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1 New Video – Prepare to submit to SlavesSeeker’s feet as he counts cash in front of you. Some lucky faggot slaves got the chance to tribute SlavesSeeker tons of cash tributes and he’s counting last month’s haul while you gaze directly at the soles of his feet. This alpha will remind you that it’s your purpose and duty to be a submissive cash slave like the others for him.

1 New Video – It’s time to sniff these sneakers and worship this alpha’s socks and feet. Flexgod puts on a leather jacket in this 5 minute video clip and plants his sneakers right in your face. After this muscle dom verbally abuses you, he takes off his leather jacket to flip you off and make you worship his muscles and feet.

1 New Video – Sit there and gawk at this dom’s perfect cock. You know as well as he does, that your pin dick doesn’t even compare to the alpha cock of Master Aiden. Master Aiden shows off his superior cock as it gets milked by a cum machine. You should be jealous of the fact that this machine gets all of Aiden’s cock and load. Imagine having the chance to clean out this machine with your mouth. Edge your little dick to this video until Master Aiden locks it up.

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3 New Videos – The last thing you remember is going to sleep in your own warm, cozy bed. However, you now find yourself waking up feeling lightheaded and very disoriented to the sound of a persistent loud booming thunder. Then, your eardrums are nearly blown out by what can only be described as the voice of a man except something’s different. You are only a mere half inch tall and standing in front of and mostly above you is the one and only Texas Fetish King, a hot straight alpha dominant male master, 27 years young, 6 foot 4 inches in height, and size 14US in shoe size. Fetish King thinks you are an insect of some kind at first and traps you under a glass to take you outside “where bugs belong”. After he releases you outside, he finally begins to realize that you are actually a shrunken human and asks why you are so tiny. A long string of verbal degradation ensues, with the intention of making sure you understand that you are in fact nothing but the “fungus between his toes”. He traps you between his toes and then starts to think about how hungry he is.

Now find yourself waking up feeling lightheaded and very disoriented. As you examine your surroundings, you seem to be in some kind of forest of strange looking trees that are exponentially taller than any you’ve ever seen before. But you do start to realize that the trees aren’t trees at all but the mere leaves of a small houseplant. You quickly realize that you are only a mere half inch tall and standing in front of Texas Fetish King again. As he scavenges through the leaves of the plants on his patio, he discovers you but seems unsure if you are a human or a bug. Relief quickly turns back into fear when he tells you that he’s going to eat you anyway. He rubs his belly as he comes closer to eat you as a snack. Continuing on with the macro shrunken fetish idea, Master Eusebio, a young straight sports jock, is not very familiar with macrophilia but gets a kick out of playing a giant and torturing his little pathetic roomate. Eusebio is a true jock that plays lots of sports, but when filming this custom video he had just gotten home from baseball practice. He comes home in his full uniform and removes his nasty shoes and socks. This is a hot macro video and definitely not to be missed!

1 New Video – SlavesSeeker‘s loyal foot faggot is ready for another intense real time session. This lucky slave will get to worship his master’s barefeet while getting mind controlled. This slave gets completely in the sub space, just like how you should while watching this 15 minute video. SlavesSeeker gets the sub on his back while he smothers the slave’s face with his alpha feet. The slave licks, sucks, and worships SlavesSeeker’s soles and toes like an obedient foot fag should do for his superior.

2 New Videos – In this roleplay video from FlexGod, you are a small drunk faggot at the bar when you recognize a muscle god sitting next to you. You keep staring at his muscles and in you’re drunken situation you start talking to him and start annoying him. The Muscle God is getting angry and pulls you out of the bar down to the streets. He puts on his leather gloves so that he doesn’t leave any fingerprints for what he is going to do to you. Everyone is watching from the door of the bar how he starts humiliating you and slaps you into your face. He pisses on your face and makes you to drink his piss. He shows no mercy and keeps humiliating you in front of all these bar guests. At the end he switches your lights off with a big and long bearhug until you loose your breath. In another clip this young muscle hunk abuses you and dominates you. He flexes for you and abuses you to the highest degree. You are dominated and totally controlled by him. He is using his muscle power and his giant leather gloves to completely control you!

6 New Audio Clips – LucianCarter is going to make you dumber. This audio clip guides you into a deep trance then reduces you into becoming a mindless aroused bimbo. This alpha’s hypnotic voice will make you consistently weaker. But now Lucian Carter poses a simple question to you, do you like his hypnotic voice? Do you like what his voice will do to your mind? Take a listen to his clips and prepare to fall under his irresistible spell. It’s all because this master know truly what you are to him. You are nothing more than a sissy cash faggot. You are a total sissy faggot who has loved handing over cash to alphas for years. You know it’s good to be reminded of this constantly and need it drilled into your dumb head more so you can finally accept it and realize it’s true. There is no way out from this lifestyle or from what Master wants.

