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2 New Videos – Master Niko meets up with a sub for a rough realtime session as he pummels this slave with a basketball. The slave’s bare back is exposed as Master Niko whips this basketball repeatedly into the slave’s back with no care. The ball bounces off the slave like it would on a basketball court to Master Niko’s amusement. The basketball abuse continues as Master Niko bounces the ball off the slave’s head. The masked slave is seated on the floor underneath his master as Master Niko dribbles the ball on the slave’s head like it’s a basketball court. The slave is probably going to have a pounding headache after this but it was worth the experience.

1 New Video – Master Nello feels like using 2 two slaves as doormats and getting them both to worship his feet. Using these slaves like useless losers, Master Nello makes them sniff and lick his barefeet as well as the inside of his shoes. Afterwards, Master Nello sits on one slave while the other serves at his powerful feet.

2 New Videos – It’s a match between big bodybuilder vs. little man fighting to see who can be the last man standing. The two grapple right away and the small dom quickly gains control. This match-up includes lots of punches, submissions, and total domination. Later, in another battle, big boy fights against Memet as they both dominate each other. In a fight like this, one should never underestimate the other and that proves true here too. The fight between these two alpha males gets furious with lots of choking, slapping, punching, and knee strikes as they fight for control.

5 New Videos – Master H turns Slave Matt into his personal foot slave. Master H makes his obedient slave worship his big alpha feet. While sitting on top of the slave, this alpha spits on the slave’s face too. Master H then backs his slave into a corner for a rough beatdown. Slave Matt is stomped on several times as falls to the ground. Master H stands above the slave and doesn’t let up. After the beat down, Master H bullies, Slave Matt some more and viciously chokes him. Master H locks his legs around Slave Matt’s throat and begins to squeeze. Slave Matt begs for mercy and quickly taps out.

Slave Matt can’t get enough and then asks another dom to abuse him. Master E happily obliges by punching the slave in the face. While straddling his slave and sitting on top of him, Master E gets shirtless and delivers punch after punch to his slave. Slave Matt takes his beating as it’s the only thing he can do. Master E then tests out some of his jiu jitsu chokeholds on his slave. Wearing a t-shirt and jeans, Master E locks his legs around Slave Matt’s neck and makes his submit. Slave Matt can’t fight back and there’s no use trying against a skilled fighter.

2 New Videos – Feetandmore’s alpha master wants to do a foot tickling fight with his slave. This tattooed dom gets down in the backyard with his slave to tickle each other’s feet. They both see how much of the tickling torture the other one can take. Feetandmore then goes solo in the next video while on a cruise. Relaxing on the cruise deck, he is visited by a stranger to tickle his feet. The stranger uses various objects like a toothbrush to tickle this sub’s barefeet.

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