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2 New Videos – Fag Butler is back at MasterUltimateGod’s feet. This time, MasterUltimateGod decides it’s important to give the fag a little lesson in straight philosophy. MasterUltimateGod lets his fag know what it means to be straight and how the fag’s only purpose in life is to serve alpha men like him. The fag sits there, listening to his master’s lessons, licking his shoes, and massaging his dom’s socked alpha feet. This is a great training tool for any of fags who forget their place in this world…under the feet of alpha men like MasterUltimateGod. Later, MasterUltimateGod stomps all over Fag Butler at the gym. Laying down on a step platform, the fag is crushed under MasterUltimateGod’s alpha feet and ass. MasterUltimateGod sit on the fag’s face, suffocating the fag slowly under all of his weight. Fag Butler hates when MasterUltimateGod tramples on him and sits on his face, but MasterUltimateGod doesn’t care what the fag thinks. Fag Butler deserves this pain, and so do the rest of MasterUltimateGod’s slaves.

1 New Video – Alpha dom Nebenny slips off his yellow flip flops to show off his giant sweaty and smelly size 13 feet. This straight master puts his sandals on the desk and shows his bare soles to the camera for you to drool over. This is perfect for any foot fag to lust over throughout the entire video.

3 New Videos – Davidwar was jerking his dick on webcam with a friend who has a sneaker fetish. Davidwar plays up the sneaker fetish acts in this video as he rubs his ass and dick with a white Nike sneaker. He even fucks the sneakers with his big, hard dick. Finally Davidwar busts a hot load of cum all over the sneakers. Later, Davidwar takes you along for a hookup with a sexy Latina girl. The girl is cock crazy for Davidwar. She can’t get enough of his big dick as he fucks her while sucking a lollipop. Then for those who still want more solo action of Davidwar will love the next video as he flexes in fetish gear. Davidwar shows off how much of a hunk he is as he flexes his muscular physique. You can feel the cockiness and dominance as he shows off his sweaty armpits and big biceps.

5 New Video – In this 8 minute long video clip, Ikagura makes this foot fag worship his feet. Throughout the clip there are tons of face slaps and domination. More than 20 kicks and stomps for the foot fag as Ikagura asserts his dominance. Ikagura kicks the fag so hard that his mouth protector gets knocked out. The foot fag is obsessed with his master’s feet. The obedient foot fag kisses his master’s feet and does everything he is told to do. This obedient foot fag accepts his destiny as a foot stool. In another clip, Ikagura chokes out the slave with his feet. The slave gasps for air as he is choked out but enjoys every second of it. This foot fag isn’t sure if he should endure the suffocation but can’t get enough of his master’s feet so he endures it.

The foot action continues as Ikagura stomps the fag with his dirty feet. The foot fag enjoys serving his master’s feet whether they are dirty or clean. As an obedient foot fag, the slave knows it is his role to lick his master’s feet clean. Ikagura asserts his authority as a foot dom in the next promo clip. Ikagura makes the faggot lick every single inch of his foot. The slave licks Ikagura’s toes, soles, and heels of his feet because he cannot get enough of serving Ikagura’s feet.

2 New Videos – TurkishSatan commands you to lick his shoes. Putting his black sneakers up on a table in front of the webcam, this alpha dom orders you to crawl up to his sneakers and lick them clean. TurkishSatan sits back and relaxes while smoking a cigarette. He quickly reminds you that you are a loser meant to lick his sneaker soles. TurkishSatan then shows no respect for fags. Giving you intense verbal abuse, this straight master tells you why he’s superior to you. You’ll quickly learn that you are meant to be a lowly faggot for alphas like this for the rest of your life.

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1 New Video – Master Stefano wants you to worship his leather gear. Sitting back and smoking a cigar, Stefano puts his feet up for you to drool over. This muscle master then flexes and shows off all the reasons for you to be serving him. Hand over your wallet, inhale his cigar smoke, and become his new slave.

5 New Videos – A foot fag’s wet dream come true. Watch Fag Butler get rewarded with MasterUltimateGod’s sweaty alpha feet after a long day of moving. This fag gets to smell his master’s alpha shoes that he wears every day. Next, MasterUltimateGod makes Fag Butler lick the bottoms, getting all the dirt and grime off of them. Eventually, MasterUltimateGod takes his shoes off and forces the faggot to worship my alpha feet and socks, massaging them and inhaling their powerful, godly scent. Fag Butler then begs to be allowed to lick his master’s feet clean only after a promise of another $500.

