Featured Model- Stefano

Dominant muscle superior Stefano wants you to lick his spandex bulge. Become a good obedient puppy dog for your master and stick out that tongue. Your jump is to pay to worship your master’s fat, thick bulge in his spandex compression shorts. Lick the sweat from your alpha’s bulge as you gaze at his chiseled, alpha physique. Stefano will turn you completely mindless as you worship his God-like body when you download this video.

Featured Model- Stefano

Alpha muscle god Stefano loves to intox his slaves good and make them worship him like obedient mindless drones. In this particular video, Stefano puts you through an intox fantasy while dressed in a suit. Putting his designer dress shoes up to the camera, Stefano flips you off and demands that you hit your poppers longer and harder. Lick his dress shoes while you obey. Later, Stefano strips out of his suit to show his muscular upper body and removes his dress shoes so you can serve at his barefeet.

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1 New Video – Master Stefano wants you to worship his leather gear. Sitting back and smoking a cigar, Stefano puts his feet up for you to drool over. This muscle master then flexes and shows off all the reasons for you to be serving him. Hand over your wallet, inhale his cigar smoke, and become his new slave.

5 New Videos – A foot fag’s wet dream come true. Watch Fag Butler get rewarded with MasterUltimateGod’s sweaty alpha feet after a long day of moving. This fag gets to smell his master’s alpha shoes that he wears every day. Next, MasterUltimateGod makes Fag Butler lick the bottoms, getting all the dirt and grime off of them. Eventually, MasterUltimateGod takes his shoes off and forces the faggot to worship my alpha feet and socks, massaging them and inhaling their powerful, godly scent. Fag Butler then begs to be allowed to lick his master’s feet clean only after a promise of another $500.

Time for another alpha stomp video! This time, the queer is lying down on the couch as MasterUltimateGod stomps all over his pathetic ass. This alpha male crushes the fag’s balls under his alpha feet and stomps on every inch of this faggot. He ever sits on the faggot’s face with my dominant ass, making him accept his fate as nothing more than my chair or a piece of furniture. Switching gears, MasterUltimateGod is joined by another dom for another Duo Dom Games. This time, the doms decided to flex on all of the COVID-19 panic and mummify Fag Butler in toilet paper. Then, both doms take turns throwing rolls of toilet paper and balls at the fag. Watch as the faggot cries out in pain, unable to move his arms or know at all what is happening.

1 New Video – King Luca has another slave over for a real time session. This time the faggot gets to worship his master’s white socks and feet. The faggot slave enjoys all 24 minutes of this recorded session as he licks his master’s dirty white socks like an obedient foot fag. King Luca blows smoke in the fag’s face and makes him completely worship his superior feet. At the end, as a reward, King Luca cums on the floor for the faggot to lick up.

1 New Video – Worship these two superior alphas as they force you to sniff their stinky socks. Flexgod and his muscle buddy both take off their dirty, sweaty socks for you to sniff and chew on. Become an obedient dog and treat their socks like your favorite chew toy. Master Flexgod and his buddy will have you hooked on their alpha foot smell forever.

2 New Videos – Davidwar and his beta buddy fight in a naked wrestling match to see who is more dominant. Throughout this nearly 20 minute video both guys go back and forth fighting for dominance with only one man being the true dominant alpha in the end. The beta guy puts in the fight of his life as he jumps naked on Davidwar’s back and tries to put him in a chokehold. Download to see who will win. For the kink fans, Davidwar has a shower piss video for you. In this clip, Davidwar showers with his girl and gets a little freaky as he sits down in the shower and lets her piss all over him. She gets turned on so much that she begs to suck Davidwar’s big cock. He gets up and blindfolds her then lets her suck every single inch of his huge cock in the shower.

Featured Model- Stefano

Alpha muscle dom Stefano makes obedient faggots like you weak when he flexes in a jockstrap. Wearing a bright green and blue jockstrap, Stefano will make a faggot like you weak. But to make you even weaker, Stefano makes you sniff some poppers to fry your brain. Listen to Stefano as he counts for you and makes you inhale harder and deeper as you stare mindlessly at his perfect muscles. Submit and worship this muscle God as your new king.

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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod is joined by his buddy GymDom for this double domination session. This dominant duo humiliate you and completely destroy your ego as they plant your face right at their feet and stand over you as they verbally abuse you. Completely submit to these two cocky and muscular alphas as they make you feel like a total inferior.

