Featured Model- AdonisDomTop

AdonisDomTop gets 2 slaves to worship his boots. Licking their master’s boots clean with their tongues, the two masked slaves show total unquestionable devotion to their master. The slave’s sniff their dom’s feet and do anything he commands.

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4 New Videos – It’s hilarious how subhuman jerk off thinking about Massi the Prince taking all of their money. Every single cent in your wallet will go to this dom once you fully submit. That’s no different in this real time as Massi the Prince drains this slave’s wallet while using him as a footstool. In the next video upload, Massi the Prince will further turn you into an obedient human ATM. Get eager to spit out cash for your master and serve at his feet. You aren’t human anymore, you are merely an object that spits out cash on demand.

In exchange for good service, Massi the Prince will let you eat his toenails. This masked slave lays down on his back with his mouth open as Massi the Prince clips his toenails into its mouth. The slave is treated like a human dustbin by his master and gladly swallows his dom’s toenails. Accept your place in life like Massi the Prince’s real time slave as he is gagged by his master’s feet. The masked slave licks clean the soles of this powerful dom’s sneakers. Afterwards, he is slapped around and mocked by Massi the Prince. Once the slave is fully obedient and accepts his place, then he can worship this master’s barefeet.

5 New Videos – Elliot, Demir, Mark, and Jack have a team squeezing competition between each other. Jim agrees to test the leg strength of these jocks as he’s locked in a tight bodyscissors. The studs take turns testing out their strength by squeezing Jim nonstop for 30 seconds each to see how much Jim can withstand. In a one-on-one competition, Elliot and Jim battle it out as Elliot locks Jim in a super tight headscissors. Elliot is unstoppable once he gets the hold fully locked on around Jim’s head. Jim wants Elliot to show off his full strength to again see how much he can endure. Elliot tests his strength out on another buddy as he takes him for a ride. Elliot and his buddy are outside on the hood of a car while Elliot locks his legs around his friend’s neck. Elliot squeezes with his full might to see how much his bro can withstand.

All of that wrestling prepares guys like Timur to choke out a slave. Timur pins this pathetic slave under his muscular body right before jumping and pouncing on this slave’s chest with all of his weight. The victim has no where to go once Timur locks him in a headscissors and squeezes the life out of him. The same slave then gets humiliated and choked by Elliot’s friend, Neville. Neville is like a python gradually squeezing his prey. When this slave is exhausted, Neville begins to use humiliation techniques by pressing the slave’s face into his sweaty crotch.

2 New Videos – Master Matt loves whipping his slaves. In a live session, Master Matt gets his slave in a bound, defenseless position as he proceeds to whip the slave’s back. This slave gets a brutal beating from his dom as Master Matt just laughs at the slave’s suffering. That was just a warm, it is now time for Master Matt to abuse this slave’s nuts. The slave is shackled with no escape as Master Matt kicks the slave repeatedly in his nuts. The slave grimaces in pain and begs for mercy but Master Matt is not a merciful dom.

5 New Videos – Master G makes Slave Matt submit between his strong legs. Locking the slave between his legs, Master G squeezes Slave Matt’s head until he’s begging for escape. Master G just continues to play on his phone ignoring this slave’s cries. Later, Master G shows off his jiu jitsu skills when dominating his slave. Slave Matt is beaten and abused by Master G as he locks on a variety of jiu jitsu holds on his slave. By the end, Slave Matt is pinned underneath Master G as he’s mocked and laughed at. The choke abuse continues as Master G locks Slave Matt in a series of chokeholds that will have him gasping for air. Master G loves abusing and choking this slave to exert his dominance and power over such a weak creature.

Master G meets up with his slave for another real time for even more jiu jitsu abuse. Master G locks the slave in a variety of submission holds and makes him quickly tap. Once the slave does, Master G covers the slave’s face with his sweaty, alpha male feet. In another real time encounter between the two, Master G sits on his slave’s face. The slave is totally ignored as Master G plays some video games while using the slave as a human chair. The slave is shown no attention and no respect as it’s being used.