Time for another alpha stomp video! This time, the queer is lying down on the couch as MasterUltimateGod stomps all over his pathetic ass. This alpha male crushes the fag’s balls under his alpha feet and stomps on every inch of this faggot. He ever sits on the faggot’s face with my dominant ass, making him accept his fate as nothing more than my chair or a piece of furniture. Switching gears, MasterUltimateGod is joined by another dom for another Duo Dom Games. This time, the doms decided to flex on all of the COVID-19 panic and mummify Fag Butler in toilet paper. Then, both doms take turns throwing rolls of toilet paper and balls at the fag. Watch as the faggot cries out in pain, unable to move his arms or know at all what is happening.

1 New Video – King Luca has another slave over for a real time session. This time the faggot gets to worship his master’s white socks and feet. The faggot slave enjoys all 24 minutes of this recorded session as he licks his master’s dirty white socks like an obedient foot fag. King Luca blows smoke in the fag’s face and makes him completely worship his superior feet. At the end, as a reward, King Luca cums on the floor for the faggot to lick up.

1 New Video – Worship these two superior alphas as they force you to sniff their stinky socks. Flexgod and his muscle buddy both take off their dirty, sweaty socks for you to sniff and chew on. Become an obedient dog and treat their socks like your favorite chew toy. Master Flexgod and his buddy will have you hooked on their alpha foot smell forever.

2 New Videos – Davidwar and his beta buddy fight in a naked wrestling match to see who is more dominant. Throughout this nearly 20 minute video both guys go back and forth fighting for dominance with only one man being the true dominant alpha in the end. The beta guy puts in the fight of his life as he jumps naked on Davidwar’s back and tries to put him in a chokehold. Download to see who will win. For the kink fans, Davidwar has a shower piss video for you. In this clip, Davidwar showers with his girl and gets a little freaky as he sits down in the shower and lets her piss all over him. She gets turned on so much that she begs to suck Davidwar’s big cock. He gets up and blindfolds her then lets her suck every single inch of his huge cock in the shower.

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2 New Videos – Alpha Derek wants you to get out those poppers, fry your brain, and worship his alpha feet. Enjoy 10 minutes of intense popper countdowns as you stare at his dirty barefeet. This superior dom kicks back and laughs at you with his huge feet up for you to worship. The popper intox doesn’t stop there. This time Alpha Derek has one of his slaves over a for a real time popper session. Getting the masked fag on its knees, Alpha Derek holds the bottle of poppers up to its nose and makes it sniff.

1 New Video – Cash fags always talk about how much they love cash counting videos. In this video, SlavesSeeker relaxes with his feet up as he counts wads of cash. Just look at how much he’s gotten from subs this year alone. Can you guess the amount? As you watch, it seems like the cash just keeps coming.

2 New Videos – Get verbally abused and degraded by dominant muscle master Flexgod. This German dom verbally insults you in German as he orders you to worship and sniff his huge jock feet. This is the dream of every foot faggot. Later Master Flexgod puts you in your place as he teaches you a lesson. Flexing his huge muscles, this alpha will order you to sniff more and more poppers as he teaches you why you’re inferior compared to him. Submit to and obey this powerful alpha.

3 New Videos – This trans girl loves to experience alpha facesitting. DavidWar just finished up at the gym and is very sweaty from his workout. To assert his dominance, he facesits on this trans girl and she loves every second of it. She can’t get enough of DavidWar and then sucks his balls at the end. If you’re like her and can’t get enough of David’s ass then worship his bare ass. This sexy jock twerks in his sweaty undies before taking them off showing off his muscle ass. DavidWar then goes further and fucks himself with a dildo in the next clip. Showing off his muscle ass, he wants to work over his hole and pound his ass with a long dildo. Ass lovers will have to download this clip.

2 New Videos – Get underneath King Luca and get prepared to be crushed by his ass. This alpha male puts the camera on the ground so you can get the perfect view of what it would be like to be in a facesitting session with him. The facesitting continues along with some foot worship in the next clip. King Luca ensures that you realize he is the alpha and you are the beta slave. This findom looks down as you and spits right at the camera as if he was spitting in your face. Submit to his power.

