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2 New Videos – Big Alpha dominates King Romeo in this intense choke session. Big Alpha dominates this muscle hunk in a variety of ways. Wearing tight black latex, Big Alpha comes from behind and dominates this bound muscle stud. The bodybuilder battle continues as King Romeo and Big Alpha test out their strength on each other with arm wrestling and even an overhead press thrown in the mix. King Romeo locks Big Alpha in a headscissors but Big Alpha reverses and locks in a full nelson. Watch the full clip to see which muscle god dominates this round.

3 New Videos – Stay down at Massi The Prince’s feet like the cuck that you are to this dom. Prince Massi cuddles with his girlfriend while you’re ordered to worship at his sneakers. Empty your wallet and sniff his straight feet. Then you can watch a real slave worship Massi the Prince’s feet in this real time clip. You would give anything to swap places with this slave and touch this dom’s superior soles. Drool and get envious of this slave as you watch him lick this dom’s sweaty feet. This masked fag continues to worship his dom’s feet. Massi The Prince gets this slave to worship his sneakers and sniff his masculine alpha foot scent. Slaves like this one become a personal laundry machine for Prince Massi by cleaning his gear with their tongues.

4 New Video – Masters Ritchel, Basford, and Stanley bully a slave for their own pleasure. After drinking some beers, the masters make a mockery of this slave and humiliate him by ordering him to lick and worship their feet. The 3 doms slap, spit, and blow smoke in this pathetic slave’s face during the abuse session. Later, Master Ritchell gives the slave a spit bath in the tub. This dom has the slave stay laying in the bathtub while he spits all over the slave. Masters Basford and Stanley join in as they take turns spitting on this slave.

This slave simply lives to serve his masters. Masters Basford, Ritchel, and Nevil keep the slave at their feet for more foot worship. The doms bully this slave to no end and ride him like a pony. Later they beat him with a pillow and sit on his face. The next day, Master Nevil commands the slave to clean his sweaty feett. Master Nevil chokes the slave with his feet before putting him in a tight headscissors with his legs. Afterwards he orders the slave to clean his dirty football shoes as well.

1 New Video – Vicious54 has a special treat for this slave as he farts into a gas mask. Wearing his gas mask tight, the slave inhales the farts through a hose connected to the mask. Vicious54 puts the other end of the hose by his asshole and lets the fart rip for this slave to breathe in during their session.

6 New Videos – Slave Matt experiences some double domination from Master Daniel and Master K. These two doms tag team the slave for intense domination. With one master putting the slave in a headscissors, the other puts him in a bodyscissors. In some solo action, Master Daniel puts Slave Matt in a triangle choke in another realtime meet. Wearing his karate outfit, Master Daniel wraps his strong legs around the slave’s throat and applies pressue. Slave Matt taps out so quickly to Master Daniel’s amusement. Slave Matt keeps coming back for more as shown in the next clip. Master Daniel locks Slave Matt in a deep headscissors. With his face planted deep in Master Daniel’s crotch, this slave is squeezed between the dom’s powerful legs.

In a more playful session, Master Daniel challenges his slave to a boxing match. With their boxing gloves on, the two fight it out. Obviously, Master Daniel pummels his slave in the end without question. Things change this time as Slave Matt gets revenge on his master. Slave Matt chokes out his master and pins him to the ground. Master Daniel is taken back by all this and doesn’t know how to react. This role reversal continues when Slave Matt starts to choke his dom. Getting him down on the bed, this slave tries to beat up on his master. Slave Matt probably has a huge punishment in his future from all of this.

Featured Model- ElliotScissors

Alpha Timur abuses this slave between his powerful legs. Showing no respect for the slave Alpha Timur traps this slave between his powerful legs for some intense headscissors. Users have written comments about their awe over his ripped, muscular, powerful legs choking out this slave.

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4 New Videos – Nicky gets totally dominated and tortured by Big Alpha in this hot ball grabbing session. Big Alpha shows off his jock ass in some assless underwear as he squeezes Nicky’s balls with one hand and chokes him out with the other. Nicky endures maximum pain from Big Alpha over the course of this 20 minute clip. The next matchup isn’t as easy for Big Alpha as it’s his turn to submit and get dominated. What initially starts out as Big Alpha dominating Nicky quickly changes when muscled King Romeo shows up. This muscle god toys with Big Alpha squeezing him in bearhugs, headscissors, and even a Boston Crab.