1 New Video – AdonisDomTop is ready to show that hierarchy works. Standing over his slave while wearing cleats, AdonisDomTop tramples this slave like a human doormat. The slave is stomped on and abused under his master’s soccer cleats.

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2 New Videos – Jordan Fox gets another fag to punish. This inferior fag slave is used as a total sex object for Jordan Fox. This superior dom gags the fag with his cock, brutalizes it’s hole, and punches and chokes him throughout the process. In another hook up session, Jordan Fox totally degrades and humiliates a fag. This masked fag slave takes every inch of Jordan Fox’s cock down his throat until he gags. Jordan Fox does not stop and pumps the inferior’s throat even harder. When the fag isn’t gagging on cock, he services Jordan Fox’s feet.

1 New Video – GermanMuscleGod meets up with a fag for a realtime session and kicks the fag in the balls. This naked masked fag slave endures some brutal ball busting in this 12 minute session. The fag is kicked repeatedly in the balls by his muscle master’s sneakers.

5 New Videos – Elliot Scissors, Jim, Alex, Hunter, and Nevil put on an impressive bodyscissors show. These dominant men put their wrestling skills to the test in a friendly match against each other. All 5 alphas at one point have each other locked in a massive bodyscissors chain. The group wrestling continues when these jock studs invite their new friend, Ethan, over for some wrestling practice. Ethan, Elliot, Jim, Demir, and Hunter show Ethan their wrestling skills and see how much he can handle from the group battle. Later that day, Elliot and Hunter bring over another friend for some fight training. These studs test out a variety of wrestling holds and techniques on their friend to see if he has what it takes to keep up with them. In the end, he begs them to go easier on him which just amuses Elliot and Hunter.

Nevil comes over to dominate a slave while Elliot films. Nevil’s strong legs envelop the slave’s neck as he begins to squeeze tighter. Nevil then starts to listen to some music, talk on the phone, and completely ignore this slave while he struggles for freedom. In another friendly headscissors session, Jim and Elliot practice their grappling skills while traveling on a train. Even in a tightly confined space, these two jocks can still lock a variety of headscissors holds on each other. Elliot quickly teaches Jim to not be so cocky next time when he makes him submit on the train.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt endures more punishment from one of his masters as he’s brutally kicked and beaten. Slave Matt endures a series of kicks from this dom during their real time encounter. Cowering on the floor in the corner, Slave Matt has no where to go and must endure multiple kicks to the body and face. This domination session started earlier with Master F when he began kicking his slave. Slave Matt served as a human punching bag as he gets kicked around and pummeled. Master F doesn’t let up and instead is amused at how his slave cowers for mercy and tries blocking each blow.

In a different real time session, Slave Matt meets up with Master Jeff for some facesitting domination. Master Jeff sits his ass down on Slave Matt’s face completely smothering him. Slave Matt has no where to go as Master Jeff completely puts his weight down on the slave preventing him from going anywhere. Days later, Slave Matt encounters Master P and is repeatedly choked out into submission. Master P locks his arms around the slave’s neck and begins to choke him out. Slave Matt struggles and quickly taps to his master’s power. Later, Master P locks Slave Matt between his legs for a rough headscissors. Slave Matt feels Master P’s legs tighten around his head squeezing him more as time goes on. Master P totally is unphased and unbothered by Slave Matt’s whimpers and cries for mercy.

3 New Videos – Two slaves come to serve AdonisDomTop and to show the hierarchy of men and slaves. These two masked slaves eat shoe trampled food and humiliate themselves for their master. They quickly show that they are far beneath their master in the hierarchy of life. The slaves then worship their master’s boots. Licking their master’s boots clean with their tongues, the two masked slaves show total unquestionable devotion to their master. The slave’s sniff their dom’s feet and do anything he commands. In a one-on-one session, AdonisDomTop humiliates his slave. While shirtless, AdonisDomTop smokes as the slave serves as his footrest. The slave then becomes a human ashtray and gets spit on by his master. This slave learns humility in the presence of an alpha.

