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1 New Video – This obedient masked fag serves at King Luca’s boots. He licks the bottoms of them clean and then proceeds to sniff this dom’s sweaty smelling socks. After he proves his obedience at King Luca’s feet, he is rewarded by being allowed to worship and rim his master’s ass.

4 New Videos – Mastes Nevil and Hunter get this house slave to lick their sneakers as they laugh and degrade him. The slave gets slapped around and spit on by his masters. Afterwards the slave eats chips that the doms trampled under their sneakers or that they’ve chewed up and spit out. In another foot worship session, this slave gets on his knees and services the feet of 3 masters at once. These doms laugh and ridicule their foot slave. The slave shows his obedience by licking and sucking the soles of all of these men.

Later, Masters Hunter, Nevil, and Ritchell order their slave to wash their feet. These doms degrade the slave in the process by spitting on him and blowing snots on him. The foot slave washes and massages his masters’ feet as ordered to while they mock him. In another encounter, Masters Basford and Ritchell abuse their slave when they see the slave disobeying. These doms make the slave worship their feet, socks, and sneakers. More ridicule for this slave as they spit on him and smack him around before making him drink a special cocktail they make at the end.

4 New Videos – Master Timur chokes out his slave to release some anger. This muscular dom gets his slave between his powerful thighs before crushing the slave’s head and choking him. The unfortunate slave begs for mercy as Master Timu just laughs at him. In another abuse session, Elliot Scissors makes his slave submit. The slave’s will is tested as Elliot Scissors locks this slave in a variety of chokeholds and headscissors. This slave has no where to run and quickly taps out as he cries.

Elliot Scissors wants to practice some wrestling holds as he has a submission fight with his buddy Master Hunter. These two studs work a variety of submission holds on each other and test their strength to see which dom is the stronger one. Check out how much these two studs can handle from the powerful submission holds. After their first fight, they come back for round 2 to see who is stronger. Master Hunter and Elliot Scissors don’t hold back and try their hardest to make the other one tap out. See which of the two is the stronger one in their second battle.

2 New Videos – Slave Matt is choked out by Master Daniel in their latest real time. Master Daniel locks his legs around the slave’s head and begins to choke him out. The slave taps out quickly but that doesn’t stop Master Daniel. In another real time session, Master Daniel locks his slave in a brutal sleeperhold to assert his dominance. This alpha wraps his strong arms around the slave’s neck and doesn’t let go. Instead he just laughs as the slave struggles.

4 New Videos – AidenPretti has a new fuck machine. This findom pays you no attention as the machine pounds his hole. Stroke in embarassment as you get ignored by this findom getting his hole pounded. AidenPrettii has another ass worship video for you to goon to. Wearing a black thong, AidenPrettii shows off his ass while demanding that you go broke for him. Prepare to lose all your money as his command.

The ass worship continues but this time AidenPrettii gives you a cum countdown. Follow this findom’s orders as you goon and bate to his ass. Hopefully you can cum on command or he won’t permit you to cum again. Later, AidenPretti has a surprise for you with a candy cane dildo. AidenPrettii uses his sex toys in this clip to make you into a horny butt slut.

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3 New Videos – Submit and kiss your master’s feet when you bow before Master Gary. This verbal alpha lets loose and lays into you with intense verbal abuse about how he wants you to wear rubber and abuse yourself for him. Get your poppers out and obey Master Gary’s every command. Afterwards you can humiliate yourself some more and be Master Gary’s personal fart sniffer. This scally bully orders you to worship his ass and sniff his farts as he verbally berates you some more. Pay up and worship every inch of this superior dom. Master Gary even commands you to do just that in the next video as you’re ordered to pay your leather master. Master Gary wears a leather jacket and leather gloves as he humiliates you for having a small dick with some SPH verbal. Stroke your tiny dick and go into debt for Master Gary.

2 New Videos – Watch two muscular alphas worship each other. These two massive behemoths strip down after a night of clubbing and admire, flex, oil up, and rub down each other’s muscles. Muscle worshipers will be drooling by the end of this 12 minute clip. Shifting to muscle abuse, in the next clip Big Alpha uses his muscles to dominate a weak boy. Big Alpha shows off some tight holds in this video on his beta submissive. There’s even a bear hug thrown into the mix as this slave totally submits to his muscle master.

