Featured Model- BigAlphaDaddy

You’ve seen him flex and he’s put you in your place before but now BigAlphaDaddy is going to put you beneath his huge feet. Starting off with some bicep flexing and kissing his biceps, BigAlphaDaddy quickly puts you where you belong, down at his feet. Showing his black socks to the camera, this alpha stud makes you crave for him to remove the socks. Luckily he takes off his black socks to reveal his huge superior barefeet. Showing off his bare soles and toes, it would make any foot fag’s mouth water, hoping to serve and worship those feet. Quickly you’ll want to hand over your wallet to this superior alpha male.

Featured Model- Joshua Armstrong

In this nearly 12 minute video clip, Joshua Armstrong doesn’t play any games. This is just simple and pure bear destruction from a muscular alpha male. This superior muscular dom demonstrates his alpha strength by ripping apart tons of stuffed bears. He rips out their stuffed insides until all that’s left are threads and stuffing. He’s like a massive giant leaving a path of destruction, destroying anything smaller than himself. If you aren’t careful, Joshua Armstrong could mistake you for one of these bears.

Featured Model- Joshua Armstrong


Get ready for some intense alpha feet domination. In this very verbal feet domination video, Joshua Armstrong makes you wish you could worship his superior alpha feet. This video is an In-Charge.net exclusive. This muscle master starts off with some flexing and showing off his muscles before he reveals his sock covered feet. Get on your knees and open your mouth for his stinky, sweaty socks as he takes them off and sticks his barefeet up at the camera for you to lick and worship. Lick this muscle stud’s soles and in between his toes to show your devotion.

Featured Model- MrOctavius


Worship MrOctavius’ supreme alpha body like an obedient cash faggot. All of the weak submissive slaves will bow down to MrOctavius’ chiseled alpha body. This muscle master starts by flexing his biceps, which he just trained at the gym, before taking off his tanktop. After that, he gives you some more flexing to remind you of how inferior you are to him. MrOctavius even gives you a glimpse of his big muscle ass. Later, this cash dom puts the camera on the floor and shows you what it’ll be like when you get stomped on by him and he leaves you beaten as he takes your faggot cash like the pay pig are you in life.

Featured Model- 4King


4King is a cocky, arrogant, and dominant cash master ready to take what is rightfully his. In this video clip, 4King starts off by flexing his massive biceps while sitting at his desk. He then props his dirty sneakers up to the camera and flips it off just like how he would put his sneakers in your face if you were there in front of him for a real time meet. This muscle master then shows off his ripped abs, muscular back, and pumped chest to weaken you even more into submission. Every tribute you give him and every one of his videos that you purchase is what you should do for a king, hence his username, 4King.

Featured Model- Master Damian


This week’s featured male model is MasterDamian with his video “Full Body Alpha Flexing

In this 12 minute video clip, Master Damian shows off his massive muscular frame after a gym session. Flexing his biceps and even showing his muscle ass at one point, Master Damian is definitely an alpha male who gets what he wants. His tight yellow boxer briefs look like they can’t even contain his bulge throughout the video. At 230 lbs, this muscle master shows why you should worship his sweaty and beefy muscles.

Featured Model- Mr Octavius


This week’s featured male model is Mr. Octavius with his video “Alpha Jock Worship”

The dominant Mr. Octavius shows why he embodies a true alpha jock in this nearly 10 minute video clip. This superior master shows you why you are a beta slave who was put on this Earth to worship him as he flexes and dishes out some verbal abuse along the way. Serve Mr. Octavius and worship his massive muscles by downloading this video.

Featured Model- Ammarrulz


This week’s featured male model is Ammarrulz with his video “Muscle Master Dominates Little Puny Slave“.

In Ammarrulz‘ latest video, he takes charge of his puny pathetic house slave and demonstrates his strength by wrestling the weakling slave to the ground. Ammarrulz locks his slave in a body scissors and a leg scissors while he brutalizes him, forcing him to submit to his alpha power. Check out this 15 minute video now