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2 New Video – Verbal alpha Master Gary makes you go mindless as he provides some jerk off instructions. Bate your little gooner dick as you obey this alpha’s commands. Stare mindlessly at his socked feet until you lose your mind. When you’re done worshipping his feet you can worship his alpha muscles. Master Gary flexes his superior physique and orders you to become a human wallet for his pleasure. Open your wallet and go broke for your superior master.

1 New Video – Get on your hands and knees as Master Brad instructs you through sniffing his dirty white socks. Sniff this alpha dom’s socks, feets, and the insides of his smelly sneakers. Afterwards, you’ll be told to swallow and gag on his big alpha male feet.

4 New Videos – In the second episode of street feet recruit, five guys were recruited for individual and group foot worship scenes. Each guy had unique characteristics, such as Nico’s beautiful feet, Rashford’s bad boy attitude, Morgan’s open-mindedness, Hawk’s alpha presence, and FlipFlop guy’s soft and tasty feet. Check out each of their real-time foot worship interactions and how each uniquely uses and abuses the foot fag. The Street Feet Recruit Saga began as a pioneering venture offering money to boys on the streets to worship their feet. Key doms in this part include Fernox, who had an intense foot odor, the boy from the supermarket, and Suliman and Joseph, who had unique foot characteristics and experiences. This marked the beginning of approaching unknown boys on the street.

The third part of this series is a Valentines’s Day Special with three couples allowing the male partner to have another man lick his feet while his girlfriend watches. The experience is unique and sexually exciting for both the couples and the foot fag worshiping the feet. In the fourth episode, the goal is to recruit 18-year-old high school boys, offering them money to service their feet. The first recruit is a confident, handsome twink who negotiates his price for participating, while the second agrees after seeing his friend decline. The final group, a trio of friends, embraces the foot fetish opportunity for money, despite their questionable lifestyle of skipping school and partying.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt meets up with Master H for a foot trample session. Master H tramples his slave like a human doormat. Slave Matt gets his face smothered with the dom’s feet and has no where to go. The foot domination continues as Master H gets Slave Matt to worship his feet some more. Master H then dominates Slave Matt by wrestling him on the mattress and choking him out. Slave Matt gets locked in various chokeholds and is forced to serve his dom’s feet. In another real time meet, Slave Matt also meets up with Master Ch where he is choked out by his master. Slave Matt gets locked between Master Ch’s legs and struggles to escape. There is no escape for Slave Matt as Master Ch merely laughs at Slave Matt’s begging.

Slave Matt services every dom he meets and there is no exception for Master J in this foot slapping session. Master J slaps Slave Matt across the face with his big alpha male feet. Slave Matt merely lays there and takes the abuse as he is smacked around by another alpha’s feet. Once he’s done beating Slave Matt with his feet, Master J chokes out his slave. Master J locks Slave Matt in a variety of chokeholds and submissions to assert his dominance. Slave Matt has no escape as the only way this will end is when Master J gets bored.

2 New Videos – AdonisDomTop teaches his slave about the hierarchy of men. AdonisDomTop’s slave crawls to his master and learns his rightful place is at master’s feet. The masked slave services his dom’s feet and shows total obedience. The domination escalates when AdonisDomTop abuses his slave. The masked fag is trampled, humiliated, and turned into a human ash tray. This is the life this masked fag slave must accept.

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1 New Video – Kneel and serve as Master Alex’s urinal cleanup slave. Master Alex knows that you like to be used by everyone and serve as a human urinal so it’s time to open your mouth and take his piss. Why would anyone bother with a real urinal when they have a nice warm mouth like yours?