Lucian Carter will use various triggers to manipulate you even more. He can even use giggling as a trigger. When Master Lucian Carter compels you to giggle the giggles will change you. They will make you mindless. Let them arouse you and make you horny until finally they make you into the bimbo you crave to be. If that isn’t enough to break down your mental barriers, then grab your poppers because Lucian Carter knows how much you want to sniff poppers and stroke for him. But Master knows you need to learn to delay gratification. So Master is going to control when you sniff, when you jerk, and if you can cum. Are you so fried that you’re addicted to poppers? Don’t fight it, indulge it. This finally audio upload contains a collection of various popper files for over an hour of popper based JOI. Feel your popper addiction grow with each file. Then feel your addiction to Master Lucian’s velvet voice and steel control grow even stronger.

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1 New Video – SlavesSeeker is ready to put his slave through intense humiliation and abuse resulting in the slave drinking piss and getting burned. In the bathroom, SlavesSeeker fills a glass with his Godly piss and brings it out to the slave to drink. His weak slave is on its knees and downs a glass of his master’s piss. After some intense verbal abuse, SlavesSeeker heats up a lighter to get the tip super hot. Once its hot enough, he presses it against his slave’s skin for his own amusement and for the slave’s abuse. At one point, SlavesSeeker even shows off the slave’s tattoo that shows he is his property. Can you endure this type of abuse?

1 New Video – Taylor is very gassy on this evening and decided to fill up the tub and share it with you. Some of these massive farts are so big that the water damn near blows out of the tub. Enjoy some friendly dialogue and laughs with Taylor while he lets the farts rip. Hopefully he doesn’t put a crack in the tub with those massive rumblings.

1 New Video – Master Alex‘s German follower and fan wrote to him if he could be in one of his videos and get a taste of his hairly, manly body. Luckily for him, Master Alex took him on and they shot this juicy, sexy video near a train station. Not a lot of nudity as it was a public place and people were around, but you can see how Master Alex dominates by pissing on the slave, inside the slave’s mouth, spits on him, and sits on his face. People were walking by and peeking into their action to further add to this slave’s humiliation.

1 New Video – TheGodofMen has one of his inferiors ready to worship and serve him. Taking him to the bathroom for some toilet humiliation, TheGodofMen makes his weak fag slave sniff some poppers in front of the toilet. While humiliating and verbally abusing the slave, TheGodofMen flips him off as he frys his brain. Eventually, this alpha dom makes the weak faggot lick his boots and then dunk his head in the toilet bowl.

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1 New Video – SlavesSeeker can’t get enough of abusing and delivering hardcore punishment to his pathetic slave. This latest clip is another video of SlavesSeeker abusing a slave with his belt and bitch slapping the faggot’s face until he cries like a bitch. Even though the faggot is crying and begging for mercy, he’ll keep coming back for more and more hardcore punishment in the future. This is what the faggot craves and it’s what you crave. Download it now

2 New Videos – You need to be locked and denied. Master Alex will tease you until the breaking point until you’re dripping constantly and can’t take it anymore. Your cock belongs in a cage. It’s time to show your Master and Keyholder what a good little chastity slave you are. Hand Master Alex the key! Let him lock up your manhood. Only Master’s cock matters. The only way you are allowed to spurt that little load is when Master Alex’s monster dick is breeding your ass. This dom will bend your mind to his will. Make you so desperate to obey that you will crawl on your hands and knees to present the keys to your cage. Master Alex is getting inside your brain. You won’t even want to touch yourself after this. Your chastity training is going to be absolute. No release until Master Alex allows it. Take five deep breaths and strap yourself in. Master is going to fuck your mind and lock your cock in chastity.

Another hot day outside and Master Alex loves to go barefoot. Especially since a good foot fag is always near to clean the sweat, dirt and mud from his soles. This day Master Alex is feeling particularly nasty and humiliates you, spits on you and presents you the middle finger while you grovel beneath him. You are so pathetic and drooling for even his dirty feet that he decides to ignore you while you stare and lose your mind over his awesome giant, smelly feet. Are you going to be the hungry foot fag crawling towards him today?

1 New Video – Did you enjoy Taylor‘s “Pound My Pussy” video? Because here comes part two! This part contains another hour of submissive booty play from Taylor. This muscle stud dresses up and shows off his sexy body in skimpy lingerie and panties. The dirty talk to Daddy is turned all the way up the entire time. An array of booty play with different toys and positions that shows off Taylor’s athletic bubble butt throughout the hour long video that will leave you speechless. Expect plenty of dildo sucking. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel like your dick is out and in the middle of the action. Taylor makes you feel like you are right there with him. If the idea of a hot, straight stud begging to get fucked is up your alley, then jump on this one NOW!

1 New Video – As requested by many fag slaves, MasterF shows off his armpits for an armpit sniffing and verbal abuse session. Throught this video clip, MasterF orders you as his loyal faggot to sniff his hairy and sweaty alpha armpits. Do as you are told and get your face and tongue in his sweaty, musty armpits to lick his alpha essence. MasterF will continue to order you to lick and clean every drop of sweaty from his alpha body.

