Featured Model- MasterBraz95

MasterBraz wakes up to enjoy a cigarette and a coffee and to choke his slave with his arms and feet. The whole time, MasterBraz either encourages the sub to become more depraved or casually makes fun of this slave. The masked slave suffers from MasterBraz’s physical and verbal abuse.

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4 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod and his buddies see who can give this idiot the hardest wedgie. In the bathroom, the doms line up and begin ripping at this fag’s underwear to be brutal bullies. The doms laugh as this slave’s ass crack bleeds from the brutality. Going into the living room, the doms ride this slave like a donkey. Making the fag mule crawl around on the floor, the doms laugh and mock him for being so inferior and weak. The weak fag slave does his best to keep up on all fours while crawling with a real man riding on top of him.

The fag slave is then tasked with being a maid for his masters. In a full maid outfit, the fag slave cleans up MasterUltimateGod’s place. Showing obedience, the fag fulfills his purpose and is useful for once. Days later, the doms take the faggot outside for an MMA beatdown. These alphas laugh and mock the slave as they use him as a human punching bag. Taking repeated blows to the body, the slave can’t protect or shield himself as he’s hit from all sides.

3 New Video – Nicky gets worked over in many submission holds by Big Alpha all while his balls get squeezed. Rolling around on the gym mats, Nicky can’t escape the strength and power of Big Alpha. This muscle master makes full use of his weak opponent by abusing his nuts more with every submission. The gym punishment doubles when Big Alpha dominates two beta slaves at the same time. These two weak boys wear speedos while Big Alpha shows them who’s in charge. Locking them in simultaneous submissions, Big Alpha shows why he is so superior. Back to the one-on-one abuse, Big Alpha shows this next beta boy his raw strength. Using his treetrunk legs, Big Alpha wraps them around this slave’s head and begins to squeeze. The slave’s head is completely smashed between these massive set of thighs.

4 New Videos – Jordan Fox show this slave who’s boss in this brutal worship and fuck session. Starting off by making the slave worship his pits, Jordan Fox makes the slave crave more of him. The slave then gets to worship his socked feet before getting brutally fucked. The masked slave then gets to worship his master’s feet. Down on his knees and working his tiny dick, this slave licks, sucks, and serves at Jordan Fox’s feet. Jordan Fox then stomps, kicks, and viciously walks all over this slave’s naked body.

Jordan Fox is then in the mood to punch a fag. Meeting up with this real-time fag, Jordan Fox doesn’t hold back and delivers a savage physical beatdown on the slave. The harder he beats this slave, the harder his dick gets. Then while in a public elevator, Jordan Fox shows how he is supposed to be worshipped at all times. This alpha instructs his sub to suck his dick in a elevator. At any moment, someone could enter the elevator but Jordan Fox doesn’t care.

5 New Video – Master G uses his slave as a human punching bag. Pinning the slave down on the bed, Master G delivers rough punches to the slave’s body and face. The slave’s arms are pinned at his side preventing him from blocking any of the hits. Master G then does some leg work on this sub and chokes him with his legs. With his face planted in his master’s crotch, the slave gets his head and neck squeezed hard. Master G demonstrates to this slave why he’s so superior compared to a weak slave. The choke abuse continues when Master G takes the slave down to the ground. Pinned between his dom’s legs, Slave Matt gasps for air and mercy. Master G just laughs at his begging and doesn’t let up.

Master G loves choking this slave. Getting behind Slave Matt, Master G wraps his arm around the slave’s throat and begins choking him. Slave Matt has no where to go as he’s choked while Master G flexes for the camera. Master G then wants to test his jiu jitsu skills on this slave. Taking Slave Matt down to the ground, Master G locks in a series of tight submission holds on this slave. Slave Matt doesn’t know what hit him by the end of this chokeout match.

