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5 New Videos – Blindfolded, handcuffed, and collared with his electric collar, Fag Butler is ready to experience extreme pain. Pain pigs will love seeing what happens to this fag. When the slave breaks his handcuffs, MasterUltimateGod beats the hell out of him as a faggot should learn his place. Even though Fag Butler has an interview the next day, MasterUltimateGod doesn’t give a fuck in this beat down session. Humiliating the faggot is his main goal.

Later, MasterUltimateGod crushes the faggot’s balls. This alpha makes the fag butler strip so that he is naked and exposed. Next, he starts crushing the faggot’s pathetic sack. This faggot doesn’t need balls. MasterUltimateGod throws shoes at the faggot’s balls and inflicts as much pain as possible. Switching gears, MasterUltimateGod then challenges the fag to some grappling domination. The fag can’t seem to get enough of his master’s alpha muscles. He squirms and his dom puts him in a number of Jiu Jitsu holds, causing the fag to squeal out in pain and frustration.

1 New Video – Miles Striker knows why you’re here. Get that poppers bottle out and ready. Today things are going to get a little messy. Breathe every bit of air out, plug, then inhale 10…9…8…7…… Miles Striker lights up a smoke while directing this popper reinforcement training today. This alpha spits a loogie straight on your face while telling you that you’re nothing but his ashtray and spittoon. Just a waste receptacle. Let the poppers take you as you open wide. You’re nothing but scum to catch what Miles doesn’t even put on my floor. By the time he’s done with you today, you’re not going to be recognizable. Now Lick his size 13 leather jump boots heel to toe with your tongue. Covering you in spit, ash, and dirt. How does it feel to be born this way? You’re a sexual reject that is completely unworthy of any desire. Now Miles has a very special treat for you as you let out that last breath. Nice drink for a faggot with a toilet of a mouth like you. Be thankful you get to gargle down his alpha piss right from the tap.

4 New Videos – Listen to daddy Flexgod while he shows you his big bulge and huge feet. This muscular dom humiliates and degrades you as he flips you off for being a weak faggot. Serve and worship every inch of his muscular body. Not only should you worship his muscles but also worship his alpha spit. Master Flexgod forces you to drink his spit, lick his armpits, and worship his huge alpha male feet as he shows you where you belong.

After you’ve finished licking up his spit, prepare to get addicted to Master Flexgod’s leather clad muscular body. Sitting in front of you wearing a leather jacket, leather gloves, and planting his feet right in your face, Flexgod will make you worship every inch of his body. Wearing tight grey underwear he flaunts his bulge in your face to weaken you even more. Don’t ever stop worshipping his feet though. Master Flexgod focuses solely on making you worship the soles of his feet in this next video. Wearing long white socks then showing his huge barefeet, this is a video for foot fags.

4 New Videos – On a regular basis, Davidwar visits his step uncle. While in quarantine he felt isolated and lonely so he decided to visit his horny uncle and have his uncle rim his jock ass. Laying on the bed, Davidwar’s uncle tongues his nephew’s hole and can’t get enough of it. If you love his ass then you’ll also love his huge cock. Davidwar then shows off his massive cock in the next video upload. Drool over his thick Colombian dick as he flexes. To make his cock even bigger, Davidwar pumps up his dick. Putting on a dick pump, Davidwar gethis cock to fill nearly the entire tube as it keeps growing and getting bigger. Finally Davidwar has a video for macrophilia lovers as he makes you get a taste of him growing to be a giant. Become a shrunken tiny as you worship this giant alpha male.

3 New Videos – King Luca sits on a slave’s face in his newest real time session. This cocky alpha makes the slave lick his sneakers before sitting right down on the faggot’s face. In another new real time session, King Luca turns his slave into an ashtray. The weak faggot takes his master’s ashes from his cigarette in his mouth. To degrade the fag further, King Luca spits on the weak faggot and uses it as a foot stool. Continuing with the humiliation, King Luca then makes use of his piss slave. Getting the fat masked faggot in the shower, King Luca pisses all over the slave. This fag slave enjoys the warm stream of his master’s alpha piss.

