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3 New Videos – Follow Master Ultimate God outside as he relaxes in sandals. Lots of time is spent throughout this over 10 minute video with Master Ultimate God ignoring his worshipers. Sit by his feet like a tiny bug as he enjoys some time outside in his sandals and barefoot. Later, Master Ultimate God goes inside to take off his old, beat up sneakers. No verbal domination this time around. Just pure, casual alpha power being exemplified throughout. Stare mindlessly at an Alpha Go’d shoes, socks, and barefeet as you await for him to acknowledge you, once he feels you earned it.

Now comes the time for the verbal abuse and intense popper training. Master Ultimate God sits shirtless as he orders you, his faggot, to popper yourself up more and more. Watch as he flexes and dominates you with his pure, masculine alpha power. You will quickly succumb to your primal queer urges and fry your faggot brain on poppers until your brain is soup. Get flipped off, verbally abused, and mentally wiped out by Master Ultimate God.

2 New Videos – Stefano and his brother team up to laugh at a small dicked faggot like you. Stefano and his brother can’t believe what an ugly, pathetic little dicked faggot you are. They sit back and humiliate you like you deserve while sticking their feet right up to the camera. Stefano then goes solo for this cocky flexing video. Shirtless and extremely ripped, Stefano shows off his mean and lean muscle. You’ll be in awe and want to become his top muscle worshiper as he flexes his huge biceps and shows off his chiseled abs. Open your wallet and serve.

2 New Videos – Ever want to worship a superior alpha like FlexGod in person? This time FlexGod does a real time session with a slave. This weak slave gets the chance to oil up FlexGod’s muscles and feel his masculine chest. Imagine finally tributing enough to be given this opportunity and to have the chance to touch a real man. If you cannot get enough of FlexGod, then it’s time you worship his feet. Right after an intense gym session, FlexGod comes home and puts his sneakers up to your face for you to lick the bottoms of them clean. Afterward, he removes his sneakers and presents you with his extra sweaty gym socks. Inhale his alpha aroma from his gym socks and worship them before ultimately he lets you worship his barefeet as he flexes.

1 New Video – ChokeMasters has another new couple engaging in some intense wrestling / choking. This time, ChokeMasters has a hung Latino guy facefucking his girlfriend while while placing her in a leglock. His Latina girlfriend struggles, chokes, and gags on his big dick as he doesn’t let up no matter how much she struggles. He is relentless throughout this nearly 10 minute video. His main goal is to get extreme pleasure for his cock no matter what he has to do.

1 New Video – New to is DavidWar. In his first video upload, DavidWar and his straight buddy take on a weak beta male in a naked fight. These two straight guys assert their dominance in this real time meet over this weak beta male. In this 20 minute clip, they don’t give up at showing him who is the boss as they pin him down and make him submit over and over.

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1 New Video – Master Alex doesn’t think his slave is even worthy of licking scum from the bottoms of his boots. And yet the slave wants to prove his worth by licking Master Alex’s filthy boots clean. Master Alex believes that human slave tongue is the only thing soft enough to clean his leather boots so he puts the boot shiner to work, motivating it with the leash and crop all throughout this 21 minute video.

2 New Videos – Alpha muscle god Stefano loves to intox his slaves good and make them worship him like obedient mindless drones. In this particular video, Stefano puts you through an intox fantasywhile dressed in a suit. Putting his designer dress shoes up to the camera, Stefano flips you off and demands that you hit your poppers longer and harder. Lick his dress shoes while you obey. Later, Stefano strips out of his suit to show his muscular upper body and removes his dress shoes so you can serve at his barefeet.

In another new video upload, Stefano focuses your humiliation on giving you the middle finger. Stefano is a pro at degrading and humiliating faggots like you. He gives you everything you deserve. By the end of this flipping off hand focused video, you’ll be hungry to kiss his middle fingers and become even more submissive to him.

1 New Videos – You are a tiny worm in the presence of this muscle giant. During this 10 minute video clip, FlexGod becomes a superior alpha giant that towers over you. Bow down and bow down some more for this muscular giant beast. Master FlexGod is here to dominate and to force you to worship him. Crawl to this supreme being and pray that he won’t stomp and squash you.

