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1 New Video – Muscular cash dom BigAlphaDaddy is ready to have you cash fags worship his muscles in this 5-star rated video. Flexing his muscular physique, BigAlphaDaddy always gets what he wants. In this video clip, BigAlphaDaddy uses his big, perfect muscles and superior alpha intellect to collect his fag tax from you. This superior alpha male sets out to take all of your hard earned cash and that hard earned cash belongs to someone who truly deserves it. Bow to his big muscles and download this video now.


1 New Video – Hardcore fetish fans will enjoy Lacrosse067‘s latest fisting video. This video is from a time when Owen first began loosening up Calvin’s ass. Decked out in football pads, Owen works up Calvin’s tight twink hole. You’ll see that Owen is good with his hands but Calvin’s long deep breaths help him relax his ass making for a damn brilliantly submissive hole. Calvin wears a tight, white jockstrap and there are lots of shots of his bare feet as he jacks off and moans in pleasure from Owen’s fist going up his ass. Calvin is all Owen’s and is ready for more as he anticipates Owen’s hand going deep inside him to the wrist.


1 New Video – DillonAnderson and another discreet guy hookup in this sexy encounter. In this video clip, DillonAnderson invites over his buddy Kevin for a night of hot sex. Kevin is discreet, so his face is blacked out with a black bar – although the bar doesn’t cover his face at some points. Dillon Anderson fucks his mate Kevin super hard in tons of different positions before he cums twice inside his hot hole. Kevin’s toes curl from the rough pounding he receives thanks to Dillon Anderson’s hard cock. Even after cumming in his ass, Dillon still makes Kevin ride him after.

New Cash Masters and New Videos


7 New Videos – New to In-Charge is straight alpha dominator Master Phoenix. This cashmaster prefers loyal and long term cash fags who will do anything he requests. In his first batch of videos, he gives his cash slaves a preview of what it’s like to serve him. In his first upload, Master Phoenix does some roleplay where he kidnaps his slaves and forces it to worship his feet. In this nearly 15 minute video, Master Phoenix has caught you staring at him in the locker room and decides it’s time to take control of a faggot like you. MasterPhoenix drags you to his dungeon to put you in your place as a foot fag. While clad in leather with leather boots, MasterPhoenix helps you realize what a lucky loser you are to serve at the sole of his leather boots and at his barefeet. If you need a taste of the real thing then watch MasterPhoenix own a real time foot fag as the fag shines MasterPhoenix’s boots. Another loser slave in MasterPhoenix’s prison camp dungeon gets the honor of shining his superior’s boots. After shining them and making them clean, the foot fag gets the opportunity to massage his straight master’s feet while a leather clad MasterPhoenix counts his fag cash. The slave even gets the chance to rub his master’s barefeet in exchange for a huge fag tax. Continuining on the leather / dungeon theme, MasterPhoenix offers some sweaty leather domination. What more needs to be said? In this 10 minute video, MasterPhoenix commands you to worship every inch of his sweaty, muscular body while he verbally abuses and threatens you. You’ll feel right at home as this all takes place in MasterPhoenix’s dungeon with him starting off the video in a cut-off and blue jeans with leather gloves before showing his designer underwear for you to worship his body.

Changing it up a bit, in another new video from MasterPhoenix, he delivers some popper instructional abuse. This cash dom knows how you fuck up a popper pig like you and it’s time to let MasterPhoenix instruct you on how to use your poppers. Follow MasterPhoenix’s leather gloves and his commands as he holds the bottle of poppers up to your nose and fucks your brain up all while smoking a cigar. Still smoking his cigar, get ready for some cigar and muscle worship in another of MasterPhoenix’s latest videos. After MasterPhoenix strips out of his bike leathers in this 12 minute video, he enjoys a huge cigar – it’s almost as big as his alpha cock that you only get to dream about. MasterPhoenix shows his bulge through his leather pants before he reveals a black and white Diesel jockstrap. You get to worship every part of MasterPhoenix in this video from his leather gear to his feet to his ass and ultimately his bulge. By this point you’re thinking of MasterPhoenix as a God and in his blasphemous popper instructional video he fashions himself as a God. Go on a mind fuck, kneel, and pray to this alpha God. You’ll worship the temple of his glory as he commands you on how to sniff your poppers and give yourself to a God like him. If you just need a taste of MasterPhoenix then check out his dungeon intro video. Filmed in MasterPhoenix’s Prison Camp, this cash dom tells you just what he thinks of you. Hear his words, as you worship his body, his leather, his strength, and his ferocity.