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5 New Videos – Blindfolded, handcuffed, and collared with his electric collar, Fag Butler is ready to experience extreme pain. Pain pigs will love seeing what happens to this fag. When the slave breaks his handcuffs, MasterUltimateGod beats the hell out of him as a faggot should learn his place. Even though Fag Butler has an interview the next day, MasterUltimateGod doesn’t give a fuck in this beat down session. Humiliating the faggot is his main goal.

Later, MasterUltimateGod crushes the faggot’s balls. This alpha makes the fag butler strip so that he is naked and exposed. Next, he starts crushing the faggot’s pathetic sack. This faggot doesn’t need balls. MasterUltimateGod throws shoes at the faggot’s balls and inflicts as much pain as possible. Switching gears, MasterUltimateGod then challenges the fag to some grappling domination. The fag can’t seem to get enough of his master’s alpha muscles. He squirms and his dom puts him in a number of Jiu Jitsu holds, causing the fag to squeal out in pain and frustration.

1 New Video – Miles Striker knows why you’re here. Get that poppers bottle out and ready. Today things are going to get a little messy. Breathe every bit of air out, plug, then inhale 10…9…8…7…… Miles Striker lights up a smoke while directing this popper reinforcement training today. This alpha spits a loogie straight on your face while telling you that you’re nothing but his ashtray and spittoon. Just a waste receptacle. Let the poppers take you as you open wide. You’re nothing but scum to catch what Miles doesn’t even put on my floor. By the time he’s done with you today, you’re not going to be recognizable. Now Lick his size 13 leather jump boots heel to toe with your tongue. Covering you in spit, ash, and dirt. How does it feel to be born this way? You’re a sexual reject that is completely unworthy of any desire. Now Miles has a very special treat for you as you let out that last breath. Nice drink for a faggot with a toilet of a mouth like you. Be thankful you get to gargle down his alpha piss right from the tap.

4 New Videos – Listen to daddy Flexgod while he shows you his big bulge and huge feet. This muscular dom humiliates and degrades you as he flips you off for being a weak faggot. Serve and worship every inch of his muscular body. Not only should you worship his muscles but also worship his alpha spit. Master Flexgod forces you to drink his spit, lick his armpits, and worship his huge alpha male feet as he shows you where you belong.

After you’ve finished licking up his spit, prepare to get addicted to Master Flexgod’s leather clad muscular body. Sitting in front of you wearing a leather jacket, leather gloves, and planting his feet right in your face, Flexgod will make you worship every inch of his body. Wearing tight grey underwear he flaunts his bulge in your face to weaken you even more. Don’t ever stop worshipping his feet though. Master Flexgod focuses solely on making you worship the soles of his feet in this next video. Wearing long white socks then showing his huge barefeet, this is a video for foot fags.

4 New Videos – On a regular basis, Davidwar visits his step uncle. While in quarantine he felt isolated and lonely so he decided to visit his horny uncle and have his uncle rim his jock ass. Laying on the bed, Davidwar’s uncle tongues his nephew’s hole and can’t get enough of it. If you love his ass then you’ll also love his huge cock. Davidwar then shows off his massive cock in the next video upload. Drool over his thick Colombian dick as he flexes. To make his cock even bigger, Davidwar pumps up his dick. Putting on a dick pump, Davidwar gethis cock to fill nearly the entire tube as it keeps growing and getting bigger. Finally Davidwar has a video for macrophilia lovers as he makes you get a taste of him growing to be a giant. Become a shrunken tiny as you worship this giant alpha male.

3 New Videos – King Luca sits on a slave’s face in his newest real time session. This cocky alpha makes the slave lick his sneakers before sitting right down on the faggot’s face. In another new real time session, King Luca turns his slave into an ashtray. The weak faggot takes his master’s ashes from his cigarette in his mouth. To degrade the fag further, King Luca spits on the weak faggot and uses it as a foot stool. Continuing with the humiliation, King Luca then makes use of his piss slave. Getting the fat masked faggot in the shower, King Luca pisses all over the slave. This fag slave enjoys the warm stream of his master’s alpha piss.