3 New Videos – ElliotScissors locks his pathetic slave in an inescapable bodyscissors during their latest brutal real time. The slave squealed like a pig and cried for mercy. After the video, the slave complained for 3 days about the pain he still suffered from this meet up. Practicing for his next real time, ElliotScissors tests some headscissor holds on his friend. ElliotScissors shows off the full power of his legs performing super tight headscissors. Imagine how much the slave will suffer if this is how his buddy endures these headscissors. The wrestling domination continues on ElliotScissors friend with some more headscissor holds. His buddy Alex lets him show off all of the brutal headscissor holds ElliotScissors intends to inflict on the next victim.

5 New Videos – Master Pedro comes over to dominate his foot slave. The obedient foot slave lays on his back on the floor under his master’s feet. Master Pedro then covers the entire slave’s face with his big alpha male feet. Later Master Pedro takes the slave to another room and sits on him to gag the slave with his feet. Master Pedro rams as much of his foot as he can into the slave’s mouth making him gag and choke on his dom’s feet. The slave is grateful to be of service to Master Pedro. In another clip with a different dom, Ikagura services his master’s feet. Assuming the natural position on the ground beneath his master’s feet, Ikagura sniffs, licks, and worships his master’s feet. The foot slave gets kicked around and stomped on in return for his foot service.

Days later, Master J gives Ikagura a visit for some choke out domination. This alpha enjoys choking submissive slaves like Ikagura. Wrapping his leg around the slave’s neck, Master J locks Ikagura in a tight chokehold to watch him suffer. The slave beatdown continues when Master J takes out all his frustrations on the slave. Master J stomps on, kicks, and beats up his slave for his own amusement and to release some anger on this weak slave.

3 New Videos – Every time there is a holiday, Master Aiden sees it as an opportunity to ruin you financially. This hot POV will guide you through some brief boot worship and ends with some ball busting. Master Aiden can’t wait to destroy your balls and your wallet. In a different video, Master Aiden will read off all of your slave debts that you owe him from going on a date with him for the holiday. This findom will ensure he gets every last penny of yours. Pay up and bown down like an obedient cash cunt for master. Following the cash mastery, Master Aiden will let you worship his ass while giving you some CBT instructions. Wearing pink spandex Master Aiden will call you a pathetic butt bitch as he tells you to worship and to hurt your balls for his amusement. MasterAiden’s ass will make you do anything.

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3 New Videos – Everything about The Punisher is huge…his arms, legs, and even his feet. When next to an ordinary man, he can squeeze the life out of him. This muscle behemoth effortlessly squeezes a weak boy into submission with his python like grip between his massive legs. In another clip, the 245lb muscle beast wears some camouflage legging and dominates his slave. Getting another weak boy on the ground, The Punisher wraps his massive legs around the boy’s head and begins squeezing. His huge legs are practically busting through the seams of his pants in this 15 minute clip. Returning to dominate is Big Alpha who is back from vacation and ready to destroy a boy. Big Alpha relentlessly dominates this boy over and over again as he locks him in various submission holds with no escape. Big Alpha shows why he is a brutally bodybuilder bully.

 New Video – Crawl to Master Alex and get ready to beg for a spit shower. You love when Master Alex spits all over your face and when his spit slides off and into your mouth. Open wide and lick it all up as you savor every last bit.

3 New Videos – New to IN-CHARGE.NET is Elliot Scissors, a 19 year old soccer player who loves locking people in tight headscissors and dominating. In his first video, Elliot invites over his friend Alex to use a slave. Alex locks the slave in a tight headscissors hold and totally degrades him. The slave squeals and pleas for mercy but the two young bullies just laugh at him. Once the slave leaves to go home crying, the two jocks practice some chokeholds on each other. Elliot shows off how strong his legs are as he squeezes his friend’s head as hard as he can. You’ll see that asserting dominance truly gives Elliot pleasure. On a different day, Elliot invites over his buddy Mark for a friendly fight. They can be friends but are still competitive and love to horse around to see which one is stronger. The two jocks take turns wrestling and choking each other out for fun.

5 New Videos – The obedient foot slave is dominated under Master Daniel’s foot. After a soccer match, Master Daniel is pumped up and ready to dominate this slave. The jock dom chokes his slave and stomps all over him for his own amusement. The next day, Slave Matt invites over Master J to worship his feet too. Master J sits on the slave with all of his weight and smothers the slave’s face with his feet. Slave Matt shows his true devotion to his master’s feet by licking and sucking on every inch of them. This slave can’t get enough of worshiping men’s feet as he needs another meet up with Master J to service his feet. Master J smashes his feet into the slave’s face and makes Slave Matt choke on his feet. Master J wraps his feet around the slave’s head and rams his foot into the slave’s mouth to make him really taste it.