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5 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod gets his fag slave to come over for another series of real time sessions. This time the fag butler is under this dom’s alpha feet getting crushed. The weight of this muscular dom completely weighs down on this fag as he cries out in pain, crushing him like the bug he is to MasterUltimateGod. Later this findom does some face sitting on the slave and sits right on the slave’s face to muffle his cries. After all that fun, MasterUltimateGod lets the fag drink his warm piss in this piss training session. The fag butler begs his master to train him more and more with his straight, alpha piss. MasterUltimateGod happily obliges because he can’t deny this little bitch what he needs.

After getting home from the gym, MasterUltimateGod allows his fag to worship his sneakers and barefeet after an intense and sweaty gym workout. Earlier, the fag begged his master to workout sockless so that his feet were extra sweaty and he did. This fag butler then completely fags out over his alpha’s superior barefeet. In part 2, the fag continues to worship, lick, and serve his alpha’s feet. MasterUltimateGod ensures this fag gets all of his foot scent all over his faggot face. In part 3, the faggot cannot get enough and licks every inch of his superior’s straight alpha male feet. You can practically smell this alpha’s feet through the screen when you download this video.

2 New Video – AlphaDerek is ready to give you plenty of hot, shirtless, cocky verbal abuse during this flex and worship session. Showing off his muscular body, huge biceps, and hairy armpits, AlphaDerek instructs you on how you are to worship him. Sniff and serve his sweaty pits like an obedient cash fag. Afterwards, break out that bottle of poppers for an intense popper abuse session. AlphaDerek flexes and guides you on your intox journey. Sniff deep and hard as you stare mindlessly at this muscle god. You’ll quickly submit and give up everything for this Godlike alpha.

1 New Video – Give up your soul, wallet and mind to CaptHowdy0666 in this satanic popper session. As he hypnotizes you all throughout, this satanic dom will take over your mind completely. Allow him to implant thoughts into your head as you fry away your brain cells on poppers like an obedient, weak popper fag.

1 New Video – King Luca met a young obedient faggot at the tanning salon who begged to worship his alpha feet. Not one to pass up an opportunity to get his feet worshipped, King Luca ordered the foot fag to serve and submit to his feet. This masked fag slave then licks and serves his superior’s feet as he naturally should do.

3 New Videos – DavidWar invites over his transgender friend for a trans hook up. In this meet up, DavidWar sucks every inch of his friend’s tranny cock. Taking every inch deep in his mouth, they eventually flip and suck each other’s cocks. The tranny friend jerks off while sucking on DavidWar’s big meat. After savoring each other’s cocks, the trans friend plays with DavidWar’s ass on cam in part 3.

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1 New Video – Master Mark gives his cash slave exactly what he deserves. Instructing the weak faggot to lay on the ground, Master Mark stomps on and walks all over the slave. This weak slave deserves nothing more than to be the ground that this alpha walks all over. Imagine getting the opportunity to feel Master Mark towering over you and walking all over you like this slave.

3 New Video – The Fag Butler was feeling a bitch parched after all the chores which Master UltimateGod had him doing around the house. So this alpha master decided to reward his fag with his favorite, Faggot Sock Tea. Watch the queer struggle with Master Ultimate God’s alpha foot taste as he drinks this scalding hot tea. Afterwards watch as Master Ultimate God and his alpha friend abuse the faggot with cigars. These alpha men chill out on the porch and discuss how much money they’ve made draining slaves this month. These two straight alpha males burn the faggot with cigars. See this faggot squirm in pain and be put in his place.

4 New Videos – Come be at Master Big’s feet. This alpha sits back and relaxes while you place your tongue and nose up against his perfect superior feet. Take on your role as a beta boy foot slave to this master. After you’ve served his feet, break out those poppers and begin sniffing them hard. Gaze at Master Big’s huge alpha bulge and completely submit as he verbally abuses you. You’ll never get the chance to worship his superior straight bulge so keep frying your brain.

After sniffing those poppers, get down on your knees and sniff Master Big’s feet. Planting his feet right in your face, you’ll have no other option but to submit and serve his huge jock feet. Look up at his alpha bulge while you’re down there worshiping his feet too. Master Big wants you to be weak, on your knees admiring every part of his perfect feet. Kissing, rubbing, massaging and doing everything for those soles. Be his foot slave 24-7.

