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3 New Videos – Everything about The Punisher is huge…his arms, legs, and even his feet. When next to an ordinary man, he can squeeze the life out of him. This muscle behemoth effortlessly squeezes a weak boy into submission with his python like grip between his massive legs. In another clip, the 245lb muscle beast wears some camouflage legging and dominates his slave. Getting another weak boy on the ground, The Punisher wraps his massive legs around the boy’s head and begins squeezing. His huge legs are practically busting through the seams of his pants in this 15 minute clip. Returning to dominate is Big Alpha who is back from vacation and ready to destroy a boy. Big Alpha relentlessly dominates this boy over and over again as he locks him in various submission holds with no escape. Big Alpha shows why he is a brutally bodybuilder bully.

 New Video – Crawl to Master Alex and get ready to beg for a spit shower. You love when Master Alex spits all over your face and when his spit slides off and into your mouth. Open wide and lick it all up as you savor every last bit.

3 New Videos – New to IN-CHARGE.NET is Elliot Scissors, a 19 year old soccer player who loves locking people in tight headscissors and dominating. In his first video, Elliot invites over his friend Alex to use a slave. Alex locks the slave in a tight headscissors hold and totally degrades him. The slave squeals and pleas for mercy but the two young bullies just laugh at him. Once the slave leaves to go home crying, the two jocks practice some chokeholds on each other. Elliot shows off how strong his legs are as he squeezes his friend’s head as hard as he can. You’ll see that asserting dominance truly gives Elliot pleasure. On a different day, Elliot invites over his buddy Mark for a friendly fight. They can be friends but are still competitive and love to horse around to see which one is stronger. The two jocks take turns wrestling and choking each other out for fun.

5 New Videos – The obedient foot slave is dominated under Master Daniel’s foot. After a soccer match, Master Daniel is pumped up and ready to dominate this slave. The jock dom chokes his slave and stomps all over him for his own amusement. The next day, Slave Matt invites over Master J to worship his feet too. Master J sits on the slave with all of his weight and smothers the slave’s face with his feet. Slave Matt shows his true devotion to his master’s feet by licking and sucking on every inch of them. This slave can’t get enough of worshiping men’s feet as he needs another meet up with Master J to service his feet. Master J smashes his feet into the slave’s face and makes Slave Matt choke on his feet. Master J wraps his feet around the slave’s head and rams his foot into the slave’s mouth to make him really taste it.

The slave worship gets more intense when Slave Matt eats his master’s toenails. Slave Matt sits in anticipation as Master J clips his toenails and feeds them to the slave. Slave Matt devours them then begs to lick his master’s feet. Following that encounter, Slave Matt gets a visit from Master Pedro for some more foot domination. Master Pedro smacks the slave around with his feet and demands that the slave clean the bottoms of his feet. The slave cherishes being under his master’s huge alpha male feet in this 10 minute clip.

2 New Videos – Become a small and helpless bug under Master Aiden’s Vans sneakers. You’ve shrunken down and catch Master Aiden leaving the house and thankfully he misses stepping on you. However, this cashmaster quickly notices the tiny bug near his sneaker which is you and begins teasing you for being so small. Look up in fear and amazement at this giant and his massive shoe before he stomps on you. For slaves who just want to lose themselves to mindless gooning then check out Master Aiden’s next video. Keep staring, keep binging, and do everything your master tells you. You’ll become obsessed with your master’s ass as it will control all of your thoughts. Goon your way into oblivion every time you think of your master’s ass.

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1 New Video – Imagine yourself underneath MasterChris‘ feet like this banana. At any moment, MasterChris could stomp down on you and crush you in a second. Smashing his big alpha male feet right into this banana as he pulvarizes it, just like this alpha could smash in your face. If you are an obedient foot faggot, MasterChris will let you lick all of the smashed banana bits off of his superior soles and toes. You better obey him completely or MasterChris will turn to stomp on you..