The slave worship gets more intense when Slave Matt eats his master’s toenails. Slave Matt sits in anticipation as Master J clips his toenails and feeds them to the slave. Slave Matt devours them then begs to lick his master’s feet. Following that encounter, Slave Matt gets a visit from Master Pedro for some more foot domination. Master Pedro smacks the slave around with his feet and demands that the slave clean the bottoms of his feet. The slave cherishes being under his master’s huge alpha male feet in this 10 minute clip.

2 New Videos – Become a small and helpless bug under Master Aiden’s Vans sneakers. You’ve shrunken down and catch Master Aiden leaving the house and thankfully he misses stepping on you. However, this cashmaster quickly notices the tiny bug near his sneaker which is you and begins teasing you for being so small. Look up in fear and amazement at this giant and his massive shoe before he stomps on you. For slaves who just want to lose themselves to mindless gooning then check out Master Aiden’s next video. Keep staring, keep binging, and do everything your master tells you. You’ll become obsessed with your master’s ass as it will control all of your thoughts. Goon your way into oblivion every time you think of your master’s ass.

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2 New Videos – The day where you can worship and gaze upon SlavesSeekers’s socks and feet has finally arrived. Submit and serve at this alpha’s huge superior feet while you obey his every command. Foot slaves have no choice but to become weak when they see this dom’s feet. After you’re done serving SlavesSeeker’s feet, you can follow his popper intox instructions. You’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for a proper hard popper training video. All you have to do is sit back and relax then do exactly as SlavesSeeker tells you in the video. Obey and go mindless for your King.

2 New Videos – The Punisher is back to make a weakling submit between his powerful legs. This superior muscle master locks his legs of steel around this weak slave and squeezes with all of his might. Watch this massive muscle beast show his raw power. After that, it’s time for The Punisher to meet a muscle dom his own size when he battles Big Alpha. It’s a fight between muscle masters as these two huge men battle it out. See which one of these two muscular titans wins in this first encounter.

5 New Videos – Slave Matt gets completely dominated by Master J in his latest video. Laying on the ground, Slave Matt serves at this dom’s superior feet by licking and worshiping them. Master J covers the slave’s face with his feet to make him sniff his foot scent. Later, Master J chokes his slave into total submission between his legs. This slave doesn’t put up a fight when pinned to the ground and choked out by his superior. Watch how much abuse he willingly takes from Master J.

Slave Matt cannot get enough of serving superior men and that’s more evident when he submits to Master Pedro. Finally back on the scene, Master Pedro pays a visit to his slave to choke him out again and make him submit. The slave gets his head locked between Master Pedro’s legs until he begs for mercy. Afterwards, Master Pedro tramples the slave under his feet. Using the slave as a human doormat, Master Pedro walks all over this foot serving slave. The slave lays there lifeless while being trampled by his master. All of that trampling abuse makes Master Pedro want to choke his slave again. Getting his slave down on the ground where it belongs, Master Pedro pins the slave’s head between his feet and legs to choke him out. The slave endures all of Master Pedro’s abuse to show his total devotion to being a submissive.

1 New Video – Master Aiden thinks it’s quite pathetic that some of you get off to animated porn but lucky for you, he’s turned himself into an animated porn. Since you’ll never get the real thing, you should only get to see it in an animated version as Master Aiden uses a dildo on his hole. Aiden plunges his dildo into his hole teasing you about how you’ll never get the chance to see him or touch him in person.

1 New Video – Master Berlin’s slave must clean his bathroom. The slave crawls around on all fours to follow his master’s orders and clean the bathroom like an obedient maid. Afterwards, the slave and Master Berlin go to Tiergarten Berlin where the slave serves his master by licking his feet and drinking his piss.

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2 New Videos – Mr. Big is ready to train his tiny slave. This shrunken slave is to stay in his master’s ass and serve as a good ass licker. If the slave does a good job, he might be rewarded with the chance to serve Mr. Big’s cock to clean up his creamy cum. For slaves seeking more abuse, Master Alex has a ruined orgasm video for you. Follow this dom’s jerk off instructions and give up control of your dick as Master Alex guides you along. You’ll become frustrated once this powerful master ruins your orgasm and leaves you as horny as before.

5 New Videos – Master Pedro uses his slave’s face as a seat in this facesitting video. For over 10 minutes this slave serves as a cushion for his master’s ass. Master Pedro puts all of his weight on the slave as he sits on its face. Afterwards, Master Pedro stomps and tramples his obedient slave. Laying on his back, the slave worships his master’s feet while getting trampled like a welcome mat. The slave learns he is below his master in this position while being abused.

