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1 New Video – Submit to King Luca and become an obedient popper pig. King Luca gives you all the commands in German and order you on how to become the ultimate cash faggot. Even if you don’t know German, sniff your poppers and drool over his alpha superiority.

1 New Video – Submit to King Luca and become an obedient popper pig. King Luca gives you all the commands in German and order you on how to become the ultimate cash faggot. Even if you don’t know German, sniff your poppers and drool over his alpha superiority.

5 New Videos – Master J pays his slave a visit to choke him out. Slave Matt lays between Master J’s legs as this dom wraps his legs tightly around the slave’s neck. Slave Matt gets choked out and dominated as usual by his master. Later, Master J gets slave Matt to worship his feet. Slave Matt services his dom’s barefeet as they’re rubbed all over his face. This slave shows his devotion by demonstrating his obsession with his master’s feet. After being an obedient foot fag, Master J walks all over his slave for a trampling session. Treating Slave Matt like a human doormat, Master J uses his body weight to step on Slave Matt’s body and face.

Master J gets more physical as he chokes and slaps his slave. Pinning Slave Matt to the ground, Master J slaps him repeatedly across the face and stomps on his body. Slave Matt doesn’t resist the beatdown as he realizes it’s his job to serve as a punching bag for his master’s amusement. Following that real time, Slave Matt has another realtime with Master CH. This dom sits on his slave’s face while playing video games. Slave Matt lays there lifelessly as his dom plants his ass on the slave’s face. This slave is in pure ecstasy while being pinned under his master’s ass and is ignored.

2 New Videos – AdonisDomTop has a slave real time session recently where two slaves service him. While sitting back and relaxing, these two obedient slaves worship their master’s feet and act as living servants. AdonisDomTop sits back and plays on his phone while smoking as these slaves serve him. Earlier, the slaves are shown from a different angle down at their master’s feet. The masked slave’s serve at AdonisDomTop’s socked feet and massage them. This is the life of an alpha male and how he should be served by inferiors.

3 New Videos – Bow down and worship a real man. King Michael wears his leather jacket and leather pants as he makes you drool over his superior body. After flexing for the camera, King Michael pulls out his huge alpha dick and begins stroking. The next clip shows King Michael again but this time in jeans as he shows of his alpha perfection. Stare at this alpha’s perfect body and bow down to him. King Michael is sweaty and verbally abusive in this clip as he shows off his huge alpha dick again. In his third latest clip, King Michael abuses a slave in a hotel room. The slave tries to be bratty by slapping his master just to see what the punishment would be. King Michael quickly teaches that slave to never make that mistake again as he is abused and used. King Michael beats down this slave and treats it how an inferior slave should be treated.

Featured Model- Master Dnero

Some time ago, Draven became an official slave of Str8CrushFeet which means he must dedicate his life to MasterDnero and his gang of masters. At a moments notice, slave Draven must serve these alphas whenever they want whether that includes exposing himself for laughs, getting spit on, or licking feet. Right now is one of those times for slave Draven to worship those who are his superiors. Master Dnero and Master Roy use slave Draven as their personal foot fag in this 32 minute clip. The pathetic foot fag gets humiliated by his masters and learns the natural order of things. The natural order is that faggots exist to do anything their masters demand and that means anything. These straight alpha males have absolute power as they force this foot fag to do as they demand.

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2 New Videos – What starts out for the first few minutes as a muscle worship session quickly turns ugly. The Punisher gets annoyed with his admirer and proceeds to lift and carry him in some tight headlocks. The Punisher totally dominates this slave with his biceps which are bigger than the poor guy’s head. In another video, Big Alpha is back to punish a scrawny guy. Big Alpha carries around this guy like he’s a twig and locks him into submission after submission. Big Alpha lifts the boy doing bicep curls and then locks him into the tightest headlock you’ve ever seen.

2 New Videos – Get down on your knees and prepare to be verbally abused by King Luca. Inferior small dicked fags like you only have one purpose and that is to serve superior men like King Luca. Obey and worship this dom’s alpha male feet as you watch this 8 minute video clip. Later you can worship King Luca’s feet and stinky soles. Wearing some worn white athletic socks, King Luca verbally puts you in your place as an inferior slave. He will order you to drink his spit and swallow the dirt from his socks and feet.