For some solo MasterUltimateGod action, this alpha gets his butler to worship his feet. This foot fag gets the honor and privilege of worshiping MasterUltimateGod’s alpha feet. Watch as this pathetic foot fag enjoy the power of his master’s alpha shoes, socks, and feet all while being humiliated. Aren’t you jealous and wish this could be you? Later, MasterUltimateGod gets a fag for a short real time session where he crushes can near it’s head. The fag butler is so afraid that one slip up could result in him getting his head bashed in with MasterUltimateGod’s feet. Watch him flinch in fear from his master’s feet.

2 New Videos – Muscle god Stefano shows you what it means to be an alpha male in this cigar smoking domination video. Wearing a shirt saying “I Do Alpha Male Shit”, Stefano smokes a cigar while flexing for the camera. Submit completely to this muscular alpha and realize that you’ll never attain as much physical perfection as him. Later, Stefano does some roleplay where he breaks into a fag’s house and makes him drink his spit. During this home invasion, you’re at the mercy of Stefano and must do whatever he says or else he’ll beat the shit out of you.

2 New Videos – Enjoy the view and sniff the awesome smell of Flexgods’s socks and feet. In this HD video clip, Flexgod will make you lick his sneakers clean for the chance to worship his sweaty socks and alpha feet. Get down on all fours like an obedient foot fag and show Flexgod how devoted you are to him by worshiping these big alpha feet. Later, Flexgod punishes you with some verbal abuse as he degrades you. Accept your role as an inferior while this jacked muscle god verbally humiliates you and puts you in your rightful place.

1 New Video – In chokemasters lastest video, this hung muscular stud chokes and dominates a twink. This tatted muscle jock flexes and jerks his cock for a bit before his twink slave steps in to the picture. The twink immediately begs for the muscle stud’s cock and sucks it before getting locked in a headlock and headscissors. Pure muscle domination all throughout this 12 minute video.

1 New Video – Experience 12 full minutes of alpha control as you worship LordMasterRich’s feet. This dominant cocky alpha verbally directs you as to what he wants and how he wants it done. Submit completely to him and worship his socked feet and barefeet the way a foot slave should.

Featured Model- Stefano

Dominant and cocky muscle dom Stefano, shows off his leather jacket while smoking a cigar. Sitting back and relaxing on the couch, Stefano lights up a long fat cigar while puffing it and blowing the smoke in your face. Clad in a leather jacket, leather gloves, and leather pants, this superior muscular alpha will make you craving to hand over your wallet. Like a fag, you will worship and obey him because he exudes dominance just by sitting there.

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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod has another dumb foot fag to serve him. This dumb faggot slave worships Master Ultimate God’s perfect feet throughout this real time session. Watch the slave get humiliated as he is forced to massage his master’s alpha male feet. The slave gets thoroughly humiliated by having his master’s sneakers pressed all over his faggot face. Later, Master Ultimate God smothers the fag with his ass. Placing the fag on the beg, Master Ultimate God crushes the pathetic fag with his ass. This alpha dom enjoys hearing the slave gasp for air as he sits right on the faggot’s face and makes him feel like the pathetic piece of trash he is to Master Ultimate God.

If you crave some solo action from Master Ultimate God then check out this next video. Master Ultimate God flexes his dominant muscles in boxers. Any faggot will become weak and thirsty to be drained from watching this video clip. Enjoy Master Ultimate God’s pure alpha muscle and dominant attitude as he makes you feel like the weak inferior you are throughout this 10 minute video clip.

3 New Videos – In part two of this series, the scene continues with Jaxton Wheeler fucking his sissy slave while Miles Striker just relaxes on the couch getting a chuckle out of it. Miles has never let a faggot suck his dick but is getting a dick out of seeing how Jaxton treats this fag slave. Miles verbally assaults this twink fag all throughout the hard fucking. As the slave is being fucked, Miles starts spitting in the slave’s face. Jaxton talks dirty as the slave rides him and looks into Miles’ eyes. Afterward, Jaxton bends the slave over a table directly in front of Miles Strikers now so Miles can begin to slap and tear the slave into pieces with his words. Miles puts the slave’s face right on his foot and the other foot right on the slave’s head just before it is about to get fucked again. Jaxton pulls his bitch slave’s head back to worship Miles’ sweaty socks. Imagine being this lucky slave and getting used by both of these alpha men.

Shifting gears, in the next video Miles just gets done showering from a tough workout in the gym. Miles then seems to notice of his jockstraps is missing from his gym bag. It’s the sweaty one but he knows it’s gone. Miles quickly realizes his new faggot roommate must’ve taken it. Immediately, Miles confronts you on taking his jockstrap. Prepare to be completely emasculated and humiliated with your tiny dick wrapped around his jockstrap. MilesStriker digs deep with his words to mentally destroy you. Ultimately, Miles is presented with two options: beat your ass or you can watch as he pisses in to a bottle and makes you drink every bit down. Accept your punishment. Afterwards, it’s about time you learn your purpose as a faggot. Miles takes time out of his day to give you the Gospel of Striker. Listen carefully, repeat, and write these down. This is your faggot scripture. The commandments all faggots should learn to live by. The ones that do will find true happiness.

