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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod orders his faggot slave to worship his alpha feet in bed. The obedient food slave sucks on MasterUltimateGod’s sweaty socked feet and soles. Laying at the end of the bed this slave becomes a human footrest for this alpha. MasterUltimateGod takes the humiliation a step further as he farts in the slave’s face. The weak slave puts his face right up to MasterUltimateGod’s ass as he continues to fart in the slave’s face over and over. This is the ultimate humiliation for the slave as it inhales this dom’s gas. Getting even nastier, MasterUltimateGod blows snot down on you as looks down at you. Snot and spit are all this alpha has to deliver for you. Gobble it down with your mouth opened wide.

3 New Videos – Massi the Prince comes home after a long day of work and needs an obedient mindless drone to shine his dress shoes, smell his sweaty socks, massage his feet with their tongue, and lick all the sweat off his superior feet. Watch as this masked slave does all of that for his superior master. The masked foot fag worships his dom’s shoes, socks, and barefeet. Massi the Prince then uses another slave as a human sofa. Pinning the slave down, Massi the Prince sits on the slave’s face and proceeds to fart in his mouth. The worthless slave quickly learns his place is under a superior dom. If you crave more content like that then download the next clip of this alpha burping. Massi the Prince drinks some soda and proceeds to let out burps as you stare quietly at his big soles. This findom then commands you to send a tribute everytime he burps.

3 New Videos – Master Ray verbally abuses you as he commands you to worship his feet. With his sweaty, socked feet right up at the camera, Master Ray makes you wish you could sniff them in person like an obedient foot fag. Sniff and stick your tongue out to worship this dominant alpha’s feet. Things get more hardcore with the next foot worship video. Sniff this alpha’s feet as he continues even more severe verbal domination and makes you feel worthless. Your rightful place is to serve down at an alpha’s feet. Master Ray then treats you like a human ashtray. Blowing cigarette smoke in your face and flicking ashes at you, Master Ray puts you in your place and makes you feel like absolutely nothing. In this dom’s eyes you are nothing to him and only have value if you’re rightfully serving.

5 New Videos – Master PA completely dominates his foot slave by trampling all over him. Standing over the slave, Master PA steps all over Slave Matt and even pinches his nose shut with his foot. Slave Matt lays on his back and is humiliated under his master’s feet. The trample domination continues when Master PA uses his full weight to stomp on Slave Matt. Smacking and kicking him around with his feet, Master PA treats this slave like a doormat. Slave Matt has no where to go as he’s pinned under his dom. In their most recent stomping and trampling clip, Master PA picks up where he left off in the last two videos. Stomping, kicking, jumping, and walking all over the slave, Master PA totally uses and abuses his weak foot slave. With his huge barefeet, this alpha makes his slave submit to his power.

Master PA gets more violent with a series of face punches for the slave. Master PA beats on his slave like a bully and there’s nothing Slave Matt can do to fight back. Slave Matt gets repeatedly punched in the face and beat up while being pinned down. For enduring all of this abuse, Master PA rewards his slave with a cum facial. Slave Matt is straddled by Master PA as the dom jerks his big cock over top the slave. Finally he climaxes busting a massive warm load on Slave Matt’s face at the end.

3 New Videos – BadBoyMasters introduces newcomer Master Jack as he shows off his big fat cock. Master Jack begins filming with a slave soon but wants to show off for everyone first as he strokes his massive cock. Master Jack jacks his big member until he shoots a huge, thick load of cum. To not be forgotten is long time regular, Master Shaun in his latest facesitting video. Master Shaun spends over an hour sitting on this slave’s face in various positions. The weak slave enjoys being pinned under a young alpha’s ass with no where to escape. Master Shaun continues with another hour long special making this slave worship his pits, spit, ass, and feet. Sitting on the slave, Master Shaun pins the slave down under his ass and at times spits on the slave. After the facesitting, Master Shaun makes this loyal slave worship his huge alpha feet and pits.

