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1 New Video – For those of you still in the holiday Christmas spirit, Transylvanian Wolf has a holiday inspired video for you. Wrapped up like a gift, except for part of his face, cock, balls, and feet, Master Alex plays with his slave like he’s a gift by sitting on the slave’s face and using his riding crop on him. Escape and resistance are impossible as the slave is totally controlled and dominated in this real time session. Master Alex grinds those big ass cheeks up and down on the slave’s face while he’s tied up. As he beats the slaves balls and nipples, the slave struggles to get air, but all he gets is either that ass or huge hanging cum-filled balls slapping on his face. Then, Master Alex stands up, trampling the slave’s cock while playing with his own monster meat. This is a holiday gift this slave will remember forever.

2 New Videos – SlavesSeeker never stops getting cash tributes from worthless losers and shows off his cash collection in this cash counting video. Showing his barefoot to the camera, SlavesSeeker pulls a massive stack of cash out from an envelope and counts it all on camera. It appears to be several thousand in cash that SlavesSeeker casually throws at his feet as he puts the heel of his foot on top of the stack of bills. Even with all of this money, it’s still never enough for this dominant alpha. In his second newest upload, SlavesSeeker allows you to sit in on a Skype session where he makes his slave do some poppers training. In this 10 minute video clip, SlavesSeeker makes the pathetic, low testosterone looking faggot sniff his poppers while getting verbally abused hardcore. The cuck looking slave, who looks like he should be a writer for BuzzFeed or some gay blog, follows every instruction given to him by his master. SlavesSeeker then orders the weak faggot to show off his cock cage. As this fag stands up to reveal he’s not wearing pants or underwear, he shows that his cock is caged and locked up just as ordered by his master. Learn how a real master treats a weaker male in this popper training session on Skype.

1 New Video & Video Sale – A month ago, Draven became an official slave of Str8CrushFeet which means he must dedicate his life to MasterDnero and his gang of masters. At a moments notice, slave Draven must serve these alphas whenever they want whether that includes exposing himself for laughs, getting spit on, or licking feet. Right now is one of those times for slave Draven to worship those who are his superiors. Master Dnero and Master Roy use slave Draven as their personal foot fag in this 32 minute clip. The pathetic foot fag gets humiliated by his masters and learns the natural order of things. The natural order is that faggots exist to do anything their masters demand and that means anything. These straight alpha males have absolute power as they force this foot fag to do as they demand.

Also, don’t forget that MasterDnero has slashed the prices on nearly all content within his portfolio. Discounted prices are reflected on the website. These heavily discounted prices are for a limited time only and won’t last long. Fulfill the experience of being a real time foot fag for this alpha dom and his buddies. MasterDnero showcases all of his real time sessions with slaves and video tapes the initiations of other dominant masters into his tribe known as Str8 Crush Feet.

Video Sale – 60% Off – DocTayTay is running a 60% off discount on all of his videos. Discounted prices are reflected on the website. Live out your fantasies with his multitude of videos ranging from any fetish you could desire such as roleplaying, ass worship, armpit licking, live sex shows, or verbal humiliation as DocTayTay forces you to do anything he demands for his own amusement and pleasure. Give yourself to this straight, muscular alpha and open your wallet to serve him.

Top Selling Video in November- Dnero ft Jako – God’s feet for a first date

Everything goes perfectly for Str8CrushFeet. This is the 2nd time this video has become the top selling video on There are so many cash slaves in Master Dnero‘s country and his crew’s videos keep selling more and more. In this 31 minute video clip, Master Dnero and Jako celebrate the end of a great week by having two foot fags worship their jock feet. These foot fags couldn’t imagine the smell or the taste of their sweat soaked feet from wearing the same socks for 5 days – Jako even played 3 games of soccer with his socks under this soccer socks. Both of the subs get high from the smell and pleasure of using their tongues between Master Jako’s stinky toes. Both straight masters enjoy their place at the top of the masculine pyramid while their slaves stay at the bottom licking their feet.

