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5 New Videos – Masked Fag asked for a bit of the same pain that MasterUltimateGod gives to Fag Butler, and this alpha was more than happy to oblige. Handcuffed and tied up, the fag has clothes pins and binder clips clipped all over his body and face. Watch as the slave moans in pain as MasterUltimateGod puts them on him. Next, this no limits findom takes one of his alpha socks, and shoves it straight into the faggot’s mouth. Can’t have the neighbors hearing the fag scream in pain. MasterUltimateGod starts by whipping the slave with a jump rope. Then switches to whipping him with a rope, before MasterUltimateGod decides to just kick and punch the fag boy. The gagged and collared fag sounds pathetic as he moans in pain from each of his master’s hits and kicks. After beating him with alpha boots, spitting in his eye, and kicking him repeatedly in the back, I make him thank me for the pain, kiss my fist and my feet.

Masked Fag is in for a treat. MasterUltimateGod decides to be merciful and let the slave worship his big alpha, size 12 feet. But as with all things with you fags, with pleasure comes pain. MasterUltimateGod makes the faggot get on the ground so he can stomp all over his queer ass first. This cash master crushes the fag’s neck, and makes him lick the bottom of his Jordans while he stands on his face. Next, MasterUltimateGod orders the fag to take off his Jordans, kissing them the entire time, and lay back on the ground. The he makes the fag worship and inhale my Jordans as he continues to stomp on him in his socks. Getting back on its knees, Masked Fag removes his master’s socks, enjoying his alpha bare feet for some worship time. Masked Fag is then back on the ground, as this dom crushes the fag, its face, and its balls under his master’s alpha soles. This is where all of you fags belong…under MasterUltimateGod’s godly feet.

1 New Video – Alpha Derek lights up and blows smoke in your face as he orders you to worship his huge alpha feet. Get down and obey this straight alpha masters and worship every inch of his soles. AlphaDerek will verbally abuse you and turn you into a weak, mindless, obedient foot fag for him to own.

2 New Videos – King Luca is ready to give this fat faggot his real time punishment. King Luca gets this masked faggot to tribute him and worship him during this intense real time session. The masked fat faggot fuck sniffs and lick’s his master’s alpha feet and socks. Later, King Luca sits on the faggot’s face for him to worship his superior ass. In another real time session, King Luca gets his feet worshiped at a tanning salon. The 18 year old masked faggot cannot get enough of his master’s alpha feet. He massages his master’s huge feet before sniffing his socks and sneakers to inhale his master’s scent. See the entire worship session when you download it.

5 New Video – Ikagura gets his loyal foot fag to show his complete obedience and to take his alpha male piss. The submissive slave lays down in the shower and let’s his master shoot a warm stream of piss all over his face and mouth. This is the best reward a faggot slave could ask for from his master. Later the same fag gets to serve his master’s feet as he licks the soles of Ikagura’s superior feet to show how thankful he is to serve his master. THe faggot cannot get enough of his master’s feet. Ikagura doesn’t stop making the fag worship his feet either. All throughout these foot videos, Ikagura dominates the faggot with his barefeet.

Later Ikagura stomps all over the faggot’s face and shows the faggot where he truly belongs. The fag belongs beneath his master’s feet. This foot fag loves every second of this hard stomping on his face. After the stomping comes foot choking. Ikagura chokes out the weak fag slave with his feet and makes the fag nearly pass out from being choked. This obedient foot slave allows his master to do absolutely anything he wants just for the chance to be near his feet and to be used by his master.

1 New Video – Drop into the spiral. A hypnotic spiral video combined with Master Lucian’s irresistible voice will send you deeper into Master Lucian’s power and further under his control. This hypno dom wants you to play this video on a loop to become more and more submissive. This is the perfect tool for him to establish control over your mind.

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 New Video – Master AlphaDerek is going to force you to sniff poppers. Get that fresh bottle opened and up to your nose as this dominant alpha counts down and makes you fry your faggot brain. Stare at his huge muscles as he flexes and submit to his power. The popper sniffing intox doesn’t stop there. AlphaDerek shows off his huge biceps as he verbally abuses you more and more. This dominant alpha will show you why you’re beneath him and why you’re such a lowly fag slave.

2 New Videos – King Luca met this maso slave for a brutal real time abuse session. The fag slave loves to be abused and used by his master. Covering the slave’s face with a leather mask and putting his pathetic cock in a leather harness, King Luca fully humiliates and brutalizes this fag slave. The cash fag endures gut punches, verbal abuse, and even gets whipped by his superior master. See how intense a session can get with King Luca when you download this clip.

In another real time session, King Luca met this Italian slave outdoors for a real time session. While outside, this powerful dom tortured and humiliated this faggot slave. The weak slave shows his dedication and devotion by letting King Luca do anything to him. Later they go back to the slave’s home and while this slave is drugged, King Luca pisses all over him turning him into a human urinal. The fag slave then serves as a punching bag and footstool for his master. There is no limit to what this slave will do for King Luca.

