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1 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod and his chick do a straight couple domination real time with Fag Butler. These two stomp and spit on the faggot along with crushing his balls. The beatings and face sittings even continue as they both make out while the faggot writhes in pain as he’s smothered. This weak faggot enjoys every moment of pleasing his master.

1 New Video – Master Michael shows off his massive cock in this cum compilation video. Throughout the clip, you’ll see some of Master Michael’s hottest jerk off sessions as he shoots big fucking loads from his big cock. On your knees and wait with your mouth wide opened to clean the floor of his cum with your tongue.

2 New Videos – FlexGod whips and beats his masked faggot throughout this foot worship session. The masked faggot serves his master by rubbing his feet and obeying all of his commands. Flexgod grabs his belt and whips the faggot until he fully obeys his every command in this 10 minute video clip. The fag slave complies and does whatever his master wants. Afterward, Flexgod has a training lesson for you in this muscle worship video clip. Follow all of Flexgod’s instructions as you worship his hugely muscular physique and obey his every word. This dominant alpha will teach you why you are infreior and why you must submit to his alpha power.

1 New Video – Ikagura gets his brother to worship his feet in this 35 minute foot fetish clip. His younger foot fag brother enjoys every minute of worshiping his brother’s feet. Ikagura stuff his foot in his brother’s mouth, steps on his head, and makes his foot fag brother lick every inch of his superior feet.

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2 New Videos – Alpha male GermanMuscleGod gets his masked faggot to become a slave at his alpha feet. The masked faggot strips to his underwear and serves as an obedient foot faggot. The slave licks his master’s sneakers and barefeet to show how much he is devoted to his alpha. GermanMuscleGod later takes off his shirt and flips off the camera as he makes you jealous of the masked faggot at his feet. Afterward, GermanMuscleGod relaxes in his luxurious king-sized bed while the slave is permitted to lick his alpha feet. Throughout the clip, this foot fag shows how much he is obsessed with his master by licking his toes, soles, and every inch of his feet with his tongue. Afterward, the slave gets the honor of cleaning and polishing his master’s business shoes with his tongue as well.

3 New Videos – Soon you will learn your place as an inferior underneath the power of Flexgod. This muscular alpha puts his feet right in your face and verbally abuses you. Flexgod flexes his huge biceps to give you a taste of what a real man looks like. Bow before this muscled alpha king. As a reward for your obedience, Master Flexgod will let you sniff his socks. Become a little loser for your alpha dom and serve at his socked feet. Flexgod’s socks are smelly after an intense gym session and that is where your face rightfully belongs as you inhale his alpha scent. For slaves wanting to worship his feet and ass check out his next video clip. Wearing a tank top, tight jeans, and dirty white sneakers, Flexgod will make you worship every part of his body. As he flexes, this dominant alpha will make you lick the dirty soles of his sneakers. Then if you’re lucky, he’ll let you stare at his muscular ass in his tight jeans as you beg to touch it. Serve and worship every inch of this muscle king.

4 New Videos -Throughout this 25 minute long foot domination video, Ikagura makes his obedient foot fag brother worthip his feet and endure intense foot domination. Ikagura locks his brother in a headscissors with his feet and chokes him until he nearly passes out. The foot slave then takes his master’s entire sole of his foot in his mouth to suck in between getting choked out. Ikagura then continues to make the foot fag gag on his feet. In another long video clip of a real time session, Ikagura jams his entire foot in his younger sub brother’s mouth making his serve his dominant alpha feet. There is no escape from serving his master’s feet and this foot fag doesn’t want to escape.

Ikagura continues to make this sub worship his feet. His younger brother cannot get enough of sucking, licking, and rubbing his older brother’s feet. Watch as he licks and sucks on every inch of his older brother’s feet in pleasure and to show his absolute devotion to serving feet. Thing then get messy as Ikagura adds some food and piss domination into the foot worshiping mix. Ikagura stomps on food and smashes it between his toes before making his foot faggot brother lick the food from his feet. The sick faggot makes a mess and eats all of the smashed food from his older brother’s feet. Later, Ikagura pisses on his younger brother to humiliate him more and smacks him around. The domination and humiliatoin never stops for this weak sub.

