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2 New Videos – Muscular dom Dennis locks his sub in a tight headscissors while wearing tight whiteys. This sub shows how inferior he is to Dennis by not even putting up a fight and allowing this alpha to choke him out with his treetrunk legs. The sub’s face is pressed firmly up against Dennis superior dominant bulge as the slave gets choked out. Later the sub is thrown to the ground and gets his face up against his master’s crotch for an even tighter headscissors. Dennis flexes his huge biceps while locking the slaves head between his thick thighs. Grinding his bulge on the slave’s face, the slave never wants the chokehold session to end. Watch as Dennis shows off his huge muscles and absolute power while dominating weaklings in these clips.

1 New Video – Colombian findom Davidwar makes you worship his uncut cock as he shows off his leather jacket. Pointing the camera so that it looks up at him, you’ll feel like you’re on your knees in front of this alpha’s uncut dominant cock. Davidwar looks down on you and spits in your face while you kneel there with your tongue out begging for his cock, his spit, and his abuse.

3 New Videos – Ikagura lays at his master’s feet for this foot worship session. This dominant alpha has Ikagura under this barefeet and makes Ikagura lick, sniff, and worship his feet. Ikagura gives his dom a foot rub and as a reward gets trampled on by his master. The face trampling continues as this dom uses Ikagura’s face as a foot stool. Ikagura assumes his natural position under his master’s feet and enjoys every second of getting smothered by this alpha’s superior feet. The foot dom pins Ikagura under his feet and ensures this foot slave worships every inch of his feet. To switch gears from foot worship, in the next real time clip, Ikagura gets turned into a punching bag for an athletic fighter. This boxing dom pummels Ikagura with jabs and punches, totally dehumanizing him into nothing more than a punching bag. The dom gets in some hard hits with his boxing gloves and even adds in some body blows with his feet.

4 New Videos – Master Daniel gets his masked foot slave to worship his cleats. The masked sub sticks his tongue out and licks his master’s dirty cleats to show his obedience. After the shoe cleaning session, Master Daniel then tramples all over the slave with these cleats and takes his aggression out on the slave as it cries in pain. Master Daniel then switches to some Reebok sneakers to trample his slave. The slave lays back and submits to this alpha’s dominance as Master Daniel stomps all over the weak slave. Master Daniel stomps on the slave’s chest and stomach with all of his weight and laughs as the slave gets the wind stomped out of him.

In some new sessions with Master Rusty, the masked slave gets treated like a human doormat as Master Rusty takes all of his rage and aggression out on the slave. Wearing some fresh Doc Martens, Master Rusty kicks and pounces on this slave’s body. To increase the impact, the masked slave is shirtless so that he feels the raw bottoms of Master Rusty’s soles. Later, Master Rusty takes the slave inside for some more intense crushing under his sneakers. Wearing brand new Huaraches, Master Rusty steps all over this slave’s body and face. The masked sub is flattened under the full bodyweight of his master. See how much of this intense trampling the slave can truly endure because Master Rusty doesn’t quit.

2 New Videos – Master Ryder meets up with his slave for some hotel fun in this real time session. Master Ryder becomes a human pony trainer when he turns his slave into a human pony. Riding the submissive slave all around his hotel, Master Ryder totally degrades his cash slave. Afterwards the slave sniffs Master Ryder’s feet and armpits to savor every scent of this cocky dom. Master Ryder spits in the slave’s face during the session and shows him zero respect while getting worshipped. In part 3 of this hotel session, Master Ryder tramples his slave and sits on him with his full bodyweight. The slave gets totally crushed by his dom and can feel the full weight of his master laying on top of him. The same abuse and degradation from the previous clip continue throughout this extension of their real time domination session.


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