Featured Model- Miles Striker

Your whole place has now been declared by your neighbor, Miles, in part 2 of this redneck home invasion. It’s now his and it’s time you learn your new place here. See Miles knew you were a faggot this whole time. On the ground is a place for a faggot, looking up at a superior man. Miles Kicks you directly in the face as you fall to the ground. Using you as a foot rest and making you to worship his dirty sneakers. Miles lights up a smoke and ignores you while you continue to worship him. He only looks at you when he wants to throw the ash off his cigarette on you like a garbage receptacle. He makes you to remove his rancid sneakers and socks to continue this humiliating worship. You must comply, you’re really put in a bad position here.

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2 New Videos – Master Nello is destructive and merciless in his latest real time video. These two pathetic endure hard facesitting, face slaps, and piss drinking. After all that, Master Nello then punshes both slave’s weak balls while outdoors. Another slave visits Master Nello to be reminded that he is a useless slave. The pathetic slave crawls under the table to serve at Master Nello’s feet as the dom enjoys a snack. Later the slave is ordered to place cash between each of his master’s toes.

2 New Videos – Stay helpless under Massi the Prince’s big alpha male feet. This arrogant dom takes advantage of what slaves like you really are: a walking wallet to be emptied whenever doms please. Massi the Prince shows 3 different camera angles of this slave worshipping his feet while it pays for the privilege. Massi the Prince then gets creative as he brings you along for a Teamviewer cash drain. This loser fag sent his master his Teamviewer ID to log in and take money like a human ATM. Massi the Prince orders the slave to stare helpless at his big feet while they’re on Skype.

5 New Videos – Master G gags his slave with his feet while showing him who’s in charge. Slave Matt gags and chokes on his doms huge feet while servicing them. Master G just laughs in the slave’s face as he gags harder. Following the foot worship, Master G tramples and stomps on his weak slave. Pinned under his master’s feet, Slave Matt feels like a human doormat as he’s trampled. Master G continues to laugh at how amusing and pathetic someone can be under his feet. The intense foot gagging continues. Master G sticks as much of his big alpha feet in the slave’s mouth as he can. Slave Matt does his best to swallow every inch of his dom’s powerful feet while licking and servicing them. Slave Matt licks every inch of Master G’s soles.

Master G gets more intense when he starts to choke out his slave in a tight headscissors. Wrapping his arms around Slave Matt’s throat, there is no mercy as Master G tightens his grip. Slave Matt quickly taps out from the pain. To reward his slave for enduring such a beating, Master G sits on his slave’s face. Pinned under his dom’s ass, Slave Matt has no where to go. Master G then sits his full weight on the slave’s stomach when he gets tired of sitting on his face.

3 New Video – This superior alpha shows his dominance by ordering his slave to worship his smelly feet. The obedient foot fag serves at his dom’s sweaty, smelly feet licking and worshipping them. The findom then rubs his big feet all over his slave’s face to rub the scent all over. In another real time session, the pay pig pays an alpha to sit on his face. Pinning down the slave, this dom sits his ass right on the slave’s face and begins to grind it in harder. The slave’s face gets pressed tightly against the dom’s ass and dick throughout. Following that abuse, the slave gets his head squeezed between his master’s thighs. The dom locks his legs tightly around the slave’s neck and begins to squeeze. This weak slave endures as much of the painful punishment as he can before tapping out.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel puts his slave through a hard choke session. Slave Matt suffers between Master Daniel’s legs as the dom locks on a tight headscissors. Squeezing the slave’s throat and head, Master Daniel looks intimidatingly into the camera to remind you that this could be you. There is more intense chokehold domination when Master Daniel visits the slave again. Slave Matt is approached from behind as Master Daniel wraps his arms around the slave’s throat and begins to squeeze. Slave Matt has no where to run to because the hold gets tighter as he squirms.

Slave Matt is sat on by his dom in the next video clip. Master Daniel sits his jock ass on Slave Matt’s face with his full weight. Pinning and crushing Slave Matt into the ground, the slave can only breathe through his dom’s ass. Slave Matt then gets treated like a human punching bag when Master Daniel pummels him in the corner. Master Daniel gets in his muay thai fighting practice on this slave. Slave Matt tries his best to fight back but is no match against Master Daniel.

Featured Model- Master Allen

Master Allen’s slave goes to task on his big alpha male feet. The masked fag sniffs, licks, and sucks MasterAllen’s feet clean while he gets verbally abused by him. Master Allen pulls on the slave’s leash to choke him as he worships his feet and sneakers.