5 New Videos – This master just got done taking a shower and is wearing a towel as he chokes his slave. With the masked sub on the ground, the master wraps his legs around the slave’s neck to choke him. Totally ignoring the slave, this dom plays on his phone as the slave struggles. The choke abuse continues in part 2 as this dom sits back in his towel choking the slave between his legs. The masked slave doesn’t even get to face his master to see him as he’s choked from behing. However, in this part, the master lets the slave smell his cock as he’s pressed up against it. Still continuing to be choked, the slave now gets to stare mindless at his dom’s cock while he’s choked and abused.

In another session, the master and the slave wrestle on the bed. The dynamic is interesting as the master gives the slave a chance to take control. Who will actually take control in the end? As a reward for obeying his master, this dom lets the slave suck his cock. The slave worships every inch of that superior uncut cock as it’s his only goal to please his master.

Featured Model- Vicious54

Vicious54 has a special treat for this slave as he farts into a gas mask. Wearing his gas mask tight, the slave inhales the farts through a hose connected to the mask. Vicious54 puts the other end of the hose by his asshole and lets the fart rip for this slave to breathe in during their session.

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2 New Videos – Massi the Prince is going to ruin you and your family under his feet for his mere amusement. The money you need for your family will be used to pay for this dom’s next vacation instead no matter how badly you need it. You’ll keep sending until you and your family go broke and become homeless. After you’re done spending you can worship his feet some more. With his dirty white socks in your face, Massi the Prince will makr you with his foot stink and spit in your mouth. You are his property to be used and discarded.

4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his buddy smoke some cigars while dominating you. You’ll become their human ashtray while these two alphas talk about how superior they are to faggots like you. To add to the scene, they even have their own faggot slave to use as an ashtray as they talk smack to you and him. These doms then take their fag slave outdoors to hunt the slave. This pathetic fag slave goes outside to be hunted with a paintball gun. With his pants off and wrapped in tape, he doesn’t get far before getting abused.

The degradation for this slave continues when MasterUltimateGod and his buddy chew up some food and spit it out for the fag to eat their chewed up food. This slave is fed almost like a baby bird as it’s degraded. This is how all faggots should enjoy their dinner. Following that ordeal, the doms make the fag sniff their farts. The dumb fag slave gets down on his knees as the doms just fart repeatedly in his face making him inhale their stinky, gassy farts.

5 New Videos – Master EZE visits Slave Matt to gag him with his feet. The obedient foot slave gags on his master’s feet as he stuffs it down his mouth further. Master EZE totally ignores the slave as he plays video games getting his feet sucked. Master EZE then tramples his slave by standing on top of him. Slave Matt is pinned under this dom’s feet as he’s walked all over. Master EZE treats his slave like a human doormat.

Slave Matt is then locked in a triangle choke by Master EZE. This dom wraps his legs tightly around the slave’s throat and begins to squeeze. Slave Matt gasps for air and begs for mercy as he’s dominated. Following that encounter, Master EZE then uses the slave as a human punching bag. Master EZE just begins pounding on his slave and punching him all over. Slave Matt doesn’t fight back since he knows it’s useless. Master EZE returns for round 2 of this slave beatdown. Getting on top of Slave Matt, Master EZE just slugs him with punches and gives him slaps across his face. Slave Matt probably remembers all the times he’s been bullied in life as he’s getting beat up by Master EZE.

3 New Video – This alpha visits his slave to choke him with his cock. The cock hungry slave devours every inch of his master’s cock even if he gags on it. The dom sits back and plays on his phone as this slave struggles to swallow every inch. Later the dom decides to squeeze the slave between his legs. The masked slave is stuck between his dom’s legs in a tight headscissors as he’s choked out. The slave tries to break free but it’s no luck when this dom has his legs locked. Afterwards, the dom sits on the slave’s face to assert dominance. The masked slave is made to smell his master’s ass and cock as he sits on top of him. Pinned under his dom’s ass, the slave truly doesn’t want to go anywhere else.

3 New Videos – Master Daniel puts Slave Matt in a tight headscissors chokehold during their latest real time. With his muscular jock legs around the slave’s head, Master Daniel squeezes the slave’s head like it’s a watermelon while choking him. Slave Matt’s face is buried in this dom’s crotch the entire time. After the choke session, Master Daniel sits on top of his slave for some alpha facesitting. The slave is pinned under his dom’s ass while he looks up at him. Master Daniel uses his slave like a piece of human furniture. Afterwards, the roles are reversed as Master Daniel allows his slave to give him some gutpunching abuse. With his back against the wall, Master Daniel gets his abs punched to see how much he can endure. Afterwards, it’s clear the slave doing the punching will be brutalized in their next session.