1 New Video – Ready to be dominated? If you’re a slave who love big asses, farts, balls and being controlled then this is the DocTayTay video for you. Taylor is as harsh and controlling as he can be and he wants to dominate your face with his huge ass and balls. To top it off, he’s going to make you want to do whatever he wants. Starting with demanding that you lick his balls, eat his farts, kiss his huge white ass cheeks and more. Take in the masculinity on this one because you don’t have a choice.

3 New Videos – Master Alex decides to sodomize this piggy’s ass. Once Master Alex realizes that one big black dildo isn’t enough, he takes out another one. The slave’s tight asshole is destroyed and Master loves it. This powerful dom sits on his slave, riding the anal piggy toy like a cowboy, making him move as he pushes the dildos deeper and harder. Once he’s done, Master Alex takes them out of the piggy’s cunt hole and makes the slave suck them clean. Ass to mouth, piggy! Continuing on his domination spree, Master Alex uses another masked slave for a real time meet. Putting a black bodysuit on slave Jax, Master Alex makes it hard for him to breathe. This ruthless dom, then sits on the slave’s face, so the only thing he can breathe is his master’s ass. When the slave is panting and desperate for air, Master Alex gets up and puts the slave between his arms, making him sniff those sweaty armpits instead. There is no rest for the wicked and neither for slave Jax as Master Alex keeps him desperate for air and only getting ass or pits instead. Who needs air when you can worship a masculine, young stud?

This next video was a custom video request for a slave done through In-Charge’s custom video program. In this nearly 15 minute video, Master Alex humiliate his faggot and uses their popper addiction to make them into his very own human toilet. All throughout this extreme video clip, Master Alex will instruct you on how to take a hit of poppers, how long to hold it and to take his warm piss and clean his dirty hairy ass with your tongue. You will feel completely humiliated and used by the end of this clip as Master Alex gets deeper into your mind.

2 New Videos – Controlling another foot fag, Hairystudass makes the slave in this next video eat his own cum off his feet. Hairystudass usually never allows a slave to cum but sometimes if the slave is a good boy, he’ll allow it. This time, Hairystudass allows his slave to cum and makes the slave eat this cum off of his master’s feet. Throughout the clip, the fag is allowed to sniff his master’s dick after a long day at work, gets rough ass slaps, and even drinks from a water bowl like a dog.

In his third video update for the week, Hairystudass using a foot fag in a 10 minute foot worship session. In this real time session, Hairystudass gets his slave in a gas mask and then forces the cash fag to sniff his sweaty feet and dirty sneakers. The obedient cash fag does as he’s told and devotes himself to his master’s feet. This foot fag even gets to serve as a foot rest throughout. There is plenty of ass whipping and slapping as well in this real time session.


2 New Videos – Muscular alpha male JasonGenesis uses his strength to weaken all inferiors that he encounters. Experience true alpha domination at a true findom price with this pricey financial domination video. JasonGenesis flexes and shows off just a portion of some of the fag cash he has collected. He rubs the cash all over his huge muscles and puts you in a trance as you quickly wish you become his wallet. When you buy this video, you are feeding his pockets and making him stronger. All of that cash belongs to him. If you can’t get enough of his muscles, then JasonGenesis has even more for you. Worship his big muscles and big feet like an obedient cash fag. You’ll quickly bow down to this dom when you begin watching this video to worship his perfect body. His size 11 feet will make you stick out your tongue and beg to lick them clean. Be ready to kiss and clean this alpha’a feet as he says.

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1 New Video – In MasterDnero’s latest video, he recruits to straight alphas named Jager and Kayser to compete to see who can join his clique of masters known as Str8CrushFeet. The two straight alpha males will compete to see who can use their foot fag the hardest. In this one hour long foot worship session, both foot doms use their foot slave hard to see who is the best. The obedient foot fags devote themselves completely to both of these alphas, inhlaing their feet smell and sucking their toes. Ultimately, MasterDnero will decide who was the best foot dom in this scenario based on how the foot fags go wild over serving these two men. MasterDnero even joins in himself to get his feet worshiped.