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5 New Videos – Fag Butler loves when MasterUltimateGod beats the fuck out of him. This faggot begged to be beaten to a pulp by his dominant alpha. MasterUltimateGod gets creative in this video and uses the gym equipment to strangle and beat the hell out of his faggot slave. Later, MasterUltimateGod sees if the faggot can take a punch. Not holding back, this aggressive dom punches this faggot square in the face busting open his cheek. The faggot loves every second of this painful torture. Temporary pain results in ever lasting pleasure for this sub. After their gym session, MasterUltimateGod lets the fag butler worship his straight feet. MasterUltimateGod allows the faggot to lick and sniff his extra sweaty feet. After the gym and spending time in the sauna makes this findom’s feet so sweaty. MasterUltimateGod rubs his workout shoes all over the fag’s face and makes him squirm beneath him.

Fag butler has a lot to make up for after the last food domination session. This time the faggot sub is much more compliant and ready to behave. In this video, MasterUltimateGod makes the fag dunk little dessert cakes in toilet water and eat them. Since the fag moves too slow, MasterUltimateGod has to get his weight belt to beat the faggot fuck. After the beating, the faggot hurries up as he eats food from the toilet to entertain his master.

2 New Videos – AlfaPrimal is ready to train you as his foot sissy in this foot worship video. With his huge alpha male feet, AlfaPrimal is ready to stomp all over your sissy mind and make you serve him long term. Sniff, lick, and pray to these Godlike feet. After you’ve worshipped his feet, you can sniff his sneakers. Sneakers, socks, and foot worship all for you. All throughout this video clip, AlfaPrimal verbally abuses you while telling you how he wants you to serve him by worshipping his sneakers.

2 New Videos – You need to stare and worship this leathered God. Grab your poppers if you got any left and start sniffing while this superior dom shows you what a real man is like. Clad in leather, masked, and wearing gloves, King Michael pulls out his massive cock to show off. Open your mouth in the end and get his holy juices. You still need to worship this leather king’s perfect body. Kneel before his absolute perfection. Kneel before your new king. As his slave and property, you will worship every single inch of him and do absolutely anything he says to do.

1 New Video – Feeling the effects of quarantine? Need a release from the boredom of being home all day? See a little masked body flexing as you admire DavidWar. Flexing his muscles and showing off his fat bulge, DavidWar will leave you drooling for more.

3 New Videos – King Lucas is ready to use you as a footstool. Flexing, smoking, and verbally abusing you, King Lucas wants you to become his foot stool so he has a place to rest his feet. Watch as this masked fag serves as his foot stool in a real time session. Just like the previos fag, King Luca uses another fag in an outdoor real time session. This fag gets punished in the woods as he is forced to kiss and lick King Luca’s shoes. The fag gets completely degraded by his dom and loves every second of it. If you’re jealous of these slaves, get a POV shot of what it’s like to be a slave. King Luca puts the camera on the floor for you to look up at him and experience what a slave would see in a real time session serving him.

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3 New Video – MasterUltimateGod uses his Fag Butler in this latest video of him sitting and standing on the faggot slave. Getting the weak faggot on a couch, MasterUltimateGod stands on top of him with all of his weight, then sits on the faggot as it cries from being smashed. Later, MasterUltimateGod puts a bar stool on top of the faggot while sitting on his head to muffle his screams. To reward this loyal fag for being obedient, MasterUltimateGod then lets it clip his toenails. This faggot is extremely delighted to have his master’s feet in front of him and to clip his master’s toenails. Afterward, he is ordered to save them and eat them so he can have some of his master inside of him. The rewards don’t last long though as MasterUltimateGod immediately goes back to abusing this faggot by punching the faggot in the balls. This superior dom beats his pathetic fag in the balls over and over until it begs him to stop. Watch the fag boy squirm on the ground in pain as MasterUltimateGod shows him where he belongs in the hieracrchy.

3 New Video – Slaves that love giants and farting will enjoy YoungNCharge’s latest video. This alpha cash dom wear bright red shiny underwear and uses a little toy to pretend its a mini shrunken slave. Placing the mini slave against his ass through his shiny red briefs, YoungNCharge farts all over the slave.

