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2 New Videos – Master Ultimate God wrestles around with his faggot slave and gives him an ultimate wedgie. The faggot only wears little tighty whities as he’s tossed around like a rag doll by MasterUltimateGod. This alpha dom spits on the slave and yanks its underwear up over its head. In another realtime meet, MasterUltimateGod takes his faggot outside for some cigar domination. The cashfaggot and MasterUltimateGod are joined by MasterUltimateGod’s dom buddy as they take turns abusing the slave. The slave serves as a human ashtray for these two alphas.

5 New Videos – Chokemuscle demonstrates some of his more intense chokeholds on this victim. Locking in a variety of nonstop chokes, this alpha shows the sub who’s the boss. Chokemuscle locks in some long choke holds as the sub quickly submits from them. Earlier, Chokemuscle tests his jiu jitsu skills on the masked sub. The masked sub submits and gets dominated by this superior choke dom. Wearing tight briefs, you can tell that choking out subs makes Chokemuscle rock hard.

In another choke domination series, Chokemuslce strangles this naked sub. The naked slave is willing to be controlled and dominated by such a superior alpha male. In the second part, Chokemuscle locks in even more submission chokeholds on this submissive man. The sub tries fighting back at times when things get too intense but there’s no use. Chokemuscle quickly subdues this submissive man. In the third part, Chokemuscle wrestles the naked man on the bed. Getting behind him and locking him in a tight chokehold, there’s no where to escape to for the sub. Chokemuscle then pins the submissive man and pushes his crotch right in his face.

5 New Videos – Master CH loves dominating Slave Matt in their real time session. In this session, Master CH kicks Slave Matt in the face and pisses all over him. Slave Matt is totally degraded and disrespected throughout. Master CH then straddles Slave Matt for some punching abuse. Slave Matt gets pummeled then as his reward for such a good beatdown, he is permitted to suck his master’s cock. Slave Matt swallows every inch of Master CH.

Master CH then thinks it’s time to use his slave as a personal foot cleaner. Master CH’s soles are extra dirty today as he jams them in Slave Matt’s mouth. Being the obedient foot slave, Slave Matt licks clean his master’s feet. Master CH then gags his slave with his feet while sitting on the bed. After licking his soles clean, Slave Matt sucks on and gags on his master’s big alpha feet. Slave Matt loves being a foot pig for his doms. After Master CH is done with the slave, Slave Matt then services Master P. Master P orders the slave to worship his armpits. Slave Matt smells and licks his doms armpits while locked in a headlock. Master P makes sure the slave gets a big whiff of his alpha scent while choking him.

2 New Videos – Master Berlin uses his slave as a human urinal. The pathetic slave puts a funnel in his ass and Master Berlin begins pissing into the funnel. This pisspig takes all of his master’s piss up his ass. The homo slave then gets rewarded as he services his master’s flaccid cock. Master Berlin will make this slave do anything he wants and fulfill every need of his. If there isn’t a bitch around to get him off, Master Berlin will order his slave to get him off.

2 New Videos – Master Sam gets naked and dominates his slave in a hotel room. They start off by Master Sam making the worship his dirty gym socks. Then the dom puts the slave in a tight headlock while he’s naked. Master Sam gives the slave even more domination as he facesits on the slave. The submissive slave is smashed underneath this 18 year old alpha. Master Sam makes sure the slave worships every inch of his body.

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