Featured Model- MasterBigCountry

FagButler wanted to worship MasterBigCountry in the hot tub for full body worship but instead this dom gives his fag some physical abuse instead. MasterBigCountry follows the motto that there is no pleasure without pain and makes sure FagButler realizes that as he abuses him in this pool and let’s the slave know who’s in charge. FagButler gets smacked around, pulled around on a leash, and gets his head dunked under the water to his master’s amusement.

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4 New Videos – Jordan Fox has some hard punishment for his fag. This fag slave gets beaten down for being a subhuman faggot. Jordan Fox gets him in the corner and just begins pummeling him with punches. In his next encounter with a faggot slave, he gives him some choke fucking. Pounding this fag’s pussy, Jordan Fox gets him from behind and begins choking him and covering his mouth to muffle his cries. This fag quickly learns how it feels to be fucked by a real man.

Another fag slave suffers from a fag slave beatdown when he’s trained by Jordan Fox. Down on the ground at Jordan Fox’s feet, this fag slave offers up his cash to his master. The lowly faggot is smacked around and kicked by Jordan Fox afterwards. With the next encounter, things get more painful as Jordan Fox pierces some nipples with needles. This fag slave completely gives himself to Jordan Fox as this dom gets a series of needles and pierces them through the fag’s nipples. The amount of pain for this slave must be excruciating as more needles go into his tits.

4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his dom buddy are smashing pumpkins on this fag’s head. Outside for a real time session, these two doms put a pumpkin on their faggot’s head before busting his balls. The fag slave gets kicked in the balls just to make sure any potential offspring he has are as fucked up as him. Still outside and with a pumpkin on his head, this fag slave is pelted with paintballs. MasterUltimateGod uses his fag slave for target practice as he shoots him repeatedly with a paintball gun. The fag is completely stripped down so the shots hurt even more.

Back inside, the doms make this fag dress up as what he really is: a cash pig. The cash piggy gets down on the ground to worship the feet of these alphas. While down there, the doms bully and mock this slave as they take his cash. This slave is more than just a pig, he’s also a dog too and needs to be trained for obedience. MasterUltimateGod says this is one of his funniest abuse and humiliation sessions. The puppy fag crawls around on a leash and is subjected to nonstop humiliation and punishment while caged up in a dog cage.

2 New Videos – Brandon and Elliot take turns squeezing their buddy, Hunter. Elliot’s powerful legs squeeze his body while Brandon’s iron tight leg grip squeezes his neck. Hunter has no choice but to submit. Hunter then teams up with Elliot to squeeze their friend, Jack, for some team bullying. Their powerful legs restrain and twist Jack around like a human pretzel. Jack accepts there is no use resisting because he understands that it’s useless.

3 New Video – As a cash pig, it is your responsibility to pay for an alpha’s lifestyle. An alpha should live the life of leisure and never have to worry about paying for anything. That is why you should starve and sacrifice for a dom like Massi the Prince while he vacations on holiday. This masked obedient fag knows his purpose as he worships his master’s feet. The foot fag licks between his master’s toes and on his soles. Massi the Prince just totally ignores him while playing on his phone, only if the slave does a good job on his feet he might become aware of its existence. If you need more of Prince Massi’s feet then you can stare at his soles. Get ignored like the last slave while you gaze at this dom’s big alpha feet. Massi the Prince does some online shopping on his phone while you get lost staring at his feet.

5 New Videos – Master H loves abusing Slave Matt and in this encounter he chokes and punches his slave. Slave Matt is beaten up and choke multiple times by this experience dom. Master H even smothers Slave Matt with his feet while pulling him further into them to really sniff his feet. Master H then gets up on top of Slave Matt to deliver some face punches. Slave Matt is pinned underneath his master as he gets punched like a human punching bag. Slave Matt is completely owned and abused by this young dom. Following that abuse, Master H has more domination for his slave. Slave Matt is choked out with a variety of headlocks from Master H. This slave struggles for freedom and mercy, but Master H just locks the holds on even tighter.

