and go mindless at his voice and follow all of RoqGod’s commands.


1 New Video – SlavesSeeker just used some fag cash and went out to buy a new pair of Tommy Hilfiger boots. SlavesSeekers shows off his boots to the camera for all of his loyal foot fags. Imagine being on the ground and being trampled by those boots while SlavesSeeker leaves his boot marks all over you. Follow this alpha male’s orders and worship his brand new boots by downloading this video and drooling over watching them.


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Newest Downloads


3 New Videos – In this 18 minute video, Frank the Tank films muscle stud Alain Lamas in all his muscle glory. Alain Lamas is a muscular pretty boy who might just leave your head a bit woozy as if from an ice cream rush. Many of you may be familiar with Alain Lamas from other venues but this video clip shows all of Alain Lamas including his muscular biceps, jock ass, barefeet, and hard throbbing cock. Another video upload from Frank the Tank features Alain Lamas doing a strip tease. Things always get heated up when hard-bodied Alain Lamas steps in to perform a strip show. Watch as he gradually undresses completely in a seductive way showing off his rock hard physique. The way he moves and moans will get anyone hot and weak. This cocky muscle stud loves to show off his rock hard body, feeling his muscles, and stroking his fully boned cock for your viewing pleasure. Get these hot videos of Alain Lamas now.

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1 New Video – MastaJR is ready to fry your brain and warp your mind in his latest video clip. Grab your poppers and download this video clip as you follow orders from MastaJR while he commands you on how to fry your brain and sniff your poppers. Sitting in front of his computer, smoking a cigarette, MastaJR tells you how he’d put his cigarette out in your mouth and fill your mouth with his ashes. Suck down his smoke and inhale your poppers throughout this smoking and popper intox instructional video.



2 New Videos – The latest victim to be bound by Frank the Tank and experience his brutal gym bound punishment is male stripper Dirk Jensen. Frank takes advantage of Dirk and cuts away his clothes exposing this male stripper’s hot naked muscle body. He then punishes his hot muscle victim by fondling and whipping every inch of his muscle as Dirk screams in excruciating pain. Dirk Jensen is bound on a squat rack by his wrists and ankles with rope all while wearing a ball gag. At the end, Frank the Tank puts a chain around his muscle slave’s neck.

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