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In the first part of this 2 part video series, YoungNcharge shows off his tight red speedo for all of his fag slaves. While flexing his muscles, you can see his massive bulge through the speedo as he teases you and grabs it. Sitting back and telling you about how much of a faggot you are, YoungNcharge makes sure to put the focus on his massive manhood. You’ll crave to submit to this straight alpha superior and will need to download part 2 after you download this first part. Toward the end, YoungNcharge pulls out his big dick and shows it to the camera, leaving you needing more.

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1 New Video – Michael Hoffman is back with another hot video for all of his fans. In this nearly 9 minute video clip, Michael Hoffman just got a new sex toy and it’s a tight rubber pussy. As a treat to his fans, Michael Hoffman wanted to show how he pounds a tight hole with his big dick. In the beginning of the video, he shows off his new tattoos and his muscular ass before lubing up the tight rubber pussy to fuck. At the end of the video, Michael Hoffman bust a load of cum on the bed from all of the hard fucking.

unnamed (1)1 New Video – MasterDnero has been in the cash master scene for 2 months and realizes how amazing it is for him. As a master, this alpha dom doesn’t have to work, he can skateboard all day, and doesn’t even have to care about changing his smelly socks because faggots will pay for them like they’re pure gold. However, one day, his mate Master Dante comes home and realizes there is no beer in the house because their brainless house slave forgot to buy beer. As punishment, the fag slave is taught a lesson. Collared and wearing a leash, the disobedient fag slave has to worship at his master’s feet and gag on his smelly feet to learn his lesson for being a stupid dog.

unnamed (2)7 New Video – Slaves are always asking for YoungNCharge’s used condoms. FOr all of his cum hungry slaves, YoungNCharge puts on a condom show in this 10 minute video clip as he jerks off into a condom for his cum guzzling fag slaves and maybe one lucky slave will buy this condom to taste his alpha seed. However, used condoms aren’t the only thing slaves request from YoungNCharge, many cash fags like to see him fart on cam. With the camera up real close, YoungNCharge farts for slaves. Only the nastiest slaves would enjoy to be pinned under his muscle ass to sniff his farts as he laughs at them. Continuing with this theme, there is even a second part of YoungNCharge farting. In the second part, you see even more of his hairy ass up close in his Diesel jockstrap as he farts right into the camera. But for his loyal fart worshiping slaves who prefer to see YoungNCharge from the front as he farts, he has a video for that too. In this 5 minute video clip, YoungNCharge farts in the bathtub for his fart slaves. Giving out verbal abuse, YoungNCharge gives his sick fag slaves what they’ve been asking for and lets you watch the bubbles form in the water as he farts.

Back in the shower, YoungNCharge makes you worship his armpits in the shower. After serving his hairy armpits, YoungNCharge lets you watch him get clean in the shower as he rinses off after the gym, too bad he doesn’t have a loyal fag there to clean the sweat off his muscular body. Slaves who prefer to see YoungNCharge’s feet can also get a glimpse of his alpha male feet as they hang over the side of his bed. You’ll beg to lick and worship these size 11 feet after watching this video clip. Lastly, just added to his portfolio is the first video this master ever did for In-Charge as he shows off in his white underwear. One lucky slave bought these designer briefs for YoungNCharge and in this video clip, he soaks them with water as he towers over the camera like a giant showing off his jock ass. It seems like YoungNCharge has something for slaves of all fetishes this week from cum, farting, armpit worship, feet, and ass worship.

unnamed (3)

3 New Videos – In a series of real time videos, MasterNick flogs his fag slave. This alpha dom wears black leather boots as his slave worships his boots as he gets flogged by his alpha male master. Later the fag slave is rewarded by being allowed to suck his master’s dick in the first part of the dick sucking session. The pathetic cocksucking fag slave is hooded wearing a mask as his master makes him service his superior cock.

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10 New Videos – YoungNCharge has returned and has begun to upload some of his best videos. In his massive video update, YoungNCharge has posted 10 videos to his portfolio. Starting with his most recent film, Muscle Destruction. In this video clip, YoungNCharge shows his sheer alpha strength and rips the seat off of a metal chair, breaks the metal legs on the chair, and then proceeds to rip apart a wicker basket. Just imagine what YoungNCharge could do to you if he unleashed his pure, raw power on you. Back to his portfolio page are his past videos where he forces you to worship his asshole and balls up close.

Another highlight of this alpha male’s video collection is when he allows you to watch him shoot an explosive load of cum after he gets done watching some hot porn films. Then throughout YoungNcharge’s video collection are a serious of intense verbal abuse videos. You will bow down to your king like an obedient fag slave and worship everything about his straight alpha male existence as he delivers intense verbal abuse. You’ll get on your knees and beg to worship an alpha god like YoungNcharge after you download any of his videos.