3 New Videos – Master Michael is a horny motherfucker. Open your faggot mouth and eat all of his alpha cum in this 20 minute video. This masked leather God is clad head-to-toe in leather as he makes you feel like a weak faggot in front of him. Later this leather dom heads to the bathroom to stroke his superior thick cock. This alpha knows that a cunt like you drools over the things you cannot have. Sit there and be obedient as you sniff some poppers and stare at what a real man’s dick looks like. This faggot in this real time session with Master Michael has been abused and used. The fag gets dragged into the bathroom and ordered to get naked so he can start begging for his master’s piss. This leather dom pisses all over his faggot and in its mouth.

2 New Videos – DavidWar loves extreme kinks and this time is no different. Getting his sexy girl to come over, DavidWar makes this girl lick his ass. This muscle jock just sits right on her face and lets her lick and worship his muscle ass. After you watch this alpha get his ass worshiped, watch him fight against a girl. DavidWar gets into a wrestling fight against a trans girl to see who is stronger.

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3 New Video – Listen to Master Ultimate God as he trains a faggot with poppers. The faggot fries his brain over Skype while live webcamming with his alpha god. Follow along with this slave as if you were camming with MasterUltimateGod and fry your brain on poppers. For slaves who want to feel tiny and shrunken in the presence of this superior muscle dom, check out the next video as MasterUltimateGod because a macro giant. Your role as a tiny slave trapped in his carpet is to trek towards him and worship his alpha feet and body. The tiny adventure continues as this giant findom then hops on a treadmill for some treadmill macro. MasterUltimateGod works out on the treadmill and all his pathetic tiny worshipers have to run to not be crushed under his alpha feet.

3 New Video – One thing you must never do is show up late to a real time meet. This faggot was late to the meet and was punished severely by Master Gary. Wearing a mask and a diaper, this cash faggot gets punished to the extreme. The fag is choked, smacked, and beaten to be taught a lesson he’ll never forget. If you want to see what this faggot looked like before he was stripped down to his diaper check out the next video. Master Gary strips this faggot to humiliate him further. The faggot starts off in a suit and tie and is quickly humiliated as Master Gary dominates him like a bully. Master Gary further establishes his dominance as he makes the foot faggot worship his feet. The pathetic foot faggot enjoys serving at his master’s feet and endures harsh verbal abuse during the entire session. Be like this faggot and clean Master Gary’s feet.

1 New Video – TripleXTransman flexes and shows off his bearded hairy muscles. Throughout this 7 minute video clip, this dom makes you admire his alpha muscles and musky hairy armpits. Submit yourself and sniff his sweaty armpits.

3 New Videos – DavidWar’s friend comes to visit the house and flexes for his fans. Watch these two muscle studs strip down and flex for the camera. They even fight for superiority at the same time in this 20 minute clip. Later, DavidWar’s uncle in-law stops over and licks DavidWar all over. He likes to suck DavidWar’s nipples and go much further. If that family bonding wasn’t wild enough, DavidWar gets nastier and cums on food. For those with this unique fetish DavidWar has something for you.

2 New Videos – MasterBenny sits back and relaxes while ordering you to worship his feet. This findom demands that you lick his feet as he sets the camera right up against his big barefeet. Later, MasterBenny shows off the tops of his feet. Get to view every angle of Master Benny’s feet with these two videos.

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3 New Video – Master Ultimate God ties up his fat fuck of a slave, the Fag Butler, and beats him into submission. This alpha then attached clips all over the slave’s body, beats him with shoes and rope, and makes him feel pathetic for the miserable existence that he lives. Pain pigs will love this one. In part 2, Master Ultimate God delivers more fag abuse. The Fag Butler gets his face wrapped up in duct tape from Master Ultimate God and then is forced to sniff his master’s socks. The Fag Butler has no choice to obey because his face is taped and his hands are tied as Master Ultimate God towers over him and puts his socked feet on the slave’s face.

The Fag Butler then suffers more humiliation as he lays there while Master Ultimate God makes out with his girlfriend as they both stand on top of the slave. The Fag Butler just lays there on the carpet, tied up and whimpering. Meanwhile his master shows him what a real man is like and tongue kisses a woman in front of this pathetic slave.