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2 New Videos – Hands ties, nipples clamped, his army boots tied to the slave’s cock and balls, Transylvanian Wolf shows this slave who’s in charge of humiliation in this real time session as he spits on his slave’s chest and face. To further degrade this slave, Transylvanian Wolf puts his underwear over the slave’s head so he can breathe in the musky scent from his boxer briefs. While having his army boots tied to the slave’s cock and balls, this alpha master begins to realize that the boot isn’t heavy enough, so he places a few beer bottles inside the boot to make sure it pulls the slave’s cock and balls hard. At this point the fag slave really wants to cum but why should his master do the work? Instead, Transylvanian Wolf ties a rope to a vibrator and makes the slave hold the rope in his mouth, trying to angle the vibrator so he can get off. Eventually the fag releases his load to which Transylvanian Wolf takes it in his glove and smears it all over the pathetic slave’s face. Transylvanian Wolf is in charge and he will do with his slaves as he please.

In his second latest film, Transylvanian Wolf takes on the role of an inquisitor as he unleashes no mercy caning on his masked slave. For those who are unfamiliar, an inquisitor is someone who would eliminate denial and things contrary to the faith. In this case, Transylvanian Wolf seeks to eliminate any doubt that this slave may have in his master as being a supreme and vicious master. Wearing a typical inquisitor uniform, Transylvanian Wolf takes his masked slave and ties a rope to the slave’s ankle to hold up it’s foot. Taking out his cane, Transylvanian Wolf begins caning the slave’s feet for a harsh foot whipping. Many will know this fetish as bastinado which is a form of corporal punishment related to caning a sub’s feet. This dominant alpha unleashes hell on the masked sub’s feet until he cannot take it anymore and begins to lose any doubt as to how poweful Transylvanian Wolf truly is in this world.

2 New Videos – Many slaves fantasize about seeing young and sexy straight guys dominating foreigners. In this newest video clip, Master Dnero teams with Master Red to dominate and use a spanish whore. This particular spanish whore has been used previously by one of Master Dnero’s friends and he’s back for more. This particular slave is from Spain and enjoys being treated like a pet while also being humiliated, but he needed a new master – someone who was manly enough to use him but still able to tolerate these faggoty dog games. Master Dnero knew the perfect owner for this slave dog and brought him to Master Red. Both alphas use this slave as a foot stool and make him lick their tasty feet and armpits like an obedient doggy. In the end, Master Red decides this spanish whore is the perfect pet for him and chooses to call it “pussy putito” in honor of the nationality of this curious dog.

Everyone has exhausting weeks and masters are no different. Busy with having fun, going to school, working out, or coming up with new ways to drain cash fags, masters have a lot going on in their lives. Now it’s time for a fag slave to give some masters a chance to relax as he worships straight guys. Master Dnero, Dante, and J.C gather together to hang out, play some cards, drink a few beers, and chat while 2 fag slaves worship their feet under the table. This pair of foot fags enjoy these straight superiors by worshiping them toe by toe while licking their feet up and down. These three masters get a break from their hectic week as their obedient foot fags give them foot massages too. Imagine being like one of these lucky foot fags!

2 New Videos – Taylor just finished his workout and walks in to a surprise when he enters the locker room. A guy he recognizes from the gym named Mark is sitting on a bench sniffing a used jock strap. Taylor is disgusted and threatens to call the cops to report this sick, perverted faggot. Mark begs him not to call the police and Taylor is amused by his pitiful efforts. Then, Taylor has a great idea! He is going to humiliate this fag for his own entertainment. Taylor forces Mark to strip down, get on his knees, and shove the dirty jock in his pathetic faggot mouth. Taylor enjoys this as he points and laughs at Mark the fag. The humiliation gets taken to a different level as Taylor pulls down his shorts, revealing the jock strap he’s wearing…something Mark will never have. Taylor grabs some IcyHot from his gym bag and orders Mark to jerk his pathetic cock with the IcyHot. If Mark fails to do it, Taylor will tell everyone at the gym about what’s going on and if Taylor’s straight buddies found out that Mark is the gym pervert, they’d whoop his ass until it’s bloody. Taylor finally has had enough fun and demands Mark to put his clothes back on but not before he snaps a picture on his phone for future blackmail.