4 New Videos – Wearing a compression fit UnderArmour gym shirt with a Superman emblem, YoungNCharge shows you why you’re a fag boy. Flexing and degrading you intensely, YoungNCharge will turn you into a complete bitch boy. At one point in the video, he pretend like he’s fucking his computer screen as if he was fucking your face. In another new video clip, YoungNCharge does some roleplay and pretends to be a home invader that just broke into your home. Imagine a shirtless, masked YoungNCharge breaks into a faggot’s home and takes everything he wants. All throughout the clip, YoungNCharge verbally abuses you and makes you admit that you’re a bitch faggot and much more. Hand over all of your valuables to YoungNCharge before he does some serious damage.

After that scenario, it is now time to just worship YoungNCharge’s body. Follow this alpha after he showers and is dripping wet. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to dry him off as the water drips from his nuts. Like any YoungNCharge video, there is plenty of verbal abuse. Finally, take the time to worship YoungNCharge’s ass. This tattooed dom’s ass is perfect for a faggot’s nose to sniff all of his alpha scents. Put your mutt nose in his muscle ass as he squeezes this ass cheeks tight to smother you so you can’t breathe.

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1 New Video – Prepare to be double teamed by this brother duo for double muscle domination. Stefano and his older brother team up to dominate faggots like you on webcam and to laugh at your little cock. Both extremely muscular brothers flex and flip you off while showing you why they are so superior to a weak submissive cash fag like yourself. Submit yourself completely to this muscle duo.

1 New Video – All you piss-pots and fart sniffers, you’ve waited long enough. Master Alex is back with a new fart, piss verbal domination vid. Look up at his masculine hairy body and juicy uncut cock as he puts you in your place. You’re starting from the bottom and if you want a chance to drink that heavenly piss and breathe in those smelly farts, you’ll have to do as you’re told. Get ready to kneel and worship, human toilet! Put that slave tongue to work!!

1 New Video – Master Flexgod is back again to make you endure some poppers training as you stare at his muscular body. Flexing and showing off his muscles and feet to the camera, Flexgod will count down how much you should be sniffing as you press that bottle of poppers up against your nostril. Go totally mindless for this alpha muscle god as you fry your brain. Improve your abilities to as a popper pig and follow FlexGod’s orders.

3 New Audio Clips – A quick induction drops your mind. A simple command drops you to your knees. Your simple mind focuses solely on kneeling and sucking. Kneeling and sucking. Kneeling and sucking! This audio file goes on for 8 minutes of reminding you of your place. This file is designed only for those with hypnosis experience. After that, prepare to take yourself down a path resulting in poppers reinforcement. Admit it, you love poppers, and you will always love them. You love dominant men telling you to use poppers. Poppers rule you and own you. It’s time to burn that into your brain with this intense 5 minute reinforcement file for men who love to sniff.

After going mindless and frying your brain, it’s time to go into a trance. Whether you’re just curious, or an old hat, this audio file will take you into a pleasant , relaxed trance. Designed to make you want to go into a trance again, and again, and with Master Lucian in particular. This file is suggestive, but non sexual. Give your mind a 15 minute break. What are you waiting for?

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2 New Videos – These two aggressive brothers are back again to put their chokeholds to the test. The more dominant brother puts his younger brother in some headscissors domination on a wrestling mat all while both are naked. The younger brother struggles to escape and does whatever he can to break out. This just prompts his older bro to apply even more pressure until his muscular legs squeeze so hard, his little bro passes out. Chokemasters then uploaded another clips of a huge muscular dom flexing his ripped and veiny muscles for the camera. For such a beefy, muscular dude, he has the most incredible veins bulging from everywhere. Show chokemasters which of these videos you want more of by downloading them and he’ll upload more.

1 New Video – Hugely muscular FlexGod is ready to make you clean his feet and drink his spit. Sitting in front of the camera while shirtless and holding up a cup to spit in, Flexgod will make you drink all of his spit like it’s a holy nectar. After you’re done obeying him, move onto cleaning his feet with your tongue and giving him your complete service. You are meant to service and serve alpha gods like Flexgod for the rest of your life. Show him your complete devotion when you download this 10 minute video clip.