Fans of real time meets will enjoy YoungNCharge’s real time meet with a foot fag. This two part video set features YoungNCharge getting his obedient foot fag to worship his feet while caged up. After licking and sucking his master’s toes, YoungNCharge opens the cage to let the fag worship his feet some more. The masked foot fag sucks on his master’s feet to show how devoted he is to YoungNCharge. After more intense verbal abuse, YoungNCharge makes this foot fag like every inch of his barefeet.

1 New Video – KenFitness wants you to worship his muscles after his gym workout. In this video you have the privilege to see his pumped muscles and striations all over his chest and body. A low life queer like you will see how a real man should look and train. Do your best to worship this muscle alpha’s perfect physique.

3 New Videos – DavidWar had a long day and trained hard at the gym but now is confronted with fighting a thief. In another clip, DavidWar shows how strong his abs are against multiple gut punches. Standing naked in his room, DavidWar can take on any type of punishment. For those looking for something even kinkier from DavidWar, check out his other new video of him fucking a ladyboy. DavidWar invites over his transgender friend for some hot action. They both rub their cocks together immediately after meeting up.

1 New Videos – This foot master gets his alpha feet worshipped by his step brother. Sitting back and relaxing, this foot dom put his barefeet up for his submissive younger brother to lick and suck on. His sub brother even paid for the chance to lick his step brother’s feet!

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2 New Video – Master Gary continues to use his real time cash fag in this sneaker worship session. Wearing a mask and a diaper, this cash faggot bows down to Master Gary’s sneakers and does anything his master demands. Prior to that, in part 1, Master Gary degrades the fag upon their initial meeting. Master Gary gets extremely verbally abusive with this faggot and puts him in his place. Watch both parts to see how Master Gary uses a fag in real time.

2 New Video – This obedient masked cash fag gets to worship AlphaDerek’s feet while getting verbally abused and forced to sniff poppers. Making the cash faggot lick the bottoms of his sneakers, Alpha Derek gives the slave everything he’s craving in this 15 minute video clip. As a reward for cleaning his shoes, the fag gets the opportunity to sniff and lick Alpha Derek’s barefeet. In between licking his master’s feet, the fag gets ordered to sniff more and more poppers until his head is spinning. In another real time meet, Master Derek pisses all over a fag outside. This popper piss faggot gets on its knees to sniff and serve his master while getting drenched in pure alpha gold.

2 New Videos – The roles are reversed in this session as master becomes the slave. DavidWar invites over his friend for some roleplay. His friend takes on the role of a dominant alpha male and DavidWar takes on the role of a slave. Being collared and leashed, DavidWar must do everything his master says to prove his obedience.

In another new upload, DavidWar wrestles a ladyboy in bed. A sexy ladyboy challenges DavidWar to a fight and then an intense struggle begins. Ultimately, DavidWar wins meaning he gets to claim his prize which is getting his dick sucked by the ladyboy.

2 New Videos – MasterBenny demans that you serve his red sneakers. Wearing designer jeans and fresh new red sneakers, Master Benny plants his sneakers right in front of the camera and demands that you worship and serve his sneakers. Lick every part of them to obey. Then if you need more of Master Benny’s feet worship his barefeet. Master Benny takes off his sneakers and shows his bare male feet.

4 New Videos – This barefoot German master crushes a banana with his feet. Imagine this superior German dom was stomping on you the way he stomps out this banana. After he’s done, your job is then to lick his feet clean. International Feet has even more new foot videos of a Kurdish master humiliating you with his feet where he does everything to verbally abuse you. There is even more of this German foot master demanding that you obey big alpha feet.

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3 New Video – MasterGary is here to handcuff you and make you worship his muscles. While wearing a shining puffer jacket and boxing shorts, MasterGary instructs you to worship his alpha body. Throughout the video he talks about gagging and cuffing you in person. After that session, you should be ready for some popper intox while worshipping MasterGary’s navy socks. Laying on his bed, MasterGary props his feet up to the camera and makes you sniff his socks right after you sniff those fresh poppers. Getting up close and personal, MasterGary then takes the socks off and makes you stare at his big alpha male feet while you fry your brain on poppers.

Now pull out your gas mask for even more intox abuse. Grab your strongest bottle of poppers and get fucking wasted for your alpha master. MasterGary plants his socked feet right in your face as you inhale your intense poppers through a gas mask. Lose all control and hand over everything to this alpha cash dom.