1 New Video – Stefano and his brother are back to trying to out-do each other and this time, they’re trying to see how strong Stefano’s abs really are. Stefano’s brother tests out his abs with some ab punches and kicks. See how strong Stefano’s abs really are and how much he can endure in this 5 minute video clip.

1 New Video – Experience 10 full minutes of being down at FlexGod’s feet. Learn to give full foot worship this alpha muscle god as you lick, sniff, and pray to his barefeet. FlexGod plants his huge bare feet directly in your face while flipping you off throughout this video clip.

1 New Video – No tapping out for this guy being squeezed in a vice tight grip. As these two studs fight naked in the gym, one will win and the other will pass out. The weaker of the two guys tries his best to not tap out and to not look weak but ultimately it just results in him passing out multiple times from the intense pressure from the chokehold. See how much he can take in this 5 minute clip.

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2 New Videos – So, we’ve already established that you’re now MilesStriker’s house bitch. You’re a human ashtray, human toilet, and what ever you’re told. In all the embarrassment of this, MilesStriker decided to show your pathetic ass off to his buddy Tony. You’ll crawl in on your knees to get completely berated by Tony and Miles. You’re worthless with that tiny dick. Don’t worry faggot they’ll play muscle flexing games for you to see how your little clitty reacts. Tony’s going to show off his ass for you to get a little entertainment. You must love your new life as his little brother faggot bitch boy. Later, MilesStriker lets you experience the ultimate cuckold whore humiliation. Just sit back and listen to your truth, faggot. Watch this 11 minute video clip to see how a real American man handles your British women.

1 New Video – Alpha Master Stefano is back with another new video clip. In this nearly 10 minute video, Stefano and his brother make you worship them like 2 Muscle Gods. These muscular alphas flex and show off for you to worship them completely. Later they test out each other’s abs with some hard ab punching to see who is the strongest and most physically fit.

3 New Videos – Watch Master Ultimate God turn you into this popper fried faggot slave. Flipping you off and flexing his muscles, Master Ultimate God will instruct you on how to sniff your poppers until your brain is totally fried. Worship his alpha muscles as he trains you on how to take poppers all while being shirtless. Then stare in amazement as Master Ultimate God shows off his muscles and flexes to make you even weaker. This hugely muscular stud flexes his biceps, lats, traps, and legs in this 5-star rated video. No verbal. Just pure, alpha muscle and power.

After watching both of those videos, you’ll feel tiny compared to this alpha muscle God. So what better time than now to become a tiny worshiper and get eaten by this muscle giant. Watch Master Ultimate God devour a mountain of food before he proceeds to consume his tiny worshipers. He laughs as he crushes your friends in his giant mouth, before swallowing all of you whole.

3 New Videos – DavidWar likes to flex. It’s one of his passions to see flexed and hard. In this nearly 15 minute video clip, DavidWar flexes and shows off all of his huge muscles including his big cock. He sits back and turns himself on from all of the flexing he does before ultimately shooting a big load of cum. The stroking doesn’t stop there as he has another cum video available for download. This one gets right to the point of climax. Then after all of that intense exhaustion, it’s time to switch gears. In another new video upload, DavidWar takes on the role of an alpha who fights a girl and ultimately gets degraded by her by the end of the fight.

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1 New Video – Master Alex doesn’t think his slave is even worthy of licking scum from the bottoms of his boots. And yet the slave wants to prove his worth by licking Master Alex’s filthy boots clean. Master Alex believes that human slave tongue is the only thing soft enough to clean his leather boots so he puts the boot shiner to work, motivating it with the leash and crop all throughout this 21 minute video.

2 New Videos – Alpha muscle god Stefano loves to intox his slaves good and make them worship him like obedient mindless drones. In this particular video, Stefano puts you through an intox fantasywhile dressed in a suit. Putting his designer dress shoes up to the camera, Stefano flips you off and demands that you hit your poppers longer and harder. Lick his dress shoes while you obey. Later, Stefano strips out of his suit to show his muscular upper body and removes his dress shoes so you can serve at his barefeet.

In another new video upload, Stefano focuses your humiliation on giving you the middle finger. Stefano is a pro at degrading and humiliating faggots like you. He gives you everything you deserve. By the end of this flipping off hand focused video, you’ll be hungry to kiss his middle fingers and become even more submissive to him.

