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3 New Video – In this roleplay video, a law was passed allowing people to become “human furniture” for others, leading to a popular and successful company called Homofurnitures. Ethan receives a “Furniture-person” from his girlfriend Clara, who works at the company, and decides to debut his new object with friends Dimitri and Steve. The three friends place their smelly feet on the Furniture-person, who is initially confused and repulsed by the odors but gradually becomes addicted to them, seemingly programmed to exist for this purpose. In the next clip, a foot sub is prepared to serve seven young doms, who view him as a toy and will push his limits. The men drink, smoke, and enjoy themselves while the sub worships their feet. The group dynamic becomes increasingly kinky as more people join, with one member, Andres, evolving from a calm recruit to a skilled master. In their final update this week, Master Dnero and his buddies from Str8CrushFeet use these two foot fags as their servants. The obedient foot fags worship the feet of these alphas by licking and cleaning every inch of them. Each dom gags the two foot fags with their feet and get their toes sucked.

2 New Videos – Wearing only a skimpy silver string thong, Big Alpha dominates this weak beta boy. Squeezing him in a bear hug, Big Alpha shows his raw muscular power. The beta boy agonizes in pain as Big Alpha doesn’t let go. Similarly, The Punisher dominates his sub in this Christmas themed video. The Punisher gets his muscles worshipped before dominating the smaller sub, Gio. Gio is squeezed and manhandled by The Punisher. Wearing just a red jockstrap, The Punisher uses his strength to dominate this sub.

1 New Video – You need a guide in your life and CashMasterTrey is ready to guide you into becoming a disgusting pig. This Brutal God is going to spit loogies on your creepy face and cover you in ketchp and mustard like a fucked up human hot dog. Be ready to get fully degraded and turned into filth.

3 New Videos – Masters Bradford, Ritchel, and Hunter bully their slave. They get the slave down at their feet and laugh at him as he sucks their toes and licks their legs. The foot slave kisses each of their toes and carries out any humiliating task the doms order him to do. Later, Masters Neville and Rithcell humiliate their slave. The slave licks his master’s sneakers clean and licks up the master’s spit from the sneaker. Following that, the slave proceeds to sniff their raunchy smelling sneakers as he’s bullied and slapped around. Following all of this, the slave gets dominated another time by Master Hunter. Master Hunter takes out his boxing gloves and uses the slave as a human punching bag. The slave takes body blows and when knocked to the ground, he must service his master’s feet. Master Hunter brutally humiliates this slave by sitting on his face and squeezing his head with his muscular legs.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel orders Slave Matt to worship his feet. The obedient foot slave sniffs and worships at Master Daniel’s socked feet. When Master Daniel gets bored, he chokes out his slave to assert his dominance over this weak submissive. The chokehold domination continues when Master Daniel gets his slave on the ground and begins putting him in a tight headlock. The slave writhes around and struggles for mercy but Master Daniel doesn’t care. The slave’s purpose is to be beaten and punished for his master’s amusement.

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3 New Video – Lucky boy Gio gets to rub the crotches of two dominant bodybuilders. These muscle doms get hard through their wrestling singlets and then proceed to hump Gio. This is muscle worship at its finest. Things get more intense in the next clip as The Punisher locks a brutal headscissors on another weak victim. The Punisher uses his huge muscular legs to wrap them around this beta boy’s head. There is no escape over the next 30 minutes as this boy is trapped between The Punisher’s legs. Later, Big Alpha and The Punisher want to see who is the stronger alpha. These two bodybuilders do a series of competitions to see who is stronger. They battle each other in arm wrestling, lift and carry, bearhugs, and much more to see who is the bigger alpha.

3 New Videos – Master Gary keeps you as a prisoner that he turns into a human punching bag. Wearing boxing gloves, Master Gary will pummel you with body blows from his fists. Then when he’s done you can worship at his leather boots. Following that beat down you can thank Master Gary for abusing you. As a thank you to this dom, you will be ordered to worship his muscles and feet. Show your devotion and lick Master Gary’s feet clean like an obedient foot fag. Following those sessions, Master Gary isn’t done with you yet. It’s now time to get robbed by Master Gary. Empty your pockets, open your wallet, and prepare to have your bank accounts drained as Master Gary verbally abuses you and takes charge.

1 New Video – CashMasterTrey wants you to shut the fuck up, turn off your useless burnt out brain cells and completely tune into him as he makes you obsess over his alpha cock. Stare mindlessly at CashMasterTrey’s cock, balls, and pubes like it is a shrine of worship. Make this dom’s cock the center of your life from now on.

1 New Video – After draining slaves all day, King Luca wants to sit back and relax while jerking his cock. This alpha dom whips out his huge uncut cock and begins stroking to porn. Sit as a voyeur and watch along as this alpha shows you what a real superior cock looks like.

1 New Video – Look up at Master Alex’s big cock and prepare to be drowned in piss as this dom uses you as a urinal. Drink this dom’s piss and cherish the golden nectar that will cover you. You should feel honored to be a human urinal and given the chance to gulp down all of this warm superior piss.