Meeting up with another master, this slave gets trampled more by Master J. Master J gets the camera close to the slave’s face as he walks all over the slave. The slave’s entire face is covered by his master’s big powerful feet. If you need more trampling abuse then check out this 20 minute clip of Master J using his full force to stomp and walk all over the slave. A continuation from the last clip, Master J stomps on the slave’s chest and face completely dehumanized him as if he’s a doormat. After all of the intense trampling, Master J then wants to wrestle his slave. Master J locks the slave in various chokeholds and submission to put this sub in its place. It isn’t long until this slave taps out and begs for mercy.

2 New Videos – Get a full 360 degree view of Triple6ixrated stroking his dick until he blasts a massive load of cum. This dom puts his camera on rotate so you can see what he sees and what slaves see when they get him on cam. Triple6ixrated gets his big cock up close to the camera as if you were really there on your knees in front of his dick. If you need more for your cum addiction, then Triple6ixrated has a cumpilation video of various jerking off and cumshot clips put together in a 34 minute compilation. Catch load after load of this alpha jerking his massive cock on camera. Cum sluts will go wild for this seemingly never ending stream of cum shots.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel puts on a pair of knee high athletic socks before he makes his foot slave worship his socked feet. Getting his slave on the ground, DanielSlin orders the slave to serve at his socked feet before choking out the slave. The slave is trapped between Master Daniel’s legs while this powerful dom flexes for the camera as he chokes out his weak slave. For more intense choking abuse, DanielSlin locks in the chokeholds hard on the slave in this next clip. Master Daniel pins his slave to the ground and wraps his arm tightly around the slave’s throat as he chokes out this slave into total submission. The weak slave writhes around begging for mercy but this slave is out of luck.

3 New Videos – Master Aiden knows how badly you crave alpha cock but he also realizes you are not worthy of such a sight. Thus, Master Aiden decides to tease you while he takes an early morning bath while wearing a tiny thong. Experience torment while being teased by this cash master’s ass. After you’ve been teased to the point that you cannot control yourself, you must now serve as Master Aiden’s human credit card. Know your place in life and realize that you are just an object to findoms for financial pleasure. When Master Aiden demands, it is your job to spend. Once you’ve spent enough then you can be reward by watching Master Aiden stroke his dick. Goon to your master like a beta slave as he milks his alpha cock ignoring you. Do you think you can last the full length of this clip without cumming until the end?

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2 New Videos – Big Alpha and Romeo take turns dominating this boy in the gym. The two muscled alphas lock the weak, scrawny boy in various tight bearhugs and muscle holds. Right after an intense workout, these muscle masters have to let out all of that testosterone by beating on a weaker subject. In some one-on-one action, Big Alpha chokes out a weak jock who was admiring him in the gym. If this weak boy wanted to feel Big Alpha’s muscle so badly, then Big Alpha will let him feel them while he chokes the boy out multiple time. Big Alpha doesn’t hold back when he takes this scrawny boy down to the ground and locks him in various chokeholds with his massive biceps.

2 New Videos – You’ve been fantasizing about eating your own cum for a long time. Edging around it’s completion but chickening out right when the climatic reality comes flooding in. Master Alex has something special for you in this instructional video. Master Alex is going to encourage you to eat your own cum and swallow every drop. No more holding back or resisting, just obeying and waiting for Master Alex to tell you that you’re a good slave boy. After you’ve obeyed Master Alex, can you go a second round and cum on your face? You love watching cum facial porn and wish you were the bitch getting jizzed on, licking up that salty cum dripping from your face. The time is now to start stroking for Master Alex and obey him as he makes you give yourself a cum facial.

5 New Videos – Master J humiliates and uses his slave for some intense foot worship. Slapping the slave and kicking him around, Master J makes his slave lick and suck on his feet. When the slave doesn’t do a good enough job, Master J chokes the obedient foot slave with his foot. In some more abuse from Master J, this slave gets choked out when Master J wraps his arms around the slave’s neck. Slave Ikagura knows his place with doms and knows he is to serve as their punching bag for their entertainment. This time is no different when Master J brutalizes and dominates his slave. The choke abuse continues when Ikagura gets choked out between Master J’s legs. Ignoring his slave, Master J plays on his phone and texts his friends while he chokes out his weak slave. The slave begs for mercy but that doesn’t stop Master J from ignoring him.