5 New Videos – MasterAllen does away with the luggage support rack and uses it as a rim chair to make this faggot worship his ripe jock hole. Plopping his muscle ass on this faggot’s face, MasterAllen suffocates and smothers the worthless fag with his funky asshole, dragging it across his disgusting face and rocking back and forth. The fag’s face is now covered in his master’s scent. Continuing along with the ass worship, this slave can’t get enough of eating his master’s hole. The fag slave paid for this hotel room for him and MasterAllen. Quickly, the fag gets into the position under the improvised rim seat and services his dominant master.

Moving from ass worship to foot worship, Master Allen’s slave goes to task on his big alpha male feet. The masked fag sniffs, licks, and sucks MasterAllen’s feet clean while he gets verbally abused by him. To reward his fag slave, MasterAllen clips his fresh, funky toenails up close and then feeds the toenails to his hungry slave. The disgusting masked fag chomps down on his master’s gnarly jock toe nail clippings like it was a fine dessert. Lastly, MasterAllen’s fag goes to task worshipping his master’s superior king alpha feet while MasterAllen paddles the fag with his paddle all over the slave’s body. The fat worthless fuck is in heaven worshipping his king.

1 New Video – A tenderized red and bruised ass is in your future. Master Alex believes that a slave’s ass should always be a source of discomfort. Either by having it fucked, spanked, shocked, or butt plugged. It should never be easy on the slave. And there’s nothing easy in this hardcore rattan cane discipline video. The slave is spanked without mercy until there is barely an inch of his ass unmarked by the sting of the cane.

1 New Video – Dominant and muscular PharaohMuscle is new to In-Charge and ready to claim you as his next cash fag. Worship this awesome cash pharaoh master and admire his muscular body. In this 5 minute video clip, PharaohMuscle will have you worshiping his huge biceps and sweaty armpits as he flexes and makes you crave more muscle.


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3 New Videos – Continuing his abuse of MexSlave, MasterJax makes his pathetic slave place cash between his toes before he straps his shoe to the faggot’s face. At this point the fag slave has no choice by to inhale his master’s intoxicating foot scent through his sneaker. Punishing him more, MasterJax stomps on the slave’s face and neck. Imagine yourself being as lucky as this foot slave and serving MasterJax’s feet. Although it doesn’t stop there with the abuse of MexSlave. In the third part of this series, MasterJax shoves his socks in the fag’s mouth and eventually forces him into the bathroom to do something particularly humiliating. This foot fag can’t get enough of the opportunity to sniff MasterJax’s socks, feet, and sneakers while enduring his abuse and humiliation. MasterJax gets more intense as he steps on his slave to abuse him more. While relaxing on the bed, MexSlave dutifully cleans MasterJax’s sandals while licking the sweaty insides clean. MasterJax then proceeds to step all over this slave’s faggot face.

3 New Videos – Get ready for some sock worship and extreme bondage as Master Alex punishes another real time fag. In this video, Master Alex wears his jockstrap and long white soccer socks while dominating the hell out of his slave, who is tied up and helpless at his master’s feet. This is part two of how Master Alex met slave Faco. In this part, Master Alex puts his fag in an extremely difficult bondage scenario. Ring gag opening the slave’s mouth for Master Alex’s big alpha feet, candles underneath the slave’s chest and cock, the slave experience Master Alex’s full abuse from belt whipping, candle dripping, predicament bondage, and socked feet worship and domination.