1 New Video – Alpha master Nebenny shows off his size 13 feet. Throughout this video clip, Nebenny will make foot fags drool as he walks around sockless in his Cole Haan mocs. After wearing these mocks sockless for hours, they get very sweaty and stinky. Nebenny lets them slip off of his sweaty feet to show off his sweaty, wrinkled bare soles over and over again. Showing you what you crave. You can almost inhale their rank sweaty smell.

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1 New Video – Master Stefano wants you to worship his leather gear. Sitting back and smoking a cigar, Stefano puts his feet up for you to drool over. This muscle master then flexes and shows off all the reasons for you to be serving him. Hand over your wallet, inhale his cigar smoke, and become his new slave.

5 New Videos – A foot fag’s wet dream come true. Watch Fag Butler get rewarded with MasterUltimateGod’s sweaty alpha feet after a long day of moving. This fag gets to smell his master’s alpha shoes that he wears every day. Next, MasterUltimateGod makes Fag Butler lick the bottoms, getting all the dirt and grime off of them. Eventually, MasterUltimateGod takes his shoes off and forces the faggot to worship my alpha feet and socks, massaging them and inhaling their powerful, godly scent. Fag Butler then begs to be allowed to lick his master’s feet clean only after a promise of another $500.

Time for another alpha stomp video! This time, the queer is lying down on the couch as MasterUltimateGod stomps all over his pathetic ass. This alpha male crushes the fag’s balls under his alpha feet and stomps on every inch of this faggot. He ever sits on the faggot’s face with my dominant ass, making him accept his fate as nothing more than my chair or a piece of furniture. Switching gears, MasterUltimateGod is joined by another dom for another Duo Dom Games. This time, the doms decided to flex on all of the COVID-19 panic and mummify Fag Butler in toilet paper. Then, both doms take turns throwing rolls of toilet paper and balls at the fag. Watch as the faggot cries out in pain, unable to move his arms or know at all what is happening.

1 New Video – King Luca has another slave over for a real time session. This time the faggot gets to worship his master’s white socks and feet. The faggot slave enjoys all 24 minutes of this recorded session as he licks his master’s dirty white socks like an obedient foot fag. King Luca blows smoke in the fag’s face and makes him completely worship his superior feet. At the end, as a reward, King Luca cums on the floor for the faggot to lick up.

1 New Video – Worship these two superior alphas as they force you to sniff their stinky socks. Flexgod and his muscle buddy both take off their dirty, sweaty socks for you to sniff and chew on. Become an obedient dog and treat their socks like your favorite chew toy. Master Flexgod and his buddy will have you hooked on their alpha foot smell forever.

2 New Videos – Davidwar and his beta buddy fight in a naked wrestling match to see who is more dominant. Throughout this nearly 20 minute video both guys go back and forth fighting for dominance with only one man being the true dominant alpha in the end. The beta guy puts in the fight of his life as he jumps naked on Davidwar’s back and tries to put him in a chokehold. Download to see who will win. For the kink fans, Davidwar has a shower piss video for you. In this clip, Davidwar showers with his girl and gets a little freaky as he sits down in the shower and lets her piss all over him. She gets turned on so much that she begs to suck Davidwar’s big cock. He gets up and blindfolds her then lets her suck every single inch of his huge cock in the shower.

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5 New Video – See the most brutal ball abuse session to date from MasterUltimateGod. This real time session goes on for 3 parts. Fag Butler really gets his nuts abused this time around. After a couple of knee kicks directly to the balls, the faggot collapses to the groun. That is when the real fun begins. MasterUltimateGod strips the fag of his pants, stepping directly on his balls with his alpha boots. Next, MasterUltimateGod uses a broom to beat the faggot’s balls and makes him cry out in pain. Eventually, this sadistic dom traps the faggot’s balls in a folding chair, and proceeds to beat the fuck out of them. The fag cries out in pain, hating every second of what he endures. Download all three parts of this extreme session now.

