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3 New Videos – Master Bigg is already becoming more and more popular on In-Charge and he’s decided to post even more videos to his portfolio. In one of three new videos, Master Bigg shows off huge huge alpha feet. Wearing white knee high Nike athletic socks, Master Bigg sits back and relaxes while flipping off the camera and reminding you of what a weak fag slave you are in this life. Submit to this alpha stud in this 10 minute video clip.

Furthering the foot worship, Master Bigg makes you worship his feet again in this popper training video clip. This time Master Bigg encourages you to sniff, sniff, and sniff more on that potent bottle of fresh poppers that you have. While looking up at this straight alpha male’s socked feet, you’ll not only want to fry your brain on poppers but also hand over your wallet. While your at it, also make sure to download a short clip of a real time session with Master Bigg.

2 New Videos – Michael Hoffman has two new videos for his fans. Everyone has requested ass play videos from him so he decided to stick something in his ass besides fingers. In this shower video, Michael Hoffman strips down and gets in the shower to show off his hole and ass, he even takes a piss in the shower. After he gets soaped up, he starts sticking a toothbrush in his tight hole, forcing it in and out. The sensation gets him rock hard as he jerks his massive cock while it’s soaped up. Then he jams the toothbrush in more and more until he finally ends with a cum shot in the shower before rinsing off and drying himself.

In his other video clip, Michael Hoffman starts off by bouncing his pecs and flexing his biceps while naked in his room. After that, he lays on the floor on his back showing his hole and ass. For the fans who can’t get enough of Michael Hoffman’s ass, he gets on all fours and fingers his hole to get hard. Once rock hard, he shows his massive cock and jacks it very hard. He keeps edging himself throughout, just stopping right before he’s about to cum. He finally can’t take it anymore and erupts a massive load of thick, white cum.

1 New Video – In this 11 minute video clips from Master Dnero, he shows you what it’s like to teach up-and-coming dominant alphas about his experience in using fag slaves. After completing admission tests, Master Dnero’s disciples they move onto practical training sessions with using pathetic subs. This time Master D-Hunter and Master Dante pair up to dominate a foot fag. Both strong, young alphas have proven themselves by completing their admission tests and now get to practice their domination on a fag slave named Lucky. He sure is lucky to be under the feet of these cocky, arrogant men.

1 New Video – New to In-Charge is dominant muscle master HerculesReborn2017. This straight, muscular, blonde hunk is always draining faggots online that he sometimes needs a break. HerculesReborn2017 relaxes shirtless while having a hot smoke break from using his loyal faggots. Watch this muscle stud flex and effortlessly look hot just by lounging and smoking a cigarette. Imagine if a cash fag was there in front of him to act as his ashtray.

Newest Downloads- Leather and Popper Intox

1 New Video – The all-American jock is in control. Submit to SirKraze and serve him harder than you’ve served before. In his latest video, SirKraze is clad in a leather jacket and leather gloves as he flips you off and instructs you on how to sniff your poppers to fry your brain. Grabbing at his crouch, SirKraze then take off his jeans to show his straight alpha bulge in his white Calvin Klein briefs while sticking his massive barefeet in your face. This video is to make you weaker and join his stable of loyal cash fags.

3 New Videos – Lots of MasterDnero and his group called Straight Crush Feet get tons of fans requesting them to make a tickling video. MasterDnero realizes that no one likes being tickled, so he couldn’t get a tickle victim to do it voluntary. Thus, him and his bros thought to choose a Master to tickle against his will. The first victim of these tickle torture sessions is Master Dante. See how Master Dante handles a tickle session in this 13 minute video.

For the slaves who prefer the usual master dominating his fag style videos, Master Dnero has some of those videos too which he just added. Master Roy was recently recruited by Straight Crush Feet and had to do his initiation by completing the admission test. Master Roy shows his natural ability to dominate a foot fag throughout this 18 minute video clip. To this alpha male, dominating fags isn’t hard work at all because faggots like you are crushable bugs under his perfect feet. Trash fag slaves like you do what this alpha says and his first instruction is to download this video to see how he would treat you if he ever met you.

Master Dnero’s friend, Master Red, aspires to be an MMA fighter but could use some extra training. To get in some practice his loyal fag slave offered himself as a punching bag. This high paying fat fag cries through the video for Master Red not to be so rude but Master Red tramples and kicks this fag anyways. This probably isn’t the best way to become an MMA fighter but the fat fag offered to pay for professional lessons for Master Red.

