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2 New Videos – Time to drop to your knees and humiliate yourself for CashMasterTrey. This verbal alpha wants you to get naked and covered yourself in mayonnaise like a stupid fag trained to do tricks. CashMasterTrey is going to enjoy humiliating you and making you see how depraved you can be for him. After you’ve degraded yourself, it is time to beat yourself up for your master. Show CashMasterTrey how much of a loser you are as he orders you to beat yourself on command. You will quickly realize that as a cash faggot, you deserve to be smacked around and crushed beneath a straight man’s boot. Submit, serve, and punish yourself for your master.

2 New Videos – Master Kruzzar is about to ignore you as he smokes a cigar. However, he can’t completely ignore you. It is your job to serve as his human ashtray. Open your mouth wide and take all of his ash like the ashtray you are to him. For slaves craving even more from Master Kruzzar, then you can serve him even more as a urinal slave. Master Kruzzar goes out into a mall bathroom and makes a mess as he pisses everywhere. Someone needs to come clean up all this alpha piss and what better job than for a fag to do. Come worship and clean up this alpha piss with your mouth.

5 New Videos – DanielSlin is ready to make Ikagura into his personal foot slave. This jock dom gets his slave down on the ground and jams his alpha foot into the slave’s mouth. Ikagura gags hard on this jock’s feet and shows his devotion to serving. Later, DanielSlin stands over his obedient foot slave to trample him with his dominant alpha feet. DanielSlin turns Ikagura into a human doormat as he walks all over him. Standing over top of the slave, DanielSlin flexes his biceps and shows off his power. After his session with DanielSlin, Ikagura serves another dom in a facesitting real time. This arrogant alpha sits on Ikagura’s face while he plays video games. Ikagura stays pinned under this dom’s ass and cannot move while showing his true submission.

For those wanting more trample and domination, Ikagura gets slapped, trampled, and used in the next clip. Laying shirtless on the floor, this slave gets his face covered by alpha feet. Ikagura continues to serve as a human doormat as this alpha walks all over him. Later, Ikagura goes back to servicing this alpha’s feet. Ikagura chokes on his master’s feet as he tries to swallow more of this dom’s foot. The master locks one foot behind Ikagura’s head while forcing the other foot further into Ikagura’s eager mouth.

4 New Videos – Master Berlin loves nothing more than getting his feet worshipped. Putting his foot slave in its place, MasterBerlin spits on the slave and smacks him around before ordering him to worship his socked feet. MasterBerlin shows no mercy to this slave as he pulls him around on a leash. The foot worship continues as this foot slave licks his master’s alpha feet. MasterBerlin sits back and drinks a beer with his feet propped up. His obedient and depraved foot slave crawls over to sniff and lick his master’s feet. MasterBerlin amuses himself by kicking the slave around and ordering him to worship his feet even more.

Things get even nastier in the next clip as MasterBerlin pisses on his slave. This pathetic pig serves his master without question as he drinks MasterBerlin’s piss, gets burped on, and licks his dirty feet. MasterBerlin loves total devotion when getting worhsipped. The foot slave desires to serve MasterBerlin even more in the next clip which chronicles the day of a slave. MasterBerlin’s slave brings his master foot, sniffs his feet, worships his ass, and cleans his boots. Watch the typical daily journey of MasterBerlin’s slave and how this slave completely devotes himself to his master.

2 New Videos – Master Shaun has a fun session on top of his slave dominating him with some full bodyweight facesitting and foot domination. The real time session escalates further when he has his slave finger his ass and sits on the slave’s face some more. During the facesitting, Master Shaun even farts in his slave’s face. In another meet up with Master Shaun, this dom wakes up smelling sweaty and dirty. Master Shaun commands the slave to lick his body clean. The devoted slave runs his tongue all over Master Shaun’s body to clean him. Afterwards, he sits on the slave’s face and starts to show off the growing bulge in his underwear. Master Shaun humiliates the slave more in this meet up by spitting on him and riding piggyback on the slave to dehumanize him.

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2 New Videos – These 2 muscle masters have fun dominating a jock slave. Both masters bind the slave’s hands and use him however they want from spanking him, making him worship feet, and making him experience pain. These dominant muscle men do whatever they want to their submissive jock slave. After some roughing up and degradation of their slave, these masters then fuck their muscle slave. Both alpha use this slave for their sexual needs as if he’s just an object and, to them, that’s all he is: an object. Watch these muscle masters get off by pounding this sub’s muscle ass.

1 New Video – Put your head down and get on your knees to worship this master’s armpits. Master Kruzzar verbally abuses you and orders you to get your tongue out to sniff his ripe, raunchy, sweaty pits. Beg for more as this alpha tells you how he wants you to bury your face in his sweaty armpit and serve him.

2 New Videos – In a live cam show, Davidwar pisses all over himself in a golden shower. This hot Colombian hunk doesn’t hold back and coats himself in a warm stream of alpha male piss. Running down his muscle pecs and abs, Davidwar is soaked in his own piss on cam. After drying off, this alpha gets so turned on that he jerks his big cock. In his room while watching some hot porn, Davidwar pulls out his big dick and begins pounding his alpha meat right in front of you. Ultimately, he strokes to the point of a big, messy climax of cum all over his legs and balls.

4 New Videos – Master Rusty doesn’t hold back in this brutal stomping video. This jock dom tramples all over his slave wearing Puma cleats. The masked foot slave endures all of his master’s abuse as he is stomped on and trampled on throughout this nearly 10 minute video clip. Check out this slave endure all of his master’s abuse and love every second of it. Afterwards Master Rusty takes the slave outside for even more trampling abuse. Master Rusty steps all over this slave while wearing Vans sneakers. The moment the slave whimpers in pain, Master Rusty pours water over his face as punishment. The obedient foot slave quickly learns to allow this master to stomp on him as hard as he likes.