Taylor’s second newest update takes on a roleplay scenario where Taylor plays a strict, straight father that just learned that his 14 year-old son has come out of the closet. Taylor finds out about his gay son because his son posts a “coming out” announcement on social media by showing his new boyfriend. Shocked and pissed off that his own son would embarass their family like that, Taylor realizes this type of behavior must come to an end before it’s too late. Taylor’s son has just come home from school and is sent to his room to wait for his father. Furious and in a rage, Taylor enters the room to confront his son. It starts off as concern but quickly turns into psychological torture. Living in a rural, farming community, corporal punishment is not unusual for these parts when young boys do things that the community frowns upon. However, punishment doesn’t even begin to describe the kinds of sick and twisted humiliation and physical punishment which Taylor is willing to do to his own son if he doesn’t straighten out. Daddy Taylor won’t let this faggoty son tarnish their family name.

1 New Video – Got a smoking fetish? Download this short video clip from MastaJR and let him blow clouds of smoke right in your face. While verbally abusing and flipping you off with his middle finger, MastaJR won’t give you an ounce of respect as he dishes out what he thinks of you. In between verbally abusing you for being a sub fag slave, open your mouth and inhale this alpha’s smoke. You might as well take the ashes from his cigarette too because he’s going to turn you into an ashtray.

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1 New Video – Got something that makes your loins burn when you see a hot jock barefoot in some flip-flops? Something that makes you feel weak? Like the feeling that you need to drop to your knees and worship those feet in any way you possibly can? Then look no further; this is the video for you. In this 10 minute video clip, Taylor bosses you around, telling you what he wants you to do to his perfect jock feet. With his feet right in your face, he has all of the control now. He wiggles his toes and relentlessly teases you. Prepare to have jock toes stuffed in your mouth and have your face smothered! Admire and worship at Taylor’s command.

2 New Videos – Transylvanian Wolf is ready to put this crossdressing sissy fag through some deepthroat training in this real time session. Starting off by forcing this sissy fag to his knees, TransylvanianWolf has a dildo suctioned to a mirror for the fag to practice his deepthroat skills. To make sure the fag doesn’t cheat, this master placed a clicker at the base of the dildo. It clicks each time the fag deepthroats the dildo far enough that his nose presses the clicker button to add a number to the tally. Clad in a leather corset and stockings, this sissy fag does his best to deep throat this rubber cock as far as he can all while Transylvanian Wolf whips and beats him with a belt. After the fag has successfully deepthroated enough to his master’s pleasing, he gets bound and tied up for a whipping. Shackled in place, Transylvanian Wolf beats this sissy fag’s ass until the sissy fag’s dick is dripping cum through his chastity device.
For the more perverted and sick faggots, Transylvanian Wolf has something to satisfy you too. Prepare to be a human toilet for piss and farts from this alpha male. Transylvanian Wolf starts off the video with him pulling out his uncut cock and releasing a warm stream of piss into the toilet for you to drink up. Place your face in the bowl and drink this master’s golden essence. Afterward, you can worship his hairy jock ass as he farts directly in your mouth like the perverted sick faggot that you are to him. As a final reward, you can clean this master’s toilet brush with your mouth. You’re already filth and now it’s time to prove it by being a complete toilet for this alpha.

1 New Video – Str8CrushFeet is proud to introduce their newest member – Jean Crush. This dominant alpha is the captain of a sports team, and let’s be honest – what sub hasn’t fantasized about licking the feet of the captain of a sports team? Imagine all of the testosterone flowing through his body at any given moment. A submissive fag like you would melt by watching him score points in his games and you would feel happy just by giving him water and drying his sweat. Imagine yourself licking his feet after a game with all of that macho sweat running through your taste buds. With enough cash and some luck, maybe Jean Crush will put you in your place like he does the foot fag in this video clip. Dynamic, cocky, and sexy, Jean Crush is an alpha by nature and is the type that would lock nerds in his locker. See how dominant Jean Crush can get with a faggot in this real time foot worship session.