In another session, MasterUltimateGod gets on the couch and crushes Fag Butler under his alpha socked feet. This master degrades this queer as he walks all over him. The fag writhes in pain under his master’s alpha feet, but MasterUltimateGod shows no mercy. This master finishes by crushing the fag’s face under his alpha ass. The slave begs for mercy but there is none to be had. The pathetic little fuck needs to learn his place under MasterUltimateGod. Then just when you thought the ball abuse stopped, it’s back. MasterUltimateGod gags Fag Butler with this under as he beats the fuck out of this faggot. Fag Butler writhes in pain on the ground before MasterUltimateGod crushes the fag’s balls to nothing. The abuse and humiliation never stop. This fag doesn’t need his balls, so why should he have them.

1 New Video – Check out alpha leather dom Master Michael as he shows off his muscular body and leather in this alpha male compilation video. Compiling his best leather clips, Master Michael shows why he is the alpha and you are the sub. Bow and obey this superior leather dom throughout this 7 minute compilation.

2 New Videos – Superior alpha King Luca is ready to torture this slave to the extremes with a waterboarding and gutpunching session. First King Luca ties up the slave to a wooden palette and puts a cloth over the faggot’s face. He then gets a water bottle and unleashes blast of water right into the fag’s face to show him what a waterboarding session would be like. The faggot slave gasps and panics as he tries to catch his breath and cannot escape. King Luca makes the situation more intense by delivering fierce gut punches to the fag as he’s panicking. In another session, King Luca gets his slave for a facesitting real time session. This slave loves to worship his master’s ass. The manly scents of ass sweat makes the slave go into ecstacy. This fag is addicted to it and wants more of it. King Luca gets intense with the face sitting and makes the slave get everything he’s ever wanted.

2 New Videos – Get ready for some real time talk from Master Flexgod. This muscle master describes what he would do to you in a real time setting. Placing the camera on the ground, Flexgod has you look up at his muscular body as you worship him and accept him as your alpha male master. If you do not obey everything he tells you, he’s going to beat the fuck out of you and keep beating you until you fully accept your role as an inferior. Later Flexgod tell you how you can serve him when you become his slave for life. Flexgod will dictate what he wants and how life would be for you as his permanent slave. Looking up at his ripped abs and chiseled chest, you’ll be drooling and mindlessly obeying everything he says.

4 New Audio Clips – Master Lucian will make you drink his piss. This alpha dom will hypnotically control you to the point that you think of his piss as sacred. You’ll constantly crave it and want more of it. Listen to Master Lucian piss and picture yourself drinking it. After you’ve done your piss drinking duties, it is now time to listen to Master Lucian fuck his wife. Master Lucian treats his #1 sub, his wife, to a quickie. Listen to her enthusiastic reaction to Master Lucian’s cock as he plows her insides. Over 11 minutes of listening to what you cannot have. Imagining it’s your wife or yourself that Master Lucian is giving it to while you rub your little sub dick.

The next audio clip will turn you into a popper sniffing, cock stroking machine. Stripped of all will and control of your body, you will be reduced to nothing but a pleasure receptacle. Master Lucian’s audio file contains reprogramming, JOI, poppers intox, and an implanted trigger as you listen to this 21 minute mp3 clip. After your mind has turned to goop, Master Lucian will then take you back to school as you’ve been a bad boy who needs punished. You don’t get a strap. You don’t get spanked. You have to write lines. As childish and pathetic as it may be to you, you will do it. You will write over and over again for Master Lucian. Prepare for a new mantra to be written out 50 times. So shirking, it is time to get to writing now.

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 New Video – Master AlphaDerek is going to force you to sniff poppers. Get that fresh bottle opened and up to your nose as this dominant alpha counts down and makes you fry your faggot brain. Stare at his huge muscles as he flexes and submit to his power. The popper sniffing intox doesn’t stop there. AlphaDerek shows off his huge biceps as he verbally abuses you more and more. This dominant alpha will show you why you’re beneath him and why you’re such a lowly fag slave.