1 New Video – AdonisDomTop loves to be serviced by slaves. Laying on a massage table, AdonisDomTop gets massaged and rubbed down by two of his worshippers. These slaves massage his feet and rub his muscles to show their complete and total devotion. AdonisDomTop looks at the camera to flip you off a few times as he shows you how hierarchy works.

5 New Videos – Master J enjoys stomping on his slave. Serving as a human doormat, Slave Matt lays under his master’s feet and gets stomped on and kicked. This slave is always humbled when put in his place by men superior to him. The stomp domination continues from Master J as he rubs his feet all over the slave’s face. To change things up a bit, Master J throws in some choke holds on the slave too. This slave quickly begs for mercy and completely submits to his master. As a reward for his total submission, Master J allows the slave to service his feet. Laying on his back and looking up at his master, Slave Matt gets Master J’s feet smothering his face. This slave licks and sniffs his superior’s alpha feet as is grateful for the chance to be an obedient foot slave.

Master J makes it a regular thing to get his feet worshipped by subs like Slave Matt. Master J’s huge feet cover Slave Matt’s entire face in this real time session as he orders the slave to worships the soles of his feet. Licking the bottom’s of his feet, Slave Matt shows his master that he’s a devoted foot slave. In part 2, there is even more foot worship throughout this nearly 11 minute clip. Slave Matt gags on his master’s feet after being choked by them and completely dominated. Slave Matt understands that his rightful place is under his master’s soles as he serves.

5 New Videos – Elliot and his buddy hunter have a bodyscissors battle. These two alpha studs practice for when they need to use a sub slave and administer some of the most excruciating holds. Each of these studs tries to punish the other with all of his might. More friendly headscissors practice goes on between Elliot and Hunter in their next encounter. This time more playful, these two jocks have fun locking each other in powerful chokeholds. One can’t stop but admire the strong muscular legs on both of these alphas. Days later, Elliot invites over another buddy for some chokehold domination on the couch. These two jocks use their strong legs to grip around each other’s necks and show their strength. It would be sad for the next slave these two studs meet because the slave is going to be brutally choked out if this is just a playful version.

Another evening, Elliot invites over his friend Mark to lock him into various headscissors. Even with very limited space on the balcony, ElliotScissors shows how he can adapt and lock on a headscissors anywhere. This stud’s powerful legs quickly choke out his buddy Mark. Continuing with the theme of ElliotScissors dominating his buddies, this time Elliot invites over a friend to dominate. His friend struggles and fights at first but Elliot quickly pins him down through force. These two sexy studs keep attemtping to pin each other to the ground and sit on each other’s chests to show superiority over one another.

2 New Videos – Master Baily dominates his slave with intense facesitting in this real time session. Pinning his slave to the ground, Master Bailey sits on his slave’s face so that the slave can’t escape. Starting off in jeans, Master Bailey eventually strips down to his boxers and then nothing for even more facesitting on this inferior sub. This same sub slave meets up with Master Shaun days later for some trampling domination. Master Shaun shows his face this time in the video as he tramples and jumps on the slave. At some points, Master Shaun uses his strength to carry the slave around and pins him to the ground making him submit.

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3 New Videos – Prepare to be bullied by Master Gary. Master Gary sticks his feet right up to the camera and commands you to kiss his barefoot. Become an obedient foot fag as Master Gary verbally abuses you. When you’ve become addicted to Master Gary’s feet you can hand over your money to this alpha findom. Master Gary will be your bully and alpha master as he commands you to bow to his huge alpha male feet. Hand over your wallet and lunch money to your bully to show how inferior you are to him. After you’ve done that, it’s time to become a popper pig for Master Gary. Break out your poppers and fry your brain for your superior master as he verbally berates you. Master Gary will then order you to cum on his command once your brain is totally fried and you’re gooned out of your mind.