Slave Ikagura gets some rough humiliation from a dom when he is forced to eat his master’s toenails. Ikagura lays on the ground under his master’s foot as the dom clips his toenails. Ikagura is then fed each clipped toenail and gladly munches it down. With another dom, Slave Ikagura endures some rough male feet domination from Master Ch. Master Ch pins his foot slave to the ground and stomps all over him and kicks him around like a toy. Master Ch then demands that his foot slave lick his feet clean to show obedience.

2 New Videos – Master Daniel loves choking out his slave and this time is no different. Getting his inferior slave on the ground, Master Daniel locks his arms tightly around the slave’s throat in a rough side headlock. Slave Ikagura begs him to let up but Master Daniel won’t stop until the slave is left broken and weak. The intense side headlock abuse continues when Master Daniel delivers even more punishment. This arrogant jock makes his slave submit over and over again to his power. This obedient slave quickly learns his place under Master Daniel’s control. To further show that this alpha dom is in power, Master Daniel locks his legs around his slave’s neck to choke him some more. Choking this inferior slave, Master Daniel flexes for the camera while the slave gasps for air and taps out.

4 New Videos – Everyone has a role in this world and according to Aiden Prettii, your role is to serve him. Swoon over every inch of this findom’s body and obey every demand he gives you. All of Master Aiden’s slaves identify as “Aiden Sexuals” meaning that their sexual pleasure and preference lies in serving Master Aiden. Once you’re done serving at his feet, you can worship Master Aiden’s pits. No deodorant, all natural MAN scent. Allow Master Aiden’s verbal humiliation to guide you through this experience as you’ll quickly become obsessed.

Never trust a giant with a mischivous smile. Master Aiden is all grins as he destroys you like a bug. While you look up at Master Aiden, he will violently tease you with his perfect alpha bare feet. Be prepared for a surprise at the end from this giant. Just like all other videos, Master Aiden knows that you have wet dreams about him all the time. Now you can experience your perfet wet dream watching Master Aiden fuck his hole. Keep edging yourself and goon on repeat as you keep watching Master Aiden work over this dildo.

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4 New Videos – MasterGary takes this slave deep into a dirty dungeon for some extreme intox abuse. This wild slave worships Master Gary’s alpha body as this dom torments the slave for being such a weak faggot. To intox it better, Master Gary wraps a plastic bag around the slave’s head. After the slave’s mind is number, Master Gary binds the slave to a chair. This bound slave is trapped in bondage and used as a spitoon for Master Gary. The verbal leather master spits all over the slave and verbally destroys it. To assault the slave more, Master Gary blows smoke int he slave’s face.

This extreme verbal abuse continues as Master Gary delivers relentless bullying on this slave. The abuse keeps coming as Master Gary gets right up in the slave’s face and unleashes a verbal assault right in the slave’s ear. This slave is shown no mercy and zero respect. In the final clip of this dungeon torment scene, Master Gary doesn’t hold back. Master Gary bullies this slave even more and uses the plastic bag to intox this pathetic cash slave for another round. All slaves will be envious of this tormented slave by the end of this dungeon video series.

2 New Videos – You already knew the punishment for begging to be let out of chastity early, but you still begged for it. Master Alex sees this as an offense punishable by several riding crop lashes across your body. Now it’s time to face the consequences for your bitch whining. Take a deep breath, because Master Alex will show no remorse. After you’ve been beaten by this dom, you can then serve as his urinal. Master Alex sees horny bitches like you as being only good for one thing and that is to consume his golden alpha piss. Underneath his big juice bubble ass, wait with your mouth open for that long warm stream. Keep your tongue out like a good whore until this dom is done emptying his bladder into your mouth.

3 New Video – Jock dom DanielSlin dominates his weak slave with some intense chokeholds. Pinning this slave to the ground, DanielSlin wraps his arm around the slave’s neck and begins to squeeze. This weak slave writhes around for mercy but DanielSlin is in a dominating mood and offers no remorse for the crying slave. The headlock abuse continues when DanielSlin returns for more chokeholds. The slave assumes his natural position and submits itself to DanielSlin. This jock alpha locks the slave in a headscissors and laughs as the slave cries for release. After all of the bicep choking, DanielSlin decides to squeeze the slave between his thighs. On a bed, DanielSlin orders the slave to place his head between his dominant legs. The soccer player dom then wraps his legs tightly around the slave’s neck and begins choking him out. DanielSlin is amused by the slave’s struggles and gasps for air as he locks the hold on tighter.

