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3 New Videos – Big Alpha shows off his muscular power when he traps this weakling between his powerfully strong legs. The smaller beta is locked in various headscissor holds while Big Alpha clenches on the chokehold tighter and tighter. The size difference speaks for itself as Big Alpha’s legs are bigger than this boy’s head. Big Alpha squeezes a sub’s head some more in this next clip. Sitting on the weak boy and pinning him down, Big Alpha wraps his legs around the boy’s head and squeezes tightly. The boy’s whimpers and struggling is no match for Big Alpha’s dominant power. Later, Big Alpha locks the boy in a tight headlock. The huge bodybuilder dom squeezes the boy’s head with his chiseled, rock hard biceps. Big Alpha loves asserting his dominance and picking on the weakling beta boys of the world.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel has some fun dominating and choking his slave in this latest real time meet. The weak slave submits himself fully to Master Daniel and gets choked out hard between Master Daniel’s legs. This jock dom flexes for the camera as his slave suffers and writhes around in pain. Later, Master Daniel meets up with his slave again for some more chokehold domination. Pinning his slave to the ground, Master Daniel locks on a tight headlock on this slave and makes him beg for mercy. Even when the slave taps out, Master Daniel doesn’t stop dominating and using this slave. The slave quickly learns and accepts his place serving Master Daniel.

Meeting up with another of one of his favorite doms, Slave Ikagura submits to Master Jeff’s feet. Laying on the ground, Slave Ikagura becomes a human doormat for Master Jeff to walk all over. This foot dom uses his slave to trample and kick for his entertainment. In another real time meet, Ikagura invites over Master J for some Jiu Jitsu abuse. Pinning his slave to the ground, Master J locks in a variety of tight Jiu Jitsu holds on his slave to choke him out. As a reward for the abuse, Master J lets the slave lick and serve his feet. In their next encounter, Master J uses Ikagura as a human punching bag. Ikagura does whatever he can to defend himself but takes the body punches from his master as he rightfully should.

4 New Videos – Triple6ixRated wants you to worship his cock on cam. Stroking on a live cam session, Triple6ixRated will have you gooning and bating nonstop to his massive dick. Watch this evil dom stroke his massive cum filled member while you go mindless and serve. If you want to keep edging yourself for your master, check out his 21 minute cum play video. Working up tons of precum and man juices, this alpha strokes his cock for 20 minutes after a previous 6 hour edging session on cam. See how massive he erupts in a cum fountain from his big dick at the end.

If you crave more precum teasing, then Triple6ixRated has another precum video for you to drool over. Check out this dom’s nut slowly drip strings of precum from the tip of his massive dick as he keeps edging on cam. Triple6ixRated can shoot massive loads of cum when he edges for long periods of time. After building up a 5 day load, Triple6ixRated strokes his thick meat for the camera until he can’t take it anymore. Edge along with your master and see how long you can last until you cum fountains.

2 New Videos – Master G spits on and tramples his weak slave to assert dominance. The slave quickly learns its place under Master G’s foot when Master G gag this foot slave with his barefeet. See all 7 minutes of the foot worship and abuse with this clip download. After making the slave serve his feet, Master G beats down on his slave for some boxing practice. Using the slave’s body like a punching bag, Master G lands jabs and blows into the weak slave’s body. After knocking the slave to the ground, Master G then gets the slave to lick his feet clean.

New Videos – Imagine you’re sitting at home and you suddenly hear a noise of an intruder. You rush downstairs to find Master Aiden breaking into your home. You’re terrified but also turned on and feeling submissive. Master Aiden senses your submissive tendencies and decides to tease you and turns you into a total bitch boy for him. Submit and give this home intruder everything you have. For the “straight” subs who celebrated Pride last month, Master Aiden has something for you. Master Aiden plans on outting you as a faggot. You will be made to feel weaker than any woman has ever made you feel as Master Aiden orders you to sniff poppers and accept your real self as a faggot slave. After a few popper hits, you’ll quickly realize how bad you want cock in your ass.

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