3 New Videos – In ElliotScissors latest clip, his slave gets dominated by another dom. The inferior slave endures some intense chokeholds while Mark and ElliotScissors taunt him and slap him around. The slave gets the treatment he truly deserves from these two alphas. After the slave is done being used and leaves, these two jocks battle it out with each other. With some friendly chokehold competition, ElliotScissors and his buddy Mark test out a variety of chokeholds on each other. These two alphas perfect their craft to punish slaves even harder for next time. In another practice bout, Elliot practices some figure 4 chokes with his buddy Alex. These two powerful studs lock in some serious and intense chokeholds on each other. See which of the two is more powerful in this submission practice session.

5 New Videos – Master J wants his feet worshipped by his slave. Slave Matt is happy to oblige and begins servicing his master’s feet. This slave sucks his master’s toes and gags on the soles of his feet. Later, Master J wants to punish his slave with some chokeholds. Slave Matt assumes the position as Master J wraps his thighs around the slave’s head. Master J squeezes and locks in the choke on this weak slave.

Master J decides to increase the punishment with some jiu jitsu fighting on this slave. Getting the slave down on it’s stomach, Master J walks all over this slave like he’s a human doormat before locking in the chokeholds. Slave Matt is no match agains the intense chokeholds from Master J. This weak slave endures all of the abuse from Master J as he doesn’t even want to fight back. Slave Matt just enjoys the punishment being given to him by his master. In the third part of their encounter together, Slave Matt gags on Master J’s feet. After being worn out from grappling against his master, Slave Matt gets to gag on his superior’s feet. Master J rams his foot deep in Slave Matt’s mouth so he can gag on it and taste all of the foot flavor from his master.

2 New Videos – AdonisDomTop invites over his masked slave for some real time abuse. The masked slave lights his master’s cigarette and takes his place at his master’s feet. This is the ultimate privelege for any slave to be at his master’s feet in person. The humiliation of the slave continues as AdonisDomTop uses his slave as a foot rest. The slave bows its head and gets on all fours for AdonisDomTop to rest his feet across the slave’s back. AdonisDomTop even gets his shoes licked by this inferior slave during their real time meet.

Featured Model- King Luca

King Luca gets his masked fag slave to serve his superior ass. Pinning the slave on the bed, King Luca sits on the slave’s face and teases him with his ass. When King Luca sits on the slave’s face, he makes sure to punch the slave’s body a few times.

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2 New Videos – The Punisher wearing Calvin Klein briefs sits on his slave’s face with his crotch almost resting on the slave’s nose. This muscle dom then proceeds to get the slave in a reverse headscissors with the slave’s nose to his ass. Lots of close up shots of this alpha’s huge muscles and sitting on the weak slave’s face. In another clip, The Punisher sports a white wrestling singlet and punishes the boy with several submission holds. This alpha’s monster muscles are strong and totally dominate this weakling. Watch the weak boy struggle and beg for mercy.

3 New Videos – ElliotScissors and his buddy Mark practice some wrestling holds on each other. These two athletic studs practice their squeeze holds for their next real time. Despite their friendship, headscissor holds make them feel totally in control and powerful. Later these two guys head outside for some headscissors before football. To warm up their legs, Elliot and Mark perfect their abuse skills by locking each other in various submissions. If any slaves ever walk by, they better watch out that they don’t become the next victim. The football field wrestling continues. Elliot and Mark get down on the cold grass on this Autumn day to practice various chokeholds. You can tell their in their element and having fun once locking in chokeholds.

4 New Videos – This slave gets abused and trampled in another stomp session. On the ground, looking up at his master, the slave gets walked all over as this superior alpha wears some Doc Martens to do the stomping damage. The slave is shown no respect as he’s stomped and trampled. The abuse continues in the next session with even more trampling and stomping. The masked slave is kicked around and treated like a human doormat. This alpha puts his full bodyweight down on the slave with several of these brutal stomps.

Later Master Marvin pays the slave a visting for an intense trample session. Master Marvin has a large bulky muscular build and his stomps really hurt this slave as it’s backed by his full bodyweight. The slave struggles and gasps for air after each brutal stomp. Master Marvin continues his trample abuse as he treats the slave as a human doormat under his shoes. The slave endures all of the full bodyweight stomps, jumps, and trampling from Master Marvin. Watch the slave get these brutal stomps disrespectfully right to his stomach and chest.