Master H dominates his slave some more with a triangle chokehold. Being an experience jiu jitsu fighter, Master H knows every possible submission to lock on this slave. Slave Matt has no way to break free once these iron tight submissions are locked on him. Master H then gets Slave Matt on the ground to wrap his leg around his throat. Tightening the hold, Master J locks his leg behind the other one to inflict maximum punishment on Slave Matt’s throat. Slave Matt gasps and pleads for mercy as Master H just laughs at him.

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2 New Videos – Cashmaster Matt takes his pain pig out in public. The masked pig fag is then degraded and used hardcore out in this secluded public field. Cashmaster Matt stomps on the slave’s body and balls while laughing at it’s pain. Going back indoors, Cashmaster Matt has an even more sinister punishment for this slave. This sadistic dom covers his slave in roaches to make it feel like dirt. The slave gets trampled again as well while this dom turns his slave into nothing more than a bug like the rest of them.

4 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his dom buddy took their faggot and gave him a bully beatdown. Both of these doms put him through the ringer with a variety of MMA and grappling moves. The weak slave experiences pain and humiliation as the doms laugh in his face while choking him. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod instructs the slave to worship their alpha feet. Getting down at the doms feet, this slave worships and serves their superior feet. The doms then stomp all over his pathetic faggot nuts.

The humiliation doesn’t stop for this slave as he’s then subjected to atomic wedgies and spanking. Making the fag crawl to the bathroom, MasterUltimateGod and his buddy yank the slave’s underwear up to give him a painful wedgie while he leans over the toilet. With his ass exposed now, the doms spank the slave’s ass until it’s red. Days later the fag gets some outdoor humiliation. MasterUltimateGod and his buddy take the fag to a nearby park to trample and spit on him. They cover the slave with sticks and walk all over him like he’s nothing.

5 New Videos – Master J uses his slave as a chair in their latest real time meet. Ignoring the slave while playing video games, Master J uses Slave Matt’s face as a chair. Slave Matt is totally smothered under his dom’s ass. In another real time meet, Master J uses his slave a human doormat. Stomping and walking all over Slave Matt, this dom shows the slave no respect. Master J stomps on the slave’s head and body to assert that the slave is truly beneath him. Following that encounter, it’s time to physically abuse the slave. Master J kicks and punches the slave all over. Slave Matt becomes nothing more than a punching bag as Master J pummels him in the corner.

For being so obedient, Master J allows his slave to worship his feet. Stuffing his feet in the slave’s mouth, Master J gags Slave Matt as he thrusts his foot deeper in his mouth. Slave Matt enjoys sucking and gagging on such a powerful dom’s feet. Master J then gets bored and decides to choke his slave more. Wrapping his leg around the slave’s throat, Master J locks in a tight submission hold and makes his slave gasp and beg for mercy. This dom doesn’t have any sympathy for this slave and ignores his cries.

1 New Video – While Jam Master chills playing video games, this slave suffers under his dom’s feet. The slave’s nipples are pegged during all of this which inspires Jam Master to play with the pegs with his feet. At other times, Jam Master makes the slave like his Godly feet when they aren’t making him squirm.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel locks his slave between his legs for some intense choking. Slave Matt’s head is squeezed between his jock dom’s powerful legs. Master Daniel looks at his slave with disdain as the slave gasps and chokes. Master Daniel then gets behind his slave to put him in a tight headlock. Slave Matt turns every color in the rainbow as Master Daniel tights and untightens his grip. There is no remorse for the slave during this brutal session. Giving his slave a break from the physical violence, Master Daniel takes a break to sit on the slave’s face. Facesitting on Slave Matt, this dom treats him like a piece of human furniture. Slave Matt is pinned under his dom’s jock ass with no where to go.