3 New Videos – Prepare to worship the sneakers of two German masters. These two muscle doms will verbally abuse you in German while they put their dirty sneakers in your face. Learn what it is like to be a weak faggot for two alpha Germans as you grovel at their feet. For some solo action, Flexgod verbally abuses you for being a small dicked loser. You don’t compare to a real man who has a huge alpha, superior cock. Master Flexgod will put you in your place and make you fully realize all the ways that you do not compare to him. After he’s done verbally abusing you, its time to get poppered up like the weak faggot you are to him. Like a little loser, you’ll do anything this muscle master tells you to do. Destroy your brain with poppers at his command in this 10 minute clip.

1 New Video – DocTayTay keeps it short in this hypnotic video. Get hypnotized and hand over your wallet and cash to your new master. This clip plays on repeat over and over as you gaze at this superior, cocky, and alpha male. Fork over the cash and buy up the rest of DocTayTay’s videos.

5 New Videos – Ikagura makes his younger brother worship his feet. While playing video games and ignoring his younger brother, Ikagura puts his whole foot in his little brother’s mouth and makes him worship it. The foot domination continues as he then smothers his brother with his feet. The younger brother is the ultimate foot fag and cannot get enough of his older brother’s feet. He’ll lick and worship them as told. Ikagura later makes his brother gag on his feet. The younger brother takes his brother’s toes and foot deep in his mouth to suck on and worship. He shows his devotion his brother’s feet by sucking the foot so deep that he chokes on his brother’s foot. The younger brother loves being a foot fag for his older brother. In another foot worship session, he even gets locked in an intense leg lock and gasps for air. This brother has to let his older brother bully him because he knows that the older brother is the superior one.

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1 New Video – AlphaDerek uses his slave’s tongue like a fag deodorant stick as he makes the slave lick his sweaty armpits. The loyal cash fag does whatever his master orders him to do in this real time session. Imagine being as lucky as this slave and being allowed to lick AlphaDerek’s godly armpits.

4 New Videos – After all the abuse and trampling, MasterUltimateGod rewards this faggot with the chance to worship his powerful feet. The faggot went to fag heaven when he smelled his master’s feet. He even brought massage oils to pamper his master’s feet. For a more intense session, check out MasterUltimateGod uses Fag Butler’s mouth as a spit pit. MasterUltimateGod and his alpha friend turn this faggot into their very own spittoon. They spit all over the fag, including in his mouth and making him gag on the smell from their snot rockets.

In another real time session, MasterUltimateGod puts his Fag Butler on the floor as his fag carpet to get trampled on for more abuse under his master’s alpha jock feet. This powerful dom crushes this bitch under his Jordans. When the slave gets on the couch, you can hear him begging for air as he get crushed under his alpha’s ass as he is sat on. The humiliation goes further as MasterUltimateGod then makes his fag eat piss soaked Ramen noodles. Fag Butler is forced to eat all of the ramer and drink up any remaining piss left in the bowl. This faggot has no choice but to gobble it all down.

2 New Videos – AlphaPrimal makes you worship his alpha feet as he verbally abuses you. All throughout this 14 minute clip, AlphaPrimal delivers verbal abuse and domination. He then shows how he would crush your balls under this sneakers with some fruit stomping. AlphaPrimal will then make you regret being born as he describes how he’d torture your cock and balls. You’ll wish you never had a cock and balls after this dom is done wrecking and permanently damaging your tiny dick and balls. Eventually you’ll be so worn down that you’ll beg AlphaPrimal to castrate you.

2 New Videos – MasterFlexgod is going to give you a lesson you’ll never forget and make you addicted to his muscles. After you are done drooling over this dom’s huge muscles, you’ll be permanently addicted to serving him and doing anything he commands. Showing off his ripped physique, you’ll beg to be a total wallet for this muscle dom. In another new update, Flexgod brings along his alpha buddy and make you enjoy their alpha piss. All throughout this 8 minute long video, these two alphas will make you crave their piss, spit, feet, socks, and armpits. It is your duty as a fag to serve all alpha males.

3 New Videos – King Luca turns this faggot into his own chair as he sits on the faggot’s face during this real time session. The weak faggot gets a good sniff of his master’s ass and crotch as King Luca facesits on the faggot and makes him accept his place. In another real time session, King Luca makes a faggot worship his socks and serve as an obedient foot fag. Throughout this 8 minute clip, the foot fag can’t get enough of King Luca’s socks as he sniffs and worships them. After watching these two faggots serve their master, you will want to serve as a dog for King Luca. Bow before him and worship his feet as this alpha findom blows smoke in your face, flexes, and counts his cash. It is your duty to serve and be obedient for your rightful master.

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5 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod gets his fag slave to come over for another series of real time sessions. This time the fag butler is under this dom’s alpha feet getting crushed. The weight of this muscular dom completely weighs down on this fag as he cries out in pain, crushing him like the bug he is to MasterUltimateGod. Later this findom does some face sitting on the slave and sits right on the slave’s face to muffle his cries. After all that fun, MasterUltimateGod lets the fag drink his warm piss in this piss training session. The fag butler begs his master to train him more and more with his straight, alpha piss. MasterUltimateGod happily obliges because he can’t deny this little bitch what he needs.