1 New Video – New to is straight alpha male MasterBigg. In his first video on In-Charge, MasterBigg forces his fag slave to eat spit and get slapped around. The pathetic cash fag sits there and takes the abuse while MasterBigg’s buddy stands in the background laughing at how submissive this slave is in MasterBigg’s presence. Pretending to slap the fag in the face, MasterBigg laughs as he flinches each time in fear of the hard slap he’s about to get across his face.

Featured Model- MasterDnero

unnamedAt his gym, MasterDnero always knew the gym trainer was a faggot because he would always look at his alpha male feet and his sweaty armpits during MasterDnero’s workouts. Finally it was when MasterDnero caught this fag trainer sniffing his stinky gym socks in the locker room and it was from that moment that fag lost his freedom. In this video clip, MasterDnero takes his stepbrother and a friend to teach this submissive, sock sniffing bitch how his new life will be from now – his new life at the feet of MasterDnero. Watch how MasterDnero and his buddies control this weak fag trash in part 1 of this video series.

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1 New Video – This video is a longer uncut version of the real time meet up between Master Gary and FagDog. The first 5 minutes are unseen, then 5 minutes into the video, the “Boot Worship” clip (also available on In-Charge) is filmed and you’ll see it from an entirely different angle. After a short interval, Master Gary’s “Play Fetch and Obey” video clip is filmed which you’ll also see from a different angle. This video is not to be missed and is the longest clip you’ll find of Master Gary anywhere because it clocks in at nearly 20 minutes.

unnamed (1)

6 New Videos – DocTayTay just uploaded tons of roleplay and sex videos with his hot girl, Nikki. In the first clip, Taylor sets up a hidden camera for his frat bros to watch while he nails a hot chick. Taylor flips off the camera as he’s fucking and as she rides his big dick. Continuing to show off for his frat bros, Taylor flexes while fucking and makes faces at the camera when she isn’t looking. After he cums, Taylor knows it was just a hook up so he tells her to get her things and get lost since he has more partying to do with his bros. In another video clip, Taylor shows how he starts off his day by getting his dick serviced by Nikki. Nikki loves Taylor’s big dick and in this video she shows off her new boobs for the first time. She hops up on Taylor’s dick and twerks her ass on his thick rod. Finally she does some reverse cowgirl to finish Taylor off by stroking his cock perfectly from the tip to the balls until he unloads his cum all over his abs. Continuing their sex fun, Nikki comes up with an idea for this video clip where she ties up Taylor and begins to kiss and tease his entire body. She moves further down to his cock and teases it until he blows a fat, thick load all over his abs. Going even further with their fetish themes, Nikki and Taylor decide to go out for a walk and decide to have sex in public. Nikki shows off her tits and ass while they go walking which makes Taylor rock hard. Nikki decides to start sucking him there in public until he cums, which they have to start running because someone might be coming.

Taylor loves to be serviced and served. In this 13 minute clip, Nikki walks into the room wearing nothing but a lace thong. Taylor rips off her panties and tosses her on the bed to eat her ass and pussy in every direction. Nikki returns the favor and serves Taylor by sucking his hard cock, rubbing / fingering / licking his asshole. This continues until Taylor receives an earth shattering orgasm, shooting his load into Nikki’s mouth. The worship doesn’t end there because in the next clip, Nikki eats Taylor’s ass. She starts off by licking Taylor’s body from his armpits, down to his cock, and then to his ass. Nikki has been craving the taste of Taylor’s sweet ass. She eats his ass from behind and jerks his hard cock. Taylor then gets up on the bed in doggy where Nikki continues to worship his muscle ass. Finally, Taylor flips over on his back and jerks his cock while Nikki eats his ass until the dual pleasure sends him over the top making him shoot a hot load on his abs.


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2 New Video – SlavesSeeker is ready to illustrate how your life should be as he humiliates you barefoot. This alpha dom shows off his amazing soles and makes you want to worship his big alpha feet as he flips off the camera. All of his cash fag can’t get enough of his feet that they crave to lick them. But don’t stop at his barefeet, SlavesSeeker wants you to worship his dirty sneakers too. SlavesSeeker’s used and dirty Lacoste sneakers are ready to be cleaned by a genuine shoe cleaning fag slave. Get your tongue out and proceed to lick these dirty shoes clean. Show this alpha dom how much you crave his feet and sneakers by downloading both of these video clips.


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1 New Video – In this Spanish language video with English subtitles, Master Dnero introduces Master Russh-0, a dom which Master Dnero met in the callisthenics practice. In his first video with Master Dnero’s Str8CrushFeet series, Master Russh-0 makes a foot fag worship his soles. Throughout this 12 minute video clip, Master Russh-0 goes a lot harder with his real time foot fag than Master Dnero ever expected, but that’s the great thing about using a foot fag – they’ll let you do anything you want because you’re the alpha.