1 New Video – Dominant and cocky muscle dom Stefano, shows off his leather jacket while smoking a cigar. Sitting back and relaxing on the couch, Stefano lights up a long fat cigar while puffing it and blowing the smoke in your face. Clad in a leather jacket, leather gloves, and leather pants, this superior muscular alpha will make you craving to hand over your wallet. Like a fag, you will worship and obey him because he exudes dominance just by sitting there.


2 New Audio Clips – Face it. You’re a pretender. An imposter. You know it. We all know it. You walk around all day pretending to be normal. But the truth is, you aren’t normal. You are a submissive and crave control. You desire to be humiliated. In this 7 minute audio file, Master Lucian will explain exactly what you are, and what it means for the rest of your life. You cannot resist Master Lucian. But, not only do you want to be humiliated, you must also realize that you are a sissy whore. You want to be a sissy and a whore. Master Lucian knows you better than you know yourself. So let this simple loop file teach you what you already know, and what you already are.

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2 New Videos – Grab that bottle of poppers and be ready to fry your brain on poppers. Dominant alpha Stefano is ready to make you go totally mindless for him. Starting off the video in a green tank top, this alpha dom flexes his muscles to get you weaker and to show you what the body of a God looks like. He then proceeds to count how long he wants you to inhale those poppers for. After that, he strips out of his tanktop to show his ripped abs and huge chest for even more popper counting instructions.After your mind is totally wasted from those poppers, you can then worship Stefano’s muscles. This jacked and ripped muscle master will have you drooling and begging to hand over your wallet and all of your credit cards. Flexing his perfect biceps and showing off his chiseled body, Stefano will make it very clear why you must worship him.


2 New Videos – Dominant alpha FlexGod is here to humiliate you like the sissy slut you are. As a little slut, you want to serve and be obedient for a true dom like FlexGod. Stare at this superior male like he’s a Greek statue as you beg for him to take control of you. FlexGod delivers full humiliation and stomping as he makes you think you’re a little bimbo Barbie doll ready to be crushed by his power.

After the stomping, it’s time to fully come to terms with the fact that you were born to serve. As an inferior cash fag, you were born to serve. FlexGod will show you how to serve properly and how to satisfy your master. Satisfying your master should be your main objective in live. You are here to serve without limits. Nothing should prevent you from serving your superior dom.


3 New Audio Clips – You’re a pathetic, worthless sissy. You know it’s true. No one care about you. Only by submitting to a powerful, dominant male can you hope to achieve anything. You again know it’s true. This 9-minute audio file will further reinforce your weakness. Make you realize just how big a loser you really are. Demand your servitude. Another thing you know is true is that losers suck. More importantly, losers want to suck and they want to suck Master Lucian. Will Master Lucian allow you to suck him? Find out when you download his Losers Suck audio clip.

After all of that repeated mind fuckery and admitting to the truth, it’s time that bad boys like you get punished. You’ve been naughty all this time and naughty boys get spanked, they get controlled, and they also get owned. Present yourself for ownership to Master Lucian Carter.


1 New Audio Clip – In this fantasy, you’ll first relax to an easier place of visualization and then imagine you are on safari when you start to explore the jungle on your own. You find yourself bound by vines and starting to transform – more muscled, more simple, more primal. A jungleman that has undergone this process before helps you along the way – and also helps you with your lust as the fantasy taxes a sexual turn, all leading to a nice big orgasm.

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3 New Videos – This rubber clad faggot must inhale Master Gary’s smoke while being used as an ashtray. This dominant alpha master smokes his cigarette and his weak faggot slave inhales the smoke as he blows it directly into its mouth. Later Master Gary uses the slave’s mouth as an ashtray and spits on the cunt’s face all while choking him repeatedly throughout. Using that same cunt later, Master Gary cuffs and gags his weak, rubber clad faggot slave. Once handcuffed and gagged, the faggot cannot speak. Instead he just sits there like a dog. Master Gary chokes this faggot some more and spits directly in its mouth. He then forces the faggot to do more and more poppers for a full extreme intox session.

The cigarette smoking intox and popper abuse session then gets even more extreme when Master Gary uses this masked cunt sub. This cunt never smoked before, so what better what for Master Gary to use him than to put a cigarette in the slave’s mouth and make him inhale big drags of smoke. The cunt couldn’t handle it at all. Master Gary then forces the masked slave to do poppers and fry its brain until it couldn’t take that anymore either.