1 New Video – Wearing full leather from head to toe, KingGinger will quickly put you in your place throughout this extreme verbal humiliation session. This alpha master kicks back and smokes a cigarette as he humiliates you for being a pathetic faggot. You are merely a wallet to him to empty and drain. With each puff of smoke from his cigarette, you can feel your cash burning away as you worship and serve this leather master. KingGinger even wears a gold chain around his neck which was most likely bought and paid for by the previous fag slave that he cash raped and now it’s your turn to hand over your cash to this superior alpha male.

1 New Video – New to In-Charge is MasterAJ, a self described findom biker lad. This alpha is into abusing weak slaves while wearing his biker leathers, boots, and other leather gear. His first video on the site shows off his biker leathers. While wearing his RST biker leathers, bought for him from some slave, MasterAJ gives you the verbal abuse that a loser like you deserves. As he commands you to get on all fours, you’ll beg to lick the spit gob off of his boots. Know your place and submit to a fit, alpha biker lad.

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4 New Videos – KingGinger has just joined In-Charge and his loyal slaves are already buying his video like crazy. In one of his first videos to the site, KingGinger dishes out some extreme humiliation as he commands you to worship his sweaty armpits and feet. Planting his dirty feet up to the camera, KingGinger orders you to lick them clean and to serve his straight alpha male feet. Quickly you’ll learn your place is under the foot of this alpha male as you watch him degrade you and flip you off for being a lowly cash faggot. The verbal abuse continues as you’re ordered to sniff poppers by KingGinger. This alpha male continues to verbally humiliate you for being a worthless faggot while he makes you crack open that bottle of poppers to destroy your mind. While you’re sniffing those poppers, don’t forget to sniff KingGinger’s armpits as you worship him as your king.

Prepare for a verbal beatdown as KingGinger verbally abuses you and treats you as you should be treated. This alpha dom is ready to choke you out and rob you blind of everything you have. Submit yourself to the ultimate fag bashing from this straight superior male. You’ll immediately learn your role as you give up everything to this straight alpha while he verbally bashes you. KingGinger even upload a short video clip for the really sick faggots who are into fart sniffing. Put down those poppers but don’t stop inhaling as you inhale this alpha’s farts right from his sweatpants.

1 New Video – In this video, MasterBraz95 makes you work hard for the privilege to sniff his white socks. Relaxing after draining some cash faggots, MasterBraz has a smoke as he puts his socked feet up to the camera for you to worship. Whenever this cash master commands you, you must sniff his socked feet as long and as hard as he tells you to do so. Only if MasterBraz is satisfied with your service to him and if you followed his command then he’ll let you touch his superior boss feet and socks. Download this nearly 7 minute video to worship this foot master’s feet.

1 New Video – MasterDnero and MasterRoy have a challenge for you. Are you able to watch this video, follow all of MasterRoy’s instructions, and control your ejaculation? Many of MasterRoy’s slaves just have to ejaculate when he orders them to do so but he won’t make it that easy for you. In this real time session, MasterRoy instructs his faggot to sniff poppers and to worship his feet. While keeping this masked faggot on a leash during the real time session, you’ll quickly see how dominant and powerful Master Roy is to inferiors. Master Roy is able to enter the depths of a faggot’s mind and control them from the inside. This alpha is the voice in your head, pushing you to do what you are afraid of doing. See how long you can last throughout this video as you play Master Roy’s game.

1 New Video – SirKraze wants you to sniff your poppers as he gets you weak to serve his greatness. It’s all about draining and training with popper control and hypnosis. Come and worship one of the best elite American cash masters. SirKraze will quickly bring you right to where you belong as you submit to his natural alpha abilities. Throughout this nearly 5 minute video clip, SirKraze allows you to worship every part of him as you fry your brain harder and harder in his name.

