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3 New Videos – King Luca treats this real time cash fag like a piece of property in this brutal real time session. The drugged up faggot is choked until his wind pipe is nearly smashed by King Luca’s belt. All throughout this 23 minute video clip, the faggot gladly endures the high level abuse and humiliation given to him by King Luca. King Luca then tests the faggot’s devotion even more as he suffocates the fag by placing a plastic bag over his head. This dominant alpha doesn’t hold back and shows you that his fag idiot will do anything for him. After suffocating the fag a bit, King Luca sits on his face to smother him some more in this brutal session. Finally it culminates with intense strangulation as King Luca finds some rope and tightens it extra tight around this fag’s throat. The faggot gets off on erotic asphyxiation while King Luca shows his pure hatred of fags toward this pathetic slave.

5 New Videos – Fag Butler is put through a quick round of shock collar training. MasterUltimateGod gives the fag the option of doing hard, humiliation, and often physically taxing tasks or experiencing the pain from the shock collar. Each time, the fag has to decide what form of pain he gets to experience. The final choice leaves the fag with a nasty black eye. The punishment continues under MasterUltimateGod’s alpha feet. You pathetic fucks seem to love seeing him in pain. Watch MasterUltimateGod beat this fag’s balls with my alpha jock feet. MasterUltimateGod humiliates and degrades the fag as it writhes on the floor in pain. Unfortunately, this seems to hurt more than with the shoes, so sucks for the fag.

MasterUltimateGod uses a new faggot who is too scared to show his face…so the bitch is nicknamed the Masked Fag. In jeans and work boots, watch MasterUltimateGod smother this fag under his alpha ass. Almost choking the fag under his heavy weight, MasterUltimateGod smothers the queer as he squirms wanting out from under his master’s dominant weight. Eventually, the fag sits on the ground and is turned into a fag chair. The faggot’s face becomes the cushion for his master’s alpha ass. For those of you who love seeing MasterUltimateGod punish Fag Butler, he too is in for some punishment. Fag Butler lays down on the couch as he is crushed under his dom’s alpha feet. After a little bit of stomping on the queer, MasterUltimateGod crushes the fag’s balls. Next, this alpha sits on the fag’s pathetic face, making sure his nose is directly up, so this alpha can crush it under his ass. How many of you want to trade spots with these faggots?

1 New Video – YoungNCharge brings you along to watch him abuse this faggot for 2 hours. Yes, the video is 2 hours long! This masked faggot endures all of the abuse YoungNCharge can dish out as this powerful findom forces the faggot to put a funnel in its mouth and drink his superior piss. Later, this cash master spits on the faggot and forces it to worship his alpha male feet. Tons of verbal abuse, alpha ass worshiping, hot tub massages, and foot worship. This lengthy real time session concludes with YoungNCharge getting showered in cash on the hotel bed.

1 New Video – Chokemaster Chris is ready to choke out his friend Andre. These two lean muscle studs flex for the camera and show off how cock they are in front of an audience. Afterward, Chris begins to choke Andre out. Andre taps out several times but ultimately Chris finishes him off. See how long Andre can endure these chokeholds.

2 New Videos – Turkish Satan takes shows you how he would take you credit card and get you intoxicated on poppers. This arrogant cash dom holds the bottle of poppers up to your nose to get your head swimming. Afterward he snatches your credit card and gets you to give him the PIN during this session. After you’ve given into this dom, it is now time to worship his sneakers. Turkish Satan gets his sneakers right up to your face and orders you to lick the soles of his sneakers. After he thinks you’ve done a good enough job, then you’ll be permitted to sniff and lick his black socks like an obedient foot fag.

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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod is joined by his buddy GymDom for this double domination session. This dominant duo humiliate you and completely destroy your ego as they plant your face right at their feet and stand over you as they verbally abuse you. Completely submit to these two cocky and muscular alphas as they make you feel like a total inferior.

For some solo MasterUltimateGod action, this alpha gets his butler to worship his feet. This foot fag gets the honor and privilege of worshiping MasterUltimateGod’s alpha feet. Watch as this pathetic foot fag enjoy the power of his master’s alpha shoes, socks, and feet all while being humiliated. Aren’t you jealous and wish this could be you? Later, MasterUltimateGod gets a fag for a short real time session where he crushes can near it’s head. The fag butler is so afraid that one slip up could result in him getting his head bashed in with MasterUltimateGod’s feet. Watch him flinch in fear from his master’s feet.

2 New Videos – Muscle god Stefano shows you what it means to be an alpha male in this cigar smoking domination video. Wearing a shirt saying “I Do Alpha Male Shit”, Stefano smokes a cigar while flexing for the camera. Submit completely to this muscular alpha and realize that you’ll never attain as much physical perfection as him. Later, Stefano does some roleplay where he breaks into a fag’s house and makes him drink his spit. During this home invasion, you’re at the mercy of Stefano and must do whatever he says or else he’ll beat the shit out of you.

2 New Videos – Enjoy the view and sniff the awesome smell of Flexgods’s socks and feet. In this HD video clip, Flexgod will make you lick his sneakers clean for the chance to worship his sweaty socks and alpha feet. Get down on all fours like an obedient foot fag and show Flexgod how devoted you are to him by worshiping these big alpha feet. Later, Flexgod punishes you with some verbal abuse as he degrades you. Accept your role as an inferior while this jacked muscle god verbally humiliates you and puts you in your rightful place.

1 New Video – In chokemasters lastest video, this hung muscular stud chokes and dominates a twink. This tatted muscle jock flexes and jerks his cock for a bit before his twink slave steps in to the picture. The twink immediately begs for the muscle stud’s cock and sucks it before getting locked in a headlock and headscissors. Pure muscle domination all throughout this 12 minute video.

1 New Video – Experience 12 full minutes of alpha control as you worship LordMasterRich’s feet. This dominant cocky alpha verbally directs you as to what he wants and how he wants it done. Submit completely to him and worship his socked feet and barefeet the way a foot slave should.

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1 New Video – Master Alex‘s roommate is one dirty, horny guy to the point that he’s constantly trying to fuck someone and get a nut off. Recently, this curious fucker stole one of Master Alex’s metal sounding rods and tried to figure out what it’s for. When Master Alex catches him, he decides to pin him down, take control and show him how to really play with these sounding rods. Master Alex then proceeds to fuck his piss hole and shove the super long sound all the way down until it’s lodged inside. This metal sounding rod goes balls deep as Master Alex fucks this guy’s cock all the way, every damn inch. The stealing roommate is left shaking from the experience and learned a lesson to never take his roommates things.

2 New Videos – After 6 months, these two lean, athletic brothers return for another brutal chokehold session. The bigger brother continues to dominate his younger, little brother in some of the tightest chokeholds yet as he makes him submit to his dominance. Could you withstand these types of choke outs? The choking and domination continues in another series of no mercy headscissors from the older dominant brother. He takes charge over his younger brother and makes him submit to his wants. The chokeholds and headscissors don’t let up as this older brother asserts his true dominance over his little brother.