Featured Model- CashMasterTrey

You’ll never forget the day that you humiliated yourself for CashMasterTrey. This alpha dom verbally abuses you and instructs you on how you can humiliate and degrade yourself for him. CashMasterTrey wants you to cover yourself in ketchup and mustard so he can laugh at how pathetic you are to him. Follow this alpha’s commands and degrade yourself to the level of a dirty beast.

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3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod continues his abuse of his masked Asian sub with some wedgie domination and swirlies in the toilet. This fag slave quickly is reminded of the bullies who used to pick on him in highschool when MasterUltimateGod pulls the slave’s underwear up over his head giving him a wedgie. This findom then takes the slave to the bathroom and dunks his head in the toilet for more humiliation. Things get more intense when MasterUltimateGod delivers some painful abuse to this masked sub. The slave get on his knees as MasterUltimateGod beats him up and smacks him around. Afterwards, MasterUltimateGod writes all over the slave’s pathetic body to humiliate him further. After the slave endures all of that humiliation, MasterUltimateGod chokes the slave out. This weak slave is no match for the power of MasterUltimateGod when he is trapped in these chokeholds. The slave begs for mercy and air as he’s choked the fuck out by his master.

3 New Videos – Alpha Dennis is a 230lb bodybuilder who loves dominating subs with his muscles. This muscular alpha locks his slave in various submission chokeholds until the slave taps out. Watch how massive and powerful this dom’s treetunk legs are when wrapped around his victim’s neck. Continuing on with the abuse in another session, Alpha Dennis locks another slave in between his muscular legs. This inferior sub is punished by his muscle master and has no where to run. Pinned on the ground, this sub is locked tightly between Alpha Dennis’ huge muscular thighs. If after those 2 clips, you’re now hooked on headscissors domination then check out the last video update from Alpha Dennis. This sub is squeezed and dominated between his master’s muscular legs. Alpha Dennis is in another wrestling singlet and totally abuses his submissive in various chokeholds that the slave cannot escape from.

1 New Video – Submit to CashMasterTrey by getting on your knees and receiving his spit on your face. CashMasterTrey talks down to you throughout this video for being a weird perv and spits loogies right in your face for being so pathetic. Stick your tongue out and show this dom how disgusting you truly are to him.

5 New Videos – Ikagura shows what an obedient foot slave he is to Master J. Laying down on the ground, Ikagura licks and sucks his master’s feet to show how devoted he is to him. The slave sucks on the toes, soles, and every inch of Master J’s feet. Afterwards, Master J treats Ikagura like a human walking mat by standing on top of him. Ikagura is trampled and kicked by Master J throughout this nearly 9 minute clip. Master J steps on Ikagura’s head and face to show him that he is ultimately beneath his master. Later, Master J completely ignores his slave while playing video games. The slave lays at his master’s feet as he sucks and licks on them to show his obedience. Master J just completely ignores the slave as he gets his feet worshiped.

For some physical abuse, Master J puts on some boxing gloves to beat down his slave. The slave is quickly pummeled by his master and cannot fight back. Once down on the ground, Master J makes the slave worship his sneakers. Continuing to worship his master’s sneakers in part 2, Ikagura licks the bottoms of his master’s shoes. The slave is completley humiliated and degraded as he’s stomped on and beaten up some more. The bullied slave has no choice but to submit to his master’s sneakers.

2 New Videos – MasterDaniel meets up with his slave to lock him in some tight headlocks. The slave is quickly pinned to the ground as Master Daniel wraps his bicep around the slave’s neck. This slave begs for mercy but Master Daniel just laughs in his face and treats him like an inferior should be treated. In anoher clip, Master Daniel shows off his muscles and shows how hard his body is compared to an inferiors. Master Daniel takes a series of gut punches with ease to show his dominance. Nothing can phase this alpha.

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2 New Videos – Sit down like an obedient pig and endure some extreme verbal abuse from CashMasterTrey. This alpha dishes out intense smack talk since he’s in an extra aggressive mood while filming this. Serve CashMasterTrey as his verbal punching bag. Later, CashMasterTrey answers some slave questions that many of you have always wanted to ask. Get a deeper look at CashMasterTrey as he answers all of the frequently asked questions from his cash piggies. Afterwards, this findom gives a harsh dose of exactly what you desperately want from him, that’s more verbal abuse.

1 New Video – You’re a good cock locked sissy for your master and understand that your clitty belongs in a chastity device while your ass is plugged with a big butt plug. The only thing to make all of that more complete is to sniff from fresh poppers. With one sniff of that magic juice, Master Alex can make you do anything he desires. Obey this alpha more with every sniff as you then are ordered to sniff his ripe and sweaty ass and feet. There’s nothing this master enjoys more than a willing cock locked slave that happily takes his torment.