2 New Videos – King Luca met this maso slave for a brutal real time abuse session. The fag slave loves to be abused and used by his master. Covering the slave’s face with a leather mask and putting his pathetic cock in a leather harness, King Luca fully humiliates and brutalizes this fag slave. The cash fag endures gut punches, verbal abuse, and even gets whipped by his superior master. See how intense a session can get with King Luca when you download this clip.

In another real time session, King Luca met this Italian slave outdoors for a real time session. While outside, this powerful dom tortured and humiliated this faggot slave. The weak slave shows his dedication and devotion by letting King Luca do anything to him. Later they go back to the slave’s home and while this slave is drugged, King Luca pisses all over him turning him into a human urinal. The fag slave then serves as a punching bag and footstool for his master. There is no limit to what this slave will do for King Luca.

3 New Videos – Prepare to worship the sneakers of two German masters. These two muscle doms will verbally abuse you in German while they put their dirty sneakers in your face. Learn what it is like to be a weak faggot for two alpha Germans as you grovel at their feet. For some solo action, Flexgod verbally abuses you for being a small dicked loser. You don’t compare to a real man who has a huge alpha, superior cock. Master Flexgod will put you in your place and make you fully realize all the ways that you do not compare to him. After he’s done verbally abusing you, its time to get poppered up like the weak faggot you are to him. Like a little loser, you’ll do anything this muscle master tells you to do. Destroy your brain with poppers at his command in this 10 minute clip.

1 New Video – DocTayTay keeps it short in this hypnotic video. Get hypnotized and hand over your wallet and cash to your new master. This clip plays on repeat over and over as you gaze at this superior, cocky, and alpha male. Fork over the cash and buy up the rest of DocTayTay’s videos.

5 New Videos – Ikagura makes his younger brother worship his feet. While playing video games and ignoring his younger brother, Ikagura puts his whole foot in his little brother’s mouth and makes him worship it. The foot domination continues as he then smothers his brother with his feet. The younger brother is the ultimate foot fag and cannot get enough of his older brother’s feet. He’ll lick and worship them as told. Ikagura later makes his brother gag on his feet. The younger brother takes his brother’s toes and foot deep in his mouth to suck on and worship. He shows his devotion his brother’s feet by sucking the foot so deep that he chokes on his brother’s foot. The younger brother loves being a foot fag for his older brother. In another foot worship session, he even gets locked in an intense leg lock and gasps for air. This brother has to let his older brother bully him because he knows that the older brother is the superior one.

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3 New Video – As a final birthday present for this fag, MasterUltimateGod makes Fag Butler some of his favorite drink…Sock Tea. After chugging the tea made from MasterUltimateGod’s sweaty socks, this dom takes his socks and whips the queer for his birthday. There is no pleasure without pain for this queer bag. Later, MasterUltimateGod relaxes as he degrades and humiliates his fag under his alpha male feet. Fag Butler is obsessed with his master’s feet and is always willing to show what lengths he’d go to, to serve his master’s feet. The slave licks his master’s Jordans clean, removes his alpha socks, and clips his master’s toenails. MasterUltimateGod allows the fag to kiss his feet for each toenail he clips. This fag loves every second of the verbal humiliation and degradation given to him.

But what happened to the toenails? Fag Butler is obsessed with his master’s feet. For another birthday treat, he gets to eat his master’s foot calluses and toe nails in a salad. MasterUltimateGod makes Fag Butler dump the foot shavings into a bowl of lettuce. For some salad dressing, MasterUltimateGod spits all over the salad and then it’s time for the fag to enjoy it. He loves every bit and begs for more. This was a special treat just for his birthday.

3 New Videos – Prepare to be shrunken down to the size of a tiny toy as you worship YoungNCharge’s ass. If you need to feel an alpha laugh and degrade you as he becomes a giant and you shrink down in size then this video is for you. YoungNCharge shrinks you down and places you in a jar where you will remain forever. Look up and worship his massive ass while trapped in your tiny glass prison. Later, YoungNCharge will have you worship his muscles as he verbally abuses you. Covered in sweat and with bulging muscles, YoungNCharge will have you worship his alpha ass and big biceps as you plead for mercy at the hands of this dominant man. Finally, watch a Skype screen share as YoungNCharge shows you how he drains a slave on webcam. The fag slave gets poppered up as YoungNCharge takes tributes via Teamviewer in this virtual session.