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2 New Videos – AlphaCashMatt orders his obedient foot fag to worship his sneakers. The submissive masked fag licks and services his dom’s sneakers. AlphaCashMatt browses on his lap as this slave worships under the desk. Later, AlphaCashMatt abuses the fag’s dick. Exposing his tiny, pathetic cock, the fag slave gets his dick smashed and squeezed by his superior. AlphaCashMatt laughs at the fag’s pain from having his tiny clit abused.

2 New Videos – FootPigCrusher puts his feet right up to the camera for you to sniff his smelly feet. Showing off his dirty soles and sweaty white socks, this alpha will order you to inhale his superior alpha scent. Worship down at his feet and show your devotion. FootPigCrusher then meets up with a slave to trample his balls. Standing on top of the slave, FootPigCrusher smashes this fag’s dick and balls in front of the camera. The slave cries out in pain from this hardcore CBT session.

4 New Videos – This alpha dom shows his power by choking out his slave. With the slave on the ground, the dom wraps his leg around the slave’s throat and begins to squeeze. This masked slave struggles and begs for mercy from his master. In another session, the dom squeezes his slave’s head between his thighs. With his legs wrapped around the slave, the dom begins to squeeze tighter. The masked fag slave grimaces from the pain but knows he’s serving his purpose.

The masked slave gets even closer to his master when his head is buried in his master’s crotch. Still being squeezed by his dom’s legs, the slave is in a more enjoyable position as he gets to sniff and feel his dom’s bulge. Mantaster doesn’t want to leave this glorious position. As a reward for his obedience, this alpha whips out his cock for the slave to deepthroat him. The slave worships and serves at his master’s big uncut cock swallowing every inch. This alpha orders the slave to sniff and suck his cock to cherish every part oof it.

5 New Video – Master Daniel enjoys sitting on his slave’s face. Smothering Slave Matt with his jock ass, Master Daniel buries the slave’s face deep in his ass. There is no where for Slave Matt to go as he’s pinned on the bed. Slave Matt experiences more of Master Daniel on him as he sits his full bodyweight on him. Master Daniel straddles the slave and tries to make it as painful and as uncomfortable for him as possible. Then Master Daniel proceeds to do some more bodyweight pinning in different positions.

Things get more intense for Slave Matt as Master Daniel then challenges him to a muay thai fight. Master Daniel punches and kicks his slave repeatedly until he’s backed into a corner. Slave Matt has no where to go as his bully beats him down. Master Daniel then shows off his submission holds on this slave. Locking the slave in an armbar and various hold, Master Daniel shows off his raw power on Slave Matt. Slave Matt proceeds to then get choked out and submitted. Master Daniel sits back and relaxes playing a video game while choking out his slave. Slave Matt is completely ignored while Master Daniel finishes up a round of gaming.

2 New Videos – David War orders you to serve at his alpha feet. With the camera on the ground, this dom makes you look up at his huge superior feet while he strokes his cock. David War orders you to lick his sweaty feet while he jerks off. Later, David War gets really raunch when he pisses on himself in the shower. Getting super kinky, David War shows his nastier side as he shoots a warm stream of piss on himself. Right afterwards he gets hard and begins jerking off until he cums.

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2 New Videos – Massi the Prince orders you to open your mouth so he can put his sweaty socks in it. Once you have them in your mouth, your job is to suck all the sweat out of them, deliver clean socks to your master, and starve until he gives you the next pair. This masked slave follows those orders in their latest real time meet up. Just like that slave was dominated, Massi the Prince dominates his tiny slaves who are afraid to be crushed by his giant feet. Massi the Prince puts the camera on the floor so you can see him tower over it as he threatens to smash you into the ground. Grovel and beg for mercy under his huge alpha feet.

1 New Video – Alpha Cash Matt takes his obedient outside for some intense winter boot worship. The masked faggot is shirtless as he shivers from the cold snow while Alpha Cash Matt abuses and degrades him. The weak, freezing fag slave worships his master’s leather boots showing his true devotion.

2 New Videos – Master Nello reminds his slave that he will destroy him. Pinned under a chair, the slave looks up at Master Nello as he blows smoke in the slave’s face. This devoted slave learns how slaves should be treated as Master Nello degrades the slave by turning him into a human ash tray and smacking him around. Master Nello then takes this slave outside from some intense trampling. The slave is joined by another pathetic slave as they both get trampled by their dom. Master Nello orders each fag slave to worship his sneakers while they’re beneath him.