3 New Videos – MasterUltimateGod’s Fag Butler begged him to workout sockless at the gym and let him worship his alpha feet afterward. MasterUltimateGod happily obliged and did his intense workout without socks, just wearing his sneakers to get his feet extra sweaty smelling. Upon returning home, his pathetic Fag Butler gets off on the scent of a real man as he sniffs his master’s sweaty barefeet. The real time session is continued in part two as the queer worship his master’s smelly feet. Getting his fag on the ground on its back, MasterUltimateGod steps all over the fag and rubs his feet all around the fag’s nose.

After all of that foot service, the Fag Butler gets a nice reward of his master’s piss. The Fag Butler is rewarded with a large glass of his master’s superior alpha piss which he gladly swigs down in a fast gulp.

2 New Videos – Have you ever wanted to see how a Master shaves? Watch as Flexgod shaves his chest. This muscular alpha oozes testosterone and likes to stay well groomed. That’s why he has to shave often. But before he shaved, Flexgod has a very hairy chest in this next video. In this particular video, Flexgod threatens to tickle torture his slave. Imagine being shackled down and restrained as this muscular alpha tickles you nonstop. No where to run, just enduring endless tickling as you beg him to quit.

2 New Videos – Webcam socks has two more videos of alphas showing off their feet. In his first upload, a straight guy in white socks relaxes as he shows off his feet to the camera. Eventually this straight stud removes his socks and shows his barefeet. Similarly, in his second video upload this week, another straight guy shows off his barefeet to the camera. While texting on his phone, this straight man just lets you focus on his feet and nothing else.

1 New Video – DavidWar shows off his ass and asshole in his latest video. Licking and smelling his armpits to send you in a frenzy, Davidwar knows how to tease you and make you want to worship every inch of his muscular body. See how long you can last as DavidWar gives you nonstop teasing in this nearly 25 minute video clip.

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2 New Videos – You’ve been caught! All the time Miles Striker thought you were another masculine man like himself but no, you are just a sissy faggot. Miles caught you red handed in bed wearing panties and jerking off. You and him are going to have to discuss this after a few days of him cooling off. After that, things are going to be way different from now on. Forget your old fake masculine life and embrace what you truly are, faggot. After you download that video clip, it would be best to confess your sins to Miles. However, confession is done a little differently in the Gospel of Striker. Get ready to feel dissolved of all of your sins and reborn. You will become a better class of faggot for Miles Striker through hard work under his command. It is time to re-purpose your talents as a faggot.

2 New Videos – Grab your poppers because you’re getting your brain fried by Henderdong. Follow all of Henderdong’s commands as he relaxes with his feet up in the backyard. Henderdong will count you down for how many seconds you have to deeply inhale those poppers. Get completely fried and mindless for this superior alpha dom as you stare at his massive feet. If you still can’t get enough of Henderdong’s feet then check out this next clip. As you creep up on you master, Henderdong, you watch as he’s focused on gaming and owning other gamers. All you can do is beg for him to allow you to worship his superior alpha male feet. Lick and sniff his ripped socks and ripe soles like an obedient foot fag. This is your duty while Henderdong relaxes during an intense gaming session.

2 New Videos – Check out alpha male RobKnight as he takes off his shoes and socks after a hot, long day at the theme park. Walking all day has made this alpha’s feet super sweaty and needing some faggot attention. Taking off his shoes and socks, RobKnight reveals his bare male feet and hot male soles for you to lick and devote your complete attention to serving. In another foot worship session, RobKnight returns home from work and shows off his sheer black dress socks. These socks and many others are the types of socks RobKnight sells to foot faggots. Sniff and worship his sweaty overworked feet as you lick the sweat from his soles.

1 New Video – In this new video from DavidWar, he introduces you to his brother who loves to tickle his brother’s feet. In this 10 minute video clip, DavidWar goes under some tough tickle torture as his brother tickles his barefeet making him laugh and fight against it.

1 New Audio Clip – Ready for your next addiction? Do you like porn? Straight? Gay? Soon it’s going to be both, then both at once as Master Lucian introduces you to your new bisexual porn addiction. Master Lucian will introduce you to every combination of M and F porn imaginable. 9 full minutes of indoctrination and feeding your fetish. The time to listen is now!