Slave Faco gets even more vicious abuse when he endures a hard electro milking from Master Alex. The focus of this video is all about edging and pushing a huge load out of the slave’s cock. Master Alex milks it hard, using electro torment, cock slapping and kicking, nipple pulling and total control to establish his dominance over this fag. Master Alex handcuffs slave Faco and spreads his legs while attaching electrodes to the slave’s nipples and cock. To stop the slave’s loud moaning, he takes off his long soccer socks and gags the fag with them. In the end, using his leather gloves and intense vibrator, Master Alex milks every drop of cum out of that horny, throbbing cock on this pathetic slave. After he dominates this fag during the electro torture session, Master Alex covers the slave in piss in the shower. Putting his slave in the bathtub, Master Alex gives the fag a bath he’ll never forget when he drenches him in his warm piss. Master Alex unleashes his golden nectar all over the slave’s body and leaves him there with the bathtub plugged. Master Alex will return later to piss on him again until the slave takes on a full bath in nothing but his master’s piss.

1 New Videos – King Ginger delivers an extremely verbal fag bashing in this barefoot worship video. Sitting at his computer, King Ginger takes a break from cash raping fag slaves to deliver some intense abuse to a slave like you. Placing the camera on the floor, King Ginger stands tall over you while flipping you off and stomping his feet right into your face. King Ginger will remind you of your place in this world which is to serve straight alpha men and fork over your hard earned cash to make King Ginger’s life even easier.

1 New Videos – New to In-Charge is MasterDominator, a muscled Russian master who enjoys putting pathetic cash faggots in their rightful place. In this 18 minute video clip, MasterDominator dominates and punishes a faggot slave by forcing him to sniff his sweaty socks and lick his barefeet in this feet fag humiliation session. The fag slave receives MasterDominator’s spit in his mouth whenever he worships his master’s feet wrong. MasterDominator loves teaching bitch slaves how their lives will change as his personal foot fag. Letting the slave sniff and lick his feet, MasterDominator also lets this masked fag worship his ass and balls with his tongue. This is the definition of real domination.

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3 New Videos – These 3 new videos from Transylvanian Wolf features him in three different real time meets with his loyal slaves. In the first video, Transylvanian Wolf needs his boots to be cleaned. Who better to clean them than his loyal Slave Shine. There’s a reason this slave earned that name, obviously. Slave Shine needs to worship his master’s shoes and feet more than he needs air. The fag slave crawls on his hands and feet, opening that hungry mouth in hopes of tasting his master’s boots. While Transylvanian Wolf relaxes on the couch, his slave shines and shines, never stopping to catch his breath. This alpha dom uses a leash on the slave’s leather collar and watches the fag’s cock struggle against the chastity belt. Transylvanian Wolf orders him around, uses him as a footstool and enjoys being serviced by this hungry, boot-loving slave.

In a followup real time session, with what appears to be the same fag slave, Transylvanian Wolf spanks his slave into submission. Clad in tight black shorts, black leather boots, and a leather harness, Transylvanian Wolf takes his leather paddle and teases his sub’s ass with it. Making his slave bend over the couch, it doesn’t know when to expect it’s master to spank it. Transylvanian Wolf doesn’t hold back and lays into his fag slave with each spank of the leather strap. You can tell Transylvanian Wolf enjoys dishing out the punishment to his obedient fag slave with each smack. In his other most recent real time session video, Transylvanian Wolf has a different slave to torment in this agonizing CBT session. The slave wearing a black lycra jumpsuit has his cock and balls exposed. His cock and balls are tied up ready for the torture session. Just like he paddled the previous slave’s ass, Transylvanian Wolf paddles this slave’s balls and cock as it cries out in pain. Making this submissive fag into his bitch, Transylvanian Wolf takes total ownership of this fag’s balls as he continues to torture and torment them for his own amusement.