For fans of farting, Master Daniel put together a fart compiliation video. Feeling extra gassy, Master Daniel repeatedly lets out farts for the camera. Imagine being lucky enough to be there in person and sniff this dom’s gassy farts. Switching gears, Master Daniel experiences what it’s like to be on the receiving end of abuse as he gets gut punched. Pinned up against the wall, Master Daniel gets gut punched over and over again. Master Daniel fails at trying to block the punches at the end as they just keep coming.

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4 New Videos – Jordan Fox trains a boy to be an obedient faggot. The weak boy looks so scared and afraid which just turns Jordan Fox on even more. Jordan chokes out the boy with a submission hold and then by gagging him with dick. In another real time encounter, Jordan Fox uses an anon slut. The masked fag hides his identity as he worships his master’s feet. Jordan Fox makes sure to gag the fag with his foot and smack him around.

This next slave endures some hard beatings from Jordan Fox. To show his superiority, Jordan Fox beats the hell out of this fag’s balls and cock. The slave will be in pain for weeks from this. Another brutal beatdown is in store for the next slave. While straddling the slave, Jordan Fox pummels and beats on him to show his dominance. The pathetic slave endures the beating and cowers like a subserviant fag should in this situation.

2 New Video – MasterUltimateGod and his buddies take their fag slave out in the woods for a public beatdown. With their boxing gloves on, the doms pummel and punch this fag slave repeatedly. The little bitch boy was extremely terrified. Later that day, MasterUltimateGod and his buddies grapple with the slave until he submits. The doms throw this slave in armbars, headlocks, and various submissions. Being an inexperienced fag when it comes to fighting, he doesn’t stand a chance against these skilled doms.

3 New Videos – Big Alpha and King Romeo have the ultimate muscle worship session. Big Alpha is as pumped as ever as he catches King Romeo peeking in at him while he admires himself. Big Alpha then makes King Romeo worship his huge muscles and more. After that encounter, Big Alpha interacts with another muscle God, The Punisher, as they engage in a sweaty grappling session. The muscle jocks wrestle each other in jockstraps all over the room to see who is the stronger of the two. Which one of these muscle kings will prevail as the superior Alpha? Big Alpha then gets worshipped by a weaker boy as Gio worships his bare muscle ass. Showing off his perfect, rounded muscle ass, Big Alpha orders Gio to serve him and show how obsessed he is over his superior body. Gio worships without hestitation rubbing this muscle God’s ass.

3 New Videos – Jack and Hunter take turns beating up Elliot Scissors with some gut punches and ballbusting for losing to them while gaming. So that Elliot doesn’t know what to expect, he’s blindfolded at points as he’s hit in the gut and balls. His groin hurt for days after. In another confrontation, Jack and Jim wrestle it out on the mat. Jim’s powerful legs squeeze Jack’s head and ribs. But Jack’s slender and strong legs soon come into play as they grapple. Newcomer Brandon then joins their team to show off his wrestling skills. His God-like body seems as if it was chiseled from strong while he puts his opponent in various submission holds. Hunter has to do his best to fight back against this skilled fighter.

5 New Videos – Master J completely dominates and degrades Slave Matt. Making his slave serve at his feet, Master J gags Slave Matt with his big feet. When he’s not doing a good enough job, Master J spits all over his slave to degrade him further. This foot dom then chokes his slave with some headlocks. Slave Matt still must worship this dom’s feet throughout their session. However, this time he gets beaten down and choked throughout the process.

The choking abuse continues when Master J uses his slave for an hour. In this hour long clip, Master J squeezes his slave’s head between his legs to assert his dominance and make the slave suffer. Slave Matt has no choice but to tap out and beg for mercy. In another meet up, there is more headscissors abuse for Slave Matt. While locking his slave in a tight headscissors, Slave Matt puts on headphones and begins playing a game on his phone. He is totally oblivious the slave’s whimpers and cries as he has better things to do while choking his sub. For being so obedient, Master J then gags his slave with his dirty foot. While laying on his back, Slave Matt gags and chokes on Master J’s barefoot. Master J ensures to stick it as far down his slave’s throat as possible.