Featured Model- Master Allen

MasterAllen asks if you know how to make fag lemonade in this video. This dominant, twisted master is going to give you his recipe for fag lemonade and it involves tons of alpha spit. Putting his masked fag slave on his back on the ground, MasterAllen hovers over the fag and drools thick gobs of his alpha spit down onto the fag’s face and into the fag’s mouth. This pathetic, sick faggot drinks it down greedily. Shot in 1080p HD, you can see every glistening bead and thread of MasterAllen’s GOD spit being dropped into this stupid faggot’s mouth.

Featured Model- Master Allen

To reward his fag slave, MasterAllen clips his fresh, funky toenails up close and then feeds the toenails to his hungry slave. The disgusting masked fag chomps down on his master’s gnarly jock toe nail clippings like it was a fine dessert.

Featured Model- Master Allen

Bow down before Master Allen like the pathetic cocksucking sissy fag that you are. Lick this alpha’s dirty leather boots, open up that mouth and take his cigarette ashes in it. If you’re lucky, Master Allen might just wash them down with some piss, but in the meantime, go ahead and worship his superior leather clad jock ass, bitch.

Featured Model- Master Allen

Prepare to serve this alpha’s armpits and be dominated. MasterAllen catches you taking a deep whiff of his ripe and funky smelling jock man pits as he passes by you. At this point, he realizes that you’re truly nothing more than a pit sniffing obedient fag. It’s now time for this alpha to teach a pit sniffing faggot like you a lesson. MasterAllen is going to grab your head and suffocate you in his pit funk like how an armpit sniffing slave should be treated.

Featured Model- Master Allen

MasterAllen does away with the luggage support rack and uses it as a rim chair to make this faggot worship his ripe jock hole. Plopping his muscle ass on this faggot’s face, MasterAllen suffocates and smothers the worthless fag with his funky asshole, dragging it across his disgusting face and rocking back and forth. The fag’s face is now covered in his master’s scent. This worthless cash fag fulfills his destiny by becoming a seat for his alpha master. To show his obedience, the masked slave tongues his master’s hole until he is instructed to stop. Imagine yourself being this pathetic fag when you download this clip.

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1 New Video – Bound and at Master Alex’s mercy, the slave cannot do anything but take the merciless teasing. Master Alex barely needs to touch that cock with one finger and it jumps to attention. He slaps it, edges it, and teases it until the slave can’t take it anymore. All the while, letting the slave know that he will not receive an orgasm. It will be ruined. It will be more frustration and never-ending arousal. Just when the slave reaches the point of no return, Master Alex let’s go, stopping the stimulation, letting that slave cock drip and drip, like the cock is crying. No spurting, no shooting, just a controlled and masterfully ruined orgasm.

4 New Videos and 6 Photosets – Using his pathetic real time fag, Master Allen treats it like a dog and gives it something to drink from a doggy bowl. In this encounter, Master Allen drains his king bladder into a dog bowl and fills the dog bowl with piss. Master Allen then demands that the masked fag slave drink every drop of his alpha piss from the dog bowl. This thirsty fag slave laps up his master’s piss like a thirsty animal. To further degrade this gross faggot, Master Allen hawks loogies into the slave’s mouth. Master Allen has been chain smoking all night long so he was feeling pretty congested. Taking a few puffs of green to loosen up his lung butter, Master Allen proceeds to cough and hack up his freshly churned alpha phlegm and spit right into this gross faggot’s garbage mouth. The slave’s mouth is a complete disposal for waste and for anything his master gives him, especially his master’s DNA.

Now it comes time to fuck with the slave’s mind. Master Allen commands his slave to sniff his poppers while bowing down between his master’s legs next to his godly feet. Listen to Master Allen as he demands obedience, sniffing seemingly endless amounts of poppers and having him count down again and again as you fry your brain. The more mindless and fucked up you can become, the better. Wearing full leather and placing his slave in his rightful place, Master Allen forces this slave into full leather worship. As the slave is on its knees, beneath Master Allen, this dom uses the slave’s garbage mouth to clean and worship his leather gloves and pants. He only pauses to sniff the masculine alpha cock nestled between his master’s legs. Lastly, if you can’t get enough of Master Allen, you can check out his 6 brand new photosets of him using his faggot for his own amusement in various real time situations.

1 New Video – A spin off of Taylor’s “Pain Made Me Cum” video, Taylor is back and craving some more sexy pain! He promised himself last time that he wouldn’t hurt himself intentionally every again to enjoy the pain after the last time. His addiction to the pain is difficult to ignore though. The problem starts when Taylor realizes it has been a while since he last broke any bones in his foot, but the pain is still lingering. Taylors comes to the conclusion that the bones must not have healed correctly. Fortunately for this pain addicted jock, the only way to correct the bones is to re-break them to reset them. Taylor snaps all his toes, one-by-one and takes FULL advantage of the painful situation. He intentionally presses on the fresh, tender breaks which keep turning him on until he hits the point of no return and cums from the excruciating pain in this nearly 32 minute video clip.

2 New Videos – Do you dream of sticking your nose into a wet, stinky armpit of a straight guy right after he played a game of football? Just accept it. Man sweat is the ultimate aphrodisiac for a faggot slave. That ripe man scent right after the gym or playing football or soccer will make any fag slave weak. That is when alpha men become even more delicious in their nature state with an overflowing sweat running through their muscular, sculpted and perfect armpits with that delicious musky aroma. A dominant man’s armpit is a valley of pure pleasure and it’s pure pleasure for the slaves in this armpit compilation video. Throughout this video, MasterDnero and his straight buddies force all of these faggots to worship, lick, and sniff their sweaty armpits like the kings they truly are to these fags.

Jager and Kayser return on their second day to continue their domination test. They were told that a fag who loved domination would attend to be dominated by them. The willing fag participant is fag Draven, who has filmed with MasterDnero before. Draven can be a bossy and moody fag slave so it’ll be a true test to see if these two alpha doms can put him in his place and truly make him submit. See if they can pass the test and break this faggot.

1 New Video – Alpha dom MasterFlavius is ready to completely own his pathetic fag slave. In this degrading piss humiliation video, MasterFlavius puts his masked faggot in the bath tub and gets it ready for his superior piss. The fag enjoys the warm flowing stream of his master’s piss covering his entire body. This fag’s mask is what nightmares are made of but for the slave, he’s in heaven to receive MasterFlavius’ piss all over himself.