Top Selling Video in September

Of course Master Dnero believes in God. To him, God must be a total genius and love Master Dnero so much for making him so perfect. He created Master Dnero with an attractive face, a dominant attitude, and a cruel sense of humor. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the weak foot fags who worship Master Dnero as a God, and in some ways he actually is to these fags. Those same fags then confess their sins for licking his alpha feet out of guilt and failure to accept their life as a foot fag. It’s fags like this that Master Dnero loves to indoctrine so that they learn to enjoy their inferiority. Master Dnero’s foot slave is happy to be insulted, kicked, and spit on because he accepts himself as his God’s foot fag. This foot fag even admits that Master Dnero is his new religion.

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3 New Videos – One of Master Taylor‘s loyal slaves wants to be mind fucked by his master, so Taylor does just that. Master Taylor flexes and hypnotizes his slave with his hairy chest, smooth talking, and piercing blue eyes. Taylor tells his slave how he is going to make his life better and easier by serving him. You may feel like you are being mind fucked as well as you watch and listen. Be careful because once Master Taylor has you, you will keep coming back for more! In his next newest video this week, Master Taylor stands up for the little guy as he tells off a bully that is always picking on the weak. He turns the tables on Pasquale, who is a short muscle man that thinks he is the almighty alpha. Puny Pasquale has a surprise today! Taylow shows this “alpha” what it is like to be a real alpha, not just some poser. Of course this pipsqueak is angered by Taylor putting him in his place, but Taylor quickly knocks him back down with a couple of punches. Pasqueale begins to accept that he is not the almighty alpha that he thought he was. For those needing a hero to put their bully in his place, let Taylor be your savior and have him belittle your enemy until they never tease you again.

Prepare for some extreme verbal abuse in this hardcore verbal abuse video. Slave Alessandro is now Master Taylor’s full time slave. He has no control anymore even though he never had any to begin with. Taylor shows off the flip flops his slave bought for him with the money he had to work hard for. How does Taylor thank him? By insulting his slave in the most offensive ways, saying cruel and heartless things about his slave, his family, and his Italian heritage. Master Taylor verbally abuses his slave so bad and says things that someone would never wish upon another living being. You are inferior to your master now and forever.

4 New Videos – Learn what it’s like to be a human ashtray for UncutJockCub. This dominant alpha gets his stupid fat fag over for a real time session. This submissive slut opens his mouth and holds UncutJockCub‘s ashtray in his mouth while UncutJockCub drops his delicious ashes into his mouth. The pathetic fag swallows them like the greedy little fag ashtray that he is to his master. Can you imagine the pleasure this fag slave feels from receiving this reward from his master? You can experience a similar experience with UncutJockCub’s POV verbal humiliation and spit video. UncutJockCub delivers verbal abuse and humiliation to you as he drenches you in his spit. Talking down to you, putting you in your place, and filling your mouth with his alpha spit. Enjoy and savor your master’s spit as you inhale his cigarette smoke and accept that you are merely and object, existing to be used.

UncutJockCub isn’t done with you yet. Keeping with the POV theme, UncutJockCub takes you hostage and chokes you out for his amusement. As he has you abducted and chokes you out, you’ll quickly wake up from his intense cigarette smoke blowing in your face. If that doesn’t wake you up, then hopefully once he pulls out his big uncut dick and pisses all over you, the warm stream of piss will wake you up. Now for the faggots who crave some racial domination, UncutJockCub has something for you. UncutJockCub wants you to sit there obediently like a good little nigger and take this superior white dick. Taken from your perspective, you get the honor of seeing this white alpha stud straddle that inferior frame of yours like you’re an animal and fill you up with his white alpha cum. Accept this white alpha stud as your master and superior as he degrades you for being a dumb black fag.

1 New Video – Of course Master Dnero believes in God. To him, God must be a total genius and love Master Dnero so much for making him so perfect. He created Master Dnero with an attractive face, a dominant attitude, and a cruel sense of humor. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the weak foot fags who worship Master Dnero as a God, and in some ways he actually is to these fags. Those same fags then confess their sins for licking his alpha feet out of guilt and failure to accept their life as a foot fag. It’s fags like this that Master Dnero loves to indoctrine so that they learn to enjoy their inferiority. Master Dnero’s foot slave is happy to be insulted, kicked, and spit on because he accepts himself as his God’s foot fag. This foot fag even admits that Master Dnero is his new religion.