1 New Video – For 10 minutes straight, the young college alpha, Master Rush Corleonetramples your pathetic clit that you call a dick. He grinds his perfect size 12 feet into your tiny little cock while verbally abusing and harassing you for being the useless little faggot that you are to him. Feel his power as he shows off his perfect, young body while simultaneously crushing your sissy clit and self esteem with his stinky, sweaty feet.

2 New Videos – FlexGod demands that you clean his sneakers. This dominant muscle master makes you worship and serve his feet, socks, and sneakers like the obedient foot fag you are to him. Make sure to lick every part clean and satisfy your muscle master all throughout this 7 minute long video clip. If you need more of Flexgod’s feet then make sure to download his other latest clip and sniff his socks. Even after that first session at his feet, you should still be sitting down at Flexgod’s feet and look up at him to show that you’re completely devoted to serving him. Get weak from his tight leather jacket and his violent bat that he may beat you with. Serve this alpha without limits.

For all of those leather lovers out there, it’s time to play. This scene involves a leather body suit, Master Lucian’s leather gloves, a ball gag, a full face mask, and, the cherry on top, a milking machine attached to your cock. Feel Master Lucian suck your will out through the machine. Feel Master Lucian drain every doubt, every iota of resistance until there is nothing left but Master Lucian’s control. Once you come back for more, Master Lucian will turn you into a pathetic cuckold. Has your woman been begging for Master Lucian? Begging for his power? For his control and for his cock? It’s time for Master Lucian to take her completely. To make her his and to make you into his worthless, inferior cuckold. You’re going to watch and stroke your inferior little dick as she gives Master Lucian the blowjob she’d never even think of giving you. Get ready to lose yourself to Master Lucian, now and forevermore.

1 New Video – Back with another webcam session, ChokeMasters shows off a Colombian dude who gets off on punishing his girlfriend. Headlocks, chokes, and rough deepthroating all while trapped in his leglock. This weak girl taps out over and over again but this Colombian dude just ignores her tapouts during this almost 13 minute long video clip.

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1 New Video – New to In-Charge is muscular and dominant alpha, LionMaster. This superior alpha male gives you over 7 minutes of intense popper training while he makes you submit to his huge muscles. Flexing, verbal abuse, and showing off, you’ll quickly see why you must submit to this dominant master. Bow before him and give him everything he demands.

1 New Video – Over 40 minutes long is Master Alex‘s latest update! This newest compilation includes more than 5 big cum shots. The bodysuit, black catsuit cum explosion, the chaps cum load, filling up a cup with a never-ending stream of cum, shooting on a mirror and more. For cum-a-holics this is a must watch.

2 New Videos – It’s been a while since King Ginger posted a video but he’s back and more dominant than ever in his latest video posts. In his newest post, KingGinger brutally verbally abuses you as he shows off his barefeet and gives out intox orders. Submit to the Godly perfection that is King Ginger as he make you worship his big size 12 feet that has been sockless in his Jordan’s all day.

The verbal abuse continues as King Ginger reminds you that you are a weak faggot. Keep those poppers out as you obey this dominant alpha and give into his verbal abuse. King Ginger will verbally berate you nonstop as you fry your brain on those fresh poppers and do anything he says to do.

1 New Video – Submit to the dominant FlexGod as he destroys you with his boots. Flexing and clad in heavy duty work boots, FlexGod will show you what a weak and pathetic little faggot you are to him as you submit to his power. Sniff his socks, sniff your poppers and submit to his boots in this 5 min long video clip. Inhale the fumes of those poppers deep like you would be inhaling the scent from his socks.

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1 New Video – Prepare to submit to SlavesSeeker’s feet as he counts cash in front of you. Some lucky faggot slaves got the chance to tribute SlavesSeeker tons of cash tributes and he’s counting last month’s haul while you gaze directly at the soles of his feet. This alpha will remind you that it’s your purpose and duty to be a submissive cash slave like the others for him.

1 New Video – It’s time to sniff these sneakers and worship this alpha’s socks and feet. Flexgod puts on a leather jacket in this 5 minute video clip and plants his sneakers right in your face. After this muscle dom verbally abuses you, he takes off his leather jacket to flip you off and make you worship his muscles and feet.