3 New Videos – In one of the rare videos from his collection, MasterBraz95 is ready to put you in your place while he makes you worship his big alpha feet. This video is rare because MasterBraz95 rarely decides to show his feet. Flexing for the camera, MasterBraz95 plants these massive feet up to the camera to make all of the foot fags drool over them. Throughout this nearly 12 minute video, there are plenty of moments to worship this alpha’s feet and endure his verbal abuse while he smokes his cigarette. However, it doesn’t stop there as MasterBraz95 has more for you to drool over. In this leather worship video, MasterBraz95 will weaken you with his leather gear. Clad in leather gloves, a leather jacket, and big leather boots, MasterBraz95 will brainwas you into understanding that your place is as his slave. Your rightful place is to the slave to a straight master’s feet. Endure this master’s leather boots, verbal abuse, smoking, and spit all wrapped into this video.

Picture a normal working day for yourself. You probably get up early, rush to get dressed, eat a shitty breakfast, rush to work to slave for hours making a wage that barely makes ends meet. For MasterBraz95, a usual “working” day consists of making faggots sniff and drool at his white socks while making tons of money. He sets his own rules and you are to follow them. Grab your poppers and cash to sacrifice for this intense popper intox training session.

1 Video and 1 Photoset – Master Russh-0 was given a slave to do the cleaning of his home. However, he would be in charge of feeding this slave, just as if it was a pet. The difference is that this pet is a faggot with a lot of money. Russh-0 decided to feed this fag pet only with his sweat and soil from his feet after an intense gym workout. Unfortunately, no one can live simply off of foot sweat and foot dirt, not even a pathetic slave. What will Russh-0 and the Str8CrushFeet guys do with this fag pet? After watching this video, you’ll crave to clean and lick some alpha feet. MasterDnero has the perfect gift for you – a collection of 45 dirty feet pictures for you to worship. Download this photoset and start cleaning MasterDnero’s dirty, Godly feet after his workouts.

1 New Video – KingGinger is ready to give all of the foot whores out there an intense verbal bashing. Standing over you to establish his dominance, KingGinger verbally lays into you to remind you of how fucking pathetic you are to him. Weakening you with his socked feet, you’ll quickly learn your role is to be at the bottom of this alpha’s feet. It isn’t before long that KingGinger takes off the dirty white socks from his feet to reveal his big alpha feet. Tongues out and wallets open because you’re going to serve these feet.

Featured Model- TransylvanianWolf

After being locked in Transylvanian Wolf‘s cage for months, you are starting to reek and smell up his slave dungeon. Because of that, Transylvanian Wolf thinks it’s time that he takes you for a walk because your pathetic faggot ass is making him angry. While outside, as punishment TransylvanianWolf starts to stomp you out with his dirty, muddy sneakers. Then this findom orders you to clean his footwear as you have no other option because you realize you are a subhuman filth slave. Under his shoes, you beg for mercy, but all you get is this alpha’s spit and piss to wash down the mud and filth.eatured

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2 New Videos – One of UncutJockCub‘s most loyal slaves is ready for an intense real time session. To start this session of servitude, this masked fag slave chugs his master’s piss in the shower. UncutJockCub puts his masked fag on a leash attached to a large leather collar. While pulling on the leash and choking his fag slave, UncutJockCub makes his slave tilt his head back as the slave greedily chugs his master’s piss from his full bladder. From a different angle, UncutJockCub has another clip of the fag drinking his piss. This slave worships every drop of his master’s golden stream of warm piss and does his best to not miss a drop. UncutJockCub’s bladded has been full for a while and it’s only appropriate to empty his alpha bladder full of piss into his human urinal. This fag slave will remember this moment for the rest of his life and be forever thankful to his master for giving him such a reward.