2 New Videos – Master Flexgod caught you staring at him while working out. He comes home and makes you drool looking at his sweaty body, feet and socks. He knows what triggers you and how much you need it. Kneel and worship!After that Master Flexgod takes you even further with making you worship his stinky socks. You will beg him to smell his socks after the gym and inhale his perfect smell. He will press his white socks against your nose so you cant smell anything else but his perfection. Get to it!

1 New Video – DavidWar and his brother wrestle for dominance. These two brothers are both alpha and decide to see which is more alpha by wrestling each other. The two brothers get naked and show off their strength against each other until only one wins.

1 New Video – Worship your satanic master, Alfa Primal, as he takes you into an intense hypno session. 5 minutes of satanic worshiping and eye hypnosis fill out this video. Bow down like the hell spawn faggot you are and sniff your poppers while watching this hypnotic trance video.

1 New Audio Clip – Master Lucian introduces you to a brand new series of files. This is time to reprogram your mind. Your mind is ready to be conditioned and retrained. Get started on this total mind fuck audio series now and begin your transformation.

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2 New Videos – Dinner is served up or down on the floor where is should be for Henderdong’s slaves. Master Henderdong enjoys a hot pizza then crushes the leftovers with his feet. Mashing the pizza into his socked feet, Henderdong will order you to lick and eat up what is on the ground like a worthless slave. Enjoy some of pizza crushed by Henderdong’s feet. The food crushing doesn’t stop there as Henderdong crushes a hamburger with his feet in another upload. Enjoy another dinner course at Henderdong’s feet. Get on all fours and beg to eat some Hamburger and fries at Henderdong’s feet. It even has the perfect Henderdong seasoning from him stomping it with his white socks.

2 New Videos – Down underneath Miles Striker’s desk is where you belong. Down there to clean up anything Miles Striker tells you to while he works and watches hardcore porn. Get your face right in this master’s crotch while he rubs his hard cock to porn. Your mouth is his waste receptacle. After you clean up his superior cum from the floor, you sit right there to lap up every bit of his alpha piss. Get right up underneath Mile Striker’s bulge and take a big whiff of his alpha scent while you’re down there.

Now from some intense roleplay. You’ve been caught! All this time, Miles thought you were another masculine man like himself but he has come to find you in his bed wearing panties and jerking off. Things at the house are going to be way different from now on. It’s time to go over your new rules as his personal fucking sissy. Forget your old fake masculine life and embrace what you truly are, faggot. Now is time to seal the deal with a nice blowjob and a facial for your sissy faggot face in this nearly 18 minute video.

3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod enjoys a relaxing day outside, showing off his dominant feet in sandals throughout this nearly 13 minute video. Sit at eye level to his alpha feet and worship them as he just enjoys the nice weather outside. Beg for the opportunity to sniff and pray to these superior alpha feet. Even if you aren’t into feet, as a cash faggot, it is your duty to worship every part of your alpha.

For all the tinies out there, it is time to be eaten by MasterUltimateGod. Watch as this superior master devours you and your friends like you were on this plate of food. Shrunken down to the size of a speck of food, you’ll be running around this giant’s plate avoiding his fork, afraid that you’ll be the next bite. The feeding frenzy continues as MasterUltimateGod devours a mountain of food. This giant alpha describes how he is going to eat you like this stack of food. He’ll chew you up slowly before swallowing you whole. Accept your fate, munchkin fag.

1 New Video – Master Axl makes his slave lick his shoes in this real time meeting. Wearing the same shoes and socks for 5 days leading up to this meeting, Master Axl makes sure his feet and shoes have the maximum amount of alpha scent possible on them. The masked foot fag loves every minute of it as he sniffs and worships this alpha’s stinky superior feet. Download this clip to see what it is like to worship Master Axl’s feet.

1 New Video – Love smooth alpha feet? In this nearly 15 minute video clip, DavidWar shows off his beautiful bare soles smeared with lots of oil. Stare in awe at these feet as DavidWar completely hypnotizes you with them and them proceeds to rub this oiled up feet up and down a dildo. The movements will make any foot lover cream instantly.