3 New Videos – Prepare to worship two alphas at the same time. Flexgod and his muscular friend flex and show off their huge muscles as they make you feel like a weak, inferior fag slave. Drool as both of these alpha men flex in front of the webcam. Then for some solo action, worship your king as Flexgod shows off his ripped and huge physique. Flexing his biceps, showing off his massive chest, and posing his chiseled abs, Flexgod will make you bow before him and beg to hand over your wallet. Afterward, Flexgod will describe what a real time session with him is like. Putting the camera down on the ground to look up at his massive muscles, Flexgod will make you beg to serve his muscles and worship his socked feet.

4 New Videos – Wearing high heels strapped up to her knee, JuicyJulie will order you to cum on her high heels. JuicyJulie gets her man to stroke his cock more and more as she rubs her heels along the head and shaft of his dick. Finally he busts a load like all men do on her heels. Later, JuicyJulie gives another guy a foot job. Her cute little toes curl around his fat cock as she strokes it up and down with her feet. She slides her smooth soles up and down until he has a massive orgasm for her beautiful feet. In another foot job session, JuicyJulie wears black stockings and heels as he man beats off to her gorgeous feet. Rubbing her heels across his manhood he can’t hold back the urges to blow his load to her dominance. For a quick tease, JuicyJulie shows her tight pink pussy to the camera. Rubbing it and playing with it, she’ll make you beg her to touch it.

4 New Audio Clips – Prepare to be totally hypnotized by Master Lucian. This dominant alpha will control you with this hypnotic file. This is a simple, short session. Non-sexual, but a powerful deepener combined with irresistible addiction training. Once in your mind, Master Lucian will program you to suck cock. Master Lucian will make you crave one thing: to suck cock. Whether you’ve never sucked cock before or you’re a seasoned pro, this audio clip will kindle your desire. Don’t be surprised if you go looking for cock after the file ends.

Afterward you need to accept that you are worthless and weak. It’s time to demonstrate it. Prepare to embrace your utter worthlessness as Master Lucian drills your weaknesses into your brain forever. You will bow and scrape and pray like the loser you are to this dom. You must never forget that obedience is the keyword in all of this. A word you will come to understand utterly and completely as you listen to the next JOI audio clip about obedience. Obedience is pleasure. Without obedience there is nothing. This is the lesson you will learn today. You want to, need to, and will obey

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2 New Video – Alpha Derek has something special in store for your brain. He is ready to get his fags all poppered up and make you do whatever he desires. Alpha Derek will take total control of my mind, body and soul as he makes you become more and more submissive on poppers. For the next 4 minutes, Alpha Derek will flex his muscles and make you feel in awe of his muscles while you fry whatever braincells you have left. In the next clip, Alpha Derek will make you quiver as he takes you into oblivion as he flexes his mammoth pythons and pecs. This dom will take over your decisions and make you yearn to submit, obey and respect him. As Alpha Derek commands you to sniff more and more poppers you fried brain will become eager to please Alpha Derek to the point in which you become totally mindless.

2 New Videos – Happy birthday dear Fag Butler, Happy Birthday to you. Check out this exciting clip as Fag Butler receives a wonderful surprise for his birthday. Fag Butler gets dominated and humiliated by Master Ultimate God. From wedgies, to toilet bowl play, don’t miss out on how Fag Butler is used and abused for almost six minutes over and over by Master Ultimate God. Master Ultimate God gives Fag Butler the birthday gift that he will never forget. Back again to be crushed under MasterUltimateGod’s alpha feet, Fag Butler starts on the couch as his dom crushes him in Jordans. As MasterUltimateGod sits on the fag’s face, Fag Butler begs for mercy, unable to breathe. MasterUltimateGod generously allows him to get on the ground instead. Less cushioning under his alpha weight, continuing to trample all over the pathetic fuck.

