Featured Model- Sir Kraze

It is time to serce the true American jock God, SirKraze. Lay your hard earned 9 to 5 cash at his feet. SirKraze is the reason you work those long hours at work and put in the overtime hours. All to please and sacrifice for your alpha superior. Get on those knees and show your respect to your alpha jock God, SirKraze.

Featured Model- MilesStriker

In part two of this series (both combined parts can be found here, the scene continues with Jaxton Wheeler fucking his sissy slave while Miles Striker just relaxes on the couch getting a chuckle out of it. Miles has never let a faggot suck his dick but is getting a kick out of seeing how Jaxton treats this fag slave. Miles verbally assaults this twink fag all throughout the hard fucking. As the slave is being fucked, Miles starts spitting in the slave’s face. Jaxton talks dirty as the slave rides him and looks into Miles’ eyes. Afterward, Jaxton bends the slave over a table directly in front of Miles Strikers now so Miles can begin to slap and tear the slave into pieces with his words. Miles puts the slave’s face right on his foot and the other foot right on the slave’s head just before it is about to get fucked again. Jaxton pulls his bitch slave’s head back to worship Miles’ sweaty socks. Imagine being this lucky slave and getting used by both of these alpha men.

Featured Model- Lacrosse067

For those foot fetish fans, check out Owen’s Adidas foot fetish video. This cashmaster only busts a load after fags send a cash tribute to which he only cums in his main faggot or on his new gear. Owen decides to cum while wearing his new athletic Adidas gear showing his knee high socks and soccer gear as he rubs his big feet and fat cock in this 7 minute video.

Featured Mode- DocTayTay

Don’t stare too long! Taylor’s feet are so good and his voice is so smooth persuasive that you might just find yourself in a trance waiting for the snap of his fingers to wake you back to reality. Only problem is, your reality is now Taylor’s foot slave and you will obey his every desire.

Featured Model- MasterBraz95

In this nearly 11 minute video clip, MasterBraz95 makes you sniff his alpha feet at his command when he says to do so. With his socked feet up to the camera as he sits back smoking a cigarette, this alpha master will make you fry your brain with poppers while he hypnotizes you and brainwashes you to be a mindless foot fag. His hypnotic feet are known to be money makers. As one fag wrote in the comments on the video, “MasterBraz95 is one of the best popper trainers”. Submit yourself and bring a bottle of poppers when you download this video.

Featured Model- MasterJax


RJSlave has been beat and forced to eat MasterJax‘s beard trimming, had his mouth washed out in the toilet, and now it’s time to focus on Master Jax’s amazing feet for a worship session. This clip begins with the still duct-taped slave being laid down under the feet of the mighty Master Jax. Showing his dominance over the faggot, Master Jax stomps on the inferior fuck’s face over and over with his giant shoes on. Then Master Jax removes his shoes and allows the slave to relax under the amazing scent of sweaty alpha socks. At random times, Master Jax slaps the slave’s pathetic face making the faggot scream out in pain. At one point you hear the faggot exclaiming that he has lost his sense of hearing after one particularly hard smack. Master Jax doesn’t give a shit and eventually let’s the fucker sniff his barefeet but not without being foot-smacked across the face several times during the process. As the session comes to an end, Master Jax releases the slave from the duct tape. This scene is one that the slave will not forget.

Newest Downloads- Alpha Males


3 New Videos – Cash fags can get ready to worship the body of Mr. Octavius. In this nearly 12 minute video clip, Mr. Octavius starts off by flexing his biceps, which he just trained at the gym, before taking off his tanktop. After that, he give you some more flexing along with verbal abuse to remind you of how inferior you are to him. This cash dom even gives you a glimpse of his big muscle ass. Finally, he puts the camera on the ground and shows you what it’ll be like when he stomps on you and leaves you beaten and broke after he cash rapes you. In his 2nd video update, Mr. Octavius make you serve his socks. His stinky feet are extremely sweaty and he wants you to sniff his ripe, dirty socks. Inhale his man scent like it’s a bottle of poppers. After you’ve finished worhsipping his socked feet, you can lick his barefeet clean. A foot fag like you should always worship and serve a superior man’s feet, it’s the only thing you’re good for in life. At the end of the video, Mr. Octavius gives you more glimpses of his alpha feet and muscular biceps in this 10 minute video. In his final video update for this week, Mr. Octavius uses a foot fag in real time. During this hotel meet up with his real time slave, Mr. Octavius sits back and relaxes in bed while this pathetic foot fag crawls on its stomach to worship his feet. The cash fag makes sure to suck his master’s toes and lick the bottoms of his soles as he worships Mr. Octavius’ barefoot like the obedient foot fag that he truly is for his master.


unnamed-11 New Video – Get ready to worship Henderdong in one of his hottest videos ever. Henderdong makes you worship his dress socks and massive bulge. Starting off the video, Henderdong shows the outline of his massive cock through his tight boxers and continues to bulge through his boxers throughout this entire video. This 10 minute video clip is another in the Pray to your GOD series and will make you witness the perfection of Henderdong as you look up at him from the view of his black dress socks, staring up at his massive bulge while he verbally abuses you. Later he takes off the socks to show his barefeet and lets you clean his alpha feet as he spits on them. It is your job to keep Henderdong’s feet clean and to worship them by downloading this video clip.