Going back inside, Master Rusty tramples his foot fag in a different pair of sneakers. This time while wearing Reeboks, Master Randy walks all over the weak slave and stands right on his chest. Struggling under the pressure of Master Rusty’s weight, the slave learns his place is beneath Master Rusty. If you thought the trampling abuse was over, you’re wrong. Master Rusty wants to trample his foot slave even more. This time in red Chucks, Master Rusty jumps up and down with all of his weight onto this weak, submissive slave. Taking as much abuse as he can, the slave’s body begins to turn red from the intense, hardcore stomps. Download this hard stomping abuse clip to see how much this slave can endure.

4 New Videos – Ikagura submits to a Jiu Jitsu Master and gags on his feet in this intense foot worship clip. Laying down on the mattress next to his dom’s feet, Ikagura takes all of his master’s foot into his mouth and gags on it. When he gags too much, the foot dom gets up and tramples over the slave as punishment. Then it’s back to sucking on this alpha’s feet. In another trampling abuse clip, Ikagura finds himself under the foot of another master. This time Ikagura gets his face and body trampled on as he submits to this powerful foot dom. Pinned under the weight of his superior, Ikagura realizes where he truly belongs. After all of that trampling, Ikagura then finds himself locked in a chokehold by another superior alpha. Choked out by his master, Ikagura is pinned between the dom’s powerful legs with no where to go. Ikagura can barely breathe but loves every second of being clinched tightly in his master’s power. In his final new upload this week, Ikagura is then serving at the feet of findom DanielSlin. This alpha pins Ikagura under his sweaty socked feet for him to serve. While flexing for the camera, DanielSlin pauses the flex session to choke out Ikagura a little bit before making him worship his feet again.

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3 New Videos – Muscle master Dennis takes this weak beta sub out in a field for a rough headscissors session. The weak slave boy is pinned to the ground and squeezed between this alpha’s muscular, powerful legs. This sub is pinned right up against Dennis’ huge alpha bulge and loves every second of it. Continuing with this outdoor domination, Dennis locks his slave boy in a reverse headscissors choke this time and squeezes the sub between his strong hamstrings. The sub feels it locked in tight when Dennis clamps his foot across his ankle to lock the hold on tighter. Begging for mercy, there is no use fighting Dennis’ powerful strength. Picking the beta boy up, Dennis locks him in a crushing bearhug. Squeezing the life out of this slave, Dennis locks his tight biceps around the slave’s body and makes him cry for mercy. Watch Dennis’ absolute power as he dominates another weakling.

1 New Video – Prepare to sniff this alpha’s armpit. VikingFagDestroyer demands that you put your head down, get on your knees, and beg for the chance to sniff and worship his ripe pits. Your alpha God is here to give you structure and purpose in your meaningless life. Your new purpose to serve this alpha’s every command and worship every inch of him.

2 New Videos – Ikagura gets dominated and beat up by a cocky alpha stud. Laying on his back, Ikagura is gagged by this lean alpha’s barefeet. Ikagura worships every inch of his master’s feet and endures more and more foot domination throughout this 10 minute clip. Later, Ikagura gets choked even more when him and his dom play gag the slave. Sticking his feet further down the slave’s mouth, Ikagura gags hard on his masters feet. When the slave gags too much, he gets kicked around by his dom. See how much Ikagura loves his master’s feet as he slobbers all over this alpha’s bare soles.

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1 New Video – King Luca shows you why he is the boss as he forces a masked slave to worship his body. This dominant alpha has his masked slave serve him, eat his ass, and choke on his big alpha cock in this 53 minute real time session. King Luca is extremely brutal with his abuse of this slave and makes sure the slave feels completely used by the end of this hour long session.

1 New Video – Tattooed muscle alpha VikingFagDestroyer commands you to serve his muscles. Muscle worshippers submit and obey to this built and chiseled Viking. Obey his commands and serve his muscles as they are the only thing you need in your life. No thinking, no thought, just serving your Viking god.

5 New Videos – Ikagura is beaten up and used in this foot domination session. Pinned to the ground, this weak foot slave is beaten up, choked, and kicked all over by his alpha. Ikagura loves every second of the abuse as he is beneath this cocky dom. There is no resisting and Ikagura wouldn’t resist even if he could. Things get more intense and nastier as Ikagura becomes a piss pig. Laying on his back in the shower, Ikagura gets soaked in warm, alpha male piss and totally degraded. After getting pissed on, Ikagura licks the soles of his alpha to show true obedience. The piss domination continues as Ikaura becomes a piss pig for another alpha. Back into the shower this slave goes as he is cove#f51735 in piss and serves at his master’s feet. Licking the piss covered soles of this alpha, Ikagura couldn’t want anything more.

After some intense humiliation comes time for an intense beat down. This time, Ikagura is dominated by a young master who completely owns him. This young alpha wears boxing gloves as he beats on and pummels Ikagura just for fun. The obedient sub endures all of this young master’s abuse. Later he gets trampled on and serves at this master’s superior feet. In the last new upload for this week, Ikagura is then choked out by Master DanielSlin. Pinned to the mattress, this submissive slave struggles to breathe as DanielSlin wraps his bicep tight around the slave’s throat making him gasp for air. The slave gets choked out and knocked out by DanielSlin once again.

1 New Video – Sexy Latino hunk Davidwar flexes and burps in his newest video clip. Showing off his flexing biceps and burping into the camera, this cashmaster will make you wish you were on your knees in front of him getting burped on and degraded. Drool over his flexed muscles and inhale his alpha burps as you submit.