5 New Videos – Ikagura invites over one of his regular doms to choke and abuse him. This dom gladly agrees to choke out his slave while he chills back and plays some video games. Ikagura gets on the ground in front of his master, preparing to get choked out while being ignored. After the session, Ikagura gets beat up and choked out by his master. The lean dom master pins Ikagura down on the ground and locks his arms around the slave’s throat. Ikagura has no where to escape to as he’s pinned to the ground and choked out by his superior. After the beatdown, Ikagura is rewarded by getting the chance to worship his master’s feet. With his tongue out, Ikagura licks and cleans his master’s bare soles. The dom even goes further and gags Ikagura with his big feet. The foot gagging continues when the dom stomps on Ikagura and turns him into a human foot rest. Walking all over this slave, the dom orders Ikagura to open his mouth so he can gag him with his big feet. Ikagura takes as much of this dom’s foot in his mouth as he can even if it gags him. Afterwards, Ikagura is kicked around by his master during a foot rub session. The obedient foot slave is commanded to rub his master’s feet on the bed. When the dom thinks Ikagura isn’t doing a good enough job, he smashes his feet right into the slave’s face and makes his sniff and lick t hem.

4 New Videos – AidenPrettii is already well aware of how obsessed you are with his superior feet when he sees how much you drool over his perfect smooth soles. This findom’s feet have taken command of your life. Luckily for you, AidenPretti is allowing you to worship his feet and freshly shaved balls at the same time as a reward for your obsession. After you’re done serving his feet, AidenPretti wants to humiliate your small cock. AidenPrettii verbally humiliates you and degrades you for having a small penis. The visuals he provides during the video will further send home the message of how little your dick is compared to a real man’s dick. Prepare to be humiliated and verbally abused.

Slaves buy AidenPretti things all the time and this time a slave bought him a dildo for a self fuck video. This bratty findom loves teasing you as you watch him get off knowing it was slaves like you who bought him these sex toys. As a cash slave, you are required to tribute this dom every time you get off to his videos including this one. In part two, AidenPretti gets more raw with no filters and even hotter angles as he rides a big dildo. Submit your wallet to this cash master as he gets off to the thought of you going broke. AidenPretti will remind you throughout this clip that the money in your wallet is rightfully his and to never forget that.

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2 New Videos – Master Alex is going to bust your balls and you’re going to thank him for all of the torment you endure. You must know by now that it can be easy loving somebody so sadistic and cruel as Master Alex. This session though is definitely not about pleasure and all about pain. Your balls belong to Master Alex and he is going to enjoy making you cry. After your CBT training, it is time for some cock sucking training. Get a dildo or something shaped like a cock and follow along as Master Alex skull fucks this sex doll’s mouth. This session is all about making sure you can suck cock like a proper sub bitch. Master Alex will give you detailed instructions while he shows you the techniques you can use to please him on the real doll. Be focused and ready to please.

4 New Videos – This cocky soccer stud locks Ikagura in a tight headscissors and sits on his sub’s face. The submissive Ikagura lays on his back as his dom wraps his legs around his head and squeezes. Ikagura’s face ends up getting firmly planted against his dom’s ass he as gets choked out into submission. Later, the dom and sub take to the mat for a chokehold session and quick fight. Master Ch quickly overpowers the submissive Ikagura and makes him his personal bitch. Ikagura gives in and cannot resist the power and dominance of Master Ch as he gets beat down and dominated. Later, Master Ch makes Ikagura worship his feet and totally submit to him. Ikagura serves at Master Ch’s feet as he gags and chokes on them. Master Ch’s feet are so huge that they completely cover the length of Ikagura’s face. For slaves wanting more foot worship, Ikagura serves at a master’s feet while being ignored in this next foot worship realtime. The masked alpha ignores his sub as he plays some Xbox and plants his feet over Ikagura’s face. The slave is grateful to be dominated and ignored by an alpha that is superior to himself.

3 New Videos – K1nkMega completely uses his little pain gimp with a face fucking gag. The pain gimp is locked up on his knees as his mouth is stretched by this sex gag. With his mouth gaped wide open, K1nkMega facefucks the sub’s mouth with various dildos to make him feel completely used. Using another slave, K1nkMega uses his bubble bottle for the first time. Watch as this dominant alpha abuses 2 gimps at the same time and teases them both with sensory stimulation. The locked up gimp sub is subjected to gas mask / bubble bottle abuse to further make him feel inferior and used. The bubble bottle torture coninues in the next session as K1nkMega tortures a slave’s tits. The tied up slave has his nipples worked over as well as having his dom use a vibrator on his balls and caged cock. This submissive moans in pleasure as his master uses every part of his body and subjects him to bubble bottle abuse throughout.