3 New Videos – When you meet with Master Flex God, you will quiver from the moment you lay eyes on him. In this video clip, he shows you the true essence of an alpha male. You will be in awe of his massive muscles and huge alpha male feet. You will want to worship his body and muscles from top to bottom by the end of the clip. In the next video clip, Flexgod is joined by his alpha buddy. When you meet face-to-face with these two German Gods, you will experience double the domination, double the humiliation and double the destruction that you deserve. These two German gods will put you in your place and will make you beg them to take your wallet and penetrate your finances. In the second part to this clip, the two German doms piss outside. Be an obedient piss drinking fag and lap up all of their alpha male piss right from the tap and off the ground.

4 New Videos – Chokemaster Andre and his friend Paulo test to see who can choke out the other. Paulo is a bodybuilder and Andre practices MMA. Andre demonstrates some chokeholds on Paulo then the muscle stud with the biceps learns to choke out Andre. Hot muscle domination all throughout this 21 minute video clip. In another clip, brothers fight it out as the little brother, Fred, shows his older brother who is the boss. Fred chokes his older brother with some tight guillotine chokes making his big brother’s eyes roll back into his head. See these sweaty brothers get squeezed in this latest clip.

4 New Videos – This slave can hardly breath as his master places his big fat foot over the slave’s throat. The slave continues to ask for relief and gasps for air. Ikagura refuses to let up as the slave continues to squirm for air. Later, Ikagura does foot domination at its finest. This video has plenty of foot worship and domination. The pathetic slave is in so much pain that tears flow from his face as he is choked and stomped. Ikagura is relentless with pure domination and humiliation for the slave. The same slave then continues to gasp for air while his master sticks his entire foot in the mouth of the slave. Listen to the brutal sounds of domination as the slave continues to relentlessly try to find air. The slave brother is then humiliated more by his brother, as the slave does a great job of licking, sucking and cleaning the dirty, smelly and sweaty foot of his master. By the time the slave is done, his master / brother has the cleanest feet in town.

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4 New Video – In this special ball crush and humiliation video, MasterUltimateGod and his friend humiliate Fag Butler as it wears a French maid outfit. Before they begin, MasterUltimateGod makes the fag wear ear plugs and keep his eyes closed to he couldn’t hear or see what was coming. These doms then crush this fag’s pathetic little balls, kick soccer balls at him, make him strip to his underwear, humiliate his caged cock, whip him with Mardi Gras beads, gag him with socks, ride a scooter directly into his balls, and even more. This is extreme fag abuse. The intense CBT continues in another video as Fag Butler is gagged with MasterUltimateGod’s underwear while getting the fuck beat out of him. As he writes in pain on the ground, this powerful dom crushes the fags balls to nothing. This fag doesn’t need balls, so why should he have them.

Fag Butler is now tasked with licking the dirt off his master’s boots. The fag loves being humiliated under his master’s feet so MasterUltimateGod makes it particularly difficult for him in this one. Watch him lick all the mud, dirt, and slime off his dom’s boots from the treads, and swallow everything he gets into his mouth. MasterUltimateGod humiliates and dominates him the entire time. Later, MasterUltimateGod gets the fag on the couch as he crushes the fag under his alpha socked feet. MasterUltimateGod walks all over and sits on this pathetic fag to make him moan in pain. At the end, MasterUltimateGod crushes the fag’s face under his alpha ass. The fag slave begs for mercy but there is none to be had. The slave needs to learn his place under his master.

3 New Videos – Master Michael wants you to kneel to, serve, and worship his superior body. This leather clad, muscle dom tells you that you are his slave and need to serve and worship every single inch of him. This is the alpha you crave and submit to. You’ll be begging him to lick his cum off the floor by the end of the video. Later, Master Michael is just wearing a jockstrap and boots. Showing off his alpha body, ass, and huge cock, this dom will have you drooling to serve him. Worship every second of it as he shows you what a real man looks like. Check out part 2 as Master Michael jerks his big cock as you beg for his powerful seed.