2 New Videos – Another newbie to In-Charge is MuscleGuyCam. This massive bodybuilder could easily crush any little slave boy that crosses his path. MuscleGuyCam has uploaded 2 videos this week and in the first, he shows the true meaning of muscle domination. MuscleGuyCam flexes over the camera showing his massive size while wearing red boxer briefs showing his massive bugle. His tattooed body and muscular legs could make any slave feel little. Watching him flex would make muscle worshippers fall to their knees and hand over their wallet to his muscle god. Continuining with more muscle flexing, MuscleGuyCam puts on a muscle flexing show. This is just a sample of what a muscle flexing cam show would be like with this muscle dom. In this 10 minute video, MuscleGuyCam starts off in a sports jersey and basketball shorts before stripping down to reveal his tattooed muscular body and bulging biceps. Worship this bodybuilder’s muscles now by downloading his videos.


2 New Videos and 3 New Pictures – Another new guy to In-Charge is Bottomboy0024. It’s obvious from his screenname that he’s a bottom boy and that’s evident from his self titled video Bottomboy0024 where he gets a cum facial. In this short video clip, BottomBoy lays on his back with his mouth opened after a hook up session ready for a warm load to shoot on his face and in his mouth. He sucks the top’s dick right after he cums. From that same hookup session, BottomBoy films a portion of his bareback fuck session. He also has 3 new XXX photos showing everything from his ass to his hard cock.


4 New Photosets РInterracialDomCouple has uploaded 4 new photosets. In these photosets, the sexy girl shows off her black thong. It includes 11 photos showing pussy, breasts, and ass along with her sexy black thong. Foot fans will enjoy seeing her pedicured toes photoset which shows her nice smooth and soft feet and some ass pics too. Check out her portfolio for more.

Newest Downloads- Feet and Ass


1 New Video – Dominant alpha MasterBrad just got back from a game of basketball and his feet are super sweaty. MasterBrad shows off his basketball sneakers and sweaty feet in his latest film. Placing the camera on the floor, MasterBrad reminds you of where you belong at his alpha feet while looking up at him. This cashdom is also clad in black Nike athletic socks and white compression leggings. Serve at MasterBrad’s sweaty alpha feet like an obedient foot fag as he verbally abuses you throughout this video clip.


1 New Video – While traveling in Los Angeles, DillonAnderson hooked up with a hot bottom. In this hot bareback fuck video, Dillon Anderson fucks this bottoms ass raw in a few positions pounding away at his hole. There are plenty of shots of both guys bare feet and Dillon Anderson’s bubble ass while he thrusts. They fuck right next to a mirror to watch themselves fuck. The bottom wants to hide his identity hence the blurred out face. After cumming in his ass, Dillon Anderson films the huge load leaking out of his wrecked hole.


3 New Photosets – InterracialDomCouple just added 3 new photosets to their In-Charge portfolio for a total of 50 pictures. Her first photoset features a collection of 20 pictures of her pink Valentine’s Day lingerie. There are plenty of ass shots, full body, and breast shots in this photoset. The next set of photos focuses solely on her hot bubble butt showing her in nude scenes and showing her thong to the camera. Lastly for foot fans, they can download her Feet and Toes photoset which features tons of exclusive pictures of her pedicured toes and sexy feet.

Featured Model- DarkMuse


DarkMuse is ready to order you around as you jerk off. She knows you’ve been married for 25 years but your wife does not want to give you head anymore. Your wife has given up on you because you aren’t a real man anymore. You’ve gotten older and can’t satisfy her at this point. You have a small dick and you need to learn how to stroke to the thought of a real man. That real man you think about is that strong, dominant man who your wife cheats on you with each night. Your wife allows for DarkMuse to read off the texts about your wife and her new lover in this video clip.