3 New Video – A small argument starts between Elliot and Hunter which escalates into a headscissors battle. The two battle it out to see who is the strongest. Elliot uses all of his strength to squeeze Hunter’s head between his thighs. Days later, Elliot battles it out with Demir as Demir wants revenge from their previous match. There are several punches to the abs and chest between the two. In this fight, Demir and Elliot get super sweaty as they try to not submit to their other’s chokeholds. Back at their house, Jim and Jack also get into a heated jock fight. Powerful Jim squeeze Jack’s head between his huge thighs tighter and tighter. Jack sometimes tries to fight back by showing off his leg strength.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel loves choking out his slave. Slave Matt is grabbed from behind as Master Daniel locks his biceps around the slave’s throat. Slave Matt begs for mercy as Master Daniel shows off his strength. After the choke session, Master Daniel feels like punching his slave. Pinning him against a wall, Master Daniel punches his slave repeatedly like a human punching bag. Slave Matt endures the beat down because he knows it’s what his master wants him to do.

Slave Matt gets his revenge on Master Daniel when he gets to punch him back. Standing in front of Master Daniel, Slave Matt delivers punches to him to be in charge for once. Slave Matt continues the punching domination on Master Daniel once he pins him to the bed. Sitting on top of Master Daniel, Slave Matt straddles this dom and begins punching him back. Master Daniel suffers momentarily under his slave. The roles continue to be reversed as this slave gets his revenge. Getting Master Daniel pinned back up against the wall, Slave Matt gives him some body punches as well as face punches. Master Daniel does his best to block the hits but we can guarantee he will eventually make his slave pay for this.

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2 New Videos – Alpha Cash Matt orders his loser slave to lick his boots. The obedient masked slave gets down on his knees and begins licking his dom’s leather boots to show his devotion. Alpha Cash Matt then stomps and tramples on this slave all done in an open public parking lot. After this slave worships his boots, it’s time for some sneaker worship. The masked slave licks the bottoms of his master’s sneakers clean. Alpha Cash Matt verbally berates and degrades this slave to make him feel like he has a purpose.

2 New Video – Big Alpha is dressed for combat as he holds his slave captive. Slave Ivan is totally under this muscular alpha’s control. Big Alpha compresses Ivan between his pecs and squeezes him in a headscissors making his prisoner suffer. In another show of strength, Big Alpha dominates two boys. Wearing a red thong, Big Alpha squeezes and chokes out these weak boys to show his strength and power. The two boys worship his huge muscles and get destroyed by them.

5 New Videos – Master Nello decides to take his slave outside for some public humiliation. The slave is made to kneel in front of his master in the street while he gets slapped and degraded. Master Nello orders his pay pig to kiss his sneakers and later worship his barefeet. Going back inside, Master Nello orders his pay pig to pay him cash tributes. The faggot slave gets punished and instructed on how to properly serve his master. The reward for good service is a slap across the face. In another real time meet up, Master Nello dominates two slaves. Both slaves learn how to properly serve this alpha as he takes turns sitting on their faces. The slaves are put in their place and reminded of their true place in life under an alpha.

The two slaves get to serve Master Nello some more as he relaxes and spits on his slaves. The two pathetic slaves come crawling for more degradation and humiliation from their superior. Master Nello then flicks his cigarette ashes on them and blows smoke in their faces. After the abuse of these slaves, it’s time for Master Nello to relax with a bite to eat. Master Nello eats his dinner while using his slave as a human footstool. The obedient slave uses his body to prop up his master’s huge alpha feet.

5 New Video – Master P gives Slave Matt a brutal headscissors in their lastest encounter. With his face planted in his master’s crotch, Slave Matt is squeezed between Master Pedro’s strong legs. Master Pedro doesn’t let up and watches as the slave whimpers in pain. Days prior, Master Pedro showed off his leg strength once more. Slave Matt gets squeezed again between this dom’s powerful legs. With no where to go, Slave Matt gets his head squeezed between this alpha’s thighs. Master Pedro is an expert at chokeholds and submissions. Locking Slave Matt in a triangle choke, Master P laughs and relaxes as his slave gasps and begs for mercy. Master Pedro has no sympathy for this slave as he brutally chokes him more.