5 New Videos – It’s time to recognize what you’re born for and start serving your King because otherwise you are a useless faggot. FlexGod plants his feet right up to the camera for you to worship. This muscle dom then verbally abuses you and makes you realize that you are an inferior to him and were born to serve him. It is time that you follow the rules as accept yourself as Flexgod’s property. From now on, this muscle master owns your fag ass. That means you must obey his every command.

In part 2 of the video series, Flexgod gives you orders to follow. An obedient faggot always obeys his master and does as he is told. Act appropriately and obey the rules outlined by Flexgod as you worship his feet and muscles. After you’ve learned those lessons, it is time for some verbal humiliation. Flexgod flips you off and shoves his feet in your face while reminding you that you’re a faggot. You only exist on this Earth to serve superior alpha males like him. Bow before his feet and obey his every command. The verbal abuse gets more intense as Flexgod treats you like a piece of subhuman garbage. You must quickly realize that you and him will never be equals. You are and will always be beneath him and inferior to his alpha presence.

4 New Videos – King Luca sits back and smokes while you worship his feet. This dom is clad in a leather jacket and starts off wearing black socks. As he teases you more, he eventually lets you worship his barefeet. After you’ve done that, check out some of his real time meets. In this particular real time, a slave gets the honor of worshiping King Luca’s feet. The slave rubs and sniffs this dom’s socked feet like and obedient foot fag. Later, King Luca lets you see a candid view of a slave worshiping his feet from another session. In the last real time session uploaded, this get very brutal and intense as King Luca brutalizes a slave. This slave is highed up on something and that may be why he is so submissive and doesn’t feel pain. King Luca slaps him so hard that he starts bleeding. Later King Luca chokes the fag with a belt and sits on him to assert his dominance while using the fag.

4 New Videos – Wearing full leather head to toe, Master Michael makes you worship his Godly body. Wearing a leather jacket, boots, and a hood this dom will put you in your place. He later jerks his perfect cock and cums in a condom for you as a treat. In part 2, your leather cash master is showing off his massive cock. This leather dom is ready to abuse you and make you his property. At the end he busts a massive load.

Continuing the leather theme, Master Michael has his leather mask on while clad in all leather with a leather harness. Get on your faggot knees and obey this leather God. Crave his abuse and follow his orders as he shows you how he would use you. Part 2, MasterMichael is fully leathered and blows smoke in your face. Your new leather king demands obedience from you and wants you to worship every inch of him. At the end, you’ll have to clean up his big cum shot.

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3 New Video – Time for another duo dom games. This time, MasterUltimateGod and his alpha buddy put clothes pins all over this fag. Each of these doms gets a point for each pin they knock off the fag with balls and darts they throw at him. Watch these two alpha men humiliate this fag as they pelt him. The pathetic bitch just has to stand there and take the pain they inflict on him. He truly is owned and enjoys every second of it. Before that round, both doms test the fag’s devotion. Fag Butler is ordered to get to his master’s shoes and put his face inside. But there is a catch. MasterUltimateGod and his buddy tie up the fag, push against him, pull him back, and do whatever they can to stop him. It’s like watching American Gladiators. See the fag struggle to overcome two straight, alpha men just so he can get his face in his master’s shoes.

After all of the abuse Fag Butler has been put through, MasterUltimateGod decides he has earned a bit of a reward. And what better way to reward a foot fag than with some alpha jock feet. A more casual worship session, Fag Butler loves his master’s alpha straight feet. Watch him lick his dom’s shoes clean, then worship some alpha socks. MasterUltimateGod makes the faggot breathe in his Jordans so he can remember the scent that runs his life.

2 New Videos – Master Flexgod and his alpha mate count their cash and show off their huge jock feet. After some flexing and verbal abuse, they put their socks directly in your face. This is complete heave for a foot fag. Later these two alpha doms make you drink their spit out of a cup. Both muscle doms flip you off, verbally abuse you, and stick their huge feet in your face. Be an obedient faggot and do everything they order you to do. This is your ideal life, serving 2 doms at once.

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