1 New Videos – You are a tiny worm in the presence of this muscle giant. During this 10 minute video clip, FlexGod becomes a superior alpha giant that towers over you. Bow down and bow down some more for this muscular giant beast. Master FlexGod is here to dominate and to force you to worship him. Crawl to this supreme being and pray that he won’t stomp and squash you.

4 New Videos – Wearing a compression fit UnderArmour gym shirt with a Superman emblem, YoungNCharge shows you why you’re a fag boy. Flexing and degrading you intensely, YoungNCharge will turn you into a complete bitch boy. At one point in the video, he pretend like he’s fucking his computer screen as if he was fucking your face. In another new video clip, YoungNCharge does some roleplay and pretends to be a home invader that just broke into your home. Imagine a shirtless, masked YoungNCharge breaks into a faggot’s home and takes everything he wants. All throughout the clip, YoungNCharge verbally abuses you and makes you admit that you’re a bitch faggot and much more. Hand over all of your valuables to YoungNCharge before he does some serious damage.

After that scenario, it is now time to just worship YoungNCharge’s body. Follow this alpha after he showers and is dripping wet. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to dry him off as the water drips from his nuts. Like any YoungNCharge video, there is plenty of verbal abuse. Finally, take the time to worship YoungNCharge’s ass. This tattooed dom’s ass is perfect for a faggot’s nose to sniff all of his alpha scents. Put your mutt nose in his muscle ass as he squeezes this ass cheeks tight to smother you so you can’t breathe.

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2 New Videos – Alpha master Stefano gets tons of requests from fag slaves. In particular, the fag who requested this video likes it hard. Stefano obliges and delivers some hard and mean domination while he degrades and humiliates you throughout this 15 minute video clip. Stefan flips you off with his middle finger, makes you sniff his sweaty gym socks, and lick his dirty blue sneakers. Show this superior alpha how obedient you can be in his presence.

In another new clip, Stefano takes a break outside to have a cigarette. Even though this muscular dom is taking a break, he doesn’t take a break from verbally abusing you. Stefano reminds you why it is your duty and your purpose in life to serve him. He sits back and blows smoke right in your face while you sit obediently with your tongue out waiting for more abuse from this alpha.

2 New Videos – ChokeMasters has another new video of a BDSM couple uploaded to his In-Charge.net portfolio. This particular BDSM couple show off chokeholds for the camera. The arrogant and cocky dom boyfriend locks his girlfriend in a tight chokehold while she gasps for air. Before locking in this tight fighting holds, the dom teaches her some breathing techniques which may be the only reason she made it through to the end of this 17 minute video.

Similarly added to his portfolio is another chokehold video featuring two brothers applying chokeholds. In this video clip, the little brother has always been on the receiving end of the chokeholds and choke maneuvers. This time it’s his turn to be the punisher chokemaster and has become a beast in this video. No more little bro this time as he dominates the other guy in a bad way.

4 New Videos – YoungNCharge doesn’t hold back in this 10 minute video clip while he shows off naked as he verbally abuses fags like you. Showing his rock hard abs, YoungNCharge dishes out intense verbal attacks to make you feel like nothing as he shows off what you’ll never have. YoungNCharge makes it clear why he’s a master and you’re a sub all throughout.

Later, YoungNCharge lets you tag along to see the life in the typical day of an alpha. YoungNCharge lives up the playboy lifestyle when he gives his alpha muscle dick to some slut he fucks in a bathtub. Fags reading now probably wish they could be the lucky slut who gets to take every inch of YoungNCharge’s dick in her wet tight pussy. Just sit and watch like a sub cuck as YoungNCharge shows you how a real man fucks. While you’re at it, you can worship his jock muscle ass and big barefeet as you crave him more and more.

3 New Audio Clips -It’s back to school time and this is the perfect video for that time of year because for you, it’s back to fag school time. In this 8-minute humiliation and indoctrination file, you will learn how to be a perfect little, worthless faggot. This audio file will make you even more certain of who you are, who you truly wish to be, and how to get there. After that clip, you can advance your indoctrination and drive home that you are a bottom cocksucker fag slut. You are a fag and a cocksucker. You’re a bottom and a slut. This four minute file will take you deeper into your true self, a fag, obsessed with cock. You don’t want to resist this anymore.

After you’re finished it is time to melt into your poppers. You’re going to melt everything: your body, your brain, your willpower. The irresistible combination of poppers and Master Lucian will melt you like clay. Clay that Master Lucian will mold and shape into whatever he desires by the end of this 12 minute audio clip. You’ll be transformed 100% into his ideal slave.