What are Collections?


Collections are groups of items compiled by different users on a theme.

They can be set to Private for personal use, or Public so that they appear on the collections page and on a user’s homepage.

This can be done by selecting an item and then clicking Bookmark in Favorites.

You can also click Create a Collection to make another collection of items.

Test this feature out with the over 200 items available on In-Charge!

Macbook Purchased

A very loyal slave of mine finally bought me my macbook pro for 1200 dollars! Fuck yeah I am well worth every fuckin penny. All slaves should follow his footsteps and spend as much money as your pockets could afford! I deserve it all and This macbook is just the beginning. Well done Slave! Now I finally have a decent Computer in my grasp. I deserve everything expensive. Keep on those gifts coming my way. All the rest of the slaves were trying to save up their money to collect as much as they could to be able to buy me my macbook, but my loyal slave beat them to it and just had to get what I wanted without even thinking of the amount of money spent and that is how ALL my slaves should feel. Don’t think of the amount, Think of how Satisfied I would feel when you spend all your cash on me. Well done slave. Macbook is mine hahaha


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Ever wonder what it’s like being completely owned by a straight man, surrendering what little power you have over & being the bitch you were born to be! Well what the fuck are you waiting for? Every day I am only growing more & more powerful taking new slaves for the ride of their life. It is your job to assure I am happy and satisfied 24/7 365!

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