The Punisher gets a turn at dominating weak men when he dominates Gio. The Punisher crushes Gio’s head in between his massive vascular quads as he pulses them and pumps them around Gio’s tiny head. This muscle beast enjoys using this skinny boy for abuse. Days later, The Punisher dominates Gio again squeezing him with his huge muscular quads. Gio has no where to go as The Punisher never lets up with the squeeze. At the end, Gio’s nose is planted firmly against The Punisher’s ass as he squeezes his head between his legs.

1 New Video – Prepare to worship King Luca in his leather biker gear. This verbal dom wants you down on the ground licking his boots clean and serving him as he verbally abuses and degrades you. If you are obedient, you can watch King Luca stroke his massive cock and cum all over you at the end.

5 New Video – Master J uses Slave Matt as a piece of human furniture as he sits on him. This twinkish dom sits on and rides his slave all around the room to totally dehumanize him. Slave Matt then serves as a foot rest and chair while Master J plays some video games. After those pony rides, Master J tramples and walks on his slave. Slave Matt lays shirtless on the floor while Master J steps on him with his barefeet. To inflict some punishment on his slave, Master J even then jumps on his slave a few times. The trample abuse continues the next day when Slave Matt needs to be abused some more. Master J walks all over his slave’s back, chest, stomach, and face with his huge barefeet. Slave Matt is basically a doormat to this dom at this point.

After all the trampling, it’s time to gag and choke his slave. Master J hand gags the slave while choking him in a headlock. Grabbing his slave from behind, Master J locks in various submission holds to make his slave struggle. Afterwards, Master J gives his slave a slight break with some face trampling. Totally ignoring his slave and playing on his phone, Master J steps on the slave’s face and chest directly while the slave groans in pain. The moans of this slave are ignored and unheard by this dom as he continues to step all over his slave with his barefeet.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel chokes out his slave. Locking his slave in a variety of headlocks, Master Daniel doesn’t let up as he enjoys seeing this slave suffer. His slave wiggles and writhes around but there is no letting up from this chokehold. Master Daniel then makes this slave service his feet afterwards. Sitting back and playing some video games, Master Daniel smothers this slave’s face with his socked feet and makes the slave inhale his foot stench. The slave is in heaven smelling his master’s sweaty alpha feet. Master Daniel then gets bored and decides to squeeze his slave’s head between his legs. Laying on the bed, Master Daniel wraps his legs around the slave’s head like a basketball and begins to squeeze. This slave feels the pressure between this dom’s muscular thighs as he’s choked out.

While this slave is recovering from being choked out, Master Daniel demands more foot worship. Flexing for the camera, with a smirk on his face, Master Daniel smothers this slave’s face with his socked feet. The slave already gasping for air gives big whiffs of Master Daniel’s socked foot smell. This powerful dom then stands up and walks all over his slave. Pinning the slave to the ground, Master Daniel steps on the slave’s head and chest while flexing his bicep. The image of a powerful man standing over his slave sums up this power dynamic.

2 New Videos – Master Ciro gets rock hard from dominating slaves to the point that he needs to stroke his massive dick. Master Ciro is wearing a pair of leather gloves as he pumps his massive cock for the camera. Finally he erupts a massive load of cum every where as a result of draining slave bank accounts. If you crave more of Master Ciro’s big cock then check out the next clip as well. In this nearly 20 minute clip, Ciro The Punisher stripss down and jerks his massive cock some more for the camera. Working his big cock gets so intense that it erupts even more cum making you wish you could be there to lick it all up.

Featured Model- Master Dnero

Jager and Kayser return on their second day to continue their domination test. They were told that a fag who loved domination would attend to be dominated by them. The willing fag participant is fag Draven, who has filmed with MasterDnero before. Draven can be a bossy and moody fag slave so it’ll be a true test to see if these two alpha doms can put him in his place and truly make him submit. See if they can pass the test and break this faggot.

Featured Model- MasterBraz95

In this nearly 11 minute video clip, MasterBraz95 makes you sniff his alpha feet at his command when he says to do so. With his socked feet up to the camera as he sits back smoking a cigarette, this alpha master will make you into his personal foot fag. His mesmerizing feet are known to be money makers.