3 New Videos – It’s time for a bodyscissors fight. Mark and Elliot have a friendly match against each other to test their strength. Each jock squeezes the other to test the strength and power of his legs in a bodyscissors. The friendly competitive wrestling continues between these buddies in the next part. Mark and Elliot have another round to their fight. Things get more intense as they break out another variety of submission holds on each other. Following that round of fighting, they delve into some wrestling domination with each other. The most vivid memory they have from school is being in the school yard and fighting other boys by pinning them down and bullying them. Elliot and Mark remember those times and use their fighting skills to pin each other down into submission.

4 New Videos – Master Rusty tramples his slave in Puma sneakers in their latest encounter. The pathetic stupid masked slave lays on the ground and serves as a human doormat for Master Rusty to walk all over. This slave endures all of his master’s aggression throughout the trampling. Afterwards, Master Rusty puts on a different pair of sneakers to trample the slave again. In the next session this slave takes all of his alpha’s abuse as Master Rusty tramples, kicks, and stomps on the slave’s pathetic body. The slave is grateful to be used by such a superior dom.

Master Rusty can’t get enough of stomping this slave. Laying prone on the ground, the weak slave endures anything and everything Master Rusty dishes out. Wearing white Puma sneakers, Master Rusty uses all of his body weight to crush this slave with each stomp and jump. Then for fun, Master Rusty throws in a few body kicks too. Switching things up, the slave meets Master Marvin a few days later for a brutal trample session outside. Master Marvin stomps the slave under his sneakers to show his dominance. This alpha shows total disregard for the slave as he treats it like an object and not a person with each stomp.

2 New Videos – Davidwar has the afternoon to himself and feels in a kinky mood. This jock begins playing with his ass for the camera. Fingering his hole turns him on so much that he quickly gets rock hard. Stroking his massive hard dick, Davidwar blasts a huge load of cum all over himself at the end. Davidwar gets horny again but doesn’t want solo action this time. He calls over a Colombian Tgirl to suck him off. This tgirl is his personal fuck bitch as he makes her gag on his dick and pounds her doggy style at the end.

1 New Video – AidenPrettii is ready to fulfill your body modification fantasies and show off his gender fluidity. AidenPrettii synches in his waist with a corset and bends the lines of masculine and feminine throughout this clip. Let AidenPrettii edge his way into your mind and soul as he gender bends.

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1 New Video – Submit to King Luca and become an obedient popper pig. King Luca gives you all the commands in German and order you on how to become the ultimate cash faggot. Even if you don’t know German, sniff your poppers and drool over his alpha superiority.

1 New Video – Submit to King Luca and become an obedient popper pig. King Luca gives you all the commands in German and order you on how to become the ultimate cash faggot. Even if you don’t know German, sniff your poppers and drool over his alpha superiority.

5 New Videos – Master J pays his slave a visit to choke him out. Slave Matt lays between Master J’s legs as this dom wraps his legs tightly around the slave’s neck. Slave Matt gets choked out and dominated as usual by his master. Later, Master J gets slave Matt to worship his feet. Slave Matt services his dom’s barefeet as they’re rubbed all over his face. This slave shows his devotion by demonstrating his obsession with his master’s feet. After being an obedient foot fag, Master J walks all over his slave for a trampling session. Treating Slave Matt like a human doormat, Master J uses his body weight to step on Slave Matt’s body and face.

Master J gets more physical as he chokes and slaps his slave. Pinning Slave Matt to the ground, Master J slaps him repeatedly across the face and stomps on his body. Slave Matt doesn’t resist the beatdown as he realizes it’s his job to serve as a punching bag for his master’s amusement. Following that real time, Slave Matt has another realtime with Master CH. This dom sits on his slave’s face while playing video games. Slave Matt lays there lifelessly as his dom plants his ass on the slave’s face. This slave is in pure ecstasy while being pinned under his master’s ass and is ignored.

2 New Videos – AdonisDomTop has a slave real time session recently where two slaves service him. While sitting back and relaxing, these two obedient slaves worship their master’s feet and act as living servants. AdonisDomTop sits back and plays on his phone while smoking as these slaves serve him. Earlier, the slaves are shown from a different angle down at their master’s feet. The masked slave’s serve at AdonisDomTop’s socked feet and massage them. This is the life of an alpha male and how he should be served by inferiors.