1 New Video – Sit there and gawk at this dom’s perfect cock. You know as well as he does, that your pin dick doesn’t even compare to the alpha cock of Master Aiden. Master Aiden shows off his superior cock as it gets milked by a cum machine. You should be jealous of the fact that this machine gets all of Aiden’s cock and load. Imagine having the chance to clean out this machine with your mouth. Edge your little dick to this video until Master Aiden locks it up.

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3 New Videos – Come follow the feet of your dream king as Henderdong walks on the golf course. During his day off, Henderdong gets sweaty while getting in a round of golf. See how long you can last as he shows off his socked and barefeet to the camera in this over 13 minute long video. Later, Henderdong verbally degrades you as he makes you come along for a ride with him in his car. As he drives around town, Henderdong shows off his feet as they hit the pedals of his car. Watch this barefooted alpha as he verbally dominates you and reminds you of what a pathetic foot slave you are to him.

In another video geared toward foot lovers, Henderdong instructs you to sit back and loosen your belt as Henderdong turns up the heat with a foot job. Imagine feeling his superior feet and toes rubbing all over you. His big alpha feet all lubed up rubbing up and down on this dildo will make any foot fetishist weak.

2 New Video – You find yourself waking up for morning, but wait.. something’s not right. After much exploration and reality grasping, you finally come to grips with the realization that you are somehow only about 1/2 inch tall and you are in your cocky, straight roommate’s room. Not only that, but the Cuban Alpha King really really hates bugs in his room. It seems Cuban Alpha King has just gotten back from the gym and sits on the beds where you are, pulls of his shoes and socks, and nearly knocks you down when throwing them towards you while his colossal gargantuan soles are fidgeting around directly in front of you. You just simply are too small and insignificant to make any sounds loud enough to be heard by a normal sized human ear. Will this alpha giant notice you and decide it’s time to crush you like a bug or will you go undetected? Download to find out.

In this clip, the hot amazing Cuban Alpha King decides to shrink you down to be his tiny slave because he’s tired of stealing your lunch money in school. He decides to take it a step further and make you down to the size of a tiny insect ant bug. After showing off his huge straight alpha soles, he decides to place you in a huge empty beer box while he smokes above and ashes all over you. Cuban Alpha King is extremely verbally degrading while emphasizing that you belong to him and that he can do just about anything with you that he decides to see fit. This box is your new home, and with every stomp of the foot, you hear thundering booming and ground shaking sounds and feelings. What will he decide to do with you next?!?!

1 New Video – SirKraze is ready to extremely verbally degrade you for being a turd sniffing freak. This alpha dom flexes and gives you the middle finger during this hardcore verbal abuse video. You are scum compared to SirKraze and he quickly reminds you of that. He even tells you to breathe in deep, so get those fresh poppers out.

2 New Videos – The muscle god is back and he is angrier than than ever. This towering giant has destroyed your whole city and beaten all of your friends just by flexing his strong, rock hard muscles. Now your the only one who is left and your down on your knees begging for mercy, but the god won’t show any mercy for you. Now the humiliation begins. In another new clip, this young muscle beast shows off his muscles in full intensity. He is making you his bitch slave and you are going to serve him day in and day out. He is your whole world and you are staying on your knees to serve him until he decides otherwise. He is abusing you verbally until you are fully engaged to his muscles and fulfill his every wish.

1 New Video – MasterBenny has something for you to drink. This cash dom goes to the bathroom and fills up a cup with piss. Piss fags will crave Master Benny’s piss as they watch the warm yellow stream shoot out and fill up the glass.

Featured Model- FlexGod

In this roleplay video from FlexGod, you are a small drunk faggot at the bar when you recognize a muscle god sitting next to you. You keep staring at his muscles and in you’re drunken situation you start talking to him and start annoying him. The Muscle God is getting angry and pulls you out of the bar down to the streets. He puts on his leather gloves so that he doesn’t leave any fingerprints for what he is going to do to you. Everyone is watching from the door of the bar how he starts humiliating you and slaps you into your face. He pisses on your face and makes you to drink his piss. He shows no mercy and keeps humiliating you in front of all these bar guests. At the end he switches your lights off with a big and long bearhug until you loose your breath.