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3 New Videos – The Punisher and Big Alpha get worshipped in this duo muscle worship session by their fag slave Gio. Admiring and rubbing the muscles of these two bodybuilders, Gio feels like he’s in heaven. The two muscle doms squeeze him, flex in front of him, and totallyy dominate him. In another session with The Punisher, he uses his strength to dominate his friend Nicky. Nicky is pinned to the ground as The Punisher squeezes and chokes him from behind. Wearing a tight black compression shirt and blue jeans, The Punisher inflicts maximum punishment when dominating Nicky. However, Nicky can’t get enough and keeps coming back for more muscle domination. This time the Punisher is wearing super tight white ripped jeans as he chokes out Nicky. Lots of muscle and wrestling domination awaits Nicky in this second real time session.

4 New Videos – This trio of jock bullies love squeezing and dominating their slave. This weak slave endures an agaonizing 20 minutes of torture which is 20 minutes of fun for these jock doms. Elliot Scissors, Jim, and Alex make this slave struggle as they lock him in an intense bodyscissors while laughing at him. In a different domination session, Jim gets plenty of practice doominating slaves when he chokes out this victim. Jim is a totally bully and loves squeezing slaves and even his friends between his powerful legs. Jim locks his legs around his buddy throat and clenches them tightly so there is no way out until Jim lets go.

Elliot Scissors gets a go at some friendly headscissors domination against Jim. These two jock studs practice locking each other in submission holds so they can perfect their technique they use on slaves. These jocks start with some tight bodyscissors around the ribs and torso before moving onto the neck. Buddies Ethan and Demir have their own wrestling match up against each other. Demir is bigger than Ethan but despite the size difference, he held a competitive match. This cool fight pits Ethan’s strength up against Demir’s technique and experience.

1 New Video – SlavesSeeker loves making slaves worship his feet and sneakers. In this 10 minute long real time clip, this masked sub gets down on the ground and worships at SlavesSeeker’s feet. The sub is in absolute bliss as he worships SlavesSeeker’s sneakers, well worn socks, and alpha scented barefeet.

5 New Videos – Master K uses Slave Matt as his own human punching bag. Slave Matt is pinned to the ground as Master K straddles on top of him and pummels him with boxing gloves. Slave Matt has no where to go and no choice but to take this beating from his dom. Once the boxing gloves come off, Master K then proceeds to choke out his slave. Wrapping his leg tightly around Slave Matt’s throat, Master K asserts his dominance and control over the slave. The slave learns very quickly who is the boss.

The abuse from 1 dom isn’t enough as Slave Matt then submits to Master Hyago for a deep headscissors. Master Hyago locks on a tight headscissors onto Slave Matt as the slave is pinned between this dom’s legs. Slave Matt gets a face full of his master’s crotch as he struggles to break free. Master Hyago then flips the slave around so the slave is facing his ass for even more powerful domination. The slave struggles and whimpers but Master Hyago at some points just completely ignores the slave like he’s not even there. The slave is immobilized with no escape between this dom’s legs. The punishment continues as Master Hyago has even more abuse for Slave Matt. This slave endures even more abusive headscissors chokeholds from his master. Slave Matt whimpers and tries to wiggle free but Master Hyago never lets up until he’s fully done using this slave.

5 New Videos – There is double domination for Slave Matt when he’s dominated by Master Daniel and his buddy Master K. These two doms alternate between choking the slave and making him worship their feet. If Master K chokes the slave, Master Daniel is forcing his feet into the slave’s face to smell his sweaty socks. Then it’s time for some solo domination as Master Daniel gets the slave’s face in his crotch for some tight headscissors abuse. The slave is locked between Master Daniel’s muscular thighs and has his face buried deep in this dom’s alpha crotch. Master Daniel just looks down at the slave with pity as he begs for mercy. In another encounter with Slave Matt, Master Daniel gets on the boxing gloves to fight his slave. Slave Matt cowers in the corner as Master Daniel lays into him with body blows. Slave Matt gets beat up like a human punching bag with no letting up. Slave Matt makes a couple of attempts to defend himself but they are of no use against Master Daniel’s strength and speed.

Master Daniel then orders his slave to worship his shoes. Pinning Slave Matt on the ground under his shoe, this slave is ordered to worship at his master’s sneakers. The slave licks and worships his dom’s alpha sneakers as Master Daniel flexes and laughs at the slave. Master Daniel then shows off with a solo flex show for the camera. Flexing his biceps, Master Daniel shows how powerful and cocky he is to slaves like you. This dom then squeezes a basketball between his strong legs showing how he’d squeeze a slave’s head.

