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5 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod invites a bunch of his buddies over so his foot fag can worship their feet. This obedient foot fag does as he’s told and licks, sucks, and sniffs their superior feet. The group of men enjoy rubbing the bottoms of their feet on this useless foot stool’s pathetic face. Afterwards the group gets off the couch to do some ball busting on this slave. The slave is trampled by the group of men and kicked around. The doms don’t hesitate when it comes to kicking this house slave right in the balls. Thing get more intense as the group of guys order the faggot into the bathroom and they line up to each get a turn at bullying the faggot. These cash masters see who is the best at giving atomic wedgies, swirlies, and brutal humiliation to this fag.

Days later the fag meets up with these doms at the park for some public humiliation. The fag gets on his knees as each dom takes turns spitting in his mouth and on his face. This slave serves as a dumpster for their spit and enjoys every minute of the degradation. Going back inside, the doms all decide to grapple the faggot. MasterUltimateGod and his buddies take turns folding this slave like a pretzel in a variety of submissions in their iteration of Grappling Games. The fag slave takes a pounding round after round from these brutal men as they tag in-and-out.

4 New Videos – Demir and Jim were watching TV which lead to an argument between the two. These two jocks then had to settle it with a hot wrestling battle. Both guys were clearly having fun locking the other in a variety of tight headscissors. Just like those last two jocks, Timur and Jim have their own headscissors battle while watching some MMA fights. Timur uses his powerful legs to wrap around Jim’s head and squeeze. No one can ever get out of these strong legs.

Not to be outdone, Hunter and Elliot battle for control in their own fight. After a heated argument, Elliot locks Hunter in a tight headscissors with his muscular legs. Judging by his face and reaction, Hunter didn’t like it which completely amuses Elliot. With all that practice on his buddy, Elliot then doesn’t hold back when he chokes out a slave. The bald slave submits to Elliot Scissors while being trapped in a tight squeeze causing him to panic and scream at times. The tight headscissors makes this slave submit more than once.

5 New Videos – Master Gabriel comes over to Slave Matt’s place for some kick domination. Slave Matt is kicked repeatedly all over his body and head. Master Gabriel loves taking his frustrations out on his slave. After the kicking abuse, it’s time for some rough punches. Slave Matt serves as a human punching bag for Master Gabriel as he just pounds away. Master Gabriel doesn’t hold back and gives his slave some hard face punches. The slave winces and does his best to prepare for each punch.

Things escalate from punches and kicks to chokeholds. Master Gabriel locks his legs around Slave Matt’s head as he begins to squeeze. Slave Matt cries out in pain but has no where to run to while locked between his dom’s legs. Master Gabriel then gets behind Slave Matt for some more choking abuse. Slave Matt feels his dom tighten the pressure around his neck as he begs for mercy. Master Gabriel quickly shows this slave who is in charge. The scene then returns to a slave beat down. Master Gabriel puts on some martial arts attire as he kicks his slave around. Slave Matt gets kicked in the body and face multiple time. Rather than fight back, Slave Matt just cowers in a corner and accepts his beating





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