3 New Videos – Master J returns to trample his slave in another real time meet. Slave Matt lays on his back on the bed while Master J stands over him and makes him worship his feet. After servicing his feet, the slave gets trampled and stepped on by his superior master. Afterwards, Master J rewards the slave by allowing Slave Matt to gag on his barefeet. Slave Matt loves servicing superior alpha feet. Watch as he gags and chokes on his master’s feet as they get rammed in his mouth harder. However, Slave Matt hasn’t had enough and days later meets up with Master Ch for another round of choke abuse. Slave Matt is totally dominated and choked out by his master. This slave struggles to escape but there is no chance of that.

1 New Video – Master Daniel returns to sit on his slave’s face. While playing some video games, Master Daniel puts his ass right on the slave’s face. Slave Matt struggles for air but he’s enjoying being pinned under Master Daniel’s ass more.

Featured Model- MasterBraz

MasterBraz and his friends Master Catana and Master Tzep teach you how to become a popper machine while you worship their white socks. These 3 alpha sit back and relax while having a smoke as they humiliate a popper fag like you. Sit at their massive alpha feet and serve them like an obedient foot fag. Imagine sitting there in front of these alpha masters and inhaling their cigarette smoke as you serve at their feet as their house bitch. Download this clip to serve these alphas.

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2 New Videos – Follow all of Master Gary’s orders as you popper your brain. This verbal alpha puts his feet right into the camera so it’s like you’re actually sniffing them as he orders 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. If you have a gas mask, that’ll help adhere to Master Gary’s orders more. Later, you can worship his muscles and sniff his feet as he gives you more verbal abuse. Submit and serve to this alphas commands as he orders more popper intox. At the end, if you’re lucky, he’ll allow you to cum on his command.

2 New Videos – What starts out as a muscle worship session quickly turns into a muscle and wrestling domination session. The Punisher hurts and punishes this boy with tight bearhugs, headlocks, and more. This is muscle domination at it’s best from this powerful muscle master. Later Big Alpha squeezes a poor boy into submission. The power of Big Alpha’s forearms and biceps makes it impossible for this weak boy to escape. You can see the intensity of his squeezing the life out of this submissive boy.

3 New Videos – After dominating this slave over several sessions, Mark showcases the final part of this slave’s taped domination. The obedient slave is completely taped up like a mummy for his bully master to dominate and abuse. Mark makes the slave smell his feet, socks, and sneakers. The degradation gets very intense for this helpless slave throughout this 10 minute clip. In another session with this slave, bully Mark wakes the slave up for some abuse. The slave thought he’d get some peaceful rest but that is quickly disturbed as Mark pounces on top of the slave to wake him up for abuse. The slave is beaten and degraded first thing in the morning. Switching gears, ElliotScissors and Mark decide to wrestle each other when their slave is away. These two doms test out their strength on one another as practice for when they use slaves. Locking each other in a variety of holds and varying intensity is fun to witness.

5 New Videos – Master Shivy tramples his slave while wearing some Nike sneakers. The slave lays flat on his back as this powerful jock stomps on his weak slave. This trampled slave endures the full bodyweight of his master crashing down onto him. The abuse doesn’t stop there as Master Shivy comes back with another pair of sneakers for more trample abuse. Trampling hard on this slave, Master Shivy shows the slave no respect. This time around the slave is shirtless so that he can feel the full brunt of Master Shivy’s sneakers stomping down onto him. In a third encounter, Master Shivy treats this trample slave like a human doormat. The masked slave lays prone on the floor with no where to go as Master Shivy squashes him with repeated stomps. The slave agonizes in pain from the bodyweight of Master Shivy stomping down on his slave.

In another encounter with an alpha dom, this masked slave gets kicked and stomped. Laying still with no where to run to, this masked slave is shown no mercy from these intense stomps and kicks. The slave’s body acts as a human trampoline as the dom bounces up and down on the slave showing a total disregard for his humanity – if any remains. In another real time, the slave endures hard trampling from his master. This dom stomps, kicks, and tramples all over the pathetic masked slave. The masked slave nearly gets the wind stomped out of him with some of the increasingly intense stomps.