Featured Model- SlavesSeeker

One of SlavesSeeker’s real time slaves is ready to get brutally kicked by his master. SlavesSeeker gets the young sub on his knees and makes him place his hands behind his back to prepare for his beat down. The slave expects SlavesSeeker to go easy on him but he is in for a rude surprise when SlavesSeeker kicks this sub with all of his might. The slave reportedly cried for a solid hour after this real time session. It shows because the slave cries on the ground, writhing in pain afterward.

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2 New Videos – This pathetic twink fag comes over for a beat down from SlavesSeeker and he proceeds to kick him repeatedly until he takes off his hoodie. Once he is shirtless, SlavesSeeker whips the fuck out of him until he breaks down and starts crying like a sissy. SlavesSeeker even then heats up a spoon and burns the slave’s back with it. To amuse himself, SlavesSeeker makes this fag slave dance for him so that he can get a laugh. Afterwards, SlavesSeeker forces the slave to drink a cup of piss to finish off this 25 minute video clip. For slaves craving to worship, SlavesSeeker’s dirty sneakers, then this next video is for you. With his Nike Air Jordans on, you can see SlavesSeeker’s Nikes are filthy dirty and his socks are stinky on his godly alpha feet. That must sound like heaven to a foot fag who craves to worship this superior’s feet. Come and get your fix and worship SlavesSeeker’s dirty Nike sneakers and his big alpha male feet in this video clip.

2 New Videos – Spy in on a private cam show Taylor had with a fan. The show requests included butt play with 3 different toys followed by a hot jerk off and cum session with a prostate stimulator / cock ring combo that really gets the explosive juices flowing. If you have ever considered a live 1-on-1 cam show with Taylor, this video gives you a good idea of how his cam shows go down. Get an inside peak into the hot action. Be that fly on the wall that you love to be during this 34 minute videp clip.

In another new video from Taylor, he delves into some extreme roleplay as a giant dad. Giant Taylor’s kids are some ungrateful little pricks. He does everything for them but unfortunately, these little kids are just unappreciative towards him. Finally, Daddy Taylor snaps and shrinks them down to the size of a pea. Now that he has their attention, it’s time to teach them a lesson. Sadly for them, it’s the last lesson they’ll ever learn. Expect to be squashed between giant butt cheeks, flicked, verbally abused, and then eaten in this video clip.

3 New Videos – You’re such an ass slut that cocks and dildos just aren’t enough for your hungry ass and Master Alex is about to do some fist fuck training on your ass. Using a black dildo, Master Alex spreads his slave’s ass opened, but he has such a hungry hole that it swallows everything. The dildo fucks and slides way too easily. So Master Alex decides to fist the horny fucker. Little does the slave know, that not only are Master Alex’s cock and feet huge, but his hands are huge too. The slave struggles to take his master’s fist, but luckily for him, Master Alex doesn’t care. This alpha dom wants to fist you and he will until your ass is never the same again. Using another horny faggot, Master Alex delivers some foot worship and spanking punishment to his faggot roommate. This roommate skipped the rent for the second time and enough is enough. If the fag can’t pay in cash, he’ll just have to pay some other way. Master Alex ties him up and spanks that slave’s big ass. He also makes him worship his socked feet. That body has a lot to pay for and Master Alex will be extracting every cent. The slave is hogtied, gagged, and made to kiss and suck feet again and again.

The next latest video from Master Alex is a custom video done for a fag slave who loves farting, pissing, and verbal abuse content. In this one, the slave wanted something really nasty. Besides the hot juicy farts and piss, Master Alex includes some dirty verbal domination on how he will torment the slave’s cock with his leather belt. Also, there is a POV shot as Master Alex unleashes farts on the toilet. This one is definitely one of his more hardcore farting videos and Master Alex only recommends it to those who love verbal dirty talk and being used.

1 New Video – This pathetic foot fag begged for a real time foot worship session in his hotel and Master Morpheus gave him what he wanted. The foot fag crawls into the scene and licks MasterMorpheus’ sneakers while being verbally abused. After some face slaps and some kicks, MasterMorpheus maskes the slave open his mouth and spits in his mouth. The faggot now earned the right to worship his master’s socked feet. Following the sock worship, MasterMorpheus makes the slave take his socks off and put them on the slave’s hands. He then instructs the slave to put his sock covered hands in his own mouth while Master Morpheus stands on his stomach and smothers his face with his big alpha feet.

7 New Videos – New to In-Charge is AnnaBelch and from her name you can tell that she specializes in burping fetish videos. In her portfolio of recent videos, she uploaded videos of her burping happy birthdaythe ABCsgood morningrow row row your boat, and many other phrases and lyrics. Guys with a love of seeing girls burp will love AnnaBelch and her portfolio of burping fetish videos.

Last Month’s Top Selling Item: Severe beating!

One of SlavesSeeker‘s real time slaves is ready to get brutally kicked by his master. SlavesSeeker gets the young sub on his knees and makes him place his hands behind his back to prepare for his beat down. The slave expects SlavesSeeker to go easy on him but he is in for a rude surprise when SlavesSeeker kicks this sub with all of his might. The slave reportedly cried for a solid hour after this real time session. It shows because the slave cries on the ground, writhing in pain afterward.