1 New Video – YoungNCharge farts in your face as he verbally dominates you. Obey and worship as YoungNCharge gets out a sheet and paper and writes out all of your instructions on how you can better serve and obey him. Afterwards, he gives you some up close shots of his muscles to worship and shows you his alpha ass as he tells you to worship it and inhale his farts.

4 New Videos – AidenPrettii wants to find out if you’ve been naughty or nice this past holiday season as you worship his feet. Sliding off his Xmas socks, AidenPretti will verbally berate you as he tells you how you need to worship his feet and serve him like an obedient sub. In another clip from this XXXMas worship session, AidenPrettii has the best Christmas gift for you. Not only has he gifted you some very sexy foot worship but you are also permitted to worship his ass. AidenPrettii wears some sexy Santa lingerie purchased by a sub and makes you even more eager to serve him as he teases you.

The sock and foot woship doesn’t stop there. Being an alpha means you get many privileges in life but for a sub like you, all you get is to worship alpha feet. Enjoy sucking on and serving AidenPrettii’s socks like a happy foot slut as he drool watching him show off his socks in this video. Not only can you be of service as a foot worshipped, you can give up your pin dick to AidenPrettii for some small cock sounding. You are completely at AidenPrettii’s disposal as he guides you through a creative and sadistic sounding adventure. There is no stopping AidnePrettii’s creativity as he instructs you on how to use your tiny dick for him.

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3 New Videos – The big Russian Alpha runs into his old friend, King Romeo, at the gym and they decide to have a battle of strength between each other to see who is the more dominant alpha. A lof of flexing from these two muscle dudes throughout as they arm wrestle each other for dominance. It’s hard to even tell these two muscle Gods apart from each other because they are so evenly built making it a tough match of strength. The test of strength escalates into a part 2 where the two doms exchange headlocks to see who is more stronger in the category of chokeholds. Master Dennis and King Romeo battle it out again in a friendly competition of alpha vs alpha. The test of strength series concludes with a third part as they use their muscular alpha legs to lock on a tight headscissors on one another. The grueling headscissors exchange between these two massive beasts shows their ultimate crushing power. Imagine if you were the one being crushed between these dominant quads.

4 New Videos – Ikagura gets trampled and kicked by his dom in his latest foot worship video. Getting pinned down to the ground, the obedient foot slave gets smothered by his master’s alpha barefeet. This cocky jock shows complete arrogance by ignoring Ikagura’s cries when he kicks him around and stomps all over him. Later on, this alpha chokes out his slave to show how superior he is to him. Ikagura gets pinned down on the ground and squeezed between this lean jock’s legs. Ikagura’s face is planted right up against this alpha’s ass as the alpha locks his legs around Ikagura’s throat.

For an intense beat down session, this same dom from above uses Ikagura as his human punching bag. Ikagura isn’t ready for this cocky dom to pummel him with blow after blow of his boxing gloves. You can tell the alpha enjoys letting off some steam by pummeling Ikagura in the face and to the torso. Following the beat down, Ikagura gags on his master’s feet. Laying down next to his master’s feet, Ikagura willingly opens his mouth and gags on his dom’s barefeet. This alpha jams his foot as far as he can in Ikagura’s mouth to make him gag and show his devotion toward worhsipping alpha feet.

2 New Videos – This pathetic masked slave worships King Luca’s ass and feet to show his devotion. King Luca get sthe slave on the ground and sits on the slave’s face as the slave licks and worships his master’s bare asshole. Afterwards, the weak submissive gets the chance to worship King Luca’s huge feet. For those still hungry for more of King Luca, check him out wearing leather gear and stroking his big alpha dick. King Luca wears his leather biking jacket and leather pants for weak leather subs like you. Later, he strokes his big uncut alpha dick until he erupts a massive load of cum.

1 New Video – Learn how to be a properly trained foot slave in this crash course on how to lick an alpha’s feet. SuperiorWicked went to visit a few west coast pigs and had to train this one particular foot fag on how to properly remove his socks and worship his feet. Watch the real time session unfold as this leather alpha gets his feet serviced by a mindless foot slave who obeys every order of his master.