3 New Videos – Bow down and worship a real man. King Michael wears his leather jacket and leather pants as he makes you drool over his superior body. After flexing for the camera, King Michael pulls out his huge alpha dick and begins stroking. The next clip shows King Michael again but this time in jeans as he shows of his alpha perfection. Stare at this alpha’s perfect body and bow down to him. King Michael is sweaty and verbally abusive in this clip as he shows off his huge alpha dick again. In his third latest clip, King Michael abuses a slave in a hotel room. The slave tries to be bratty by slapping his master just to see what the punishment would be. King Michael quickly teaches that slave to never make that mistake again as he is abused and used. King Michael beats down this slave and treats it how an inferior slave should be treated.

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2 New Videos – What starts out for the first few minutes as a muscle worship session quickly turns ugly. The Punisher gets annoyed with his admirer and proceeds to lift and carry him in some tight headlocks. The Punisher totally dominates this slave with his biceps which are bigger than the poor guy’s head. In another video, Big Alpha is back to punish a scrawny guy. Big Alpha carries around this guy like he’s a twig and locks him into submission after submission. Big Alpha lifts the boy doing bicep curls and then locks him into the tightest headlock you’ve ever seen.

2 New Videos – Get down on your knees and prepare to be verbally abused by King Luca. Inferior small dicked fags like you only have one purpose and that is to serve superior men like King Luca. Obey and worship this dom’s alpha male feet as you watch this 8 minute video clip. Later you can worship King Luca’s feet and stinky soles. Wearing some worn white athletic socks, King Luca verbally puts you in your place as an inferior slave. He will order you to drink his spit and swallow the dirt from his socks and feet.

3 New Videos – In ElliotScissors latest clip, his slave gets dominated by another dom. The inferior slave endures some intense chokeholds while Mark and ElliotScissors taunt him and slap him around. The slave gets the treatment he truly deserves from these two alphas. After the slave is done being used and leaves, these two jocks battle it out with each other. With some friendly chokehold competition, ElliotScissors and his buddy Mark test out a variety of chokeholds on each other. These two alphas perfect their craft to punish slaves even harder for next time. In another practice bout, Elliot practices some figure 4 chokes with his buddy Alex. These two powerful studs lock in some serious and intense chokeholds on each other. See which of the two is more powerful in this submission practice session.

5 New Videos – Master J wants his feet worshipped by his slave. Slave Matt is happy to oblige and begins servicing his master’s feet. This slave sucks his master’s toes and gags on the soles of his feet. Later, Master J wants to punish his slave with some chokeholds. Slave Matt assumes the position as Master J wraps his thighs around the slave’s head. Master J squeezes and locks in the choke on this weak slave.

Master J decides to increase the punishment with some jiu jitsu fighting on this slave. Getting the slave down on it’s stomach, Master J walks all over this slave like he’s a human doormat before locking in the chokeholds. Slave Matt is no match agains the intense chokeholds from Master J. This weak slave endures all of the abuse from Master J as he doesn’t even want to fight back. Slave Matt just enjoys the punishment being given to him by his master. In the third part of their encounter together, Slave Matt gags on Master J’s feet. After being worn out from grappling against his master, Slave Matt gets to gag on his superior’s feet. Master J rams his foot deep in Slave Matt’s mouth so he can gag on it and taste all of the foot flavor from his master.

2 New Videos – AdonisDomTop invites over his masked slave for some real time abuse. The masked slave lights his master’s cigarette and takes his place at his master’s feet. This is the ultimate privelege for any slave to be at his master’s feet in person. The humiliation of the slave continues as AdonisDomTop uses his slave as a foot rest. The slave bows its head and gets on all fours for AdonisDomTop to rest his feet across the slave’s back. AdonisDomTop even gets his shoes licked by this inferior slave during their real time meet.