Newest Downloads- Beat Down, Fucking, and Feet


2 New Videos – Findom MasterBrad and his friend do a real time meet with a cash fag who craves to be beat down by 2 alpha masters. In this 8 minute video clip, MasterBrad and his buddy put on boxing gloves and lay into the weak submissive gay slave by body blows and even get in some kicks. They beat down the fag forcing him to fall to the floor. Later on, the cash slave makes sure to shower both of these cashmasters in money as he crawls on the floor at their feet. He then kisses their alpha feet after taking a beating and giving these straight alphas everything they deserve.

MasterBrad also has a new video for foot fags. Get on your knees and worship MasterBrad’s black socks. MasterBrad wore these dirty black ankle socks all day while working out and doing sports and needs to take them off. He takes off his socks to show how dirty, sweaty, and rank his feet are after wearing these socks all day. His soles and toes are covered with black link from his socks. Come and lick his superior dirty feet clean, fag slaves.


1 New Video – DillonAnderson is on the hunt again for a sexy hookup. In this video clip, Dillon Anderson hooks up with a hot sailor. While on the hunt, Dillon Anderson found a cute sailor visiting the area and asked him over to pound him for a good bit. Dillon Anderson sucks this sailor’s big cock before riding him. Once riding his big dick, they switch it up to doggy style before this hunky sailor shoots his load inside Dillon Anderson’s tight ass. There are plenty of closeups of the bareback fucking.


3 New Videos – InterracialDomCouple are one of the newest sellers on In-Charge. Obviously from their name, you can tell they’re an interracil couple into domination and BDSM. In their first clip on In-Charge, the black bull alpha in this relationship sucks on his white queen’s toes in this short toe sucking video clip. They also have uploaded a short 3 part series of the black alpha stud eating his sexy girl’s ass. Seeing a black alpha male with a white women is a huge fetish for many cuckholds who fantasize the woman as being their wife. Imagine walking in on your wife doing all of these things with her black lover.

Newest Downloads- Abuse, Domination, and Fucking


4 New Videos – Alpha dom MrMasterH is ready to own your mind and make you submit to him. In one of his newest uploads, MrMasterH places you at the brutal foot of a superior alpha asshole. MrMasterH is a self proclaimed asshole and you’ll know why when he begins verbally abusing you and making you feel like garbage. Get stuck under the size 12 foot of the only person who matters most in your pathetic fag life. Foot fags have even more to download when it comes to MrMasterH’s superior alpha male feet. You’ll want to suck MrMasterH’s sock after you watch him taunt you and wave his stinky socks in your face. MrMasterH plants your face right in his dirty sneakers, at the sole of his foot, and right against his sweaty socks as he flips you off. Look up at your alpha superior and give into his commands by downloading this clip. For fag slaves who crave shit talking and verbal abuse then submit again to MrMasterH with this 11 minute video clip of MrMasterH showing off. MrMasterH strips out of his dress shirt and jeans down to his boxer briefs for some intense flexing while he berates you on cam. This cash dom then pumps up with some pushups and shows off more of his lean muscular frame. Finally for the really kinky and messed up faggots, they can get on their knees and drink MrMasterH’s piss. There isn’t much more to say about this clip because the title is self explanatory. MrMasterH places a glass for you right on the toilet bowl as he unzips his pants, pulls his dick out, and blasts a strong stream of alpha piss into the toilet and into the glass for you to drink. MrMasterH’s strong alpha piss just keeps flowing and fills the entire glass. Get on your knees and drink down his warm alpha piss.

unnamed (1)

1 New Video – Dominant cashmaster Connor Kent loves using, degrading, and abusing his fag slaves. In his latest clip, ConnorKent uses a pussy boy as his cum dump. This 18 minute video from ConnorKent’s archive, shows ConnorKent using one of his earlier slaves as a cashfag ATM and a fuck hole. According to ConnorKent, this cash fag was unstable but was loyal and dedicated to doing whatever it took to please ConnorKent’s huge alpha dick. The cash fag is handcuffed, beaten with a whip, has his balls tortured, and ultimately takes ConnorKent’s cock. Imagine yourself submitting to this massive 9″ cock and being used by ConnorKent.

unnamed (2)

1 New Video – Popular porn star Dillon Anderson has documented another one of his hook up sessions. In this 15 minute video, Dillon Anderson and his buddy Alex do some “Netflix and chill”. Alex comes down to visit Dillon Anderson to watch some Netflix but it quickly leads to Dillon Anderson sucking his friend Alex on the bed. Later, he gets Alex’s hole ready for his big dick before pounding his bubble butt raw. Dillon Anderson fucks this sexy stud in multiple positions on the bed and has his friend ride him until he busts a load bare in his ass. Alex pushes out Dillon Anderson’s seed at the end of this hard fucking session.

unnamed (3)

1 New Video – SlavesSeeker gets tons of requests from cash fags to show all of the tributes he receives and to document his master lifestyle. This findom fulfills those requests and shows off what he buys with fag cash along with how he maintains his cash master lifestyle. All of it is paid for with fag slave cash. Continue to tribute this findom by downloading this video and receive some verbal humiliation along with it.