1 New Video – Taylor comes home and realizes his parents and little brother aren’t home and sees this as the best time to finally check out those dirty bookmarks on his computer and jack off a big load before everyone gets home. Out of nowhere, Taylor notices what looks like a hidden camera. After further inspection, it is a hidden camera! This all seems weird but Taylors knows who must be behind this…his little brother, Kyle. Taylor has taken notice that Kyle has been looking at him and other guys differently. Instead of just turning off the camera, Taylor decides to let it keep recording and to let his brother watch him jack off. Since Kyle is recording and watching, Taylor recalls a time when him and Dad tag teamed his girlfriend together. Taylor jacks off as he relives the experience, letting Kyle know just what he is missing out on because he is secretly gay and thus will never share that kind of experience with his Dad like Taylor has. After constant dirty and degrading talk, Taylor eventually sprays a huge load all over his abs. Will Kyle wish he was the girl getting tag teamed by Taylor and his Dad after seeing this? He just might…

1 New Video – Follow alpha male Transylvanian Wolf outside and prepare to worship his ass outdoords. While wearing a yellow, black, and red jockstrap, this hairy master will make your mouth water as you crave to worship his ass. As a submissive, it is your duty to worship every part of your master’s body whether it’s his feet, his armpits, or his ass. Transylvanian Wolf is no different and you’ll quickly begin craving his jock ass the longer you stare and worship him in his jockstrap. Submit to him like the animal you are to him.

3 New Videos – MasterBraz is ready to verbally humiliate you as he orders you to worship his sweaty feet. As he smokes a cigarette, MasterBraz will order you to get on your knees and lick the bottoms of his shoes like the filthy fag slave you are then if you’re lucky, he’ll let you take off his shoes and finally worship his sweaty alpha feet. Once those shoes come off, you’ll see his white socks. Get your mouth open because MasterBraz wants to stick his entire socked foot in your mouth. But don’t stop there with worshiping Master Braz’s feet. In this nearly 13 minute video clip, MasterBraz wants you to sniff and worship his feet. Wearing red sneakers and white socks, Master Braz will make you feel like a totally submissive foot fag as you look up at him and crave to serve his alpha male feet. To make you even more mindless, this alpha cash master throws in some popper training and even spits on you during this video. This is everything a submissive foot fag deserves while resting under your master’s feet. Master Braz’s last video update this week is a custom video he made for a fag with a focus on popper sniffing and his white socks. As he continues to degrade you for being a faggot slave, Master Braz will have you kneeling with your tongue hanging out, hoping to lick the bottoms of his socks. This is why faggots submit to this alpha male.

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1 New Video – You’ll quickly learn to submit to Master Bigg and his feet as he takes command of your mind in this nearly 10 minute video clip. Starting off with his socked feet planted up against the camera, Master Bigg will make you worship his feet and sniff poppers when he commands. This straight alpha male casually sits back and relaxes with his feet up as he degrades you and orders you to sniff more and more of that bottle of poppers you have with you. Inhale the mind numbing toxic fumes as you look into the soles of Master Bigg’s feet and listen to him put you down. Master Bigg makes sure to flip you off plenty of times as you follow his orders too.

1 New Video – In his latest real time session, Master Brad invites over a cash fag for a real time beat down session. Master Brad gets his pathetic cash fag in the proper position and get his gold boxing gloves on to begin the beat down. This alpha uses his fag as a human puunching bag by hitting him repeatedly over and over. How many punches do you think it can take to knock this pathetic fag off of his feet? Download to find out.

1 New Video – Joining up with Master Dnero for this foot worship video is Master Dante, a dominant skater foot master. Master Dnero and Master Dante find a loyal foot fag to handcuff and use in this 39 minute video clip. Master Dante gets great amusement from the amount of messages he gets from slaves wanting to buy his used, nasty, smelly socks. It seems like the smell of a real man is a drug to foot slaves. Foot fags especially love the smell of Master Dante’s feet because he’s the type of guy who doesn’t usually change his sneakers often and it doesn’t matter to him if his socks are clean before he puts them on his feet. So when a foot fag goes mindless and becomes infatuated with his feet, Master Dante gets a laugh from it all as he hears their moans of ecstasy while they worship his feet. See how lucky the real time foot fag is in this video clip as he services Master Dante and Master Dnero’s feet.