After getting home from the gym, MasterUltimateGod allows his fag to worship his sneakers and barefeet after an intense and sweaty gym workout. Earlier, the fag begged his master to workout sockless so that his feet were extra sweaty and he did. This fag butler then completely fags out over his alpha’s superior barefeet. In part 2, the fag continues to worship, lick, and serve his alpha’s feet. MasterUltimateGod ensures this fag gets all of his foot scent all over his faggot face. In part 3, the faggot cannot get enough and licks every inch of his superior’s straight alpha male feet. You can practically smell this alpha’s feet through the screen when you download this video.

2 New Video – AlphaDerek is ready to give you plenty of hot, shirtless, cocky verbal abuse during this flex and worship session. Showing off his muscular body, huge biceps, and hairy armpits, AlphaDerek instructs you on how you are to worship him. Sniff and serve his sweaty pits like an obedient cash fag. Afterwards, break out that bottle of poppers for an intense popper abuse session. AlphaDerek flexes and guides you on your intox journey. Sniff deep and hard as you stare mindlessly at this muscle god. You’ll quickly submit and give up everything for this Godlike alpha.

1 New Video – Give up your soul, wallet and mind to CaptHowdy0666 in this satanic popper session. As he hypnotizes you all throughout, this satanic dom will take over your mind completely. Allow him to implant thoughts into your head as you fry away your brain cells on poppers like an obedient, weak popper fag.

1 New Video – King Luca met a young obedient faggot at the tanning salon who begged to worship his alpha feet. Not one to pass up an opportunity to get his feet worshipped, King Luca ordered the foot fag to serve and submit to his feet. This masked fag slave then licks and serves his superior’s feet as he naturally should do.

3 New Videos – DavidWar invites over his transgender friend for a trans hook up. In this meet up, DavidWar sucks every inch of his friend’s tranny cock. Taking every inch deep in his mouth, they eventually flip and suck each other’s cocks. The tranny friend jerks off while sucking on DavidWar’s big meat. After savoring each other’s cocks, the trans friend plays with DavidWar’s ass on cam in part 3.

Featured Model- AlphaDerek

This obedient masked cash fag gets to worship AlphaDerek’s feet while getting verbally abused and forced to sniff poppers. Making the cash faggot lick the bottoms of his sneakers, Alpha Derek gives the slave everything he’s craving in this 15 minute video clip. As a reward for cleaning his shoes, the fag gets the opportunity to sniff and lick Alpha Derek’s barefeet. In between licking his master’s feet, the fag gets ordered to sniff more and more poppers until his head is spinning.

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2 New Video – Master Gary continues to use his real time cash fag in this sneaker worship session. Wearing a mask and a diaper, this cash faggot bows down to Master Gary’s sneakers and does anything his master demands. Prior to that, in part 1, Master Gary degrades the fag upon their initial meeting. Master Gary gets extremely verbally abusive with this faggot and puts him in his place. Watch both parts to see how Master Gary uses a fag in real time.

2 New Video – This obedient masked cash fag gets to worship AlphaDerek’s feet while getting verbally abused and forced to sniff poppers. Making the cash faggot lick the bottoms of his sneakers, Alpha Derek gives the slave everything he’s craving in this 15 minute video clip. As a reward for cleaning his shoes, the fag gets the opportunity to sniff and lick Alpha Derek’s barefeet. In between licking his master’s feet, the fag gets ordered to sniff more and more poppers until his head is spinning. In another real time meet, Master Derek pisses all over a fag outside. This popper piss faggot gets on its knees to sniff and serve his master while getting drenched in pure alpha gold.

2 New Videos – The roles are reversed in this session as master becomes the slave. DavidWar invites over his friend for some roleplay. His friend takes on the role of a dominant alpha male and DavidWar takes on the role of a slave. Being collared and leashed, DavidWar must do everything his master says to prove his obedience.

In another new upload, DavidWar wrestles a ladyboy in bed. A sexy ladyboy challenges DavidWar to a fight and then an intense struggle begins. Ultimately, DavidWar wins meaning he gets to claim his prize which is getting his dick sucked by the ladyboy.

2 New Videos – MasterBenny demans that you serve his red sneakers. Wearing designer jeans and fresh new red sneakers, Master Benny plants his sneakers right in front of the camera and demands that you worship and serve his sneakers. Lick every part of them to obey. Then if you need more of Master Benny’s feet worship his barefeet. Master Benny takes off his sneakers and shows his bare male feet.

4 New Videos – This barefoot German master crushes a banana with his feet. Imagine this superior German dom was stomping on you the way he stomps out this banana. After he’s done, your job is then to lick his feet clean. International Feet has even more new foot videos of a Kurdish master humiliating you with his feet where he does everything to verbally abuse you. There is even more of this German foot master demanding that you obey big alpha feet.