2 New Videos – MasterB1tter loves punishing his slaves. His masked slave gets on his knees for some intense CBT. MasterB1tter kicks the slave in his balls to assert dominance and then beats the slave with a belt. In part 2 of this ball beating session, MasterB1tter continues the abuse of this masked slave. With more ball kicking the slave agonizes in pain. MasterB1tter then makes the slave act as a piece of human furniture as he sits on it to show it is merely property to him.

Featured Model- ElliotScissors

Alex brings over his pathetic slave for some intense headscissors abuse. This weak slave stands no match against Alex’s powerful legs. Alex quickly turns the slave into a victim begging for mercy trapped between his strong legs. See how much abuse this slave can endure in this 12 minute clip.

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3 New Videos – Straight alpha Master Gary gets you intoxicated on poppers as you stare at his barefoot. Placing his huge alpha male feet to the camera, Master Gary instructs you on how to worship his soles and sniff your poppers. Go mindless and obey this alpha’s commands. Afterward, Master Gary gives you some humiliating instructions on how he wants you to transform into a piggy. Dehumanize yourself for your master and become a pay pig. Once you accept what you are, you’ll better serve Master Gary. Then as a reward for being a devoted slave, you can worship his ass. Master Gary wears a pair of short gym shorts and instructs you on how he wants you to worship his superior ass. Prepare to be teased throughout this entire video while being verbally degraded.

2 New Videos – There have been many requests for a meet up between Big Alpha and The Punisher in a muscle battle. You’ve got what you wished for, a test of strength between these two muscle doms. This two jacked alphas exchange wrestling holds to see who will be the strongest. Later, Big Alpha uses his strength to to dominate 2 slaves. Big Alpha first starts by squeezing a watermelon until it explodes before then using his strength on the first slave. Eventually he takes on a second slave where he squeezes him in a reverse bear hug until submission.

3 New Videos – ElliotScissor’s friend Mark loves dominating and in this domination session it’s no different as he mummifies his slave in tape. The taped up slave has no where to go as he’s beaten and used. When the slave makes too much noise, Mark stuffs a sock in his mouth. Prior to that abuse session, Mark humiliates his slave by making him sniff smelly sneakers. The mummified slave has no where to run to as Mark chokes him and smacks him around. Deep inside the slave doesn’t want to go anywhere but to be at his master’s feet. Earlier, this same slave was subjected to wrestling and foot domination. The slave gets dominated with various headscissors, bodyscissors, and chokeholds. Afterwards, he has to smell his master’s socks and feet after a gym session. The slave’s suffering brings his dom pleasure.

4 New Videos – Master Axel loves domination and loves trampling his slave. Putting the masked, shirtless slave on the floor, Master Axel stomps and walks all over this submissive slave. Master Axel stomps on the slaves bare chest with the soles of his sneakers with no regard for the slave’s wishes. Later, the slave is stomped by Master Axel some more. Master Axel wears workbooks and stomps on this slave’s bare chest like it’s a welcome mat. The slave gasps for air as this dom puts his full force down with each stomp.

In another stomping session, Master Shivy walks all over this slave. Wearing sneakers, Master Shivy uses his entire bodyweight to press down on the slave as he walks on him. The slave’s barechest and stomach get redder throughout this rough stomping abuse session. Later, the slave gets stomped some more by soccer cleats. Master Shivy uses soccer cleats to inflict maximum punishment on his slave. Kicking, stomping, and marching on the slave’s body just makes the slave cry out for mercy. This dom shows no mercy and no respect for his slave as he treats it like a door mat.

1 New Video – Get those poppers ready for some intense poppers training. King Michael flexes shirtless and orders you to sniff poppers like an obedient popper pig. Open them up and go mindless for your master has he flexes and blows cigarette smoke in your face.

Featured Model- MasterBigCountry

MasterBigCountry takes more control of this fag slave and makes him breathe in his alpha scent. MasterBigCountry puts a gas mask on this slave and makes the slave inhale his master’s smells of ball sweat, shoes, and socks. FagButler’s bulge shows just how much he loves the smell of his master as it continues to grow throughout this humiliation.