1 New Video – After going for a run outside, Transylvanian Wolf is covered in sweat and he deserves some sweaty armpit worship. Showing off his hairy body and muscles while flexes, Transylvanian Wolf commands that you worship and lick his ripe armpits. This dominant master wants you to stick your pathetic tongue out and lick the sweat from his pits as he holds your head in there. No stopping the armpit worship until he says you may stop. You’ll lick and clean his pits until he is fully satisfied because your a weak submissive pit slave who enjoys it.

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2 New Videos – Transylvanian Wolf knows your most well-kept secret. Unless you want him to expose you to the whole world for being a gay pervert, you will do exactly as he says to do. This alpha master has photos of you, and he’s not afraid to share them online via social media if you don’t comply with his blackmail game. From now on, you are his to use and you will crawl naked on your hands and knees to kiss his boots. If he is in the mood to smash your balls with his leather gloves, you will present them immediately. This master even has the perfect idea. He’s going to pimp your horny ass out by putting an ad online and anyone willing to pay to use your mouth or ass will get the opportunity. This is your new life as his personal whore, pleasing gay and straight men that want to use you for their own wicked pleasure.

In his other latest film, Transylvanian Wolf turns your cash pussy into his slot machine. It starts by you entering his luxurious hotel room as he is counting all of the cash that he raped from his money slaves like you. The bed is filled with cash as he teases you mercilessly with his big feet and delicious toes. He then takes you on a tour of his perfect body showing off his hairy, manly, sweaty pits. Verbally humiliating and degrading you on the way as he does this. He even smothers your face with his feet but never forget that you can only cum when he says so and only after you have asked permission out loud. But the best part is at the end when this alpha master decides to use your ass as a slot machine by stuffing you full of dirty coins, one by one. Submit yourself to this alpha for the ultimate humiliation and dehumanization.

2 New Videos – In his latest film, Stefano shows you how he owns your life. Wearing a black leather jacket and showing off his strong muscles for you to worship, you will quickly realize how superior this straight alpha male is compared to your existence. Stefano makes sure you worship his muscles as he flexes, flips you off, and verbally abuses you. Throughout the verbal abuse, Stefano will train your brain to realize that he owns your life and that you are just an object for him to use. After you’ve come to the realization that you only exist for Stefano to use you and own you, get your poppers ready for some poppper intox. In this 8 minute video clip, Stefano will guide you through sniffing your poppers until your brain is fried. This fine dressed, muscle master enjoys fag slaves who are weakened and buzzed on poppers. The more fried your brain becomes, the weaker you become for him to exploit and use you. Add credits to your In-Charge account now and download this video to serve your master.

1 New Video – In his newest film on In-Charge, Master Dnero makes his brother into a better slave. It starts with him inviting you to imagine yourself as his half brother and have the opportunity to serve him day by day for your whole life because you are a pathetic trash fag slave. Your life’s purpose is to endulge your straight brother as he conquers pussy and makes you worship his sweat and manliness. Imagine having the opportunity to wash his sweaty feet and armpits with your tongue after the gym, to prepare his food and clean his house everyday and even live as his urinal. You would be forced to get a job and hand over your paycheck to your alpha brother constantly. In this film, his half brother, Lucky does all of that and you should envy him. You should wish to be as lucky as Master Dnero’s brother, who just happens to be named Lucky. Also as an exclusive, this is the first recording of pissing from MasterDnero and can only be found on In-Charge.

2 New Video – Back from the gym and fueled with testosterone and adrenaline, College Muscle is ready to make you worship his biceps. Master College Muscle (CM), makes little faggots like you worship his perfect alpha biceps again by forcing you to get on your knees and tribute for the chance. Reinforcing your place as an inferior faggot, Master CM reminds you that your only purpose in this life is to serve a real man like the pathetic fag you are to him. However, don’t stop the worship there. Master CM then makes you serve a real man in his other newest film. Look up at this muscular alpha god and give up your fag cash to him as you assume your role. Master CM flexes and shows off his alpha muscles as he talks about his real life experiences of fags drooling over him constantly whether it’s at the gym or the beach. It’s amazing for his alpha being a straight, cocky, muscular superior male.