Newest Downloads- Beat Down, Fucking, and Feet


2 New Videos – Findom MasterBrad and his friend do a real time meet with a cash fag who craves to be beat down by 2 alpha masters. In this 8 minute video clip, MasterBrad and his buddy put on boxing gloves and lay into the weak submissive gay slave by body blows and even get in some kicks. They beat down the fag forcing him to fall to the floor. Later on, the cash slave makes sure to shower both of these cashmasters in money as he crawls on the floor at their feet. He then kisses their alpha feet after taking a beating and giving these straight alphas everything they deserve.

MasterBrad also has a new video for foot fags. Get on your knees and worship MasterBrad’s black socks. MasterBrad wore these dirty black ankle socks all day while working out and doing sports and needs to take them off. He takes off his socks to show how dirty, sweaty, and rank his feet are after wearing these socks all day. His soles and toes are covered with black link from his socks. Come and lick his superior dirty feet clean, fag slaves.


1 New Video – DillonAnderson is on the hunt again for a sexy hookup. In this video clip, Dillon Anderson hooks up with a hot sailor. While on the hunt, Dillon Anderson found a cute sailor visiting the area and asked him over to pound him for a good bit. Dillon Anderson sucks this sailor’s big cock before riding him. Once riding his big dick, they switch it up to doggy style before this hunky sailor shoots his load inside Dillon Anderson’s tight ass. There are plenty of closeups of the bareback fucking.


3 New Videos – InterracialDomCouple are one of the newest sellers on In-Charge. Obviously from their name, you can tell they’re an interracil couple into domination and BDSM. In their first clip on In-Charge, the black bull alpha in this relationship sucks on his white queen’s toes in this short toe sucking video clip. They also have uploaded a short 3 part series of the black alpha stud eating his sexy girl’s ass. Seeing a black alpha male with a white women is a huge fetish for many cuckholds who fantasize the woman as being their wife. Imagine walking in on your wife doing all of these things with her black lover.

Featured Model- Christy Rydher


Cum role play with Chrsity Rydher as she plays the cheating wife and Jimmy Moore stars as the boy toy. This sexy couple play for almost 9 minutes total with Christy sucking, gagging, and taking Jimmy’s hard cock. After the mouth work, Jimmy bends her over and tears her tight little asshole up while she face fucks herself with her dildo, which quickly turns into double penetration. They finish this beautiful act up with a cumshot on Christy’s booty hole.

Featured Model- Kitty


Getting home from campus has Kitty ready to film another video clip for her fans. While sitting in class, listening to her college professor, Kitty became aroused by her hot teacher. Unable to contain herself, she had to let out all of that pent up sexual tension when she got home. She slips into a black corset and black panties and climbs onto her bed. Its not long before she starts fantasizing about her college professor and rubbing her pussy.

Featured Model- RobinWildheart


RobinWildheart loves to suck dick and gag on it. Watch her deepthroat every inch of this hard cock until the happy ending. All throughout this 6 minute video, RobinWildheart gags from this rough facefucking she receives. Despite the hard throat pounding, gagging, and choking, she loves every minute of feeling the hard dick in her mouth.

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2 New Videos – New to In-Charge is BigAlphaDaddy. He is a young amateur bodybuilder who loves to take on the role of the daddy dom and use slaves for his benefit. In his first video on the site, he flexes his strong muscles for his pet (that would be you, slave). This strong, young, alpha dom master flexes while he verbally abuses you. Sit there and worship his muscles as you admire the built muscle god in front of you throughout this 10 minute video clip. In his other video upload, get yourself ready for some personal trainer domination. BigAlphaDaddy takes on the role of your dominant, aggressive, and strict personal trainer in this fetish video clip. You’ve come in for some personal training but instead end up getting dominated by this alpha stud. This strong, vascular, and muscular jock verbally berates you as he teases you with his muscles. Later he reveals everything that you’ll never be allowed to touch as you sit there admiring his jacked muscular frame.

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1 New Video – In this 1 hour video clip, MrMasterH degrades a foot slave in a webcam session. Foot fags will wish that they could be used and degraded on webcam like this cash slave is used by MrMasterH. The foot fag kneels on his bathroom floor during this webcam session and prays to his alpha superior’s feet. MrMasterH verbally abuses the gay foot slave until the foot fag cums all over his dirty bathroom floor like an animal.