5 New Videos – Master Daniel pins down his slave and chokes him out on the ground. Master Daniel gets very aggressive in these chokeout sessions with his slave Ikagura and loves locking inferiors like him in brutal headscissors until they tap out. Watch how intense Master Daniel gets when he wraps his hands around this slave’s throat. The slave choking continues when Master Daniel grapples more with this slave. Throwing the slave to the ground, Master Daniel locks his bicep around the slave’s neck and laughs as this slave struggles. Master Daniel doesn’t offer any mercy to this slave and just continues to punish him more.

In a separate session with Master G, slave Ikagura finds himself trapped between his master’s legs. Master G uses his Jiu Jitsu fighting skills to squeeze Ikagura’s head like a grape. Ikagura struggles for air while in this vice tight grip locked on by Master G. In the next real time session, Master G gets rougher when he wrestles his slave on the ground. Master G quickly jumps into various Jiu Jitsu holds on this slave. Ikagura gets his legs and arms twisted all about in a variety of intense submissions from his dom. Shifting gears from the usual, Ikagura allows his two doms to meet up in a alpha dom fight. Master G and Master Daniel meet to grapple with each other in a friendly fight. Things start to get really rough at the end with some hard takedowns and slams between these two doms.

1 New Video – Master G turns his slave into a human footstool. This foot slave lays on his back and looks up at Master G as this foot dom chokes the slave with his feet. Master G gags this foot slave by jamming every inch and every part of his foot in the slave’s mouth.

3 New Videos – MasterBerlin’s foot fag is tasked with cleaning his master’s feet. This obedient foot fag scrubs the soles of his master’s feet and licks them clean. The foot fag is totally obsessed with his master’s feet and toes. To humiliate the slave some more, MasterBerlin makes this slave eat from his feet. The hungry foot slave gladly eats biscuits from MasterBerlin’s smelly and sweaty feet. To add to the humiliation, MasterBerlin spits down on the foot stomped food for the slave to eat that as well. Continuing with the humiliation, MasterBerlin serves the slave more food from his feet. The foot obsessed fag chews and eats anything from his master’s foot.

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2 New Videos – You don’t deserve to breath the straight man’s air according to CashMasterTrey as he attacks you in this verbal abuse video. To this dom, you’re a creepy pervert who’s always been a nuisance to others. Make sure you swallow your fucking red pill of truth like an obedient piggy. CashMasterTrey wants you to put more time towards your addiciton to men as he expands his control over your mind. Once under his control, it is time to worship his pits. CashMasterTrey wants you to get lost in his pits like the dirty creep you are to him. Live for and devote yourself to his pits. Your job as his slave is to wake up thinking about his pits all the way until you go to sleep, then continue to dream about his pits.

2 New Videos – Big Alpha caught a thief stealing from his car and decides it’s time to offer up some brutal punishment. Once Big Alpha gets the thief in his grasp, the thief has no where to run. Big Alpha delivers a savage beat down and chokes out this masked crook with his huge alpha muscles. In another muscle beat down clip, Big Alpha shows off his strength as he dominates another jock named Valentin. Valentin comes into the gym feeling energetic and full of himself until he starts wrestling up against Big Alpha. Very quickly, Valentin learns he is no match for this hugely muscled man.

1 New Video – Drool over this nearly 7 minute video of King Luca’s superior alpha cock. You can worship at this findom’s feet while looking up at his big uncut dick. King Luca’s superior alpha dick should be your only fixation in life. Finally at the end, you can watch him bust a load.

5 New Videos – Master CH loves trampling inferior slaves. In this real time meet, Master CH pins Ikagura to the ground and uses his face like a doormat as he walks all over and tramples the slave. Ikagura feels Master CH walk all over him and treat him like an object. After the trample domination, Master CH chokes out his slave. Wrapping his legs tightly around Ikagura’s neck, Master CH chokes out Ikagura until he’s begging for mercy and asking for air. Master CH ultimately will decide when his slave deserves mercy in the end. The choke domination continues when Master CH locks his arms around Ikagura’s throat in a variety of chokeholds. Showing this slave who’s boss, Master CH asserts his dominance when he clamps the various chokeholds on tighter and tighter around this slave’s neck.

With the next real time meet, Ikagura meets up with Master J to get beat up in a boxing match. It’s obvious before the beat down starts as to who is going to win when Master J starts pummeling this slave with rights and lefts. Once Ikagura falls to the ground cowering, Master J stomps all over him some more and tramples the slave declaring himself the winner. This boxing beatdown continues when Master J owns Ikagura some more. Getting him off his feet, Master J punches Ikagura around like he’s a human punching bag. Ikagura does his best to block the punches but just gets beat up even more in the end.

2 New Videos – DanielSlin shows off how he dominates a slave in another one of his slave abuse videos. In this 7 minute clip, DanielSlin grapples with his slave in a wrestling match of sorts before he begins choking out the slave and locking him in brutal submissions. The slave writhes around in pain and whimpers for DanielSlin to ease up but there is no going easy with DanielSlin. After he’s done, DanielSlin wants you to worship his muscles. Doing some solo flexing, DanielSlin flexes for the camera and shows off his power. Imagine getting choked out between his arms while getting dominated as you watch.