Featured Model- King Luca

This obedient masked fag serves at King Luca’s boots. He licks the bottoms of them clean and then proceeds to sniff this dom’s sweaty smelling socks. After he proves his obedience at King Luca’s feet, he is rewarded by being allowed to worship and rim his master’s ass.

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2 New Videos – Jordan Fox gets another fag to punish. This inferior fag slave is used as a total sex object for Jordan Fox. This superior dom gags the fag with his cock, brutalizes it’s hole, and punches and chokes him throughout the process. In another hook up session, Jordan Fox totally degrades and humiliates a fag. This masked fag slave takes every inch of Jordan Fox’s cock down his throat until he gags. Jordan Fox does not stop and pumps the inferior’s throat even harder. When the fag isn’t gagging on cock, he services Jordan Fox’s feet.

1 New Video – GermanMuscleGod meets up with a fag for a realtime session and kicks the fag in the balls. This naked masked fag slave endures some brutal ball busting in this 12 minute session. The fag is kicked repeatedly in the balls by his muscle master’s sneakers.

5 New Videos – Elliot Scissors, Jim, Alex, Hunter, and Nevil put on an impressive bodyscissors show. These dominant men put their wrestling skills to the test in a friendly match against each other. All 5 alphas at one point have each other locked in a massive bodyscissors chain. The group wrestling continues when these jock studs invite their new friend, Ethan, over for some wrestling practice. Ethan, Elliot, Jim, Demir, and Hunter show Ethan their wrestling skills and see how much he can handle from the group battle. Later that day, Elliot and Hunter bring over another friend for some fight training. These studs test out a variety of wrestling holds and techniques on their friend to see if he has what it takes to keep up with them. In the end, he begs them to go easier on him which just amuses Elliot and Hunter.

Nevil comes over to dominate a slave while Elliot films. Nevil’s strong legs envelop the slave’s neck as he begins to squeeze tighter. Nevil then starts to listen to some music, talk on the phone, and completely ignore this slave while he struggles for freedom. In another friendly headscissors session, Jim and Elliot practice their grappling skills while traveling on a train. Even in a tightly confined space, these two jocks can still lock a variety of headscissors holds on each other. Elliot quickly teaches Jim to not be so cocky next time when he makes him submit on the train.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt endures more punishment from one of his masters as he’s brutally kicked and beaten. Slave Matt endures a series of kicks from this dom during their real time encounter. Cowering on the floor in the corner, Slave Matt has no where to go and must endure multiple kicks to the body and face. This domination session started earlier with Master F when he began kicking his slave. Slave Matt served as a human punching bag as he gets kicked around and pummeled. Master F doesn’t let up and instead is amused at how his slave cowers for mercy and tries blocking each blow.

In a different real time session, Slave Matt meets up with Master Jeff for some facesitting domination. Master Jeff sits his ass down on Slave Matt’s face completely smothering him. Slave Matt has no where to go as Master Jeff completely puts his weight down on the slave preventing him from going anywhere. Days later, Slave Matt encounters Master P and is repeatedly choked out into submission. Master P locks his arms around the slave’s neck and begins to choke him out. Slave Matt struggles and quickly taps to his master’s power. Later, Master P locks Slave Matt between his legs for a rough headscissors. Slave Matt feels Master P’s legs tighten around his head squeezing him more as time goes on. Master P totally is unphased and unbothered by Slave Matt’s whimpers and cries for mercy.

3 New Videos – Two slaves come to serve AdonisDomTop and to show the hierarchy of men and slaves. These two masked slaves eat shoe trampled food and humiliate themselves for their master. They quickly show that they are far beneath their master in the hierarchy of life. The slaves then worship their master’s boots. Licking their master’s boots clean with their tongues, the two masked slaves show total unquestionable devotion to their master. The slave’s sniff their dom’s feet and do anything he commands. In a one-on-one session, AdonisDomTop humiliates his slave. While shirtless, AdonisDomTop smokes as the slave serves as his footrest. The slave then becomes a human ashtray and gets spit on by his master. This slave learns humility in the presence of an alpha.

Featured Model- DanielsLin

Jock dom DanielSlin dominates his weak slave with some intense chokeholds. Pinning this slave to the ground, DanielSlin wraps his arm around the slave’s neck and begins to squeeze. This weak slave writhes around for mercy but DanielSlin is in a dominating mood and offers no remorse for the crying slave.