3 New Videos – Worship every inch of this sexy satanic body in this devilish worship ritual. Master Aiden makes you weaker for him as you submit to a Devil’s Night body worship ritual. Wearing a devil mask, Master Aiden will quickly hypnotize you into being his minion and obeying his every command. If you need more of alphas in masks, then check out the next clip as Master Aiden does a sexy take on findom, JOI and the Scream movies. In this sceneario, you’ll be greeted with a phone call and on the other end is Master Aiden aka Ghost Face. This dom will provide you with your jerk off instructions and how you must feed on your dom’s perfect ass and how to swallow his cock. Goon your way to a very precise countdown done by this master. You’ll be allowed to nut at the end if you can last that long and make sure to SCREAM at the end when you bust. The worshipping continues after that because like every findom, Master Aiden loves wishlist gifts. In this video, you’ll have the privilege of watching this dom try on a small jockstrap haul purchased by his loyal followers. Master Aiden demands that you watch and worship every inch of his lean body while on your knees.

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3 New Videos – Muscle Master Dennis crushes his sub slave in a side headlock while wearing white briefs. This dominant muscle alpha doesn’t hold back when he puts his slave in its place. This weakling doesn’t stand a chance against Master Dennis’ power. The torment continues when Master Dennis traps the sub between his muscular legs. The slave writhes around trying to escape but there is no escaping from this muscular king’s strength. Drool over Master Dennis’ huge muscles, alpha male feet, and jock ass as you watch him force another weak slave into submission. In the last muscle punishment clip, Master Denniss traps this slave between his muscular thighs for a tight headscissors. Wearing tight red workout pants, Master Dennis locks in this reverse headscissors on his slave’s neck. The slave begs for mercy but the idea of being over powered by Master Dennis turns him on so much as seen by the growing bulge in his underwear.

2 New Videos – Master Kruzzar has some popper training to give you. Submit and obey to this verbal cash master as he turns you into a mindless popper slave at his feet. Master Kruzzar puts the camera on the ground so you can learn your rightful place is beneath him while he verbally abuses you, stomps on you, and threatens you with a baseball bat to huff more poppers. Once your mindless for this dom you can then worship his feet. Placing his feet right into the camera, Master Kruzzar makes you sniff, lick, and worship his huge alpha male feet. It is your duty as an obedient foot slave to please this dom any way possible starting by serving at his feet.

4 New Videos – This masked sub slave gets trampled by his master in this rough domination session. Master Rusty wears a pair of Nike soccer cleats to walk all over this slave. The masked sub is barechested so that he feels all of the rough stomps from his master’s cleats. The soccer cleat domination continues outside with the next dom stomping on his sub in a back alley. Still masked and laying prone on his back, the sub slave endures a brutal stomping and trampling session from a cocky dom in soccer cleats. This alpha uses all of his weight to ensure the slave suffers even more under his power.

Master Rusty then returns to use the slave as a human doormat. This slave lays on his back underneath his master to be completely dehumanized and to suffer under his master’s sneakers. Master Rusty walks on, tramples, and jumps on the slave with the full force of his bodyweight to make the slave gasp for air. Back again but in a new pair of white sneakers, Master Rusty tramples his slave once more. This slave has fully accepted his role as a human doormat and loves when alpha men walk all over him just as they have always done in life. Take inspiration from this human doormat and learn your place is under your master’s feet.

2 New Videos – Ricky Cage is a tighty whities slut who is horned up and can’t get any relief for his slut hole. With his cock locked in chastity and wearing his favorite pair of cum-stained briefs with a hole ripped in the back, this slut takes on dildos from both ends. Getting his slut hole fucked by a machine-powered dick, he begs for more and more dick. For those seeking something even more depraved and off-the-wall, Ricky Cage then takes on the role of cock hungry clown. After doing a poor performance at a birthday party, Pockets the Clown is threatened with a bad Yelp review. In order to become the life of the party and not hurt his Yelp score, Pockets the Clown turns the party around by becoming the party slut and taking big dildos up his clown hole.

3 New Videos – You are about to become the luckiest foot bitch on Earth now that you are given the honor of worshiping a pair of black socks. AidenPrettii puts on a pair of Yeezy socks for an obedient foot slave like you to drool over. This alpha only wears the best and deserves the best from his slaves. In the next clip, AidenPrettii has a surprise for you. This findom has dyed his pubes pink. Your job is to worship this cash master’s sweaty pink bush after he gets home from a long cardio session. Every inhale of his scent will become intoxicating leaving you weak and wanting more. As a reward for being an obedient slave you will get to worship your dom’s ass in this next clip. AidenPrettii bends gender norms and wears a black lingerie outfit for you to fulfill more of your depraved ass additction. Showing his feminine side, he still dominates a weak sub like you and puts you in your place.