1 New Video – MasterJordi trains hard in the gym to keep himself in perfect condition. After the gym, MasterJordi feels like sitting back and relaxing with his feet up. In this short video clip, MasterJordi wants you to worship his Godly feet. Showing off his flexed biceps and hairy armpits, MasterJordi puts his sweaty and smelly feet up to the camera making you want to stick out your tongue and lick this alpha’s big superior feet. Sniff his stinky alpha feet and worship them now by buying his latest video clip.


1 New Video – Known for using and abusing fag slaves, MasterNick delivers hardcore abuse to his slave in this realtime video clip. Sticking his feet in his faggot’s face, MasterNick humiliates his personal eurotrash foot fag. As he barks out orders, MasterNick makes this foot fag lick and worship his alpha dom feet throughout this short real time clip. Get a taste of what it’s like to worship at MasterNick’s feet.


2 New Videos – Not too long ago, Dillon Anderson had over another guy he met for a good fuck session. When Dillon’s friend Mike comes over, Dillon starts by sucking his cock a bit before getting into fucking him. Dillon can’t resist and has to fuck him bare because his hole is so smooth and tasty. Dillon Anderson pounds his hole doggy style and cums a ton deep in Mike’s hole. In another hookup session, Dillon Anderson invites over his friend Jace. Dillon and Jace had done some films together in the past and Dillon needed his huge dick to fuck him. Dillon starts by sucking his long cock before riding him. Jace fucks Dillon Anderson missionary style before cumming in his ass.

Top Sellers in July

In-Charge had another great month in July with several users helping their favorite models become top sellers for that month


If you don’t see your favorite model in the above image, then make sure to download items from his portfolio to get him in the group of top sellers for next month.

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If you haven’t been checking In-Charge regularly then you could’ve missed out on these NEW videos, pictures, and audio clips.

HypnoSuperior – New Audio Clips!


FagMeat To Be Used – This hypnosis file encourages you to build your fagmeat muscle so that a loser like you can be more appealing to your Superiors, yet you will always be a faggot no matter what shape you get in, needing to be used by Dominants like the fagbitch loser you are. The hypno mp3 also reminds you that you are MY cashfag. Workout motivation + financial domination with some name-calling / degradation thrown in for good measure! Length: 40:58 / $19.99

Perfect Jock for Coach (Erotic Hypno) – Whether it’s for me or another Coach open to your devotion, this erotic hypnosis mp3 helps to train you to be the perfect jock for Coach, all while stroking that cock. It will become easier for you to work out to please your Coach, want to show off that jock muscle, simply let loose when hanging with friends, and to start to speak, dress, & act more like a jock while jacking to this hypno file.  Length: 23:03 / $24.99

ItalianMuscle – New Video and Pictures!

Italian Muscle

Flexing Video for My Faggot Slut – A sexy, flexing, and muscle worship video filmed for you, my faggot slut to worship and be amazed at my muscles. Video Length= 10:27 / $19.99

And FREE pictures in his portfolio located here.

Top Sellers from 5/25 – 5/31

Check out who were the top sellers on In-Charge last week

In-Charge Top Sellers

Leading the pack, week after week, were MasterKwinton, Cashgod13, and Duude23 (MasterMark). In-Charge users are constantly drawn to MasterKwinton‘s real time videos of him using his slaves and displaying his own form of pure domination on them. Similarly, users love Duude23‘s foot fetish videos and his collection of videos where his slaves get to worship his sweaty and dirty feet. In contrast, Cashgod13 has his own following of users who enjoy seeing him show off in his underwear whether it be in pictures or videos for sale on In-Charge.

Making it to the top seller list two weeks in a row was YoungNCharge with his extensive collection of videos of him verbally abusing the viewer and showing off every inch of his body. Another dominant man who likes to show off and who was a top seller was Jameson_Dyle thanks to his muscle flexing video where his shows off his colossal size. Finally, rounding out the pack of top sellers was MasterTFK with his variety of pictures showing off his dominant and masculine personality.

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Top Sellers from 5/18 – 5/24

Check out who were the top sellers last week on In-Charge


Leading the pack were the usual top sellers, MasterKwintonCashgod, and Duude23 (MasterMark)MasterKwinton continues to generate interest with his real time meeting videos where he degrades and uses his slaves. Similarly, MasterMark‘s real time videos are also hot with the users due to his top selling foot worship videos where he makes his inferior slaves worship his barefeet and his toenails. Lastly, Cashgod also was a top seller with his videos of him showing off in designer underwear showcasing his muscular ass.

Also on the top seller list from last week were Tramplin with his dominant foot worship video. Newcomer to In-Charge, YoungNCharge also made it to the top seller list with his wide range of verbally abusive and x-rated videos.

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