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6 New Videos – Master Gary is always ready to enslave any faggot that crosses his path and will utilize any technique necessary to drain that fag of his cash. In 1 of 6 new videos, Master Gary takes on the role of a leather God in this 5 minute video clip. In this leather domination video, find out what happens when a leather God like Master Gary follows you home. Clad in a leather jacket, jeans, leather gloves, and a leather belt in hand, Master Gary will make you experience something that you will never forget. Besides using leather to control the weak minds of faggots, Master Gary uses his techniques in extreme popper abuse to enslave cash fags. Whenever Master Gary says so, you will sniff and huff your poppers. You will stop when he says so. You will tribute when he says so. While showing his white socks to the camera, your weakened mind will have no choice but to obey anything Master Gary says to do. Continue with your popper training as Master Gary gives out some popper intox instructions while relaxing with his feet up and shirtless. Master Gary flexes his perfect body with those same white socks from before stuffed right in your face as you watch this video. This alpha male forces you to do more and more poppers as he laughs in your face and flexes.

You’re probably already wasted on poppers but why take a break? For this video clip, Master Gary is in a towel while abusing your mind with poppers. More popper counts, holds, and instructions as Master Gary is fresh from the shower, making you drool while watching him in a towel. Since you’ve done so well at sniffing your poppers, Master Gary will let you eat his spit as a reward. In this video clip, Master Gary reminds you of what a little cunt you are as he stands over you and spits on you. Open your mouth and take the rewards he’s giving you. Cherish his spit, worship his white socks, and don’t stop sniffing poppers. For the more sick and nasty fags, Master Gary has a video of popper instructions for shit eaters. Master Gary goes extreme verbally in this video clip. Submit to this cocky dom as he guides you into being an absolutlely filthy faggot for your master.

1 New Video – After you get a glimpse of Transylvanian Wolf flashing his hairy pits outside, he begins to realize that you can’t take your eyes off of his alpha armpits. It’s an incredibly hot and sunny day, so his pits are ripe and sweaty. This is just what you go mad for, isn’t it? Transylvanian Wolf brings you closer, slowly showing you what makes you weak. Pulling you by the back of your head, he buries that hungry face inside his armpits, keeping you in a headlock. But this is ecstasy for you, being so close to this alpha’s armpits. Nothing else matters now as he sees your attention remaining focused on only one thing. The sun shines on his pits, and that is where you belong as well. Then Transylvanian Wolf decides to reward you by letting you push your tongue into his armpits, getting closer, and seeing both of his delicious pits until you are dazed and ecstatic. If you want to experience heaven, then come between this master’s pits.

1 New Video – It is time to serce the true American jock God, SirKraze. Lay your hard earned 9 to 5 cash at his feet. SirKraze is the reason you work those long hours at work and put in the overtime hours. All to please and sacrifice for your alpha auperior. Get on those knees and show your respect to your alpha jock God, SirKraze.

2 New Video – This is how Turkish Satan treats his faggots with verbal abuse and foot domination. This Turkish alpha puts his feet up in your faggot face for you to lick and worship. Whenever you look up at him, he’ll spit in your face and take your money, leaving you bankrupt and broke. One slave even experienced this power in a real time meet with TurkishSatan. During this meet up, Turkish Satan fills an air gun with his spit and sprays it on the fag’s face, making him even more pathetic than he already is to TurkishSatan.

1 New Video – You’ve done a serious offense, you’ve disappointed your leather master. This leather clad, cigar smoking dom, is pissed off that you’ve disappointed him so much that he has no choice but to verbally abuse you and show you the consequences by giving you a new job. In this 12 minute video, this cigar smoking master delivers your punishment and makes you pay for everything you’ve done to disappoint him.