Slave Matt can’t get enough of Master Pedro’s abuse. Getting behind his slave, Master Pedro locks Slave Matt in a tight sleeperhold. Slave Matt does his best to break free but it’s no use once Master Pedro has the chokehold fully locked on his throat. Meeting up with another Master P, Slave Matt shows his devotion to alphas. Master P gets some deepthroat oral from his slave. As a reward for his service, he cums all over the slave’s face at the end.

2 New Videos – Master Niko bullies his real time cash slave with some belting and wedgies. The slave gets a massive wedgie from this bully as he’s punished and beaten with a belt. Another masked fag slave serves as Master Niko’s human ashtray. This pathetic slave opens his mouth as Master Niko flicks his cigarette ashes inside. The sub gladly munches and chews on his dom’s ashes.

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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod delivers another atomic wedgie to this pathetic slave. However, this dom invites over all of his dom bros to have a go at giving this slave a wedgie too. The slave’s underwear get shredded from all the doms ripping at them which concludes with everyone spitting on the slave. After the humiliation, MasterUltimateGod and his dom buddy wrestle the slave to the ground. This fag slave is put through a gauntlet of submission holds as he’s repeatedly choked and tossed around. The slave writhes and gasps as the doms overpower him with ease. Following the beat down, the two doms take turns trampling and sitting on the slave. The weak faggot feels the full weight of these doms right on top of him as they take turn stomping on his balls, chest, and face. MasterUltimateGod reminds the slave that this is the fate all slaves deserve.

3 New Video – Master Nello has fun taking this slave outside for some outdoors abuse. Master Nello slaps around the slave and orders it to clean his dirty boots. The slave then gets on his knees as Master Nello repeatedly kicks him in the balls. In another real time session, Master Nello uses two slaves at one time. The two slaves worship their superior king by giving him their cash and worshipping his sneakers. Master Nello sits back and flips off the camera to show the power he has over weak slaves. Continuing on with the abuse, Master Nello sits on the slave’s faces. Each slave lays on it’s back on the bed as Master Nello sits his ass down on each of their faces. Master Nello then blows smoke in their faces and totally dehumanizes each slave.

3 New Videos – Brandon and Jack fight it out to see who is the better grappler. Both of these jock studs show off their wrestling abilities against the other as they fight for dominance. With both of their egos on the line, neither one is willing to tap out. After that match up, Jack then takes on Demir in another headscissors match. These jocks get down on the mat and put each other through a series of headscissors and bodyscissors submissions. The muscular bodies of these two studs show off as they flex and struggle to break free from each other’s submission holds. Not to be left out, Elliot Scissors has his go in a match up against Brandon in this long awaited jock battle. The two studs square off as Elliot gets locked in a tight bodyscissors from Brandon. Brandon locks it on tight and really makes Elliot struggle to break free.

4 New Video – Master Daniel loves sitting on his slave’s face. Slave Matt lays on the bed as Master Daniel sits his jock ass right on top of him. With no where to go, Slave Matt enjoys being pinned and crushed under such a superior ass. THe jock facesitting continues as Master Daniel makes sure to firmly press the slave’s face deep in his ass. Slave Matt has his nose pressed tight up against Master Daniel’s ass as he smothers him with no way to escape.

Slave Matt quickly realizes that his rightful place is under his master’s ass. Master Daniel continues the facesitting in their following real time meet up. Slave Matt struggles for air as he’s pinned under his master’s superior jock ass. Master Daniel nearly suffocates this weak slave with his huge jock ass. After all of that ass worship, Master Daniel and Slave Matt put on jiu jitsu fighting robes as they battle each other. Each battle for supremacy in this wrestling match but Matt cannot overpower a strong dom like Master Daniel.

2 New Videos – XianQuatro has been sweating all day and it’s time he showered up his muscles. Stripping down in the shower, XianQuatro washes his muscles for the camera and puts on a show. See how this stud cools down after a hot day. Following getting clean, Xian gets dirty again when he oils up and jerks off. Oiling up his muscles and flexing, Xian starts to oil up his cock too and begins stroking it. This hunk strokes his big cock until he blasts a huge load of cum.